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Hello Jamie & Friends,

After playing WOW for quite some time I finally registred myself at WOW-Pro.
Hello to Everyone.

Jamie, if I may say this....
I hope you are doing fine now in RL.
I think that others may feel the same way...that you might handle the situation at your home.
I wish you the best of all luck.

To your friends, taking care of your guides and addon....
Yeah...those guides.....I used it and I like it.
Being at the start of Zuldrak and becoming Level 78. is fun.

About your addon!
I have a question!
Can this addon of yours work together with Carbonite?
I am a hugh fan of it.
But don't take the risk to use your addon before I know there will be no trouble to suspect.

And for the rest....I hope you can keep up this great jobs of yours.

With Kind Regards,

(I hope you can forgive my terrible English Grammar)

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Your English was fine,

Your English was fine, thanks for registering and posting such a nice comment!

I believe the addon *should* work with Carbonite, just make sure Carbonite's waypoint arrow is disabled - otherwise they might conflict. I don't use Carbonite so I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but perhaps someone who is familiar with it can help.

Oh my ....

I went to try and load up this leveling guide on my 80 hunter, to do the Sholazar Basin quest line. When I try to find said guide on my list, it doesn't go above Howling Fjord/Borean Tundra for levels 70-72. Even the "optional" guides do not go over to Sholazar.... Sad

My alliance guides? Not a problem.... any info to help me on this problem is greatly appreciated.

Out of date add ons are loaded too.... Puzzled

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I am assuming you are using

I am assuming you are using the default Tour Guide guides instead of our guides.

The Horde tour guide guides go up to Grizzly Hills on the newest version.

Make sure the guides you are using say "WoWPro" in the title - if they aren't, they aren't ours. Try downloading the new version as well.

Regardless, there are no guides currently available from WoWPro for Sholazar.

Oh my....

Puzzled The thing is... it was working fine up until a couple nights ago. I used this same add on guide for my now level 80 hunter, level 80 priest, 80 druid. It was working one moment, and then my UI freaked out. I ended up having to "reload" my ui, and that's when it appeared that Sholazar, Storm Peaks and Icecrown disappeared. Yes, I have used the "wow-pro" guides all the way up to IC on all toons. It wasn't until IC did I have to use "a different" type of guide.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled yalls tour guide now 5x ... and it hasn't changed. The alliance one is perfect, it has guides up to IC. (optional ones too)
I understand that directly you guys don't have an actual SB guide, however ... there WAS optional guides that DID DL with the tour guide before. How could it just...up and disappear? Shocked I KNOW I USED a guide through yalls site FOR SB for my horde toonS. Its what I used to get to the quests for the oracles there! I never got those quests UNTIL I got yalls guide add on?

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Hmmm, that just sounds

Hmmm, that just sounds weird. I have no idea why it would have been working fine and then vanish. It just really sounds like you might have been using the default tour guide guides - they were previously listed at the top of the guide list, above our guides, but are now located at the bottom. Try scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the list where the default guides are.

I am sorry about this, but I do know for a fact that we have no leveling guides from Jame for those zones. As far as I know, our addon has only one guide past Grizzly Hills, and that is for Icecrown and is only on the Alliance side. I'm really sorry that this isn't working out for you, but I have never seen those guides so I have no idea how to recover them for you.

It's possible that a user on this site did write optional guides for those zones and uploaded them as a separate file, but it definitely wasn't part of the main download package from this site.

Can anyone else shine some light on this issue? I really wish I could help but I'm just not sure what guides you were originally using, and I definitely don't know why they aren't working now Sad

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Great Guides!

Hello, and I just wanted to say Great guides! I've been using the addon one and its amazing.. Ill try and donate in the near future.. and to anyone that is thinking of trying this addon.... do it cause its worth it.


jame firstly i love the

jame firstly i love the addon guides they ROCK!!! i used them to get my DK (im loving it) secondly i just wanted to ask why there is no guide for alliance DKs?

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There is one, but only as

There is one, but only as "paper version", it has not been written for the addon, yet: Alliance DK Guide


Do you know if the horde addon guides have been updated?? I wanted to start a new DK but when I try to use them im gettign an error and its saying the addon guides are out of date I really loved leveling my first DK with them and I have become reliant on them because they are so awesome.If so could you post a link please.

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Though they are "out of

Though they are "out of date" they should still work fine, just click "Load out of Date addons" on the addon selection screen. Jame will be releasing a new up-to-date version soon.

I have already pressed the

I have already pressed the load out of date addons still getting the error message, I have tried re-installing them, but im so glad to hear about the release of newer addons. thnx for your help =)

alliance lvling guide addon

Hi there, just want to say these guides are fab i have been using them for all my character over all their lvls, however i just wondered why there is an alliance online dragonblight guide but it is not included in the alliance addon guide :S as my next guide is for grizzily hills lvl 75 but im only lvl 74 and your online guide's do included the lvl 74-75 guide :S

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Check the Works in Progress

Check the Works in Progress page, the guide exists but just hasn't been released in one of the main versions yet.

the addon

Hi there, i would like to know how on earth you reset the guides iv completed before. Iv done a little research and found that Shift+Click on the guild is ment to do it, i tried that and the '100%' goes away untill i click on it again and its back and i cant load it lol. Also, all the guides i did complete e.g. grizzly hills. Have now disappeared from the guides list altogether. Would someone please help me out i want to get back to using this great addon again! Thanks in advance.

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Hmmm, if they disappeared

Hmmm, if they disappeared from the list entirely that means you may not have the addon enabled. Check to make sure "Load out of date addons" is checked in your addon selection screen.

Yes it is loaded correctly,

Yes it is loaded correctly, iv taken a screenshot to show you, now as you can see there are only Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra available and the stupid 100% just wont go away even if i Shift+Click it. Like i said it only happens on that guide (Howling Fjord).

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AHA! Thank you so much for

AHA! Thank you so much for the screenshot, you have confirmed something I have been theorizing for quite a while now.

You see, some people have had this problem with the Howling Fjord guide and others, like me, have not.

The problem is with Tour Guide's default guide, NOT our WoW-Pro guide. I'm sorry to say it, but you've been using the wrong guides all along.

Check your addon screen and make sure WoW-Pro's guides are enabled. WoW-Pro's guides ALL say "WoW-Pro" and the author's name (in this case Jame) in their titles, NEVER just the zone name. The current guides are "out of date" so you need to enable out of date addons for them to work.

Hope this helps, and again thanks so much for the screenshot, the mystery is now solved!

aaah now i see lol, o dear i

aaah now i see lol, o dear i feel like an idoit! well thanks for telling me. I can now level fast again Laughing out loud

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Hah, no need to feel that

Hah, no need to feel that way, the reason I was so excited is because now I have something to tell all the other people who have been complaining about the same thing Eye

Leveling Guide

Hi I am a first time poster LONG time user of these guides, first of all I Would like to say that these guides work incredibly well and I would like to applaud the creators of the guides for the time consuming hard work and dedication that they have put into these guides.

I had a question though, I started the leveling guide at level 60 with three bars of rest however I am now on the level 65 part of the guide and I am halfway to level 69 and I just got done killing the giant spiders. And I have only done Ramparts once, and BF once, I also three manned setthek halls last night. Should i Finish out the guide and hit Northrend or just go to Northrend at level 70? also could it be that my shoulders give me an added 10% Experience.

Also I would like to say that last weekend i was able to get 3 levels using your guide Thanks alot!

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Keep questing in Outland

Keep questing in Outland until the quests turn gray. That way you'll turn 80 pretty early in Northrend, leaving so many quests for juicy gold! You really won't regret it. Eye

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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This comes up a lot. The

This comes up a lot. The reason you are so far ahead of the guide is that Blizz changed that leveling range, making it significantly easier to level 60-70 in Outland.

As to when to go to Northrend, it's really up to you. Definitely stay in Outland until level 70. At that point, if you aren't tired of the content, I would just stay in Outland until the quests/mobs before gray to you or until you finish the guide. If you are sick of Outland, though, don't torture yourself with it - just head to Northrend Smiling Keep in mind that the longer you stay in Outland, the more Northrend quests you'll have available after you hit 80 to go towards money. Also staying in Outland helps if you want to do those questing achievements.


Thanks for the replys I think im going to continue the Outland guide and finish up all the quests here and do the Northrend quests and get as much gold as i can Jeez those mounts are expensive well just to buy the expert flying training and guides for gold lol jk

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Haha, I replied a minute

Haha, I replied a minute after you. You're quite the devoted one, aren't you? Sticking out tongue

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

Problem wit guide

Hey jame i have been recently playing wow and decided to start you guide at level40, which is the bad lands. when i have to go to STV the quests that i need to do are already done,what should i do?

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What I normally did was jump to the next area. And if its a higher level than you go run a dungeon your level to catch up! Smiling Laughing out loud Smiling

Stonetalon Mountains Guide

Okay, so I've been using the guides for awhile now, and let me just say that I absolutely love them. They have helped a great deal and have made leveling so much easier. Smiling However, I have noticed an error in the Stonetalon leveling guide in the addon. Don't know if this is a TomTom/Tour Guide issue, or if this is something with the leveling guide itself, but when you get to the point that directs you to Ratchet, the marker (and arrow) lead you into Stonetalon Mountains, the exact opposite direction of where Ratchet actually is.

The coordinates are spot on, leaving the arrow/map marker the only issue with this specific step that I have noticed.

Just thought I'd let ya know. Smiling

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That section of the guide is

That section of the guide is currently being revised, and that error will be fixed (it's due to missing zone tags). This may occur in other parts of the 20-30 guide section as well, so be aware.


Thank you, that did help I was confused. So even though its broke up like that Ex. 31-41 and it has like 4-5 places your supposed to bounce around, so this is also correct? So if it says 31-41 James Guide BadLands (44-45) so i go through at 44 and stay till 45 then go else where? Lol, sorry that i'm bugging. Thank you.

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It's no bother Those

It's no bother Eye

Those levels are *recommended* levels. Basically, if you are jumping into the guide, find one in your level range where you have not done quests yet and follow it. If you are continuing from following the paper guide, then just start wherever you left off.

Even if you get a bit ahead of the guide, this is really okay. Just stay with the guide, Tour Guide will automatically take you to the next section once you complete one. Only skip sections if you start doing gray quests or killing gray mobs (or if you really really hate a zone!).

Horde/Ally guide

I downloaded everything i needed and its working but one thing is weird. I'm in game and open the guide to select a guide and theres like 15-20 James Guides I got like 4-6 that says 31-41 but then next to the name it says ( 31-32) and next one says 32-33 but it still says James Guide 31-41. Does this mean its still 31-41 but i only stay there for 31-32? If that IS so, how come the screen shot of james in game guide is different? He has 4-6 James x-x Guide. Mine has like 15? Why is this? And i downloaded everything off this site. Can anyone help me figure out why all these circuits are broke up like this and not orginized like james screen shot on how to install the guide? Ty.

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I'm assuming the screenshot

I'm assuming the screenshot is just old. The guides you describe are how it's supposed to be. Jame's guide had to be broken into smaller sections so that it wouldn't take forever to load and so that it could be organized by zone. It also makes it much easier to jump in part-way through.

Hope this helps.

Death Knight (Alliance) Talent tree

Hi there,

I just found your Death Knight Leveling Guide which is GREAT! Thank you! I noticed that, with the new patch, the Unholy tree is different now and I'm not sure how to re-apply my talent points. For example, the first talent point was to be applied to "morbidity" but now, with the new patch, "morbidity" requires 5 talent points already in Unholy before you can apply one to "morbidity". Can you please update the talent tree advise in your guide so it applies to the new patch?

Also, with "pestilence" no longer doing damage - what are your suggestions for when and if applying that talent?

Thanks so much for the great service you do for us WOWers.




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I have two suggestions for

I have two suggestions for talent trees over here I suggest using the Unholy one though.
1.Blood Build
2.Unholy Build

And as for pestilence use that, then use blood boil to cause damage, and use it when taking on groups of mobs, if you have the unholy build use Unholy Blight as well.

Patch 3.1.0

So Patch 3.1.0 came out today, and i noticed that the addon for your guides doesnt work anymore, as it is outdated. maybe i just have to update lightheaded? for now i will go back to using the text guides but if you know any way to make them work or have any plans to update them then let us know.

thanks again for the awesome guides and the addons Smiling

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Look at the front page,

Look at the front page, download TomTom, and Tourguide from the link awesome-o Jiyambi gave us and then load the game and click "Load out of date Addons"


Oh sorry about that, i didnt see that page.

Thanks for the help! Smiling

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Beginning Guide and Addon

Hey Jame,
I'm new to using the whole guide thing, but I've noticed that the Guide for Elwyn and the beginning is almost impossible to complete near level 8 as a Mage or Priest.

I was wondering if I am ble to make a Priest and Mage guide for all beginning of races for level 1-12...So it is easier for new players to level as a caster.

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Impossible to complete at

Impossible to complete at level 8? Could you explain?

51-60 addon

Hey Jame and Writers,
I've been using your guides for like 3 years. I recently re rolled to horde becouse by friends are playing there now, and i descided to use your ingame guides(addon). I just got to lvl 52 and realised: WERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE REST OF THE GUIDES!!! Lol. When are you going to make the 50-60 addon guides becouse now im stuck for a while at this lvl=(.

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This section was only just

This section was only just compelted this week, and hasn't been included in a main release yet. You can download it from the Works in Progress page.

Hi Jame, these are great

Hi Jame, these are great guides. I've been playing since summer 2006, and i found your guides somewhere about a year and a half later, and they helped me level a few alts faster then I could have ever thought. My friend thought he could beat me to 70 one time, but I won so he had to buy me a mongoose which was part of the deal. One question, you said something like you'll upgrade your guides as you put them in addon form. Will they also be upgraded in the paper form? I'm wondering because I prefer the paper form, just because I like reading ahead. I also like them better because I think they are more useful in some parts, like where you say do two things at the same time, or give specific instructions. Will the written version be obsolete after your finished?
Besides that, great work on the addon, even though I'd rather use the paper form I tried out the addon and it worked great. Keep up the great guide writing!

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Jame has always been pretty

Jame has always been pretty committed to the original version of his guides, so I don't think you have anything to worry about Eye The addon will however contain class quests and such, which is a nice bonus feature that Jame will probably not put in the paper guide because it would clutter things up.

Slightly behind addon leveling guide.

I am loving this ingame addon, it is perfect and I have leveled very fast...but I have been sent to pick up a quest in SW from alter boy Thomas in the cathedral and I am not able to pick it up as I'm under level required. Obviously required level is 28 and I am 68% through level 27.

What should I do?


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Hmmm maybe you missed

Hmmm maybe you missed something because this normally should not happen. If not, you could just take a grinding session till level 28 or look at the paper version of the guide, see when you have to complete the quest and just come back later and take it then.

My thanks also

I just wanted to chime in and say that I've been playing WoW since the beta, but my main alt is only level 45 due to lack of time (I'm a working mom) and a lot of time wasted wandering around instead of efficiently leveling. I had also pretty much given up on WoW.

But since I started using your guides, I've had a lot more fun, and leveled a lot more quickly. I really appreciate the detail and the tips (and the addon).

Addon version

I was really bogged down with Wow and was not enjoying playing anymore. A friend of mine put me onto Jame's Leveling guide and I have been powering along and really started to enjoy playing again. It must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to set this up and I really appreciate the effort. Thanks Jame.

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That's what I like to hear

That's what I like to hear Eye

Blizzard probably owes me a few hundreds of subscribers, mwahaha!

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I would probably have stopped playing if not for your guide

I just could not figure out how to get places and quests that were level appropriate and still see the world so to speak. They at least owe you one for me.