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Dont laugh too hard You

Dont laugh too hard Laughing out loud
You avoided me for running around like a chicken without a head.. doing the same circles again and again and again.. feeling stupid and loosing the touch... and I'm telling everyone I know about yr guides. (have been playing since oct 2006.. Eye)

Now I was looking for the post where you have the list of next releases, but cant find them right now :S
Just wanted to suggest you hussle them around and release first the guides you haven't posted yet.. the latest Northrend ones I mean, before you do the reviews of the old ones and the old add-on ones.

I've found a mate who has been there and will help me get the last level.. but it would be nice to do the rounds and get the achievements in 'your' way.. (and not my chicken way Sticking out tongue)

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The link to the release

The link to the release dates is on the front page, in the very first article called "TOP LINKS" Eye

I just started

I just recently started your guides and was just wondering if rested xp would screw up the process. Thanks and you did an awesome job with these guides!

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Definitely not. The guides

Definitely not. The guides are designed to be good enough without rested. With rested, you will probably be ahead of the guide - which is a GOOD thing! As long as you aren't killing gray mobs, just keep with the guide even if you get ahead - doing green quests is actually fine, and you get them done so much faster so there's really no reason to skip ahead.

Anyway the point is: rested XP is good, these guides are just designed so that someone who is leveling very fast and has no rested XP can still use them.

Is it just me or is howling

Is it just me or is howling fjord just not a good zone to lvl in exp/hour wise? I barely hit 320k >.> when in tundra i was doing +450

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Hmm no, for me the xp/hour

Hmm no, for me the xp/hour is about the same between the two zones. You must have taken AFKs or something?

* I followed the addon

* I followed the addon version*

Yeah I died once and got lost for about a min or two but nothing that significant. I guess I just thought it was the zone because everything is so spread out even though options of transportation are there. I thought it was just those time consuming quests like the The falcon one along with the ship bombing quest that would take longer than other quests but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

The addon - some comments on Zul Drak

Hey Jaime,

Simply put, I LOVE the addon. Started a new char just to use it and I love it. I was checking the parts on my main (80 paladin) and I reserved Zul Drak to wait your guide to make money at 80 (quest money and sell the rewards).

I was amazed to find a part on Zul Drak in the addon when it's not on the website. I've done 45% of the guide so far and I gather roughly 200g per hour so it's going great.

I thought you might need some feed back, here are a few glithes I encountered.

- The whole questline involving Stefan Vadu (the one with Drakuru), the waypoints for Vadu are often misplaced, we see 3 waypoints for him, revealing the positions he gets to during the questline. You might want to check that.

- For the quests ''Kickin Nass and taking Manes' and 'Invitiation of sorts', there are 2 waypoints that are wrongly placed.

- For the quest involving the bombing of spider nests (forgot the name), the waypoint is misplaced).

I'll keep on reporting these few bugs as I encounter them. Thanks for the amazing amount of work


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When oh when will the next step in your awesome leveling guide come out? It's perfect <3

While some are illuminated by the black light, most will perish in its flames. And as this world is nullified, the foundations of a new Era will be cast from the ashes and ruins. Passion, ruthlessness and the unwavering devotion to walk against all curren

While some are illuminated by the black light, most will perish in its flames. And as this world is nullified, the foundations of a new Era will be cast from the ashes and ruins. Passion, ruthlessness and the unwavering devotion to walk against all curren

Marshall Windsor

The quest "[54]Marshall Windsor" from Marshal Maxwell (and possibly the whole quest chain starting with "Dragonkin Menace") at the Alliance Outpost, Burning Steppes, is no longer available. The following is a comment found on Wowhead:

"This quest is no longer in the game due to the fact that there will be no requirement for Onyxia. Patch 3.0.2".

Would be good if others can confirm this.



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Yes, The quest has indeed


The quest has indeed been removed from the game.
Did Onyxia's Lair a couple times, very fun, especially without the attunement needed. Recommended.

I love you Jame!

- I just made an account here so I could thank you for all your hard work making these guides! Also I thought I'd throw in an idea I had for your Storm Peaks guide:
- I dinged 80 in Zul'Drak, and with QH i finished all the quests in that area, and decided not to do anymore quests until all your guides are complete, so that I can finish the Northrend Loremaster achievements as easy as possible.
- However, I felt the need to complete the quest chain for Sons of Hodir reputations to friendly, and I'm a little worried that it will set me back a little when following your Storm Peaks guide when ot comes out.
With that in mind, I was wondering perhaps if those quests should be emphasized by having a green text-box surrounding them (or something like that).
- Many people (including myself, obviously)are saving zones for post-80 quests, and I'm assuming that I wasn't the only one of us that bothered to finish this particular chain.
- This would probably make it easier to either do this chain seperately, or to skip it for those of us that are saving the zone, but who have also finished these quests!Eye

- Please don't see this as a request or demand in any way. Just an idea.
Your work has already helped so many wowheads that I don't think that anyone is in a position that will justify asking you any extra favors. Ignore this idea if it would mean extra (mehh....) work.

Love from Norway Eye

having problems

having problems :

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Yes, I'm working on it atm,

Yes, I'm working on it atm, please be patient.

would it be eaiser

i have a 45 hunter but i just now found the guide should i just create a new character or just play on my hunter and follow the guide the best i can. and if anyone here is on gomnergreen realm i think that's how you spell it then add me to friends if you can help me with quest i just really want a DK. Thank if you can help.

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The thing to do would be to

The thing to do would be to follow Jame's guide for your level. It would help if you could let us know if you are Alliance or Horde. Then I could help further. Cool

I've got a similar question

I just dinged 80 on my main last night, and now I'm looking to bring up my alts. I've got a 45 Alliance Mage and I want to plug into Jame's guide to speed up my leveling. It looks like the 41-50 guide starts out in Dustwallow, which I avoided on this toon after clearing it on my main. What would be the easiest way to jump into the path of the guide? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I've downloaded the add-ons, by the way, I'm looking forward to trying them out. =)


thanks dude

thank james i was having real trouble leveling and was stuck at hmm maybe lvl 25-30 with theese guides i have got to 70 in under 1.5 mounths real time (dining 70 on the day wrath came out) but when i hit northrend i started to feel burn out and i tried leveling with your guides and see what the ocntent was without them and i just reached 72ish and i cant continue do you have any advice about how to get back into my dr00d XD

thanks heaps

Acido 65 druid 1-70 on the guides..epic!

Acido 72 druid 1-65 on the guides..epic!


Hey jame, thanks alot for these guides, theyve been a great help in my leveling experience. W/O them, i would prolly still be stuck at level 40 something. Anyway, i was jw if an addon release such as team iDemise was down the road at all. it would make things 100000 times easier if i didnt have to alt-tab every 5 min Sticking out tongue anyway, thanks again for the great guides.

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It's already in the making

It's already in the making Smiling

Does this mean...

As in Jame's Levelling Guides.... as a mod... inside WoW? HOOOLY CRAP!

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Exactly what it

Exactly what it means!

Exciting, I know =)

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Big Happy Smiles

Just wanted to say that while following your guide with my DK (Horde), it took me 3 hours to get from 58-61 in the Plaguelands, another 4 hours and I was level 65 (and still in Hellfire Peninsula). 3 hours later I left Zangarmarsh at level 67 and another 2.5 hours and I was done with Terokkar and at level 68. Unholy DK has an insane pace and I´ve never leveled this quickly before. However, I changed the DK spec with one point which I spent in Corpse Explosion (which you left out). I found out that the exploding corpses was a great dps addition in AOE grinding and shouldn't be ignored.

When it comes to my warlock who was 70 at the time WOTLK hit, I used your guide up to the current Grizzly Hills part (while almost constantly looking for instance groups meanwhile) and slightly before I was done with Grizzly Hills I had hit 80 and is now enjoying the end game while waiting for your upcoming parts. Apart from many others who comments, I`m in no rush for those guides since I´m done with the leveling part. Do your best and finish them with your own pace.

I also found out that combining QuestHelper with your guide works wonders because I more rarely need to tab out to look up exact coordinates for quests. Instead I tab to your guide, find out which quest I´m at and then check the map for the mark. QuestHelper doesn't change how I follow your guides, it just speed things up a whole lot.

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Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your feedback Eye

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Mob Map

I have found that MobMap works amazing, it also gives a nice questlog aswell

for real try it!!

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So planned out

I love how your guide is so ahead of everything in the 65-67 part in Nagrand i leveled 2 times(although i was rested). I never have to worry about the guide being ahead of me it is great Smiling



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that is cause in one of

that is cause in one of previous patches leveling speed between lvl 60 and 70 was increased - aka you get more stuff for less work Eye before the guide was quite accurate when it comes to how fast you were dinging in the progress

what doesn't kill me, makes me strAnger

what doesn't kill me, makes me strAnger

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A mod idea

Hey Jame, love your guides. I use them constantly along with my kids and I have also posted links on our guild forums for the rest of the guildies to use as well and all that use them love them.
I also use a mod DGPS off of curse gaming in conjunction to your mods. I can very easily put in the coords of up to 5 locations and then run the quests in the guide that way and not worry about watching my map coord icon and just follow the arrows. It works great for me. Just thought I would offer up that suggestion.
Thanks again sir and happy travels. Eye

You know you play WoW too much when your significant others' britches are a rare drop and someone else rolls on them.

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That's pretty much what I'm

That's pretty much what I'm gonna include in my leveling guide addon version Smiling

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I'd like to try DGPS but I

I'd like to try DGPS but I can't find it on wowmatrix or wowcurse. Can you give me a link? Thanks a lot

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ask and you shall receive.
Actually no, tomtom, is where you click a coord already stated in a log from what I remember, with gps, you can manually enter name of mob, item, location and manually enter coords, of up to 5 events. Then check mark the box on the right of the individual coord and the arrow points the way.

You know you play WoW too much when your significant others' britches are a rare drop and someone else rolls on them.

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I suppose it works exactly

I suppose it works exactly like TomTom, which is easy to find on most addon sites.

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Found it! The name of the

Found it! The name of the addon is exactly Darecys GPS Eye I made a quick test with your horde northrend guide and it makes leveling a lot easier. Just put in the coords for the long-runs and go! I can't wait for the addon version Laughing out loud

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somewhat like that but with

somewhat like that but with TomTom, you have to go thru slash commands to enter waypoints.
With DGPS there is a grid on your screen, that I like for example, tab to guide, highlight location name, tab back to game, highlight text box for location 1, hit control V, then enter X coord, Y coord and even Z coord if it is listed, rinse and repeat for all quests and, or quest giver locations.
To me the bonus for this mod is that if running your guide in order, then getting a group together out of quest in guide order, it is very easily entered right on screen and one check mark of location box changes arrow to location you wish to go next.
I believe with TomTom, you have to toggle thru waypoints to get correct arrow marker on screen.
Just my 2 cents worth.

You know you play WoW too much when your significant others' britches are a rare drop and someone else rolls on them.

Another Addon to make Life Easier

Smiling Try Carbonite, i find that and the guide fantastic and so simple (especially for me) Smiling and they both work well together

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Hey Jame I just want to thank you so much for your guides. I started using them a few months ago when I started playing and leveled to 70 before wrath. Now I have a 78 Death Knight and an 80 main.

Thanks so much! Cool

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Hey. Just Wondering

Hey Jame just want to let you know you're doing an Amazing job on the guide.

So my question, when are you gonna come out with the rest of the guide? i just finished the latest one

GJ again =D

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Go to the frontpage, check

Go to the frontpage, check for the "Release Dates" post, it's stickied Smiling

Is it a good idea to skip zones?

Hi Jame,

I've followed your guides as far as I could, then branched out on my own with Questhelper.

I've completed Grizzly Hills and I'm halfway through Zul'Drak - and about to ding 79. Some of the quests in Z'D are green to me now (although most are still yellow).

Getting the max xp/hour is my goal, so would you suggest I skip straight to Storm Peaks or Ice Crown, and come back to finish Z'D and Azjol-Nerub for gold and achievements once I'm 80? Or shall I stick with the borderline green/yellow quests since the mobs are easier to kill?


PS If you're ever in London I'll buy you a pint as a thank you for the great guides Eye

skipping zones

theres an article about skipping zones on jame's blog:

it's not a good idea to skip zones/quest as long as they are not grey to you.

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Saving me some work! Much

Saving me some work!

Much <3

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Hey Jame.

I found your guide some time ago looking for a good leveling guide that could take me all the way to 70 without grinding. I was pleasently surprised with what I came across, your guides are amazing!

I've been using them for all my toons and with the help of other people's guides like The Guide to the Barrens I out level my friends easily.

I am a casual gamer and never play more than 4 hours a day and your guides help me catch up to my hardcore gamer friends.

Thanks a bunch!


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Glad to hear, and welcome!

Glad to hear, and welcome!

Hiya Jame. I found your

Hiya Jame.

I found your site on a Google search while looking for Levelling Guides and I so glad I did. I stopped playing WOW back in January 08 and only re-installed it last week.

Looking through your guides has got me excited about playing again. In fact I may even start a new character just go through your guide.

Emmensely well written and laid out. Keep up the excellent work.

Fekken Ejit (Stu) Smiling Smiling Smiling

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Welcome and enjoy

Welcome and enjoy Eye

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Death Knight: Life after 61

I am currently going thru the Death Knight 55-61 guide (and loving it) and going thru your site I don't see anything that is DK specific for Outland. Is there a DK Outland guide or do we just follow the herd?
Waddaya mean "It's just a game" ??? Are you nuts???

Waddaya mean "It's just a game" ??? Are you nuts???

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Just follow my normal

Just follow my normal outland leveling guides, they work for every class, including DKs.

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Only thing i have too say is the your guides are great !
Great work and keep doing it ! Smiling

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Howling fjord

Well... your guide is just to good. I tried to use my own type of guide and it failed so i used yours for the same amount of quest and it broke my time by 1hour Smiling

Thank you so much

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Hehe, thanks for your

Hehe, thanks for your feedback Eye