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Chapter I (21-30) - Journey from the Barrens to the Thousand Needles


This is v2.0 of the guide. It has been revamped as mentioned in this news post to adapt to patch v2.3 changes. You can still find the old version of the guide here. At the same time, many other improvements have been made:

  • Introduction section shortened to contain the important info only
  • Addon section updated
  • Kill everything on your way rule has been more or less lifted, unless you lack experience compared to the guide's progress
  • Numbers in images now correspond to paragraphs
  • Grinding sessions have been removed
  • Guide doesn't assume you did Hosho's Barrens Guide before, neither does it assume you leveled in the Barrens before, it's now perfectly usable for Blood Elves and people who leveled in Ghostlands etc.
  • Quest from Blood Elf NPCs that were added with TBC have been integrated
  • New quest circuits, new (clearer) maps and additional pictures were added
  • Several minor errors have been corrected and patch v2.3 changes to simplify certain quests and encounters have been integrated

Big thanks to Subere for the beautiful picture/map editing!


This guide starts at level 21, if you need guides for any other level range (from 1-21 for example) please take a look at this page.

This guide is optimized for FAST leveling with a minimum of grinding sessions. Quests are important, they give rewards and faction and are less boring than pure grinding, BUT sometimes some quests are really a time waste and we will skip those and replace them by good grinding session when it is necessary.

Some people say that grinding is always faster than questing, this is true in theory when you don't know which quests to take and which to avoid, and what is the best order to do them. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and much better than pure grinding. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself.

The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible and then turning several quests in at the same time. This guide will be very useful for both veteran and novice players. I try to keep the amount of information as short as possible. So even the guide itself is optimized for the minimum reading possible, to save time! Let's get started immediately then! Everything described in this guide can be done solo (besides when I say otherwise). However you can follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it's not a problem, it works too.

Basic rules

  • As soon as you see that you start to lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide start to kill everything that is on your way while traveling and that gives experience (Yellow mobs preferably, but greens are ok if they are just 3-4 levels below you, not more).
  • Spend your talent points so you do the most damage possible. (e.g: Priest should specialize in Shadow Talents, Warriors in Arms/Fury, Rogues Combat/Assassination, etc).
  • Don't waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything that is described in this guide. Only group with someone when it's not gonna be a waste of time (e.g: meeting the person at the other end of the map to show him the way to where your quest is, that is a waste of time)
  • Try to always log out in an Inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break.
  • If I don't mention a quest, it means I consider it a waste of time, so don't take it thinking I forgot a quest here and there, I didn't. Also don't abandon a quest unless I say you should.
  • Sometimes I will be making lists of quest you should have before starting with an area, that doesn't mean I will list the whole quest log, JUST the quests that interest us for the moment.
  • When I say you should bind (make an Inn your home location) somewhere, it's for a good reason, and it will save you much time. Don't change your home location until I say so.

Useful Addons

Something that's amazingly useful is the Ace2 updater. Download and install it and the program will present you with a list of addons which all use the same library (hence they consume very few ressources). From that list you can choose addons that interest you (I downloaded Fubar quest mod, Fubar location, Cartographer, Bartender and a mod to make my UI look better) and the program will install all the addons for you. Furthermore you can run the program every time before you launch WoW and choose to update all installed modules for you.

Side Note:
If your addons are not being loaded when you enter the game you might need to log out to your login screen and click on "Addons" in the left lower corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Relaunch WoW.

Shopping List:

  • Deadly Blunderbuss (will be needed at level 26 for a quest). Buy it at the Auction House or bring the materials to an Engineer and ask him kindly to craft it for you.

Color Code:

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

This first chapter of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide includes several quests that require you to get a RARE item (we avoided those in the next chapters, but in this one we couldn't). You might be lucky and get those items on the first few kills, however in that case you WILL lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide. This problem cannot be taken into account by us and you will have to grind to catch up (either on the way or on a spot you like). At this level there is unfortunately NO alternative. Be sure to take this into account before making a comment about lacking experience when you are "supposed" to ding.

Level 21

  • If you followed Hosho's Guide to the Barrens: You should be in Orgrimmar or Camp Taurajo. If you are in Orgrimmar, make the inn your home location before you do anything else. Fly to Camp Taurajo.

    In Camp Taurajo, get the quest [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk, get out of Camp Taurajo and look for a Thunderhawk, there are easy to find all around the camp, kill them until you get Thunderhawk Wings. Go back to Camp Taurajo, turn the quest in and get the quest [20] The Ashenvale Hunt.

    Hearthstone to Orgrimmar, or fly there and set your hearthstone there.

    If you haven't turned in [19] Samophlange Manual and/or haven't learned your new skills yet, do that. [19] Samophlange Manual is turned in at Rilli Greasygob in the Valley of Honor, in the engineer house.

    Fly to Ratchet.

  • If you followed Snowflake's Guide to Ghostlands: You should have [21] Enjoy the Horde, turn it in at Lady Sylvanas at Undercity and get the follow up (will allow us to catch up a little on exp). Take the zeppelin just outside the town. Go to Orgrimmar and set your hearthstone there and sell junk/train etc. Turn in [21] Meeting the Warchief at Thrall in the Valley of Wisdom. Get the follow up. Once done get the Crossroads then the Ratchet flight path:

  • If none of the above is the case: Simply get to Orgrimmar: From Undercity: Just north outside the town you can find a zeppelin tower. Take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar.
    From Silvermoon: Use the translocation orb which you can find at Sunfury Spire in the northwestern part of the zone. You should be in Undercity. Follow the above mentioned instructions for Undercity.
    From Thunderbluff: Exit Mulgore to the east where you should zone into the Barrens. Follow this map:

    Once at Orgrimmar: Make the inn your home location, get the flight path, sell junk, restock on food/drink etc. Once done get the Crossroads then the Ratchet flight path:

At Ratchet: Speak to Sputtervalve who is right next to the flight master and get [21] Ziz Fizziks. Fly to Crossroads.

From there go west until you hit Stonetalon Mountains. Just about at the border you should see two quest givers. Get [19] Goblin Invaders from Seereth Stonebreak.

Follow the road further northwest to Sun Rock Retreat. On the way, at (59,75) you'll see a wanted poster. Take the quest [21] Arachnophobia from it. Ahead of you there should be a little valley with spiders and spider eggs. Clear your way into it until you see a big orange spider called "Besseleth". Kill it and loot its fang. Get out of the valley and continue northwest until you reach Sun Rock Retreat.

Turn in [21] Arachnophobia at Maggran Earthbinder. Get the flight path (if you don't have it yet) and get [18] Boulderslide Ravine from Mor'Rogal. (He can be reached if you go up this path, looking from the Flight Master)

Once done, follow the main path southeast until you reach Windshear Crag. Before you enter though, at (59,62) you should find Ziz Fizziks. Turn in [21] Ziz Fizziks and get the follow up. Now in Windshear Crag, run to all machine thingies looking somewhat like this:

You'll find Venture Co. Operators there. Kill them until you get Super Reaper 6000 Blueprints. On your way kill 15 Venture Co. Loggers. Once you have them fight your way back to Ziz Fizziks, turn in and get the follow up. Follow the path southeast back to the Barrens. On the way, at (67,88) there should be a little path going into the mountains. Follow it. When you open your map you'll see two caves. Go to the northern one and fight your way through to it. Once you enter the cave you should see shiny purpal crystals on the wall. Gather 10 of them while going deeper into the cave. At approximately this point:

You will get a discovery quest message and you can head back out of the cave. Continue on the path to the Barrens. At the border to the Barrens turn in [19] Goblin Invaders at Seereth Stonebreak. Go straight to the Crossroads. Fly to Ratchet. Turn in [21] Further Instructions at Sputtervalve and don't get the follow up. Now fly to Sun Rock Retreat. Go back to Mor'Rogal and turn in [18] Boulderslide Ravine.

  • If you have the Splintertree Post (Ashenvale) flightpath: Fly there.

  • If you don't have it: Fly to Crossroads and follow the path north until you reach Ashenvale Forest. Go further north until the path forks, there go east until you reach Splintertree Post. Once there take the flight path.

Talk to Senani Thunderheart to complete [20] The Ashenvale Hunt (if you had the prequest from Camp Mojache, take the follow up and turn in again). You get no exp or quest item, don't worry, that's normal, this quest just enables you to do 3 hunting quests, which we will be doing soon.

  • For those who have the Zoram Outpost flight path: Fly there.

  • For those who don't have it (yeah I know it's a lot of running at the beginning but we need to get those flight paths, they are important and you will constantly rely on them, even in the future): Follow the road west. Once you see an Alliance Outpost (Astranaar) avoid it CAREFULLY. Continue west until you reach (25,31). There should be a little path leading off the mainroad, going west. Follow it until you see a beach. Follow the beach southeast until you see a little camp. Welcome to Zoram Outpost. Get the flight path.

At Zoram Outpost: Get [19] Naga at the Zoram Strand, ignore the other quests for now. Kill Nagas here on the beach until you have 20 Wrathtail Heads and until you are 1450exp away from level 22. Once that is done, go back to Zoram Outpost and turn in [19] Nagas at the Zoram Strand. To open the clam shells faster use [Shift + Right Click] on them (or tick the auto-loot option in your interface options). If you find any Shredder Operating Manual pages, keep them.

You should be level 22 by now.

Level 22

Hearthstone to Orgrimmar and get your new skills, sell / repair, restock food / drink and buy some healing potions. Put your Shredder Operating Manual pages in the bank.

Get out of Orgrimmar and take the Zeppelin to the Undercity. For those who never took the Zeppelin, just go left when coming out of Orgrimmar, you'll find a tower with two goblins atop, talk to them to know which of the Zeppelins goes to the Undercity (the other one goes to Grom'Gol, in Stranglethorn Vale, a level 30+ zone).

Get off the Zeppelin in Tirisfal Glades and go to the Undercity if you don't have the flight path (that will most likely be the case if you aren't an Undead) and take it.

For Bloodelves: If you have the quest [21] Allegiance to the Horde, use the translocation orb to go to Silvermoon, turn the quest in and come back right away.

Once you have the Undercity flight path, get out and follow the road southwest. Follow it until you enter Silverpine Forest. In Silverpine follow the road until you reach a fork at (51,36), go west here and get the flight path at the Sepulcher, also get the quests [20] Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills from Apothecary Renferrel and [21] Beren's Peril from Shadow Priest Allister.

Get back on the road, go south and follow the road until you are approximately at (58,77), at this point go northeast to Beren's Peril, stay close to the mountain which should be on your left hand, kill any Dalaran dude in your way. You'll quickly find a narrow path towards the mountain at (60,74), go this way and you'll find the entrance to a cave as well as Ravenclaw Drudgers and Guardians, kill 6 of each to complete [21] Beren's Peril.

When done, get back on the road, go east until you enter Hillsbrad Foothills.

In Hillsbrad Foothills, follow the road, you'll quickly come across a guard tower to your right, get the quest [20] Time to Strike from Deathstalker Lesh there. Then get back on the road and keep going east until you get to another guard tower and a crossroad (57,36), go north to Tarren Mill. In Tarren Mill get the flight path, turn in the 2 quests we had and get the following quests:

[22] Elixir of Suffering
[24] Elixir of Pain
[24] Battle of Hillsbrad
[22] The Rescue
[22] WANTED: Syndicate Personel (from the poster infront of the church)
[28] Dangerous! (from the poster infront of the inn)

1. Head east/southeast, from now on kill every bear and spider you see on your way. You should soon find Durnholde Keep, the main entrance is on the south side of it at (76,46), go there. Inside the keep, clear the way over the bridge, then follow the small path up and then left. To the right you should see an orc npc in the distance named Thog'thar, he's chained and needs a key to escape. You will have to find Jailor Marigen and kill him to get the key. Start killing everything in the area until you find Jailor Marigen, loot the key and free Thog'thar, you just need to right click the iron ball.

You should also find Jailor Eston in the area to get the key for the other prisoner, Drull, but if Jailor Eston isn't there he is probably in one of the houses on the lower level of the fortress, and we're going there now.

Once you are sure that Jailor Eston isn't in the area (or have already found and killed him), move back down to the bridge and past it, if you look to your left and down you should see a few wooden houses in the lower court. Follow the ledge until the end and jump down there carefully and start clearing the way to the wooden houses, watch out, mobs run away here. Drull, the 2nd prisoner, is in one of the two wooden houses. Free him and then get out and start killing everything on your way out while also completing [22] Wanted: Syndicate Personnel.

2. Get out of Durnholde Keep and start going back towards Tarren Mill, kill as many bears and spiders as possible on your way. Keep doing that until you complete the quest [22] Elixir of Suffering. This might take a while, the Creeper's Ichor is kinda rare. This should make you ding 23. If you aren't 23 yet either grind on spiders and bears or in Durnholde Keep. If you don't want to grind at the moment you can just continue with the guide but you should kill everything on your way.

Level 23

3. When done, go back to Tarren Mill and turn in the 3 quests. Take the follow up from [22] Elixir of Suffering and turn it in at the little frog named "umpi" right next to the Apothecary. Get [24] Elixir of Pain. Restock food/drink, sell junk, repair (there's a weaponsmith on the other side of the field south of Tarren Mill).

4. & 5. Head west towards the Hillsbrad Fields, kill every Starving Mountain Lion you find on your way, don't worry if you don't get the 10 lion blood, we'll finish this quest on the way back. We'll first focus on the field which is to the northeast, you should see a small house, a tower-like structure and a medium sized house which looks like a barn. Before you start killing stuff, be mindful that every of those humanoids run in fear, so use snare abilities like hamstring when they get low on health.

5. & 6. Clear the way around the small house and inside you should find Farmer Getz, kill him (If Farmer Getz is not in his house, he's either in the field right next to it or in the barn). Then go northwest towards the next field, next to this field you'll find a medium sized house, with a dog named Stanley infront of it. Clear the way inside this house and on the 2nd floor you'll find Farmer Ray, kill him (Farmer Ray can also be found on the first floor of his house, and also around it and in the field next to it). Now just go out and start killing Hillsbrad Farmers and Farmhands in the fields until you have the [24] Battle of Hillsbrad quest finished. Avoid Hillsbrad Footmen, they might be too difficult for your level.

7. Once that is done, head east back to Tarren Mill, and kill as much Starving Mountain Lions as you need to finish the quest [24] Elixir of Pain.
Go back to Tarren Mill, turn in [24] Battle of Hillsbard, get the follow up [25] Battle of Hillsbrad. Turn in [24] Elixir of Pain and get the follow up. Now a new quest should be available to you from Deathguard Samsa, [25] Souvenirs of Death.

8. & 9. Head back to the Hillsbrad Fields, to the house next to the northern field with the dog Stanley infront. Make sure you are full health before turning in the quest to Stanley. Kill Stanley once he transforms, you get 1100 xp or so just for killing him. Now we're gonna head to the southern field, there are many Hillsbrad Peasants in it and also Farmer Kalaba. Kill 15 Peasants and Farmer Kalaba, be careful with runners. If anyone else is killing those peasants you should group up, as they don't respawn that fast, better not fight over them. Don't bother finishing [25] Souvenirs of Death, we'll do that when we come back to Hillsbrad in a couple of levels. After leaving the farmstead you should be more or less level 24 (it depends on how many lions/farmers you had to kill in total to complete your quests). So if you aren't 24 yet either grind here until you ding or continue with the guide and kill everything on your way until you've caught up.

Level 24

10. Go back to Tarren Mill, turn in [25] Battle of Hillsbrad, get the follow up [26] Battle of Hillsbrad. Get the new quest from Apothecary Lydon, [28] Elixir of Agony.

Take a bat ride to the Sepulcher, turn in [21] Beren's Peril. Hearthstone to Ogrimmar. Learn new skills, check the Auction House, we're gonna need that Deadly Blunderbuss soon. It's also time to upgrade to bigger bags, 12 slots at least if you can afford them.

Time to go back to Ashenvale, go to the bank and get all the Shredder Manual Pages you have. First fly to Splintertree post, get the following quests:

  • [26] Satyr Horns
  • [25] Stonetalon Standstill

Get out of the village, southwest until the guard tower where you will find more quests:

  • [24] Ashenvale Outrunners
  • [27] Warsong Supplies

Follow the road a bit further southwest, to the left you should see a small encampment, get the quest [30] The Lost Pages. Now you can bind chapters together when you have the right pages, it will free some bag space.

Go back to Splintertree Post and fly to Zoram'Gar Outpost.

1. Take the quest [23] Vorsha the Lasher from Muglash, he'll walk to the strand, follow him.

2. He'll stop on a small island with a brazier atop. Click the brazier when he tells you to do so and get ready for 3 waves of monsters. You don't have time to loot in between the waves, you just have enough time to drink/eat:

  • 1st wave: 3 Nagas, they are green to you so not so hard, but it's still 3. Let Muglash tank one while you kill them one by one. Muglash is level 25 and can easily take one or two on his own. Try to save your long cooldown abilites and potions for the last wave if possible. As soon as the 3 nagas are defeated, eat/drink fast before the 2nd wave.

  • 2nd wave: 3 nagas again, one of them will be a naga priestess, kill that one first and try to interrupt her heals or you'll be in trouble. Use potion/long cooldown abilities if you have to but try to keep it for the next wave. Let Muglash tank as much as possible again. eat / drink fast right after the nagas are dead.

  • 3rd wave: a level 22 Hydra named Vorsha will spawn and attack you, the hydra hits rather hard for a level 22, so use everything you got. If you die don't release, Muglash should be able to finish off the hydra if you did enough damage to it before dying. Wait until you get the (complete) message, then release and run back to your corpse.

Go to Zoram Outpost and turn in the quest. Get the quests [24] Between a Rock and a Thistlefur and [24] Troll Charms.

3. Time for a little walk, go to Thislefur Village (30,45), follow the path shown on map.

Kill Furlbog Avengers and Shamans until you complete the first quest, then go north following the path inside the village and pass the wooden gate, then a bit futher along the path you'll see a stone arch if you face north. Go through this arch and you'll soon find the entrance to a cave. Enter the cave and explore it, kill stuff in there until you find 8 Troll Charms, which are in Troll Chests you can find scattered everywhere in the cave.

4. Once you have 8 troll charms head back to Zoram'Gar Outpost. Turn in the 2 quests, don't get the follow up.

Fly to Splintertree Post.

5. Go directly south of Splintertree Post, and on the other side of the road there's an area with Rotting Slimes, that's where you'll hunt Ashenvale Outrunners. They are stealthed. So use abilities like track stealthed or use TAB key while running around to find them, they are mostly next to trees.

6. Once you are done with the [24] Ashenvale Outrunner quest, go west to (68,75), you should see an orc named Torek, with 3 raiders. DON'T take the quest now, just remember where he is.

7. Go further west on the other side of the road you should find a path to Silverwing Outpost (66,73). Kill all the nightelves on the path and inside the house, as soon as this is done, sprint back to Torek and start his quest. The way being clear, he'll directly run to the house. When inside 4 elves will spawn - let the orcs tank them and focus on one, Torrek must survive so kill as fast as you can, and use all the abilities / consumables you have.
Note: If you are a healer this should be easy, you can heal the NPCs.

Even if you die you'll still get the complete message if torrek survives and wins the battle, so don't release immediately if you die. If you fail the quest just wait for the NPCs to respawn and try again, it took me 2 tries to get it down with the first character I did it.

You should be level 25 by now. If you aren't, either kill nightelves here until you ding or continue with the guide and kill everything on the way to catch up.

Level 25

8. Go west across the river, and further west until you hit Mystral Lake (52,70). Start killing Befouled Elementals there, be very careful with your breath as they like to frost nova you while you are under water, so stay close to the surface as much as you can and pull them with a long range attack. Besides killing 12 Befouled Water Elementals you must also find and kill Tideress, a level 27 elemental who roams from the island in the middle of the lake to the eastern tip of the lake.

He's slightly bigger than other elementals and is green instead of blue. Make sure you get him solo and have your cooldowns up or at least a potion ready. On Tideress' corpse you will find a Befouled Water Globe, right click it to start the quest [27] The Befouled Element.

9. Go to the island in the mdiddle of Mysral Lake and walk around the gazebo structure until you get the objective complete message for [25] Stonetalon Standstill. Kill the remaining Befouled Water Elementals you need to complete the quest and then head to the western tip of the lake.

10. Now we're gonna look for the named lvl 25 bear Ursangous, just go to the spot shown on map (40,65). Ursangous always roams around this area, so just kill bears and stags while waiting for him to show up. Kill him and loot his paw. Right click the paw to start a quest.

11. Now go east then slightly northeast (be careful to stay away from Silverwing Refuge's Guards) until you reach Greenpaw Village. Kill all the furlbogs on your way until you get a Logging Rope for the quest [27] Warsong Supplies, that's if you don't have it already.

12. Once that is done, get back on the road to Splintertree Post and turn in the quests:

[23] Ashenvale Outrunners
[24] Torek's Assault
[24] Ursangous's Paw
[25] Stonetalon Standstill
[27] The Befouled Element
and get the follow up [27] Je'Neu of the Earthen Ring.

Fly to Zoram'Gar Outpost. Turn in the quest [27] Je'neu of the Earthen Ring. Hearthstone to Orgrimmar.

Sell/repair, check the auction house. Buy the shredder pages you miss, they go for 15-20s buyout usually, and sell the extras.

Note: Be careful to bind your chapters before you put extra pages on sale, because let's say you have page 8 on sale at the auction house you won't be able to bind chapter 2 (page 5,6,7,Cool, since the game will try to use the page you have at the auction house instead of the one in your backpack.

Also check for a Deadly Blunderbuss, we're gonna need it soon, if you can't buy it, find an engineer who will do it for you, bring him the materials and give him a tip. Restock food/drink and potions and then fly to the Crossroads, take the quest [22] Egg Hunt.

  • For those who have the Camp Taurajo flight path: Fly there.

  • For those who don't: From Crossroads follow the path all the way south until the road forks. Camp Taurajo is right between the two paths. Once there, get the flight path.


For people who didn't level in the barrens before (Ghostlands etc.): At Camp Taurajo go to Mangletooth who sits in a cage just next to the main building. Take [21] Tribes at War. Go north of Camp Taurajo where you should see Bristlebacks. Now quickly kill 6 Water Seekers, 12 Thornweavers and 12 Geomancers. (The Thornweavers are a bit closer to the mountain and the Geomancers are a bit further to the north, close to the mountain) Once done, go back to Camp Taurajo (don't sell your blood shards!) and turn in the quest. Take the follow up and turn it in right away. Now you can get [25] Betrayal from within from the NPC. Beside you can turn in your Blood Shards for useful buffs like runspeed.


Get the following quests:

[25] Betrayal from within
[24] Weapons of Choice
[27] Mahren Skyseer
(Those who didn't level in the Barrens can't get this quest, it doesn't matter though, we cought up for the exp already)

1. Head south to the field of giants, look for Silithid Mounds

Clear any bug around it and then click them to gather Silithis Eggs. Rinse and repeat until you have 12 eggs. Then head south staying close to the mountain on your right hand side until you stumble across some quillboar camps. You have to kill Razormane Warfrenzies, Seers and Stalkers until you get a wand, a shield and a backstabber. (The stalkers are stealthed but shouldn't be hard to find at your level). Warfrenzies drop the shield, Seers drop the wand and Stalkers drop the stabber.

2. There's also 3 nameds you must find, the first one is Lok Orcbane, and you can find him on top of a slope at (41,80). Kill him and loot his skull.

3. The 2nd one is Nak, he's further south in between two mountains (43,83), kill him and loot his skull, be careful with all the stalkers in this area, they tend to add while you are fighting Nak.

4. The 3rd and last one, Kuz, roams around the middle camp and a tree with a painted stone at (45,80), kill him and loot his skull.

5. When done with quests [25] Betrayal from within and [24] Weapons of Choice, go east until you hit the road. Then follow the road north and south until you find a tauren npc named Gann Stonespire, he walks up and down this road, from the fork that leads to Dustwallow marsh to Bael Modan, you should find him without problems, get his quest [23] Gann's Reclamation.

6. Head southeast to Bael Modan. Enter the excavation site by the slope on the southern side of the site (46,84). Kill 15 Excavators, 5 Foremans and Prospector Khazgorm who should be at the far end of the excavation site, loot Khazgorm's Journal.

You should be level 26 by now or close (those that have [27] Mahren Skyseer will catch up in a bit, don't grind to catch up if you have that quest).

Level 26

Head out back to Gann, turn in the quest and get the follow up [26] Revenge of Gann.

7. This time head to the dwarven fortress which is just north of the excavation site. Kill dwarves there until you complete the [26] Revenge of Gann quest.

Once that is done, get back on the road and find Gann, turn in [26] Revenge of Gann and get the follow up. Go back to the excavation site, but this time your target is the Helipad with the Gyrocopter atop. The Helipad is midway down the slope going to the excavation site (46,85), go up the helipad and right click the Flying Machine to destroy it, then go back to Gann for the last time and turn in the quest.

8. Run back to Camp Taurajo and turn in the quests:

[24] Weapons of Choice, don't get the follow up.
[25] Betrayal from Within, get the follow up.

Fly to the Crossroads, when there turn in:

[22] Egg Hunt
[25] Betrayal from Within

Fly to Ratchet.


For those who have [27] Mahren Skyseer: From Ratchet go south along the Merchant coast until you get to the area named the Tidus Stair, turn in [27] Mahren Skyseer and get the follow up [27] Isha Awak.
Go south along the merchant coast until the Northwatch Hold, take a dive and the Isha Awak (some big aquatic dinosaur) should be there underwater at (63,53). Isha Awak can also be found a bit south of Mahren Skyseer, around (66, 49). It should be an easy kill, loot his heart and run back to Mahren Skyseer, turn in [27] Isha Awak. Run back to Ratchet.


Take the boat to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay, on the docks you should find a crate named "Warsong Axe Shipment" close to Wharfmster Lozgil, loot it. Then go get the Booty Bay flight path, it's on the top floor of the Inn. Once you have the flight path, hearthstone to Orgrimmar!

Sell/Repair, check the auction house for missing shredder pages and take your Deadly Blunderbuss with you. Go learn new skills and restock consumables and food.

Fly to Splintertree Post.

1. Turn in the Deadly Blunderbuss at Pixel to get the Warsong Sawblades.

2. Go west on the road until you reach (56,59). At this loc, go north and then right until you stumble across an area with Laughing Sisters(centaur chicks) (58,55). Around this camp there is a named cat, Shadumbra. Clear your way around the camp, find and kill the cat then loot its head, right click it to start the quest.

3. Get back on the road (avoid Raynewood Retreat's Sentinels carefully though), then go east, stay on the road and then go north until you reach Satyrnaar (81,52).

Kill satyrs there (be careful at this level though, pull cautiously so as to not get ads especially as there are stalkers around) until you finish [26] Satyr Horns and also find a Warsong Oil, they can be found inside various satyr camps and look like this:

4. If you are unlucky, you won't find the Oil anywhere in Satyrnaar and will have to go check out Xavian, the other satyr camp just north of Satyrnaar (78,46). To access it you have to get out of Satyrnaar, follow the road west until you hit the river, then follow the river north and you'll find Xavian to your right after a little walk. There should be plenty of Oil in Xavian, so you won't have to stay there long (mobs can be level 30 there so you better get the oil and go away as soon as possible).

Anyway, you'll ding while killing those Satyrs which will make it much easier to finish these quests.

Level 27

5. Once you're done, get back on the road south towards Splintertree Post but we have one last thing to do before going there, when you reach the fork close to Splintertree, go south to the Forsaken Camp (75,71). Now you're gonna search around this camp like shown on the map for a level 31 Hyppogryph named Sharptalon. Yes you read correctly, it's level 31. We theoritically can't kill that. But there's a trick. Once you spot Sharptalon keep him in sight and wait till he is close enough to the Forsaken Camp, pull him with the lowest aggro spell you have (a simple bow shoot or a rank 1 nuke) and bring him to the Forsaken Camp. Do nothing, let the npcs there aggro it and take it off you. Once they have Sharptalon down to 90% start attacking him again, you must do as much damage as possible but don't use high aggro spells, help them finish it off. You should normally be able to loot him, and get his claw, which starts a quest if you right click it. Sharptalon roams but he always passes by the Forsaken Camp. If you don't manage it the first time it's ok, stay in the area, kill Oozes and Elves while waiting for Sharptalon to respawn (about 10 mins).

On your way back to Splintertree, pass by the small encampment at (70,71) to the west where you initially got the shredder manual quest. Turn in [30] The Lost Pages.

Also right before Splintertree turn in [27] Warsong Supplies.

At Splintertree Post, turn in the following quests:

[27] Shadumbra's Head
[30] Sharptalon's Claw
and now Selani should have a new quest up for you named "The Hunt Completed". Turn it in immediately.
[26] Satyr Horns

Fly to Sun Rock Retreat. Sell junk, repair and restock on arrows/food etc.

1. Get the following quests:

  • [23] Cycle of Rebirth
  • [25] Elemental War
  • [26] Harpies Threaten
  • [28] Calling in the Reserves

2. Follow the path north out of Sun Rock Retreat. Continue north until you reach a little lake. All around the lake you should find seeds looking like this:

Gather 10 of them.

3. Once done follow the path going west from the lake to the Charred Vale. Just as you arrive you should start seeing Harpies and Fire Elementals. Kill them until both [25] Elemental War and [26] Harpies Threaten are completed. Also make sure you aren't more than 5k away from the next level. Once done, go to the eastern side of the Charred Vale, where you'll find a path leading back to Sun Rock Retreat (38,67). There, turn in all your quests. Don't get follow ups.

You should be level 28 by now.

If you aren't level 28 yet, here's an optional mini-circuit:

Take the follow ups [26] Bloodfury Bloodline and [25] New Life. Go back to the Charred Vale and while going towards (31,62), search for dirt mounds on the floor and right click them (you'll need to do this 10 times). At the aforementioned location you'll find a Bloodfury Ripper. Kill it and loot its remains. Once you are done with planting seeds as well, go back to Sun Rock Retreat and turn in both quests.

Level 28

Hearthstone to Orgrimmar. Learn new skills, check the auction house, repair and restock consumables etc.

Get out of Orgrimmar, take the Zeppelin to Undercity. From the Undercity fly to Tarren Mill.

1. After landing, head west to the Hillsbrad Fields, this time go to the forge house, which is west of the southern field. Kill 4 Apprentice Blacksmiths and Blacksmith Verringtan, he's inside the forge. Once the forge is clear go inside and loot the "Shipment of Iron", which looks like a big crate. Once that is done, head back to Tarren Mill, don't forget to kill stuff which is on your way.

2. Turn in [26] Battle of Hillsbrad and get the follow up.

3. Go back to the Hillsbrad Fields, this time we're gonna go to the City Hall (31,42), it's right next to the forge. Clear your way to inside the house, and clear the first 2 rooms. First pull the 1 mob which is on the left inside the room, go back to the first room and hide behind a wall so that the Councilman cannot nuke you from a distance but instead come to you. Then go to the big room and kill Clerk Horrace Whitesteed. Get back to full health, and kill Magistrate Burnsidethen destroy the Hillsbrad Proclamation

and the Town Registry (a big blue book on the floor).

Clear your way out of the house, kill the remaining Councilmen you need for the quest, and also look for Citizen Wilkes if you haven't killed him already. He wanders to the City Hall and the Forge, so kill stuff around those two areas until you find him. Also complete the [25] Souvenirs of Death quest if you haven't already.

4. Walk back to Tarren Mill, turn in the quests [26] Battle of Hillsbrad, get the follow up.Turn in [25] Souvenirs of Death as well. Sell/Repair and restock up to 2 stacks of food/drink. Make sure that you've got the follow up of [28]Elixir of Agony, from Apothecary Lydon.

5. This time we're gonna go to the mines which are just southwest of the Hillsbrad Fields, on the other side of the main road. There are two entrances to the mine, a lower one and an upper one. We'll enter through the lower one (26,58). After a while you'll see a fork, to the left are Foreman Bonds and Miner Hackett, but for now we're gonna go right and kill the Hillsbrad Miners there so that we'll have 9 or 10 kills of those. Note: Miner Hackett can spawn at various places in the mine, so if he's not where I said check every other area of the mine, it's a nice place to grind anyway so don't worry if it takes some time to find him.

Then go back to the fork and this time go towards Miner Hackett / Foreman Bonds, you should find the remaining Hillsbrad Miners you need on your way to them. Miner Hackett can be pulled solo and is an easy kill, kill him first.
Foreman Bonds is a different deal, the problem is that at 20% health he summons 2 dwarves to guard him and it's very unlikely that you can kill all 3. If you are a rogue it's easy, kill Foreman Bonds and then vanish. For other classes, clear the way behind you towards the exit right before engaging Foreman Bonds, finish him fast and then run for the exit, the 2 dwarves will eventually give up on you. If you die it's not that bad, what counts is that you get the kill on Foreman Bonds.

6. Anyway, once you have killed 10 Miners, Foreman Bonds and Miner Hackett, get out of the mine and back on the road and follow it eastwards until you cross the bridge over the river which splits the zone in two. Right after the bridge turn south and head this direction until you find a field with Mudsnout Gnolls in it (65,60). You have to gather the mushrooms in that field, they're called "Mudsnout Blossoms" and look like giant white/blue mushrooms. Gather 6 of them and then go back to Tarren Mill. Turn in the 3 quests and get the 2 follow ups: [30] Battle of Hillsbrad and [28] Elixir of Agony.

Hearthstone to Orgrimmar. Sell/Repair, restock food/drink and consumables.

When you're ready to go again, fly to Camp Taurajo. Take the quest [30] Melor Sends Word. Go south/southeast until the Great Lift (32,22).

1. Turn in [28] Calling in the Reserves at Grish Longrunner and get the quest [25] Message to Freewind Post from Brave Moonhorn. (if you don't manage access these NPCS don't bother with this step and abandon [28] Calling in the Reserves)

Then go down into the Thousand Needles.

2. Follow the road south a little then go east, you should soon see a silver arrow on the minimap showing Freewind Post, following it until you reach it, there is a lift to access it on the east side of it.

In Freewind post turn in [25] Message to Freewind Post and take the follow up [25] Pacify the Centaur. Also take the quests:

[29] Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem from the Poster next to the Inn.
[28] A Different Approach
[26] Alien Egg
[29] Wind Rider

Don't forget to take the new flight path.

3. Get back down off Freewind Post, no northwest until you find the Centaur Village. Kill centaurs there until you have the list of [25] Pacify the Centaur completed.

You should be level 29 by now.

Level 29

4. Go east, stay along the mountain to your left until you find a slope going up at (54,44). Up the slope you'll find a cave, enter it and get the quest [26] Test of Faith from Dorn Plainstalker. He'll teleport you to the top of a peak, look for two wooden planks and jump off from them. Don't worry you won't die from falling. You should re-appear next to Dorn, turn in the quest and get the follow up [30] Test of Endurance.

5. Now we'll look for an Alien Egg

**While going to the 3 locations described below, search and kill 2 Thundering Boulderkins until you have 2 Purifying Earth.**

The egg can be at 3 different spots, and it's always an area crowded by those weird flying serpents. The first one is directly south at (56,50). If it's not there, the next spot is directly south, at the zone wall, you should find a weird hole in the wall, and if you're lucky an Alien Egg close to it at (52,55). If the Egg is not there it will be further west against the zone wall at (38,55). Once you got an Alien Egg and 2 Purifying Earth, go back to Freewind Post.

6. Turn in [25] Pacify the Centaur, get the follow up [28] Grimtotem Spying
Turn in [26] Alien Egg, get the follow up [26] Serpent Wild

Sell/repair, get back up to 2 stacks of food/drink.

1. Get back down off Freewind Post, head west until you reach Highperch (12,32). Get up there and start killing Wyverns while searching for eggs. Keep doing this until you have 10 Highperch Wyvern Eggs.

2. Once you have done that, head to the southeastern corner inside Highperch, you should find a narrow path going up to another plateau, at the end of this plateau you should find a tauren named Pao'Ka with a quest. Take his quest [29] Homeward Bound and escort him out. It's a pretty simple escort quest, shouldn't be any problem.

3. After you complete the escort, go east to Whitereach Post (21,32). Turn in the 3 quests you have here and get the follow ups [27] Sacred Fire, [28] A Dip in the Moonwell and get the other quest [30] Hypercapacitor Gizmo.

4. Follow the road northwest until you reach the loc (12,18). Looking west you should see a slope going up one of those needles. Climb it like that:

Then continue around the needle until you reach a Concealed Operating Panel looking like this:

In your inventory you should have an item called Robotron Control Unit. Dismiss your current pet (if you have one) and right click that item. You'll take control of a little robot looking like this:

Direct it into the moonwell just ahead of you and click pet's ability called "Gather Water". You should get a quest completed message. You can click off the buff icon that gives you control over the robot.

Go back to Whitereach Post and turn in [28] A Dip in the Moonwell. Take the follow up.

5. Go directly east to the small lake you can see on the map, called the Boiling Pool (33,34). Once you are there you must look for 10 plants named Incendia Agave,

they can also be found inside the water.

6. When done with that, get out of the lake and to the western side of the big peak marked on the map as "Darkcloud Pinnacle", you'll find a narrow path going up at (31,36). After crossing 3 wooden bridges you'll be on a plateau with 2 choices, east or south. Go south, cross the bridge and you should be on a large plateau with a mini village with a big totem in the middle.

Go to the Northwestern edge of this plateau, where you will find another wooden bridge, cross it and you'll reach a small plateau with a "document chest"

on it, this one contains the Secret Note #1.

Go back to the big plateau, now on the southern side of this plateau enter the main house and inside you should find another "document chest", inside it you'll find the Secret Note #2.

Finally go to the eastern side of this plateau and find another wooden bridge going east, you'll reach a plateau with the last document chest inside a house, this on contains Secret Note #3.

Now get back on the big plateau, take the northern wooden bridge back to the plateau where we decided to go south last time. This time we are gonna take the wooden bridge going east. We'll reach a plateau with another double bridge choice, we'll choose the one going northeast this time. After crossing the bridge go left, there you should find Arnak Grimtotem, you normally should be able to pull him solo if you wait for the right moment, he will have another tauren close to him, so you might pull him with an add but this should still be manageable, use a health potion and long cooldown abilities if needed. Kill Arnak and loot his hoof.

Next to where you kill Arnak you should see a tauren named Lakota Windsong with a quest [29] Free at Last. You must escort her out. It shouldn't be a problem, Lakota is level 30 and does almost fine on her own. The only risk is that 2 extra taurens spawn to ambush her everytime she reaches the middle of a plateau, so you're safer if you pull the static spawns to her before she reaches the middle. Other than that, it's an easy escort.

You should be level 30 at the end of the escort quest.

Level 30

Once you complete it, run back to Freewind Post.

Turn in all the quests you have, there are no follow ups.

Go to the northwestern part of Thousand Needles. On your way stop at (29,34) where the road should fork. Now patrol between the lift going to the Barrens and Whitereach Post until you stumble on Galak Messenger.

Kill him and loot his Assassination Note. Right click it for a quest. Go to Whitereach Post and turn the quest in right away, take the follow up once you are full mana/hp. Three centaurs will spawn and attack Kanati Greycloud. Help him kill them and then turn in the completed quest. Continue following the path northwest.

Enter Feralas and get on the road, be careful to stay as far as possible from wolves or bears in Feralas, they are way too high level for us. Follow the road until you reach Camp Mojache. Get the flight path.

  • For those who have the Thunder Bluff flight path: Fly there.
  • For those who don't: Fly to Camp Taurajo. From there follow the path west into Mulgore. Continue following the path west until you reach Bloodhoof Village. Go northwest there all the way until you reach Thunder Bluff. Get the flight path.

Go to the Hunter Rise (southern plateau), turn in [30] Melor Sends Word and get the follow up [30] Steelsnap.

As last thing, go to the elder rise (eastern plateau), turn in [27] Sacred Fire and get the follow up [28+] Arikara.

Hearthstone to Orgrimmar, train new skills, check the auction house, sell/repair, restock consumables.

1. Fly to Splintertree Post. Make the inn your home. Take [30] Destroy the Legion from Valusha.

2. Follow the path southeast out of the town until you reach Felfire Hill. Kill everything there until:

  • [30] Destroy the Legion is completed.
  • you find Diabolic Plans drops. Right click it for a quest.

Once done, go back to Splintertree Post and turn everything in. Take the follow up [32] Never Again!. Go back to Felfire Hill but this time fight your way even more southeast until you reach Demon Fall Canyon.

You need to kill two bosses here: Gorgannon and Diathorus the Seeker. Let's start with the easy one.

As you arrive, the path in the canyon will fork. Take the way leading to the east. Clear all the way to the end of the path until you see Gorgannon looking like this:

All the mobs around him can be solo pulled beforehand. Once that is done, get full mana and health and take him down. I (as a hunter) used rapid fire because I thought it would be tough but it wasn't, it felt quite easy for a level 32 mob.

Once done go back to where the road forked earlier and go west. Clear everything until you reach a rune. Looking right you should see a slope with lightened stones:

Follow this slope to the top where you should see a camp. Clear to the house of the camp in the back. Once you enter the house you'll see a cave structure. Diathorus the Seeker is somewhere inside. Just clear your way and search for him. Contrary to many comments I've read, he does have different spawn locations. Once you killed him and once you are less than 3350 exp away from level 31, hearthstone to Splintertree Post. Turn in [32] Never Again!.

Congratulations Smiling

End of this guide, stay tuned for chapter 2!

Original author: Jame
Revamp & Text formatting & Picture Editing: Snowflake
Picture Editing: Subere

© Copyrights All Rights Reserved.


Jame's picture

Yep you did something wrong,

Yep you did something wrong, you didn't read this paragraph properly:


Talk to Senani Thunderheart to complete [20] The Ashenvale Hunt. You get no exp or quest item, don't worry, that's normal, this quest just enables you to do 3 hunting quests, which we will be doing soon. YOU HAVE TO TURN IN THIS QUEST IMMEDIATELY at the same NPC, you have to click COMPLETE QUEST. If you don't, the quest items won't drop when you kill Ursanguous, Shadumbra and Sharptalon. (If you had the prequest from Camp Taurajo, take the follow up and turn it in again immediately).

And god knows I've tried to make it hard to miss this paragraph Sticking out tongue

In short, you have to go back to Splintertree Post and complete the quest [20] The Ashenvale Hunt

Trollvink's picture


Leveled from 24 tot 28 and a half, in one day. I like this guide, thanks Smiling

Jame's picture

Glad to hear

Glad to hear Smiling


Hey I love your guide
I was wondering if you have a good shaman talent tree build, I'm using enhancement but I rly dont think the talent I'm using are good or not and what proffession should I have?

Admin's note: Fixed spelling. Please do an effort with your spelling next time. Use "I" instead of "i", and "you" instead of "u", “thanks” instead of “thx”. Thanks in advance.


Jame's picture

That's a good enhancement build until level 60.

Before level 44, don't try to dual wield. Use a 2Hand weapon until then, then at level 44, respec to this:

And then start dual-wielding. Try to find weapons with about 2.60 sec speed for each hand.

Tradeskills don't really matter. If you need cash, take mining/skinning. If not, Enchanting is always good to make your character more powerful at high level (can enchant rings).

thanks james for the help

thanks james for the help
Ii was wondering if you had a good spec tree for a hunter as well


Jame's picture

Start with the Beast Mastery tree until you get the beast within and then go for the mm tree.

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Awsome Guide

The best I have ever seen.

As an Orc Rogue, I have had no problems at all.

The only issues I have had is leveling to fast, not from the guide alone, but from running an instance or 2 to get good item drops

I am at level 27 on the guide, but almost level 31 (2 bars to go)

I decided to skip alot and I am right now debating on running Hills quests or Thousand Needles quest.

I wanted to share something i feel compliments your Guide so very very well.

Quest Helper addon

With this thing, all the quests you grab are easily trackable.
Highlight an NPC and see immediately if you need that NPC for a quest
Maps show icons for locations of quest goals.. its just awsome.

Cartogropher is a great addon as well, with it, you can make notes on the map, a reminder where the fight point is, or where that NPC is that sells cheap greens. etc
With your Guide, Cartographer helps me out alot by allowing me to note on the map where I left off before logging out, or what goals I have yet to accomplish. "Need to buy a Blunderbus!" etc..


TY so much for the guide, it rocks!!!

Jame's picture

Thank you About addons,

Thank you Eye

About addons, it's one of my projects, I'll try to include my whole guide in an addon in the future. Long shot though, so you'll have to do with paper guides for a while Smiling

Magelord's picture

Wow, fast reply :)

Just wanted to ad that with Vista, it is very easy to use this or any guide on the web.

I run WoW in Windowed mode, my task bar for windows rests below my wow screen, and I can simply click the task for the web page that has the guide im reading and then just as quickly click back to wow.

Not much different than having an ingame guide that would require a button or action bar click to view it. Sticking out tongue

Jame's picture

Always glad to hear that

Always glad to hear that Smiling

Benhir's picture

Level question.

Hello Jame, I'm about to start again the leveling path from 21 to 70. I have followed Hosho's guide to the Barrens but I ended up at level 20. Should I start at level 20 or I'll have some troubles later on?

Jame's picture

I think you'll be fine, just

I think you'll be fine, just don't try to avoid mobs while going to quest objectives, kill some stuff on your way while you catch up to the recommend level.

Benhir's picture

Only a little update (and a question).

Hi Jame I wanted to tell you that I catched up your guide by grinding on the Grimtotem mobs at the entrance of Stonetalon (I was level 20 and they were green to me, easy enough).

I've been flying through your guide but I have a little question. I have been looking for the Shredder operating pages in my server's AH, but I can't find page 12. Should I go on with leveling and check every 2 or 3 hours the ah? The exp from that quest is good - 3,650 I think - and I want to do it at all costs.

Bye Smiling.

Jame's picture

Yes, just go on with the

Yes, just go on with the guide and check for that page every now and then. What I usually do when I'm just missing one page, is say "WTB Page 12 for 1 Gold, will come to you" in the Ashenvale general channel. I usually get an answer Sticking out tongue

Benhir's picture


Thanks for the quick reply Smiling

I'm omw to 70 then!

Made of win.

Hey Jame,

I've been using your guides now for a while.
They've always been awesome.
Dead on accurate and cuts out a lot of boring grinding.

So i thought i shold create an account and say thank you for your guides, as they have helped me, and saying thank you is the least i could do.

Again many thanks.


Jame's picture

Thank you very much

Thank you very much Smiling


Firstly i want to say thanks for the great guide, i used it to take my last char from 60-70 and i hate leveling, but your guide made it easy and fun.

Second, i recently made a new account to play with friends and did that whole recruit-a-friend thing. When im questing with my friend we get 3x exp off of kills, AND 3x quest exp. (getting 1/3 of lvl 24 from one quest is insane). How badly do you think this will affect the guide? Any reccomendations on anything to do differently?

Jame's picture

Well first of all, the fact

Well first of all, the fact that you're grouping with 2 other people will cut down the amount of xp you get from killing mobs a lot, so that will help. But it won't be enough obviously, so you will simply have to skip some areas.

Don't skip Hillsbrad foothills, they have long quest chains which carry on up to level 30. You can pretty much skip the rest as you see fit.

We gain more exp from

We gain more exp from killing mobs when grouped, then when im solo...

We tested it last night, i got 95 exp from killing a raptor, when grouped, we lost some exp, but the 3x for being with your linked friend gave us 117 exp.

I guess, at this point, we probably dont need to follow the guide, just use it as a referance for which quests to do and which to skip.

Jame's picture

Hmm, yea I guess a lot of

Hmm, yea I guess a lot of skipping will have to be done. I'll adapt my guides in the future to make it easier to skip stuff without missing on big chains.

Jame's horde leveling guide

Sticking out tongue
Having now spent two days and continued runs back from the graveyards I am convinced that James has never leveled a rogue using this guide. All seemed to be going well albeit slowly at first until I came upon the Dunholde Keep part. There guards are so close together it is impossible to attack without aggroing all around. Some of the guards carry torches which see through a rogues stealth and that's not to mention killing the two jailors for the keys. They are at a much higher level than that which is stated I should be at this stage. I finally after dying six times had to ask a friendly mage for help. This of course put me severly behind in xp and had to do an hrs grinding to ding.

Next we come onto Hillsbrand a quest I am still beating my head up over. The same logic applies here with them fearing and aggroing everything. Eventually after lots and lots of running from the graveyard which is one of the longest I have ever ran( It may be worth noting that I have a level 70 Alliance Warlock so im not a complete Noob) Eventually I was able to pick off farmers and farmhands from around the edges with my bow and run as far away from the town as I could in order for them not to aggro. Now In the guide it does mention the fear, but my point is a Rogue does not have a curse of recklessness as in my warlock or hamstring to stop them running. I might get hamstring later but NOT at level 23. Now Farmer Getz and Farmer Ray may be within a 23 rogue range for killing using potions but they are surrounded by at least three other enemies. I am wondering whether it would not be a better idea to grind my char to 24 or even 25 and then use the guide for a level 23 and do It that way, although sadly I dont think this would be the case. So Rogues BEWARE of this guide unless you want to put your fist through the monitor or take a sledgehammer to the pc LOL
Any constructive suggestions on how to level up a Rogue fast or how to get around these problems please do forward them here.

Benhir's picture


I read your comment and I have to say something.

I have leveld a Rogue (first time I played the class) with this guides and I had no major problems at all. Of course there are harder mobs for certain classes, that's the game... Trust me , don't give up, just keep on trying and after level 30 or so you'll be overpowered. If you have a hard time , just do some instances (BFD - WC or something like those) to level and collect nice equipment. That will help you. In my leveling path from 21 to 70 I only ran SM for 2 sword rewards (Vanquisher and Omen) but I played with quest rewards.

Here is how I leveled:

this build is the best for low levels because offers a good burst damage, otherwise you'll have a hard time while leveling until 30 or so (as I told earlier) when you get the first really good rewards.

Then you can respec :

You can choose to put Parry instead of Dodge, is up to you. You can go all the way down the Combat Tree and start again The assasination tree in the same way you did at the beginning:

At level 60 you can choose if going with the 20/41/0 that Jame told you or try another build. Personally, I tried the combat tree but I found much funnier the Subtley tree:

You will have some troubles in heavy populated areas, such as the fel orc camps in Hellfire, but I hadn't hard troubles while leveling.

Sorry for the long links and the format of the text, but this is a comment and I don't know how to use the BBcode Sticking out tongue

Jame's picture

Hey, that's a very helpful

Hey, that's a very helpful comment Benhir. I agree with your choices too, besides one little detail: Riposte! This skill is highly underrated, it costs almost no energy, does more damage than sinister strike and disarms the opponent. With 5/5 parry, you'll get to use this skill almost every fight, and it's a great boost in dps, I tried leveling my rogues with and without it, and I really promise you it's worth every point. Smiling

Jame's picture

Quote:I am convinced that

I am convinced that James has never leveled a rogue using this guide.

It's funny you should say that, because rogue is actually the class I use when writing most of my guides, this one included Sticking out tongue. For a simple reason: I can stealth and alt-tab while taking notes for the guide.

The hillsbrad fields aren't just a tricky place for rogues, but for every class, especially melee classes. You have to pull stuff carefull with a bow/throwing dagger, or you will get adds. Same thing goes for the Durnhold Keep. You have to pull carefully.

Farmer Getz / Ray can be pulled solo with a rogue, I've done it a dozen times, you just have to clear around them carefully. If you can't, well any class should be able to take two mobs at a time once in a while using cooldowns (evasion) and/or pots.

I'm curious to know what talents and weapons you had at that level, maybe I could help you out.

At least I'm not alone. :)

I've been following the guide fairly closely, usually at least a level or two ahead, as a Rogue, and had some similar frustrations. In particular, the Hillsbrad quest gets very tricky when one of the Farmers spawns inside the barn, as it is very difficult to pull either him or one of the two Farmhands with him without getting all three of them. I can take two of them at a time, but not three!

I suspect that some of this might be due to suboptimal equipment? I don't have any higher-level characters to donate cash or gear, and no guildmates to do so, either, so I'm perpetually poor and usually stuck with a large proportion of quest/storebought gear. Smiling

Of course, this is very much a glass half-full/half-empty sort of plaint. The guide is, as a whole, both easy to use and a lot of fun even for someone inexperienced with the game *and* poorly equipped.

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Hmm, with evasion and a pot

Hmm, with evasion and a pot it should be ok to take on 3 mobs at once. Even without any support from a higher level character.

Could you link me towards your talent spec and your main hand weapon? Maybe I can help.

Let's see ...

The talent build I'm using is a fairly vanilla combat spec, which looked like this at level 24: Possibly the lack of Lightning Reflexes/Deflection is being problematic.

My main hand weapon is Dawnblade (; I've looked for a better sword as a MH weapon, but so far haven't found one I can afford. OH is a Battle Knife of the Tiger (

As I say, I am appallingly poor. Smiling

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Ok, now I can help you

Ok, now I can help you Eye

Your talents need to be changed and your biggest problem is your main hand. When soloing, you need a slow main hand weapon, with the highest possible min-max damage. Not dps, min-max damage. That's why swords or maces are by far better, because they tend to be 2.60 speed or higher and have high min-max damage, and thus do a lot more damage when using Sinister Strike.

Respec your talents to this:

+5% Parry and +3% dodge will increase your survivability a lot. Improved gouge and sprint isn't really helpful at this point. Same thing for Improved Slice and Dice, don't even bother using it while killing non-elites, just go 4 or 5 combo points and eviscerate, most mobs should be about dead.

Riposte is great, it does more damage than Sinister Strike and costs very few energy. You'll get to use it once per fight on average, which will not only improve your dps nicely, but also decrease the amount of damage you take.

Try to find a cheap main hand weapon with slow speed and high dmg. Some green mace/sword of the monkey, or of the tiger or of agility. Hell, anything will be a big upgrade at this point, as long as the speed is 2.60 or higher.

At level 50 your talents should be like this:

(besides you put 5 points in sword specialization instead of mace specialization if your current main hand is a sword)


I thought I would stop in to thank you for all your help and post a brief update on how things have gone.

The extra evasion does indeed make a big difference in survivability, and Riposte is a nifty touch (though I haven't quite mastered efficient use of it Smiling ). I've managed to get up to 31, about a level-and-a-half ahead of the guide, without running into any roadblocks or unusual frustrations, and that's definitely an improvement.

It was a little hard adjusting away from the use of Backstab/Ambush as openers initially -- I tried using Garrote as a substitute, which was somewhat meh but did have the added bonus of helping drop runners when they were out of reach. The improvement in offense becomes much more noticeable once Cheap Shot comes on line, though. I also found it was worth taking the time out to do the Poison quest just as an extra leg up.

Thanks again!

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Very happy to hear

Very happy to hear Smiling

Rogue in trouble

Hey thx for the fast reply.
At this stage i have not that many talent points. I did put 4 into stealth which might have tipped the balance as far as power was concerned Sad In the end I got a friendly rogue to help killing the farmers and now I am back on track in fact I leveled sooner than the guide for 24. I used the blackmarket AH to pass some gold from my 70 Alliance Warlock so all my gear is green and the best the AH could offer for my level. Also whilst on the AH this blunderbuss you want us to buy??? I can equip a gun so how is this going to help me? If you need to definately know my stats ill post them. Anyway plz let me know about the gun as its coming up soon and ill keep you posted of my progress Smiling
Not so Angry Rogue 42yr big kid Texas. Smiling

Talent tree

Thanks for the linking the talent tree I have relearnt my talents based on what you have showed me. Would it be possible to see the whole tree so I know where to go as my next points become available? You being an expert in this it would save me alot of gold not having to keep amending it Smiling
I checked out the blunderbuss still does not make too much sense with the link but on my way to AH to buy it anyway as I bow to your greater knowledge.
Many thanks again AR Texas.

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The blunderbuss will be

The blunderbuss will be traded to an npc who will give you "Warsong Saw Blades" in return, and you need those for the quest I linked. Don't worry, everything is explained in the guide.

I suggest this talent build for leveling:

Combat (41 points)

  1. Improved Sinister Strike - Rank 2/2
  2. Lightning Reflexes - Rank 3/5
  3. Deflection - Rank 5/5
  4. Riposte - Rank 1/1
  5. Precision - Rank 5/5
  6. Dual Wield Specialization - Rank 4/5
  7. Blade Flurry - Rank 1/1
  8. Mace Specialization - Rank 5/5 (Obviously from this point on, you absolutely need a mace in your main hand)
  9. Aggression - Rank 3/3
  10. Weapon Expertise - Rank 1/2
  11. Adrenaline Rush - Rank 1/1
  12. Weapon Expertise - Rank 2/2
  13. Dual Wield Specialization - Rank 5/5
  14. Lightning Reflexes - Rank 5/5
  15. Combat Potency - Rank 5/5 (From this point on, you want the fastest possible off-hand weapon, and it's probably going to be a dagger, see bottom of this post for suggestions)
  16. Surprise Attacks - Rank 1/1

Assassination (20 Points)

  1. Malice - Rank 5/5
  2. Murder - Rank 2/2
  3. Improved Eviscerate - Rank 3/3
  4. Lethality - Rank 5/5
  5. Improved Poisons - Rank 5/5

When you get combat potency, you need a fast off-hand. Fastest weapons are daggers, and at level 45, your options are:

1. Bone Dirk - Cheapest, it's from a quest. Just follow the link to know which quest.
2. Sacrificial Kris of Agility, or of the Monkey, or of the Tiger. Buy it from the AH.

There are other options, but these are cheap and honestly, you don't need to blow your money on an epic or rare offhand, all that matters is that it's quick, below 1.50 speed, 1.30 being the fastest possible.

Please note that this build is also nice for farming at level 70.

Talent tree again

Thanks for the reply Smiling
Just one more question and I hope not to keep bugging you. When do i start loading assassination points is it once I have them all in combat then move onto assas or do I add them at the same time as building combat so to speak?
I deviated last night and did the poison rogue quest a tip for anyone doing it is to make sure they are 100+ at lock picking skill unlike me the first time... doh. With the two poison abilities one being crippling poison it makes killing so much easier and slows those pesky fear runs alot. Just ding for 26 so moving along. I missed out on quest but it didnt seem to affect my levelling and there wasnt a follow on quest. Anyway I think after being up all night I might get some sleep.
Thanks again and I await your reply regarding talents as I have a point burning a hole in my roguish pocket Smiling
Angryrogue Texas
PS is there a reason for the the slow main hand off hand business? I have a sword main and a dagger off. 2.70 1.60 respectively.

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Yes, first 41 points in

Yes, first 41 points in combat, then 20 in assassination, exactly in the order I wrote it.

Slow main hand: Because your sinister strike and riposte abilities are instant extra attack, based on weapon damage. The slower the weapon, the bigger its min-max damage is. Since riposte and sinister strike are instant attacks, the slowness of the weapon is not a problem, only the dmg matters.

Fast off-hand: Combat potency gives you a chance on hit with your off-hand to get extra energy. The faster the off-hand, the more chances you have to proc combat potency.

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The gun is to get a part for

The gun is to get a part for this quest:

As for your talents, at level 25 this is what it should look like:

Go for riposte as soon as possible, it's great when soloing.

And you should go for a very slow main hand weapon, that means 2.60 sec speed or even slower. A mace or a sword. That's how you get the most out of your rogue when leveling solo.

Ok, Im sure you've heard of the Recruit-A-Freind ( Triple exp )

Well it turns out that i get triple quest exp. I find it easier to lvl grouped with my linked freind but should i carry on with the guide as normal? I only just found this guide and me and my freind are both lvl 26 ( Mage + hunter ). Hope to hear back from you soon. Smiling

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If you're grouping, this

If you're grouping, this will not be a problem at all, because you get less exp while following my guide grouped. So the xp bonus should even that out.

In any case, being ahead of my guide in levels is a good thing, so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

Note about Torrek quest (in lv24 section)

You may want to add that when you enter the house, do NOT be standing in the doorway... or you'll get aggro on all four of the mobs that enter, cause they see you first! It's best to be the farthest from the door, so that the orcs CAN tank the mobs Smiling

lvl 30 mounts

mounts are now avaible at lvl 30 for 35g training and still 9g a mount.just thought id mention it...

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About the killimg Sharptalon

About the killimg Sharptalon part, it could be because i have never attempted that kind of strtategy of letting npcs kill a tough mob but i couldn't loot it after it was killed. I put my pet on it and fought down to about 90% then guided my pet into the camp and let the guards finish off while nuking the whole way. Tried three times even following the barely pull aggro, kite into camp and wait for 90% to start nuking and it still didn't give me credit. Have you had confirmation that this works recently because i can't seem to manage it?

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The last time I did it was

The last time I did it was about 2 months ago, so I doubt it has changed. What you must know though is that the damage done by your pet doesn't count for you as far as earning loot rights on a mob. You can easily verify this by letting your pet solo a mob from 100% to 0, without you doing any damage, and you'll see you won't be able to loot the mob.

This is probably why it didn't work for you. You need to do enough damage, so that none of the npc does more than you.

For example, let's say the mob has 1000HP and 2 NPCs are attacking it:

NPC1 does 400 dmg
NPC2 does 150 dmg

You must do at least 400 dmg or more, or NPC1 will steal the loot rights from you. As a ranged class, you won't pull aggro unless your threat level is at 130% compared to the threat of the current aggro holder (one of the NPCs in the camp). So that means, without factoring threat modificators from spells/talents, that you could do 520 dmg without pulling aggro. In this scenario, 520 dmg would be more than enough to get the loot rights on Sharptalon.

Of course, it's easier said than done, and if you pull aggro, just run away until you lose it, then start nuking again. Or better, keep casting spells while running (assuming you are a warlock, this shouldn't be a problem).


With the new patch, are you going to include getting mounts at the end of this guide?

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

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Yes, as soon as I get the

Yes, as soon as I get the time Smiling

Torek quest

7. Go further west on the other side of the road you should find a path to Silverwing Outpost (66,73). Kill all the nightelves on the path and inside the house, as soon as this is done, sprint back to Torek and start his quest. The way being clear, he'll directly run to the house. When inside 4 elves will spawn - let the orcs tank them and focus on one, Torrek must survive so kill as fast as you can, and use all the abilities / consumables you have.
Note: If you are a healer this should be easy, you can buff and heal Torek (but only with heals which trigger a buff icon, such as Renew, Rejuvenate, Power Word: Shield).

When I did this quest, I cleared the whole area, didn't loot anything. I ran back to Torek, and accepted the quest. When we got to the house, no elves spawned, he just stood there until he despawned and I got a quest failed message...what happened?

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A bug is probably what

A bug is probably what happened Sad

Washte Pawn

First off; James, your guide is absolutely astounding, when i need to level quickly, i know exactly where to go; straight to here.

Second; On the part before slaying Lok, Nak, and Kuz, there is a monster called the Washte Pawn, a red Windserpent, it is level 25, nonelite as i took it quite easily, and it drops a feather that gives a level 25 or so quest (says must be level 10 to use, but dont be fooled) it gives about 1500 exp and the turnin is an npc in Camp Taurajo. I don't know if the Washte moves, but i found it just before Kuz. I don't know if you didn't add him because he has a bad spawn, or if he moves, or what, but i just figured i'd let you know.

Also, the Laughing sisters are called "Dryads" not "centaur chicks" Sticking out tongue

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Haha, yes I know they are

Haha, yes I know they are called dryads, I was just afraid my readers wouldn't know the term "Dryad", so I picked "centaur chicks" to be safe ^^. I think I should change it back to dryads though, it might actually be clearer Sticking out tongue

About Wasthe Pawne, it's as you guessed, I didn't put him in the guide because he's sometimes very difficult to find, he has a long stupid route. Thanks for asking though.