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Now also available as an Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try the Addon Version, here's how to enjoy the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


There's one mod that I think

There's one mod that I think is absolutely great to use. It's called mobmap. What it does, is you can look up where to find creatures, look up drop rates, where to buy recipes, etc. It's good to show exactly the drop rates and such. Test it out, you may like it enough to add it to the addon section.

Name - Mikguires
Email - mikiguires[at]
AIM - mgm1980
Yahoo - mgm1980
Start a Petition

Name - Mikguires
Email - mikiguires[at]
AIM - mgm1980
Yahoo - mgm1980
Start a Petition

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Sounds good, I'll try it

Sounds good, I'll try it out. Thank you Smiling

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Haven't decided on release

Haven't decided on release dates yet, sorry, but I will soon.

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This guide was really good and fast, but if I may add a suggestion once I entered Ashenvale at lvl 21 I was 4 bars from lvl 22.I saw a quest giver mark (!) on my mini map and went to it. It was an Orc with a quest to assault an alliance outpost. Well I was bored so i took the quest and it turned to get me 2 bars from lvl 22 and only took me about 5> minutes. If you don't want to add it its fine with me but it might make something else easier.
Domobb Eye

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It's already in the guide, a

It's already in the guide, a few levels later.

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Oh ok sorry, I must have missed it }:)

the horde guide

I just wanted to take the time to register to thank you for this guide. It was so easy to use.

I'd suggest this guide to anyone who wishes to get to level 60 (and beyond I am sure) with the quickest and easiest time possible. At lvl 58 I am now 5 days 3 hours played time. I'm sure if I hadn't farted around so much lvl 1-20 as well as wasted all those hours in the AH and leveling my professions I could have done it in close to 4 days /played. (For example, I spent ALL of lvl 48 killing lvl 50 turtles for turtle scales for leatherworking. ugh.)

One suggestion I would make, is that you suggest the use of the 'Questhelper' addon. I would regularly alt/tab back to review the guide as to where to go exactly, or sometimes use thottbot. With Questhelper you just look at the map and the location of every quest you have is there. It shows you exactly where to go to kill mobs, get drops you need, find people etc etc and also where to turn the quest in. After I got the addon it helped speed things up a little more. Combined with the guide it made leveling a breeze!

thank you.

Done with full guide.

ok just done with the complete guide with my mage,started at 21 and dinged 70 with 7 days 8 hours and 24 min.
And also leveled tailoring too 375 and jc too 330 so i can just say it waz pretty fast with the guide.
Done 3 chars to 70 before without any guides and the fastest of them were almost 9 days so im superhappy about the guide.

Tnx for the help Jame an if im gonna lvl some more chars i know were i look for the help,hehe.

Regards from Naeaf

Great Guide

I started using your guide when my druid was lvl 33. I went to the start of lvl 30 to pick up quests I was missing and carried on from there. It worked great. I did stop following the guide when I hit Outlands, because my guild ran me through and pushed me through instances to get me to 70.

I have a mage at lvl 30 and I am going to do the exact same with that one.

Thank you for creating a wonderful guide. This system works great when you have dual monitors or a second computer beside your gaming one.

-=Team Mayhem=- TyGras

Specific to Mages

I'd recommend that Mages are at least 2 levels ahead of the guide if you dont want to die a lot. Thats what i did, and i leveled nicely. All the quests are still yellow, and i get good xp. BTW great guide Jame =)

Blargh the person whos being a complete Choob...(hmm has that word been used recently?)

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Im a new member here and I must say I realy love this guide. its nice and easy to understand with enough description so that you dont get lost but not so descriptive you start to get a headache from reading the huge amount of text that realy could have been left out.

PDF File?

Hi, I've been a member for a while and i was just wondering if you were ever going to create a PDF version of your guides? I ask this because there amazing guides and well printing out the whole guide would be kind of a pain.

Make your own PDF's!

Well, instead of waiting for Jame and the gang to do that work (and a lot of work it'd be), do it yourself! These guides go through several updates as time goes on, and making a downloadable PDF available would be out of date in little time. So...

Go read this article on PDFCreator, a freebie Windows add-on that puts a new printer on your printer selection list -> - download and install it. Then, click on the "printer friendly" version button, and print the guide, but be sure to print to the PDFCreater printer instead of your regular printer. And now, instead of printing a dead-tree version of the guide, you'll get your desired PDF!. This especially comes in handy for making a two-sided printing of the guilde, or printing just a few pages out of the guide. Cool

For those of you on Macs, you already have this PDF printing feature: when you go to print, look to the bottom left of the printing dialog window and find "PDF". You can then save a copy of the guide as a PDF. This feature has been in Mac OS/X since version 10.2. Also true with Linux and the BDS's if you have CUPS. Take -that-, Vista! Sticking out tongue

Class Specifics

Any plans on adding class specific quests (ex. Warrior for lvl 30 Bezerker Stance, Druid form quests, Shaman totem quests) in the future? They help out by being available to use so that the person can not only be a higher level, but has to tools to know their class inside and out.

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Not in the near future. I've

Not in the near future. I've got way too much on my plate at the moment (see news post about release dates) Sticking out tongue

A wonderful mod

There's one mod that I think is absolutely great to use. It's called mobmap. What it does, is you can look up where to find creatures, look up drop rates, where to buy recipes, etc. It's good to show exactly the drop rates and such. Test it out, you may like it enough to add it to the addon section.

Any tips for a person

Any tips for a person wanting to start the guide at level 29 or 37? Personally, I'm kind of lost.

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I can advise you where to

I can advise you where to start if you tell me approximately what's your current situation (level, zones you've quested it, etc).

I can also give you this other advice: just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore.

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M8 you are the best!!!

Mate you are the best!!!
I will translate your lvl. guides on croatian language if you let me??
I have 2lvl 70, lock and warrior and following your guides was very easy and with very fast lvling...Thanks mate... you are the best!!!

Admin's Note: Fixed spelling. Please use 'mate' instead of 'M8', 'thanks' instead of 'thx' in the future.

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That would be great. Send me

That would be great. Send me a private message when you're ready to start translating.

Recommended mod to go with Cartographer

Hey jame, love your guides but i have a recommened mod that could possible increase leveling time.

Its called Liteheaded or lightheaded not sure how they spell it.

Wat is it? Well its a quest mod not only for quests but it has a interesting feature that allows you to set waypoints on the map and when you do a arrow comes up on ur screen pointing you to the waypoint.

I thought this would help people who need to mark coords you set so they dont have to keep looking at there map to see if there going the right way.

Heres a screen of wat it looks like

The arrow is completely movable so you can put it anywhere on ur screen.

I know a Rocketlauncher is a bit extreme, but people tend to listen to orders when ones pointed at them.

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That's a good idea, I'll add

That's a good idea, I'll add that in the addons section of all guides when I get the time Eye

the 65-70 part

Hi, first of all I must say the guide was greatm I leveled it from 45-69, on the part were it said that I should have hit 69, I was actually about 30,000 experience ahead of the guide. But when the guide said that I should have hit 70, I'm still lacking 45% aka 349,000 experience. I have done all the steps inbetween and reread it just to make sure I didn't miss anything and I didn't. Just wanted to let you know because I don't understand what I might have missed.

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I don't think you missed

I don't think you missed anything. You probably had very little exp bonus while leveling and did close to zero instances/group quest. That's probably the reason. Worry not, I'll add extra circuit soon, starting from where we left off in Netherstorm.

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Seriously, I followed this guide from 10 - 70, took me 7 ingame days. I loved it Good Job Jame and all the other contributors! and THANK YOU!

Pure pwnage

Jame you rock my socks off! Thanks for putting together such a kick ass guide. We are all indebted to your service and trust me when I say karma will come back to repay you. Keep up the good work!

One big suggestion

Hey, I've wanted to use this guide ever since I found it at like 40, but I cannot, for one huge reason. Every time I try to use it, you have about 10 quests in a row that require a prerequisite quest, and I can't ever find a spot where you can jump in at any time. If you could put points in the guide that are good to jump in to, that would really help.

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That's pretty difficult, if

That's pretty difficult, if not impossible, since there isn't a single moment in the guide where the quest log is empty of quests overlapping from one zone to another. And it would overload the guide with a lot of extra infos, which would make it harder to read (it's already quite bulky), and it would thus punish those who followed the guide faithfully from the start.

Therefore, I can't do that. But what I can do is advise you where to start if you tell me approximately what's your current situation (level, zones you've quested it, etc).

I can also give you this other advice: just jump in the guide at the beginning of a circuit close to your current level, and ignore the quests you can't get. After a while, you'll be back on track, and those quests won't matter anymore.

21-31 Horde guide - Problem with Homeward Bound quest

I first want to say thank you for a fantastic guide...I just ran into a slight issue with one of the quests, and thought I would warn people.

2. Once you have done that, head to the southeastern corner inside Highperch, you should find a narrow path going up to another plateau, at the end of this plateau you should find a tauren named Pao'Ka with a quest. Take his quest [29] Homeward Bound and escort him out. It's a pretty simple escort quest, shouldn't be any problem.

I am certain that this would be easy in most circumstances. However; I am a bit unlucky. A rare elite named Heartrazor is flying around where the escort takes place. Poa'Ka gets owned by him even with me healing him. Then he comes over and eats me for dessert. He seems to like the taste of Lion, Bear and Tauren, because he has eaten me in all 3 forms.

My advice, if he is there...forget the quest.

ingame guides

Do these guides come with addons like where you can have the addon in the game because when I installed the game I didnt have enough RAM which makes it hard for me to go from the game back to the start menu...when I log out it takes like 5 minutes to go to the character is this guide in an addon format so I can view it in the game or do I have to keep coming to and from here..if so I might just print it out =] thanks.

Admin's note: Edited spelling - In the future, please use "you" instead of "u". Also use proper capitalization, "I" instead of "i". Thanks in advance.

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Nope, no addon, just good

Nope, no addon, just good old style paper guide Smiling There's a 'printer-friendly' version available for every guide.


i'm j/w. me and some friends want to group up to 70. would this guide be viable for maybe 2 or 3 people in group?

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Definitely yes. You might

Definitely yes. You might sometimes fall behind the guide in experience, but you can make that up by doing the instances, which shouldn't be too difficult since you already got half a full group Sticking out tongue


Just wanted to create an account just to say thanks! Wonderfully written and can tell alot of love and time was put into it. This is my second character to level to 70 and with this guide I will be doing it a second time. I was able to nail down a 5 days played to 60 and then hitting 70 at 8 days. Thanks a ton and cant wait to see you in WOTLK!

Fun but difficult

I found it a bit hard to follow but other than that it was great Smiling

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Hard to follow in what way?

Hard to follow in what way? Sticking out tongue

The writing style is hard to read? The quests I make you do are too difficult?

I think i understand where

I think i understand where he's going with it.

Perhaps links to thottbot/allakhazam, or small versions of the map with white dots on the area you need to farm described next to each quest would be appreciated. Other than that, it's a great guide and it seems to be pretty flawless to me.

One suggestion that i would like to make other than that, though. Point out for mages that it may be wise to start leveling 2-3 levels ahead of what your guide follows. It makes it worlds easier to aoe stuff when it's not your exact level.

No Confidence

Your guide is excellent and I am not trying to insult leveling guides by saying this but as i've been reading some comments people seem to think they need to follow your guide word for word. Guides are excellent for when your stuck at places but i've been reading comments of people freaking if there not at where the guide says they should be and have followed the guide like it was the only way to level. I also understand some people may not have the ability to level efficiently like some people but regardless shouldn't some of these people have the self confidence to try some things on there own or maybe even continue the guide even if it says you "lack experience". All i'm trying to say is people need to have more confidence in what THEY can do as a player instead of what a guide tells them to do. Not insulting your guide but people just need to believe in themselves more.

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Thanks everyone below for

Thanks everyone below for your kind words!

Great Work!

... I hate to say this but you guide Sucks ... IM joking ... it OWNS!!! I level my ally hunter from 60-70 without ever dying !!! And only grouping for 5 of the group quest...My guild was so amazed how I hit from 60 - 70 in 1 week and not /played 1 week one week real life!! Now my wow time is up and I have a 60 prot pally .. i wont get to level him to 70 sadly using your guide .... but you own and that you took your time to make this guide I give you an imaginary reward!!!

Keep up the work ... I'll try to do something in return for you!

im new to these guides but..

do these guides come with addons like where u can have the addon in the game because when i installed the game i didnt have enough RAM which makes it hard for me to go from the game back to the start menu...when i log out it takes ;iek 5 minutes to go to the character is this guide in an addon format so i can view it in the game or do i have to keep coming to and from here..if so i might just print it out =] thanks

Thanks a lot :)

I've always hated levelling, at least 40-58. (have two characters left in those levels)

Well, I decided to Google some levelling guide since I thought that it would be faster. Now, since I've got my first horde character to 70 I can only thank you.(Drood in ~7 days played)
The best thing of this guide was that I didn't have to use all my time in "thottbotting" the quest help. Also the fact that there are lots of more quests that I never knew made me happy.

First off I thought that "Well, I try to level to 58 with the guide and then start doing the Outland quests" - but since the guide was SO GREAT I had to just level to 60 in Azeroth and use the guide till 70.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting the epic mount (or form ^^) when I complete all the Outland quests.

I've to say that I can barely think that the chargeable levelling guides are better. This is just very good one. Hopefully u had fun making this though, I couldn't believe free guides like these even exist.

/Muhkea moos and thanks a lot. Smiling

This guide has helped me

This guide has helped me level very quickly, for me. I have recently returned to WoW after nearly 2 years away, new account, started from scratch. 12D17H to lvl 70 for basically my first character, and thats taking the time to get professions above 300 as well. Great guide, awesome. Thanks Jame

Thanks friend.

Just wanted to say thanks for making this guide. I'm leveling my 4th 70 using it (He's 69 now), and it's just so easy.

I've always hated leveling, but your guide makes the entire process like one long quest. Thanks so much for your contribution to the WoW community!

Nothing you haven't already heard. Laughing out loud

I am right in everything I've ever done and will do.

Thank you, Jame of awesomeness!

Dinged my first 70 today (Undead Rogue)! I found the guide to be incredibly helpful, and very well thought out. I took a little extra leisure time to bg and run a few instances, but managed to utilize the guide from 21-70. I used the quest tracker addon and it helped expediate the search for certain quest items/mobs, it complemented the guide perfectly. I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!

Guide with instances.

Heya Jame Smiling
First off, great guide. Started my Tauren Druid on the 21-31 one (29 atm)and he's powering through the levels faster than I could have ever imagined tbh Smiling

One thing though, it could be an improvement actually? I've also ran a few instances with a few guildies whilst following the guide, and have found myself to be well, near enough dead on track woth the guide - I've only had to skip one section so far (the run of Stonetalon at level 27). I haven't been killing everything I have run into so that's also another area I'm losing out on the exp and so the instance is keeping me 'topped up'.

Anyway, I thought maybe perhaps you'd be interested in either accomadating more group play and socialising in-game into your existing guide or adapting it into a second version for those of us who love to instance and such. The gear looted on the runs only makes the leveling go that much faster Sticking out tongue

Either way I'd be glad to offer any feedback regarding this as I believe it would benefit more people - getting to use the awesome guide without sacrificing other social aspects of the game means smiles all round imo Smiling

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I'll think about it, sadly

I'll think about it, sadly for now I've to focus on revamping the alliance guide and do extra level 70 quest circuits for gold making Sticking out tongue


Hehe well if you'd like, and with your permission of course, I'd take up the challenge Smiling
Would be great to give something back and help others out more Smiling

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That would be great. Please

That would be great. Please send me a private message when you're ready to start.

New Priest

I have religiously followed your guide to 70 with my partner and we loved it! (Both hunters) Now I am trying to lvl a priest with it and I keep running into spots where something just seems too hard. I die almost constantly and I'm wondering if it's just my ability to play the character, or if this is a common concern of others?