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If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.

Suggestion on how to use these guides (from PraterR)

I found that playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

The guide will be open in an internet window.
You then Alt-Tab to your WOW game. (Log in and enter game world)
Press escape and access your Video options. Near the top there is a checkbox with "Windowed Mode" inscribed next to it.
Check the Box [x] and press okay.

You will notice that you can move and stretch your WOW window in such a way as to see the internet guide above or below it.

When you need to click the internet window and scroll down or up (depending on how you want to view it) to the next paragraph of the guide.


Duo Problems

First thing, thanks sooo much for the guide, it must take incredible amounts of work to put something like this together. Second, here's my problem^^ I play in a duo at all times with my friend (both hunters). We started your guide at lvl 23 but I had us start from the beginning anyways. We did fine for a while, but then when we were supposed to ding 30, I noticed we were behind, so I had us grind it out. Now, at the point where we are supposed to hit 31, we are almost 7K short. Could it be because every time there is a kill quest, we both get credit for each mob, but only half the exp? And if possible, could you tell me a way of fixing this problem? It's my friends first time playing, I don't want him to have to grind at the tail end of every lvl. Thanks a ton!

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Yeah you hit it on the nail,

Yeah you hit it on the nail, mostly when you need to kill things for kill lists in quests, you only get half the exp. What you can do to catch up though is run an instance whenever it is available in your level range (just get 2-3 more people and you'll be fine). The additional quests from the dungeons will help you to catch up on exp and it'll get you fat blues!

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin


Thanks for the reply! Now all I have to do is convince him that instances aren't acutally "hell on a computer screen", and that he IS capable, lol. The first time I took him to WC we had a hard time with a poor group, now he never wants to go into another instance^^ Meh, I get him there, in time. Thanks again!

Avian, Try and convince him


Try and convince him that instances are mostly for easy blues at the end. Not many quests in low level give blue items as rewards.


Really good job on this

Really good job on this guides.

It feels so nice to follow the quests flow without looking for infos on the net or so. Especially when you just what to hit 70 asap for end game content.

I know this question is asked already too often, and that you are probably already working hard on it, but when do you think chapters 60-65 and 65-70 release will happen ?

Great work again.

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60-65 was just released and

60-65 was just released and I think Jame will get cracking on the 65-70 guide asap. Given the fact that he can copy a nice chunk from the Alliance version, it shouldn't be too long.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Great Guide

Hey James just wanted to say thanks for a great guide. Was able to get a rogue to 60 in a month and I appreciate the work you've put into your horde guide.

Awesome Guide

Best guide i have ever read...and simple enough for my 10 year old son to use on his own. Once again, GREAT GUIDE!

10 year old? Isn't that

10 year old?

Isn't that against the game rules?

Sticking out tongue

Awesome guide Jame! Helped

Awesome guide Jame! Helped me a lot. Can't wait for the first part of 60-70 guide.

Thank you. =)

Very Pleased

Hi guys, i am also coming off of what i called a "Self-Ban" of WoW. I actually sold my account with my 70 druid and some other high lvl characters.

I never thought i would come back. But i read about your guide, started a new mage and play maybe 3 hours a night. In only 5 days (15 hours) i hit lvl 30 using your guide.

With this type of information i may lvl a priest too, so thank you and keep up the good work!

Good job

Wow these guides have made wow fun. There also better then all of the paid guides i have seen.

(any eta on the revamp 51-60 guide?)

Sweet Guide

This is the best guide out there, everyone should use it if there having trouble.

we have a link to jame's

we have a link to jame's guides in our guild information page which sums up how much we appreciate this guide.

to jame and snowflake, thank you!

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Absolutely Incredible!!

Your guides are just amazing. Thank you so much!!

I just finished the 31-40 guide and at the end of it we are standing in the Badlands with our Hearthstone set to Brackenwall Village. At the beginning of the 41-51 guide you have us taking the zeppelin to Grom’gol Outpost and then Hearthstoning back to Orgrimmar. You might want to end the 31-40 guide by taking us back to Orgrimmar and setting our Hearthstone there.

Take care,


Thank you for the time and

Thank you for the time and effort you put in these guides.

They are beyond helpfull.


I always respect most of the people who write free guides

but this is the first guide i spotted wich really works and is user friendly (pictures etc)

still working on my first character
but im doing it with a smile on my face

(im not the quest kinda guy)

thanks Jame keep the good work up

Thank You

I Have followed your guides and i love it especially with the 2.3 patch becuase i have been leveling about once every 1-2 hours and before i found out about your guides it would take me 3 days to get from 21-22!  So Thanks aton... I'm still workin on my first toon to 70 but its been going much faster! Sticking out tongue

I had been following your

I had been following your guide for a while but I stopped and quested on my own for a while. I made it up to 42 and got back on your guide, I followed your guide and got up to 43, so for the level 43 section of your guide I had already done all the quests in dustwallow marsh that I needed so what should I do if I want to get to 44 and continue using your guide.

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Try to do parts of my guide

Try to do parts of my guide that you haven't done yet, starting from level 40 or so.

I've used your Guides Jame

I've used your Guides Jame for now 6 Alliance 70's. Before anyone starts thinking "wow, no life?", i've been playing for around 2 years now. My two recent 70's dinged at under 8 and a half days played, one at 8d 6h, the other at 8d 11h, while I may have a combined total of 80 days played amongst them. I love leveling characters, odd as that sounds, and being able to memorize your Guide for the most part, has helped me greatly. Great job as always, going to see if I can get a few Horde 70's to finish off 1 70 of each class goal. ^.^

Thank you!

Dear Snowflake and Jame,

Thank you for this brilliant guide, your guide defines synergy. Before this, I was probably one of the slowest levelers in the game; my first character, a night elf rogue took me 33 days and 5 long months to get to 60. Thanks to your guide, I was able to level a Tauren druid from 20-49 in 3 days and some odd ours. You have turned the most tedious, and frustrating parts of the game into a fun experience. And to top it all off it is free!! Thank you thank you thank you!

P.S. Hopefully, the outland guide will be out soon, I can’t wait to see what you did to that evil leveling deathtrap.

First off, let me say that

First off, let me say that doing this guide has elevated you to candidacy for WoW canonification, all you characters should get the title "Saint " for doing something like this for the community.

That being said, please give the Horde some love with Outland. Even though questing there is fairly hardcore as it is, I can only imagine how much more so it would be in your hands.

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Thank you for the kind

Thank you for the kind words. Jame is currently working on the Horde Guide for Outlands and apparently he's progressing even faster than he initially thought. I think he is currently almost at level 64 which means that the first chapter of his Outlands guide will be released soon Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Great Guide

im 42 now and still going, i think your guide has cured my altaholicism! THANKS ALOT.

Missing a Zone?

I was just skimming thro the guide, since I've used this guide for a long time. But I noticed, or perhaps overlooked, there is no referance to questing in the Blast Lands anymore on the horde guide (not sure about alliance). Best I remember that part fell between 49-52 levels.

Is that intended or was it a glitch from re-skinning the guides?

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It was intended. There

It was intended. Smiling

There simply is too many quests out there now in that level range and we had to cut some circuits or we would have ended up too high level to do some other circuits.


Your bloody guide made me install wow again after 8 months of rest Eye

Thanks Dude...

PS. I just did this quest yesterday and there's a change I think:

1. Take the quest [23] Vorsha the Lasher from Muglash, he'll walk to the strand, follow him.

2. He'll stop on a small island with a brazier atop. Click the brazier when he tells you to do so and get ready for 3 waves of monsters. You don't have time to loot in between the waves, you just have enough time to drink/eat:

1. 1st wave: 3 Nagas, they are green to you so not so hard, but it's still 3. Let Muglash tank one while you kill them one by one. Muglash is level 25 and can easily take one or two on his own. Try to save your long cooldown abilites and potions for the last wave if possible. As soon as the 3 nagas are defeated, eat/drink fast before the 2nd wave.

2. 2nd wave: 3 nagas again, one of them will be a naga priestess, kill that one first and try to interrupt her heals or you'll be in trouble. Use potion/long cooldown abilities if you have to but try to keep it for the next wave. Let Muglash tank as much as possible again. eat / drink fast right after the nagas are dead.

3. 3rd wave: a level 22 Hydra named Vorsha will spawn and attack you, the hydra hits rather hard for a level 22, so use everything you got. If you die don't release, Muglash should be able to finish off the hydra if you did enough damage to it before dying. Wait until you get the (complete) message, then release and run back to your corpse.

I had no wave 2... after wave 1, directly Hydra showed up. Maybe I was just lucky or they changed it...


Maz }:)

I love your guides

I really like these guides. They really help when grinding the alts up. I was wondering if you've seen TourGuide?

I would love to see these guides in game.

James, First off, I wanted


First off, I wanted to thank you so much for your guides. It made sound corny, but you made World of Warcraft fun again for me again. Prior to your guides all I used to do was grind and that got old quick. Now I actually feel like I am accomplishing something with your guides.

I had a quick question for you. I have used your horde guide and just dinged 60 this morning. I flew up to 60 but I ended up being about 4 levels ahead of the guide. Would you recommend for me to skip the rest of the guide and head to the outlands or finish up your guide? I printed up the printable version and I have about 20 pages left of the guide out of the entire 200.

Everyone has been telling me to ditch the old world and head to the expansion but I am little nervous about that because I have never been there and I have become so used to your guides.

Thanks for any input you may have and also, thanks for your help with these great guides!


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What I would do if it were

What I would do if it were my character is finish the old world quests before going to Outland, as long as those quests are not grey, they are definitely worth it.

What you could do however is make a quick trip to the Outlands, do the first few quests because they give some very nice rewards which could make it easier for you. Then go back to finish the old world quest hubs.

horde 60+

when are they being released?

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People, please try to read

People, please try to read the news before asking questions.

Anyway, here it is:

Whens the Horde 60-70 Guide coming out????

This guide first of all is great my toon is currently lvl 44 but i am just curious if the 60-70 horde guide is coming out. BTW GREAT GUIDE!!!

just a question

do the old guides still work? or are they too out-dated because of the patch?

old guides

yeah, they still "work" somewhat.. but: you'll be told to grind sometimes although you don't have to, because you need less xp than the old guides are based on, and you'll miss out some nice easy quests that were added in the new ones because they're not group anymore etc..

so why not just use the new ones?

These guides are great.

These guides are great. Just curious when the horde 60-70 guide might be released. I understand everyone is busy with revamping but just wondering if there was a estimated date.

Best leveling guide out

Best leveling guide out there for horde, no contest!

James, thank you very much for spending the time and putting this together.


Good job mate

Been following this guide with my lowbie lock and it's worked extremly well so far.

When TBC hit i used Joanas guide for my paladin, but i must say i much prefeer your style of explaining things and it's alot more user friendly!

Hit lvl 40 last night with about 40h played. (I got a 60 holy priest following and healing Sticking out tongue . But i also lvld tailoring til 250 and enchanting to some 100+ and did some slacking)

If the revised 41-50 guide could just come out quicker i'd be a happy camper. Eye

Great great work Jame and Snowflake for writing and then updating this! Thanks!

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   Man this guide works

   Man this guide works extremely well, can't believe i didn't see this guide sooner. Smiling   

Blood elf are the saviors of the WORLD


Jame You Rock!! Jawdropping!

Cool Cool! xD

Im your End On Machine^^^

.... God I like DOTS!!! NEED DOT GUIDE!! xD


really love the lesser

really love the lesser grinding sessions u implemented, nice job Smiling

Great guide!

It's been said a million times but these guides are almost toooooo good. I play horde so once I hit 60 and realized theres no follow up guide I thought I'd be disappointed, however, the quests are ALL the kind of quest Jame would recommend, so I'm finding it rather easy. Great work! got from 45-60 in about a day and a half played.

Stoked for the horde 60-70, I'm sure I'll be there before the release, but who's to say I won't level another, simply due to the ease of these guides.


Thanks again Jame

Currently working my 2nd, 3rd and 4th characters through the horde guide (older version I printed out months ago). They still work great, though I'll probably pick up the re-write when I finish up the chapter I'm currently working them through. Just want to chime in once again and mention what an asset Jame is to the WoW community at large.

I think it needs to be noted how kickass it is that he's taking the time to update these based on 2.3 changes AND write Outland guides (no doubt helpful, but Outland being so small and the zone progression being pretty straightforward, no one could blame him for finding less selfless ways to spend his time than writing more new guides).


Am I just missing something? When I go to "1-70 Alliance & Horde Leveling Guides!" Submitted by Snowflake, It says that this leveling guide goes up to 70. but i don't see anything after 60. Also I remember a comment (posted by Jame) that lead me to believe that an outland guide existed. I am really looking forward to it, but can't find it Sad

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No, sorry, I haven't done

No, sorry, I haven't done the 60-70 guides for horde yet. I just finished the alliance one and started working on the horde ones yesterday.

Here is the news post for the estimated release dates:

thank you!

thanks for all of the hard work and effort you put into this, we all love you for it Smiling

Horde 60-70

Can't seen to fint any guides on this lvl bracket. Have I just missed them or do they not exist at this time?

I love this guide, it´s by

I love this guide, it´s by far the best IMHO. I see that the printer-friendly version is the old version of the guide. Keep up the good work...

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Both printer-friendly

Both printer-friendly version are available. You just have to click on the correct link Sticking out tongue