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They are not written yet.

They are not written yet.

The best

Jame you are the best! Lemme tell you this.... I used to play WoW awhile ago... like pre burning crusade and Wotlk, and I had a Paladin I spent probably two months on to get to level 37.... lets face it <---NOOB .... Well in less than 3 weeks... I have gotten a toon from lvl 1 to lvl 52 and still leveling 2-3 times a day!! Thanks a ton!! You have no idea how STOKED I am to get to level 80 and raid with my friends for once...without using a private server =D



This is how I felt once I started using your guide. I've started leveling a priest following your Horde guide, and I must say, I've made it to 38 in less that 2 days playing time. My first thought before I began was "Yeah, it's a free guide. It's gonna suck". It came recommended from a friend so I thought I would try it out. Man, I was in SHOCK! For some reason, I must have completely missed that you have an ADDON as well? I was alt tabbing this whole time and I didn't have to? LOL! Incredible. Keep up the good work Jame!

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Yep, we also have an addon

Yep, we also have an addon version now! It's not finished but we're working hard on it. You can already see the results on my blog and on Jiyambi's blog . The /played speed is already impressive Smiling

Guides passed 77

I just hit level 77 and i'm almost done with the grzzly hills guide and was just wondering if theres any guides for 77-80? Is it in the add-on or something? Thank you
Love the guides you da man

Hop up out the bed and turn my swag on

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Those guides aren't out just

Those guides aren't out just yet. Jame's list of what he is working on and the release dates can be found here. For now, he is concentrating on perfecting the addon before writing the later guides. However he does suggest an order to do the zones: After you finish Grizzley Hills, move on to Zul'Drak, then Sholazar, then Storm Peaks, and finally Icecrown. Honestly it should be pretty easy to ding 80, I was 80 *long* before I got to Icecrown. The quests in this expansion are also pretty good at leading you to the next area, you just won't be quite as efficient without Jame's expert advice!

wow very good job , I'm sure

wow very good job ,
I'm sure Jame loves all the support his users give him, thanks for letting him know how much you appreciate the guides!

Jame your a god, and i have proof.

Mr. Jame first off im sorry i havnt posted this earlier just totally forgot to do it.

Pre Wotlk i did thorough research about the DK class and prepared like a madman to lvl as quick as possible.

I can tell everyone your guides give everyone the edge they want especially when i was competively lvling against a guy who was lvling with his buddy on one char.

Through determination, tears, no sleep, and JAME'S guide. I got 55-80 in 3 days. at around 4 o clock in the morning on the 17th of november. Server First 80 DK


Anyways long story short. Jame's your a guide genius and im seriously shocked at the time you put into these guides. AND ESPECIALLY FOR FREE.

Thanks again. And im looking forward to more guides you put out.


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Awesome, thank you for

Awesome, thank you for posting it Eye

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Indeed, thanks for posting

Indeed, thanks for posting Smiling I know it makes me happy to see this, and they aren't even my guides! Eye I'm sure Jame loves all the support his users give him, thanks for letting him know how much you appreciate the guides!

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Good job! ... and yes,

Good job! Smiling

... and yes, Jame's guides really are awesome (especially now when there's an addon) Sticking out tongue

How many levels did you have to do on your own at the end btw?

When will 77-80 be released?

I just reached 78 today, following your grizzly hills guide, now that I'm at the end, I don't know what to do, should I try and level on my own to 80 or should I wait till you release the next version? How soon would I have to wait until your next version is released?

If you followed the guide to

If you followed the guide to 77, you should at least be 78-79 by now (I was 79). Go to K3 (goblin town) in Storm Peaks, do the quest chains, that will take you to a bunch of quests in Brunnhildar which then will lead you to Dun Niffelem...that should make you 80...after that you can do the quests at Tunka'lo (Horde) and the Grom'arsh Crash's an incredibly easy (and fun) zone to quest in. Make sure you have your epic flyer, you'll be doing a lot of traveling.

About the guid

Hey jame these guides are amazing! you got me 70-77 in no time. do you have a date to when you will release the other guides?


To Jame

I found your guides a little over 2 years ago and ever since you have made WOW more enjoyable then i could have alone. You provided me an in depth walkthrough of all the questing areas so i didn't miss a beat. Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you pour into all you guides, you are truly a gift.

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Glad to hear Please try

Glad to hear Eye

Please try the addon version as well, so far it looks very promising.

Question about addon

Am I reading it wrong? It seems as if the addon does not follow the website in progression?

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Could you be more specific?

Could you be more specific?

1-77 played.

Your guides are a Gods gift!
Recently I decided to re-roll server and see what kind of played time I could level a paladin in.
Although I havn't dinged 80 yet (I'm 77, just finished Grizzly Hills) and thought I'd show my played time for some feedback.

It would have been a lot lower but I spent time playing the AH, AFK'ing and making small mistakes like forgetting to turn in a Q and having to run back.

I don't think it's too bad for a first time horde player. Used the TourGuide version of your guide for 60-77 and I must say, it works extremely well.

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Hey that's awesome. So 1-77

Hey that's awesome. So 1-77 in only 7 days /played, even though you played the AH and goofed around a little?

Considering it takes about 4 hours per level in Northrend while following my guide, it's safe to assume one could hit level 80 under 8 days /played while following leveling addon from 1-80, without pushing it.

Great news, thanks for your feedback!


Hello Jame
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your guides compared to some others, even the ones i've paid for!
Yours are so much more detailed and in my opinion easier to follow with less (if any) errors.
I especially like how you've incorporated pictures into the guides which make life SO much easier.
A quest telling me to fins so many of "X" is ok but a picture of what "X" actually looks like helps me tremendously.
I'm now levelling my 2nd character from 70-80 using your guides and 2nd time round it's even easier.

Thanks Jame Smiling

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Glad you like them And wait

Glad you like them Eye And wait till you try the addon version, it's even better and faster.

Check the news posts on the front page for the leveling addon.

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Glad you like them And wait

Glad you like them Eye And wait till you try the addon version, it's even better and faster.

Check the news posts on the front page for the leveling addon.

Whoa games u finally got an

Whoa games u finally got an addon version i remember when i asked for somtin like that! I just got back from WoW after a year of quiting cuz i got so bored of leveling and it became to hard(and i was only level 36) i decided to start all over on a new server with RL friends it was kinda hard to try and catch up to the level of ur guide on my character. anyway what guide do u suggest for 1-12 tauren leveling?

an also how long in real life does it take u to level in


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Please make an effort with

Please make an effort with your spelling in the future. Avoid "u" and stuff like that. And at least spell my name right Sticking out tongue

1-80 probably 9 days played nowadays, probably less with the addon once it's complete.

Check this list for our best leveling guides:

Thanx and Addons

I love your guides, joo rock! Smiling I'm new to WoW, relatively speaking, and I really like using your guides. They're simple, well thought out, and they provide easy goals for me to smack down every night after work.

The only message that I have about addons are Musicplayer and Ignoremore do a lot to keep things moving. Musicplayer plus your mp3 library is full of nothing but win. And Ignoremore means that tards no longer fill tradechan with Anal [insert generic name here] anymore. Lastly, if you have to use Ignoremore in your own guild more than twice, get a different guild.

Wow, all i can say is wow

Well Jame's, you are incredible, didn't think it was possible but i was wrong. I have been playing WoW for about 3 years now. I found your guide for leveling. I needed a leveling guide so badly. Everyone was killing me leveling wise. I'm a person that kinda takes their time and enjoys what they have. But after 2 years i got sick of leveling and just wanted to get to 70 (yea now 80). So i got an orc shamman to level 21 and started into the guides. At first it was ok, but now i realize how incredible it all really is. I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much time and effort into these guides. Idk where i'd be without them. I'm now level 79 and half way to 80, lol and i just finished your grizzly hills guide. I oviously did a few instances here and there throughout it all. And now i'm breezing through all your guides. Which is awesome. So Jame's you are incredible, thank you so much. Watertide of Vek'nilash
Watertide the magnifico

Zaboe the magnifico


The Addons you list are good, but here are a some others that I found helpful when following your guides.

Customizable quest tracking addon.

Configuration addon for MonkeyQuest

This addon adds a panel to your quest log window that connects to WowHead (saves you from Alt-Tabbing and opening up a browser.

Creates a separate pane in the quest log window so you don't have to scroll to see all your quests or information about the selected quest.

Titan Panel
This has a TON of features, but its primary use is to de-clutter the UI by putting information like location, zone, XP, etc into a taskbar style window that you can customize.

cant find

i cant seem to find the 20-80 horde guides i mean i see the 65 and up but i cant find the rest

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Hmm, probably cause the list

Hmm, probably cause the list wasn't sorted in the right order. But they are all there. Check the list again and tell me if you see the guides.

Thanks Jame :D

I started a rogue from "zero" on server(Ragnaros) I mean really zero no bags no money no nothing, but I got some luck with some stuff (a really nice guy Vacamaldita) gave me 3 16-slots bag, I have some experience leveling up (got 2 (now) 80s on Lighting Blade's) but I wanted to try horde. Following the guide almost all the time in quests trough Azeroth and some in Outland I was able to reach these:
375 Herbalism
340~350 Enchanting
Enough Gold to buy my Flying Mount (non-epic)
Level 70 in only - 7d14h31m48s (it could be a few hours less if I was on a PVE Server and didn't spend some time gathering herbs and pvping when bored =P)
Well here's a SS of it

"Stay away from the voodoo!"


For some reason I can't view any of the guides on this site. I keep getting a message saying:

'user warning: Unknown column 'n.nid' in 'on clause' query: SELECT DISTINCT(n.nid), n.title, n.uid, book.parent, book.weight, FROM node as n, book, users INNER JOIN node_access na ON na.nid = n.nid WHERE (na.grant_view >= 1 AND ((na.gid = 0 AND na.realm = 'all') OR (na.gid = 2 AND na.realm = 'workflow_access') OR (na.gid = 18569 AND na.realm = 'workflow_access_owner'))) AND ( n.vid = book.vid AND n.status = 1 AND users.uid = n.uid ) ORDER BY book.weight, n.title in /home/wowpro/public_html/includes/ on line 174.'

Anyone know of anyway to sort this?

Pretty good.

Overall, pretty good. I definitely feel as if I'm being more efficient, even if it's not the case (I don't keep track of hp/hour, /played, stuff like that, so I have no numbers to compare this char to past chars).

Just a few comments about the guide from my experience, so far (34).

I'm 34 now, and have followed the guide verbatim from 21. Only once have I actually been within a thousand XP of the level when the guide says "you should be level X." And in some cases, I am about a half a level behind where the guide says I should be. Right now is one of the most extreme, and this prompted me to post. I did the entire level 34 guide, and have approximately 25,000 xp left to ding (out of approximately 51,000).

From 21, I've always made myself be at the level that the next part of said guide said I should be at, which generally involved about a fourth of a level grind after I completed the quests that particular section said to do. While I'm not killing everything in site, I'm surely not avoiding a fourth of a level of XP from mobs. If the guides assume that I should be killing 80-100 more mobs a level than I am, the guide should say so. I'm even doing extra quests, and am still considerably behind where the guide says I should be.

As of 3.0.2, I think the guide, at least up through the 30's, should be bulked up, simply from my experience. I hope the following levels don't leave me with this deficiency after I've completed, verbatim, the quests as they are presented. I know I could keep going, but eventually I'm going to fall 3 or 4 levels behind, and I don't want to be trying to kill mobs that are 4 levels higher than me to complete a quest.

Just a note, and maybe my luck has just been phenomenal throughout this chars leveling experience, but I have to think that blizzard upped the drop rate of a lot of quest items that used to take forever to drop, probably because of the new quest acheivements. Some examples are Hecular's Sword (within the first 10 kills, never got it within the first 25 the 5 or 6 times I've done it in the past), Hecular's Rod (again, within the first few kills, always had to clear the entire cave out atleast once, if not twice to get it to drop in the past). And this is the case will all the rarish quest drops. They are all dropping considerably faster. As such, I'm getting less XP from grinding the mobs for the quest item (which makes it seem like there is an end), and being forced to grind simply to grind (which I flat out do not enjoy).

Just a note to give you some

Just a note to give you some hope...

If you get caught up at around Level 56, it's smooth sailing from there all the way to 70. I'm finishing the 65-70 guide having skipped a quest here and there, and done a few extra in Netherstorm (thank you, Quest Helper), at around level 71.6. I should be going into Borean Tundra at level 72, which'll make it a *breeze*.

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Yea, it's that, the drop

Yea, it's that, the drop rates on many quest items in the 20-40 bracket has been significantly upped.

Don't worry though, there are tons of extra circuits coming up in the following chapters of my guide and you'll end up being far ahead of the recommended level, no matter what.

Just keep going and thank you for your feedback. I'll fix the exp discrepancies in my next revamp Smiling

I noticed the same thing! I

I noticed the same thing! I thought it was just my imagination or that I had done something wrong. Interesting!

Check out our new website!

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Thanks so much

I love your guides if i had never used them i would have never even been able to get to 70 Smiling



Your guide is awesome.

I used your guide to level my warlock, and got him seventy pretty fast. So I decided to make a pally and see how fast I could get him to cap. I am at 3d 7hrs played time and level sixty. You and your guide are absolutely awesome.

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Nice, glad to hear! Thank

Nice, glad to hear! Thank you for the feedback.


Theres a quest which you can get in Stranglethorn Vale, in booty bay inside the inn called 'Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog' and i thought it would be a good idea getting that before going to hinterlands its a nice 6300 exp extra and you can turn in when you turn the escort quests in. =)

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Agreed, added to the addon

Agreed, added to the addon files! Should be in the next patch.

Triple XP guide?

I am curious if there are any plans to make a guide for triple XP players. I just recruited a friend of mine and we found ourselves searching for quests our level.

Thanks, your guides are so helpful, all your efforts are much appreciated.


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Recruit a friend =

Recruit a friend = instance.

'nuff said Smiling

Loremaster Achievement?

Just curious, will following this guide also get us the Loremaster achievement?

(I know you haven't finished the 77-80 guide but im talking about in the future)

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In the future yes, after my

In the future yes, after my next revamp.

For now, I know that the zone quest achievements for all Northrend zones will be done.

For Outland, my guides get you the zone quest achievement, with the exception of Nagrand (because of a missing quest line starting from SMV).

For the old world zones, I'm not sure I haven't tried, but it must be really close, as I've tried to include most quests everytime.

Anyway, my next revamp will fix that.

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It's kind of surprising how

It's kind of surprising how far away one lands from the Loremaster achievements upon hitting 60. It only takes 700 or so quests to get to 60 generally, while Loremaster of the two old continents combined add up to 1250 quests. Of course, the problem with integrating them into a leveling guide (just old world, Outland and Northrend don't share this problem) are the large number of quests that are colossal wastes of time and effort while leveling - quests that send you all the way around the world, for instance, and integrating them into one's path on the way to 60 would add up to adding a few days /played to the time. Sadly, Loremaster works as the very opposite to "optimised quest circuits."

btw, there decreasing the

btw, there decreasing the number of quest required for the old world zones as well coming next patch. Im currently leveling a mage and im almost to the point where i can start your guide, once i get to outlands ill let you know how many quest were done in kalimdor and eastern kingdoms. Smiling

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That's great news. And it

That's great news. And it would be awesome if you'd let me know about your findings.

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Guide updates

Is there no new guides past Dragonblight? Jame these guides are so wonderful I'm anxious to see the rest Eye .

Well keep up the hard work if you're still working on it, I think I speak for many people when I say your guides are extremely helpful!


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Now there is, I just

Now there is, I just released my grizzly hills guide for the horde Eye

For the next guides, check out my Release Dates: