Do you like the new style of our site?

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I really like it, esp the

I really like it, esp the header! Also, I definitely notice faster loading times, and stuff just looks neater. The only thing I would mention is that the links on the right (Popular Content) are a bit dark on the black/grey background, so it makes it hard to read them. (I think the unvisited links are fine, but the visited links are a tad darker and hard to read)

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Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the feedback, it's really helpful Smiling I'll try to implement most of the changes this weekend.

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Some things I noticed

Arg I hate these differences in IE and firefox. I know from experience that it is tough.Well, here are some ideas to help you improve some little things.

On the front page, the login field's title are almost unreadable with black over dark gray. Same thing with the tabs in articles, the unactive tab is difficult to read with dark blue text over black background. The links on the right of the page suffer of this also a little bit. Try making all of this a bit lighter.

As of the white background, as you have a lot of grey, you could make it a very light gray. But it could conflict with some of the elements, like the small text for author and date. White makes things easy too read but on screens it can be very agressive.

When the menu entry "Ranking" on the top menu (the one in the banner under the search field) is added, the G of "Guides" overlap with the O of WoWOpro which makes it less readable and "blends" the menu in the image. You could either rename the menu entries, move it around or change the banner a bit.

As a whole, I find it a bit too blocky right now, the various module aren't enough sperated from each other and I feel it is a bit confusing (I search the login fields...). I could add the hovering of the menu items isn't very clear, maybe light up the backround of the menu item to make it more visible. Also could be good to know where we are in the site and make the "active" link stand out in the menu. About the chosen colors I find them all kind of sad and dark, very different from the two version we knew. If you plan on using colors from the banner, maybe use some of the yellow as they should be easily read on a daker background.

Well I give you these ideas but I saw the previous design evolve during the weeks so I guess you are going that way again and I hope it will be as great in the end.

That was my two coppers, good luck with the design and i hope for you that nothing breaks.

I actually liked the older

I actually liked the older styles, I dunno why you guys keep changing it! Content is one of the best things about this site!


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The style/cms of the site

The style/cms of the site has nothing to do with the content at all.
We had to change from our old cms to this one (cms = community management system) because our old one was so full of bugs that it heavily slowed down the whole site.
After changing to this cms (Drupal) we needed a completely new theme, because of course the old one wasn't compatible with the new "software" anymore.
We tried several things and finally agreed on the theme that was up and running a week ago. Unfortunately that theme had only been tested on Mozilla Firefox (which we use to develop) not on IE. Then by accident we found out last week that the site actually looked completely trashy in IE. This is why we had to make a 3rd change to our theme. What you see currently isn't the final version of course, but after trying around and improving the current theme during the whole weekend, I simply didn't get the time yet to make more changes. But rest assured, they'll be implemented as soon as possible.
Neither Jame nor I are web developers as you might know, we do this only as voluntary work in our free time. We try to do the best with what open source offers us, but sometimes we reach our limits and have to restart from scratch. That's why we had to change our theme so many times.

Also Jame and I don't always have the time to spend hours on writing guides. Jame is currently working hard on the Horde Leveling Guide while I try to get the site running smoothly which is no easy task with a full time job at the same time, mind you. And as we barely get any help to make this site run you'll unfortunately have to put up with some more trial and error until the site's stability will be ensured again.

With the new cms people can at least access the content faster, which is, I daresay, the priority for now.

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well ty for getting it up and going once again. and ty for all the help you have given us that dont get a chance to play all that much a way to keep up with the rest of the wow world

Nice but the white hurts my eyes :'(

The new style is pretty cool,

but the thing i *LOVED* about the old style was the black background. Its really easy on your eyes if its Dark-ish in your room Smiling

Few Things

The Style is great but a few changes need to be made to some buttons and such, but other than that the site ROCKS!

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Please elaborate ! If you

Please elaborate ! If you have suggestions (about improving buttons and such) just tell me exactly what you find should be done... I'm more than thankful for any sort of feedback Smiling

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