New guide & Site changes incoming

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The 50-60 Horde Leveling guide has been ready for some days now but we didn't get the time to do the final editing yet. Jame and I'll do that today and we will definitely release the guide today.

Also Drupal 5.0 has been released which will give me the occasion to rehaul the site and structure it in a clearer way. This means a little downtime and some inconveniences later this week, but I'll try to keep that to a minimum. It's definitely worth it because the navigation will be much easier.

Last but not least Jame and I didn't receive TBC yet but as soon as we get it we'll start working on 60-70 guides and new instance walkthroughs. If however you already have TBC please feel free to contribute so we can gather info for the community as fast as possible Smiling


Amazing job!

You guys are doing great job with this page and Jame's (and everybody elses too) guides have helped me a lot.
I hope you guys get your TBC:s soon :grin:

You should have a wiki

You should have a wiki section... I'd like to share the parts I've done so far, but it isn't enough to start a new guide.

Yay :)

Woohoo! I live off your guides! Please keep up the awesome awesome good work! I'm so glad you guys keep these guides free!

When today will it be

When today will it be released?