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Netherdrake/Netherwing Mount Guide

You MUST have your 300 riding skill as of 2/20/08 to start the NEUTRAL to FRIENDLY (Day 1). [70] In Service of the Illidari is not availible to you until you have the epic riding skill.


  1. Travel to Shadowmoon Valley and seek out the NPC called Mordenai. He can be found wandering here:

  2. Accept the quest [70] Kindness (shareable).

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Site Changes & Competitions

As you might have already noticed, we've finally gotten around to change our site's theme and to design a banner. We hope that you like the new look and that you'll find your way around. This will probably be the last change to come as we are quite happy about how everything looks now.

Furthermore we are currently hunting down the annoying and flashy gold ads.

Lastly we are planning to organise some competitions soon. Prepare for guide writing summer 2007! (btw, anyone interested in sponsoring prizes for the competitions, please contact us through the contact form)

Revolution's Aldor and Scryer Reputation Guide


Aldor Lore

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Ideas for new guides?

Jame has started working on leveling guides. Meanwhile several people have asked me for ideas they could write guides about.

So if you know a particular topic you'd very much like a guide about (beside leveling) please post in a comment to this thread.

We'll use this post to collect ideas from everyone and in a few days we'll hold a vote to determine which guides are the most wanted at the moment. The projects will then be devided amongst guide writers (people can work together if they want). Anyone can grab any of the projects and start working on them immediately.

A few ideas I had in mind:
- How to get your Netherdrake mount
- Best items outside of raid and how to get them
- How to farm the different TBC factions and what are the rewards you can get

Please post ahead Smiling The more suggestions we get the better.

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[Warrior] Hosho's Introductional Warrior Guide

Warrior is like any class in the game. Easy to play, but difficult to play well. A good warrior is a rare thing, but in my experience, the tank is the single most important role in turning a good run into a great run.

I have two warriors, a 60 tauren (who I haven't played since BC. :roll:) and a 62 night elf. I won't go into great detail, but here's some general advice.

For levelling, I have always used fury, simply because it is the best for grinding. Some prefer to level with arms, but fury is widely considered the "best" levelling spec.

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Itemstats & Private Messages

As of now itemstats is fully functional and you can use it while making guides or posts. This is how it works:

[ item]Full_name_of_your_item_here[/item ]

By putting the correctly spelled name of your item between [ item ][/ item ] tags (without spaces) you should get the following:

[item]Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer[/item]
[item]Bulwark of Azzinoth[/item]
[item]Bangle of Endless Blessings[/item]

Furthermore you can use [ itemico ][/ itemico ] tags to show item icons:

[itemico]Magtheridon's Head[/itemico]

Or [ itememb ][/ itememb ] tags to show the loot's description right away:

[itememb]Chronicle of Dark Secrets[/itememb]

Last but not least you can also use [ itembi ][/ itembi ] to show both the icon and the name of the loot:


On another note: Private Messages are working again! On the menu (to the left) you should see your inbox.

Also Guide Link submisson is now fully working, just use the following link:

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