Easy alliance starters gold (earn a nice amount of gold in your low lvls!)

Ok, here's the deal. When you just start playing WoW or you move to a new server, you'll find yourself with very little bagspace, very bad equipment and sometimes even a lack of skills, all because you don't have enough money to buy it! However, making a nice amount of gold while you're still below lvl 10 is not really hard!

I've found a nice mining loop in Elwynn forest, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete (depending on your lvl and luck) and in the end you will have about 80 to 100 copper ores!

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How to work with "Projects"

A little guide I typed explaining how to use our project system at the example of the "best item out of raid and how to get it" project.

  • Click on Projects (in the navigation menu) and choose the project you want to contribute to.

  • For now the project we are talking about has only been started, and no contributions have been made yet. This means that before starting to write anything, we need to make a clear list of features we want the guide to have. Imagine it like a program that needs to be written and several programmers are willing to help but need guidelines that tell them what to do.

  • So click on "Request New Feature".

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Poll Results on Guides: Let's Get to Work!

I hope that over the past week, everyone got around to cast their vote about guides we want to see next on WoW-Pro. This are the results:

  1. Best items outside of raid and how to get them (25%)
  2. Tips for epic flying mount farming (20%)
  3. Money farming in TBC (18%)
  4. How to farm the different TBC factions (+rewards) (14%)
  5. Guides to PVP battlegrounds/arena by class (10%)
  6. Tradeskill Guides (6%)
  7. Dungeon Strategy Guides (TBC) (4%)
  8. Guide on Druit Epic Flight Form (3%)

What to do now

Personally I've already started the guide project about best items and how to get them. You can now contribute in 3 ways:

- Either you take one of the subjects above and submit a guide project. People will be able to submit parts of the guide with you and correct errors in collaboration with you. Click here to start a guide project.

- You contribute to existing guide projects. To view all current guide projects, click on projects in the navigation menu to the right. You can request features, submit error reports, work on solutions and write portions of the guides.

- Make donations to the ones writing the guides through Paypal. The publishers of the projects will have their email addresses attached to the project (if they don't appear openly, contact us and we'll put you in relation). You'll be able to send direct donations to the people who work on portions of the guide, submit releases or fix bugs.
(Note though that WoW-Pro doesn't take any responsibility for donations made this way and does not promise anything, we just offer you a place to host your guide)

If you need help for your guide project or if you'd like to ask questions, please post on our forums.

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New Forums!

We've worked on this all day, but now we finally have new forums!


You don't need to log in seperately. If you are logged on our site, you will automatically be logged in on forums as well. The new forum has much less categories and is much easier to navigate. Please make sure to try it out and tell us what you think Smiling

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New Forum: Do not register please!

We are currently setting up a new forum as our old one wasn't very used. Please do not register there. We are aware that it doesn't work yet and that is perfectly normal for the moment. However as soon as everything is functional I'll inform you about it here and you won't have to register a new account there, you'll be able to log in with your WoW-Pro.com account name and password.

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Projects: Easier Participation

We've noticed lately that our old guide project system didn't work quite well. Also guides themselves are often submitted and then abandoned. (no updates, not finished, etc.)

But we are proud to announce that we have implemented a new guide project system that allows everyone to easily participate in improving, writing and maintaining guides.

What to do
Guides where people wish collaboration and active feedback, should from now on be submitted as guide projects.

An example for such a guide project can be found here: click.

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Wowhead sells to ZAM (IGE?) for over 1 million

Apparently it's true, even Wowhead has announced it officially on their site. The popular search engine/database for WoW items has sold out to ZAM network for over 1 million dollars. This is the third similar purchase of ZAM network/IGE after the acquisition of both Allakhazam and Thottbot.

Check out the news for yourself:

Click here.

Thanks for the email btw Eye


Ceck this interview, apparently ZAM has really nothing to do with IGE anymore.

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Be the first to be informed with WoWBlues!

I've discovered a very interesting project today or actually I was informed about it and I'd like to share it with everyone because I think that it's a brilliant idea.

Who hasn't tried to browse the Blizzard forums for information, trying to skim through endless threads to find blue posts that contain a piece of cruicial information about upcoming game features or changes.

Unfortunately Blizzard often publishes very interesting details about upcoming changes burried in some discussions that aren't even stickied. Tons of blue posts are made this way and a lot of information never reaches us.

Popular Guides: Spread the Word!

Everyone knows about Jame's Leveling Guide, but do people also know about our other guides? Check them out, and spread the word! (there are many more, this is just a small selection!)

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Which guide would you like to see next?

Best items outside of raid and how to get them
25% (247 votes)
How to farm the different TBC factions (+rewards)
14% (138 votes)
Dungeon Strategy Guides (TBC)
4% (35 votes)
Tradeskill Guides
6% (57 votes)
Tips for epic flying mount farming
20% (201 votes)
Guide on how to obtain Druid Epic flying form
3% (31 votes)
Guides to PVP battlegrounds/arena by class
10% (96 votes)
Money farming in TBC
18% (179 votes)
Total votes: 984
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