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Itemstats & Private Messages

As of now itemstats is fully functional and you can use it while making guides or posts. This is how it works:

[ item]Full_name_of_your_item_here[/item ]

By putting the correctly spelled name of your item between [ item ][/ item ] tags (without spaces) you should get the following:

[item]Zhar'doom, Greatstaff of the Devourer[/item]
[item]Bulwark of Azzinoth[/item]
[item]Bangle of Endless Blessings[/item]

Furthermore you can use [ itemico ][/ itemico ] tags to show item icons:

[itemico]Magtheridon's Head[/itemico]

Or [ itememb ][/ itememb ] tags to show the loot's description right away:

[itememb]Chronicle of Dark Secrets[/itememb]

Last but not least you can also use [ itembi ][/ itembi ] to show both the icon and the name of the loot:


On another note: Private Messages are working again! On the menu (to the left) you should see your inbox.

Also Guide Link submisson is now fully working, just use the following link:

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A new way to contribute!


We've introduced a brand new section to our site: Guide Links!

What is it?

Everyone of us knows certain sites or links about wow they find useful. But while a site is useful for a certain topic (ex: instance guides) other sites might be much more useful and have much better guides concerning other topics (ex: leveling).
The new Guide Link section gives wow players the opportunity to exchange links, rate them, comment on them and make lists of their favorite wow links.

How can I contribute?

Very simple: Click on create content. There you choose "Guide Links" as type of content. Now what you need is:

  • The title or subject of the guide/post
  • The URL to the guide/post
  • Optional: Author's name or contact information
  • Optional: A short description
It basically takes you about 10 seconds to submit a link! Afterwards everyone will be able to rate it or comment on it.
Why not get started right now? Smiling

Making Money At Low Levels With One Character, A Guide

Or the - Comprehensive Guide to Making Gold No Matter What Your Level

--> Update: October-18-2010

The original intent of this gold making guide was to help new players accumulate the gold they needed for their first mount at level 40. At that time this first mount was quite expensive when one took into account the meager gold making opportunities available. Most brand new players were genuinely unable to make the money needed on their own within those first 40 levels. It would be several levels later that they were able to accumulate the needed gold. It was a small failure in the larger scheme of things but no less demoralizing for the person involved.

The rules surrounding mount acquisition have changed numerous times since this guide was first written. As of this writing, getting your first mount at level 20 is not that hard, nor is getting the fast ground mount at level 40 very difficult. In fact it's essentially trivial. Even getting your first flying mount in Outland isn't all that hard anymore. The amount of money available to players by the introduction of Northrend game content is just about an order of magnitude larger than what came before, just like Burning Crusade content did before that. All that gold has inflated auction house prices greatly. Because of the expanding money supply, making money at low levels is very very easy. I created a mage on a new server recently. At level 15 he has 375 gold. And I only speculated on one item, a blacksmithing pattern. The rest of the money was made selling low level gatherables like silverleaf and copper ore.

Because of the mount changes and expanding money supply, the genuine need for this guide no longer exists, at least at low levels. The only somewhat difficult purchase players have anymore is getting fast flying, or epic flight. Without the reputation discount it is 5000 gold. Even in Northrend it takes a noticable amount of time to accumulate that much gold, specially if it's your first character to get there.

This guide now hopes to provide the tools any player would need to realize their goals, to give a sense of accomplishment. And hopefully allow them to keep making the gold they need when they need it, to take down at least one barrier to enjoyment of the game.

I edited the guide as a whole rather than issuing another appended update. Hopefully this will be the last whole guide edit needed. You can read the previous updates at the bottom of this guide page.

Lastly I must offer a much belated but no less appreciative thank you to all those readers that left comments below. Again, thank you for the kind words.

Now for the guide proper.


Some people will read the following specific pieces of advice and conclude that following them will destroy the fun of the game. I agree, it can easily do just that. I'm not enough of an obsessive to even attempt to follow all of the advice listed here all of the time. Nonetheless, everyone should know about these things. You can't make the choice if you don't even know the option exists.

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Jame back to guide writing & Site updates

As you might have noticed it was a bit quiet the last few weeks around here. This is due to the load of work that Jame and me had to face in RL. Fortunately we are soon done with these obligations and will be back full time to guide writing. The site also badly needs upgrades concerning its design and structure.

Guide Projects will be:

  • Leveling guides from 60-70 Horde/Alliance
  • Guides for all new instances normal/heroic
  • Raid instance guides for Karazhan/SSC/TK/Black Temple/Hyjal
  • How to get your epic flying mount + exhalted with all factions
  • How to get your flying dragon mount
  • Tradeskill guides and much more.

About the site:
If you know Drupal (5.1) and have already worked with it, we are searching for someone (professional) who would like to help out wow-pro by designing a new theme for the website. The best theme will be permanently applied to the site and the theme-designer will of course be paid by us for his efforts. For details, please contact or use the contact form.

A newcomer's Guide to Warcraft - Toogie learned the hard way so you don't have to!

Hi. I decided to make this guide for fun and to kill some down time at work. I will cover many topics from character creation to strategies for making money. It's not a guide to tell you what to do but it will explain many things which should be considered when rolling your first character and many lessons I learned the hard way. I have played this game way too much so I hope this helps some people out there.

Making Your First Character

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