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Welcome on our new site!

As you can see we have moved. It took quite some time to move the old forums and guides to this site and configure everything but now the site is finally ready to be used. There are a few things that are different now, many features are improvements however the forums look totally different now. Even though the forums seem plain at first sight, they are much faster now than the old ones. There is still a lot of work to do on them, mainly about the style, but that will be done soon.

We moved to this cms because our old system was way to buggy and slow. Load times were atrocious sometimes and navigating through the site was just not enjoyable anymore. This system is much faster, cleaner and a lot lighter on the code. Also the site has a 'throttle' function which reduces the sites features if there is a lot of traffic, while still keeping content accessible as fast as possible.

Our site now has stopped trying to provide many different things like downloads and macros as well as guides. We find that we weren't able to focus on anything well enough beside guide making. So we decided to take a load off our shoulder and concentrate fully on guides, which will improve guide quality and the pace at which we'll provide them as well. People are strongly encouraged to participate in guide writing, we have added rewards etc. but all about that can be read here:

Things that still need to be done:

- forums need a rehaul in looks and avaliable features, e.g. badges need to be shown etc.
- join dates are toally messed up, need to be corrected
- the site needs it's theme completely redesigned and graphics need to be made for different parts of the site
- user points need to be rewarded for votes that people get on their guides
- avatars should normally appear in a different spot in comments (outside of forums that is)

(Btw don't forget to use the "read more" link under each post on the front page, what you see is mostly only a teaser).
I won't list all the features that the site has now, I'll let you discover those on your own, though the most important change I want to hint at is that forums aren't used for guides anymore AT ALL. Only for discussing. Another important thing is that for now new and old posts aren't well enough distinguished, so use the "recent posts" link to find all new posts and comments. If you have any suggestions or feedback, use the contact form or write a PM to me. (Btw your PMs were imported, however they might contain a few charset errors, apologies for that)

Btw, usernames have been ported over you can just log in with your username and password, just like on the old site.

- Snowflake

P.S. Another thing: All the links have been fixed inside the guides to match the new site but on the forums most links to other forum topics etc. probably won't work, sorry for that.

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Guide Writing

You want to contribute but aren't sure as to how? Follow this step by step guide on how to contribute correctly:

  • There are three types of contributions you can make, a guide book page, a guide project or a news post:
    • A guide book page - short explanation: This is ONLY for people who have a guide already worked out in their head and want to dedicatedly work alone on a guide with the sole purpose of finishing it as soon as possible. This basically directly adds a page to the existing Guide Books that we already have. Guide book pages may only be edited by their respective author and no one else.
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More exciting news about the upcoming PvP Arena system!

Originally Posted by Drysc, a blue poster on the US blizzard forums:

We've kept a lot in mind while creating the arena system to help make it as centered on player skill as possible, and not time invested. We're looking to help create a place where players can track their achievements and improvements in a fun PvP environment. We're no strangers to the tactics and extent at which players will take a game to help ensure they reach their goal sooner or easier. It can however be minimized by simplifying a system so that the possible benefits available to a player are specific and tangible to everyone, and that the potential for exploitation is reduced as much as possible. With a complex system there will always be that something extra that can give you an edge over someone else, it's the size and availability of the edge that makes the difference though. We think we're making some great progress in creating place where players can come and test their PvP skill against others, have fun, and get some pretty cool rewards out of it too.

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Tradeskill Guides

Guides about tradeskills, professions and gathering skills (recipes, vendors, skill-ups).

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Leveling and Questing Guides

Guides to help you level up your character on Horde and Alliance. Leveling guides on wow-pro are mostly focused on questing. Questing is the way to go and is a lot better than grinding in every possible way, especially when you follow guides which have optimized quest circuits.

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Dungeon and Raid Guides

Guides covering the various PvE (Player vs Environment) aspects of the game, including dungeons, raids, and general PvE strategies.

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Guides in Other Languages

WoW-Guides translated into different languages. If you'd like to translate a guide, send a PM or an email to Snowflake, stating which guide you'd like to translate. She will then send you the source code so you don't have to reformat your guide once it's been translated. If you don't mind reformatting, you can also simply copy paste another guide and add the paste to a child page here in this section.

If your language is not amongst the ones listed in this section, simply create a child page (check below links).

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Guides in Spanish

Guides translated into Spanish.

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Guides in Swedish

Guides translated into Swedish.

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Guide til Ragefire Chasm

Guide til Ragefire Chasm

[i]Oversetterens note: Med tanke på at alle norske spillere i stor grad vil måtte forholde seg til kjente engelske uttrykk når de spiller har jeg valgt å beholde disse i guidene, i stedet for å skape nye norske avarter som folk muligens ikke forstår like godt. Dette gjelder uttrykk som mob, instance, loot, pull, navn på klasser (rogue, warrior) etc. Det kan bli en salig miks til tider men jeg tror det blir mer lettforståelig på denne måten.

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