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Bloodbane's Tirisfal Leveling Guide Part I (1-13) [Undead]

Howdy guys, this is me leveling guide for da horde.
I don't know why, but I somehow felt like writing one, or at least starting to write one, and this is it.

It's based on leveling as fast as possible as an undead.

The class I used in this guide is warrior.

I "tried" to use Jame's style of writing, however this is more the version of Bigger, Longer and Uncut, I'd say, anyway.

Have fun and g'd luck!
Level 1:

You’ll start out in Shadow Grave which is a part of the undead starting area called Tirisfal Glades.

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How to obtain Thunderfury

Thunderfury is one of currently 3 legendary weapons in the game, and is arguebly the best tanking weapon at the moment (due to the high chance of it's proc). It is no small task aquiring it, and here is how

[PvP] The PvP'ers Handbook - Core Rules

Welcome to my baby. This is one of many PvP compendiums that i will be releasing over the following months. In here is the experience from many, many, MANY hardworked hours in the field. Please be respectfull if you disagree/agree with something, in the comment section. It is still a Work In Progress, but i feel i've been holding it out too long because of Patches. So here it is! Happy reading.

Core rules
These are the rules that a serious PvP'er should live by and uphold.

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Player vs. Player Guides

Guides about Player vs. Player gameplay, including specific battleground guides and general PvP info.

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Guild Management Guides

Guides on how to generally organize Guilds. Will include information on guild leveling and guild achievements, as well as guild-based perks and rewards.

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Snowflake's Guide to Darnassus Reputation

Darnassus Reputation


  • At Honored you receive a 10% decrease on vendor purchases and repairs.
  • At Exalted you can purchase a tiger mount and the Tiger Riding Skill. This is not race restricted, meaning that any alliance race can purchase a tiger mount if they are Exalted with Darnassus.

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Reputation Guides

Guides on how to farm reputation points best and what rewards you can get by doing so.

[Blacksmithing] Weaponsmith + Dark Iron spoiler

(Servers are down, so i finally have time to write another gold mine *chuckles*) Weaponsmithing, What? How? and Why? Weaponsmithing is the second evolvement of Blacksmtihing. It can be learned along with Armorsmtihing at Level 40 with a minimum of Blackmsithing 225. Personally i chose Weaponsmtihing mainly cause everyone takes Armorsmithing and its really too mcuh of a bother when some of the best loot items in the game are Armor's, and not weapons.

[Blacksmithing] Imperial Plate Set

(First post, introduction will follow) So, the new armor set aye? The Imperial Plate Armor. Every tankers dream. Problem is just, it does take quite a large amount of Thorium, and Star Ruby's aswell. I'll add the list over total components, bonus's, skill reg's and level reg's. And having a full set myself, i can say that just because its STR/STA based only, dosn't mean it can't look good.

Blacksmithing 101: Dark Iron Crafting/Smelthing/Mining

Well I'm back! Strange times these are, but never the less I'll once against bestow you with the enlightenment of the blacksmith! Laughing out loud

As requested by Arunsun amoung others, I'll try to elaborate the whole "Dark Iron" secret.

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