How to get: Winterspring Epics

[align=center]Winterspring Epics

Now these items are very tricky to get. So i'll try to explain it in an easy way. To be able to get the quests for these items you must first go to UBRS and kill "The Beast" that's a Boss in UBRS. Once killed you must skin The Beast, to skin it you'll need 315+ skining. Once you have skinned him, Finkle will posibly spawn and firsrt then can you get the quest that will lead you to Malyfous Darkhammer in Winterspring (Everlook), and later, the actual Quests for the items.

[Items] How to get: Whipper Root Tuber + Night Dragons Breath

*Guide* Getting Whipper Root Tuber + Night Dragons Breath(+ Windblossom Berries) - by Patrick
(Originally made for the, at the time, newly started guild Nefastus Legio, to help us doing raids.)

Roots, dragons and berries?
You might have heard of Whipper Root Tubers, Night Dragons Breath and Windblossom Berries. These are BoP items, harvested off plants in Felwood. The Tubers/Night Dragons are potion-like items, but the Windblossom Berries are more like food(bread, fruit, pie, etc).

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Guides on how to obtain certain items in the game.

Scholomance Key (Alliance & Horde)

Step 1:

Travel to Tirisfal Glade and go to the Bulwark in the west edge just before Western Plaguelands and talk to High Executor Derrington. Get the quest All Along the Watchtowers, it's marked as elite but it's very easy to do solo as the elites inside the towers won't aggro. Mark all four towers and return to High Executor Derrington and turn in the quest.

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Attunements and Keys

Guides on how to obtain keys and attunements for certain areas of the game such as Onyxia's Lair or Naxxramas.

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Outdoor Raid Encounters

Guides on how to beat outdoor raid encounters like the 4 Emerald Dragons or Lord Kazzak for example.

Blasted Lands Dragon Teremus the Devourer

Teremus the Devourer

Introduction: Teremus the Devourer is the redish-black dragon you see flying around everyday in the Blasted Lands, but dont let what anyone fool you, he is a tough one!

Teremus is level ?? Dragon Boss who wanders the Northern Part of the Blasted Lands *the orange part* till he is killed, making it easy to get to him and often dont have to kill a thing to get to him!

Special Abilities/Important Info:

Teremus has about 70,000-100,000hp

Average Melee hit is about 530 and can crit for up to 1,200hp but not often!

He has a knockback which throws everyone near him up in the air and back away from him about 20yds and deals 450 damage when done and if the warrior does not have good agro will cause the warrior to lose agro

NOTE: This knockback serves as a lifetap which heals himself about 15% everytime he does it up to 20-30 times a fight and gets real annoying... he does not show any clue or sign to when he is going to do it!

He does not summon or call any helpers but some normal mobs from zone could agro

!Recommended Force!

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