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[48-60] Jame's Blackrock Depths Guide (BRD)

Blackrock Depths guide


Blackrock Depths is to this day the biggest instance you can find in Azeroth, it is a huge zone, and this guide will help you to find your way in it. This zone has also the biggest amount of quests ever seen in an instance.

[55-60] Dusi's Guide to Dire Maul East

I do not take credit for writing this it was posted at the European forums first, I did ask the poster if I could copy it and he said it was ok. I can´t link to the post as it is deleted.

[42-46] Zul'Farrak Guide

Zul'Farrak Instance Guide

Quest Gathering:

The quest marked in this color are quests you need to have before entering Zul'Farrak

  • Scarab Shells (lvl 45) given by Tran’Rek in Tanaris.

  • Troll Temper (lvl 45) given by Trenton Lighthammer in Tanaris

  • Tiara of the deep (lvl 46) given by Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh

  • The Prophecy of Mosh’aru (lvl 47) given by Yeh’Kinye in Steeemwheedle Port in Tanaris.

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[35-45] Jame's Uldaman Instance Guide

Jame's Uldaman Instance Guide


Uldaman is one of the not so popular instances, mostly because it's highly misunderstood. The dwarves at the entrance of Uldaman are level 36 Elites mostly, that's the reason why everyone thinks it should be easy to go there at level 40 or so. It's not.

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[33-40] Jame's Scarlet Monastery Guide

Chapter I: The Library


Scarlet Monastery is many people's favorite instance. You will get to love it yourself too. One of the reasons people love it is because it is divided in 4 Mini instances instead a single big one. The advantages of that feature are numerous.

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[24-29] Jame's Razorfen Kraul Guide

Razorfen Kraul Guide

Introduction :

Razorfen Kraul (aka RFK), is a nice little instance, packed with mobs, and can be done in 2 hours if you know where you're going. It's designed for a lvl 30-32+ group. I will try to cover everything that needs to be said and to keep it short.

[28-35] Gnomeregan Instance Guide

Gnomeregan Instance Guide


Gnomeregan has been the gnomes' capital city for generations. Recently, a hostile race of mutant troggs infested several regions of Dun Morogh - including the great gnome city. In a desperate attempt to destroy the invading troggs, High Tinker Mekkatorque ordered the emergency venting of the city's radioactive waste tanks. Several gnomes sought shelter from the airborne pollutants as they waited for the troggs to die or flee.

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[16-26] Snowflake's Shadowfang Keep Guide

Shadowfang Keep Guide


The Shadowfang Keep is a level 18-21 instance which is located in Silverpine Forest. The trash monsters in this instance range from level 18-20, but the bosses are level 20-21.

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[17-23] Jame's Wailing Caverns Guide

The Wailing Caverns Guide


The following guide will show you the optimal way to do Wailing Caverns, how to get to the Boss Mobs, how to complete the quests, and the optimal route to follow.

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[22-30] Jame's The Stockade Instance Guide

The Stockade Guide


The Stockade is available to the Alliance only. The Stockade is probably the quickest and easiest existing instance. As a counterpart, the bosses don't drop blue loots (besides one named which doesn't always spawn). On the other hand, you can gather most of the quests quickly and finish the whole instance under an hour, and get a great experience boost.

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