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Jame's Videos

This is just a list of all the videos I've done for my guides. It's for me to keep track of them but also for people to watch them if they're interested or for the nostalgia effect.

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Leveling Guide Videos - Updated 16th October

If you followed my guides in the past, you've probably seen a few of my videos. Generally, I make a video for difficult quests, because it's simply easier to show how to do it than to describe it with words sometimes.

In the future, I'll be using videos more often to show how to do difficult quests, like soloing certain elite quests in my Wotlk leveling guides. But I'll also use videos for my class specific leveling guides, to show you how to get the most out of your class and explain certain mechanics.

Anyway, here's the first video of a long series of videos to come, it explains how to AoE stuff as a Death Knight and it will be part of my Death Knight Leveling Guide in the future (this is just a preview version though, the final video will be in high quality and be more polished).

You can view it on my blog: Video - Death Knight AoE Killing - Basics

Latest Video: Death Knight AoE Grinding - Zero Downtime

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Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide

That's right, I'm already working on it. It's far from being complete, but I thought I'd update you guys on what I'm doing.

I am of course working primarily on the Northrend 70-80 Leveling Guide for both Horde and Alliance, but whenever I need a little break from it, I go right back to my Death Knight, because it's so much fun!

Anyway, my Death Knight guide will be my first class specific guide and I must say it's coming along very nicely so far, I can't wait to release it so that you guys can try it out. If you want more details about my class leveling guides, please check my latest blog post: Jame's Death Knight Leveling Guide.

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Revamp of Alliance Leveling Guide done!

Jame just finished revamping the Alliance Leveling Guide with the last chapter (50-60):

Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Chapter III (50-60)

The old version of the guide can still be accessed here.

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Jame's Alliance leveling Guide - Chapter I Revamped!

Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide is finally getting its well deserved revamps as mentioned in this news post. You can now access the updated version here. The old guide is still available under this link.

Also please note that Boston wrote an awesome guide for levels 20-30, which we were lacking since a long time. I've tested the guide myself and it works very well.

Jame is currently putting finishing touches on the second chapter of the Horde Leveling Guide (65-70), which will be the final chapter of Jame's Leveling Guides before Wrath of the Lich King. However be sure that this time we'll deliver the leveling guides for the new expansion as fast as possible after release. That's why we are getting most of the work out of the way right now.

Once Jame is done with his guide, he will help me to revamp the last two chapters of the Alliance guide, meaning that the next revamps will be published faster than planned.

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Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter IV (51-60) revamp: released!

After hours of editing, Jame and I finally finished revamping the 4th chapter of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Smiling I'll add a few more pictures to it over the coming days and the guide is of course, as always in beta, so if you know a quest to add or something that needs to be corrected still, leave a comment and tell us about it!

On top Jame is almost done with chapter 5 of his Horde Leveling Guide and he thinks it'll be published in two days (pretty sure actually), so you can look forward to that too!

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Testers Needed for Horde Leveling Guide (21-31)

If you have a character in that level range and a little spare time, please test the above mentioned guide and tell us the following things:

  • Race of the character you leveled with
  • Did you follow any guide to get to level 21? If yes, which.
  • How much exp did you have in level 21 when you started.
  • Was the guide off when it said you "should" ding? If yes, at which levels and by how much experience points was it off (approximately).
  • Any other suggestions you might have.

(Just make a quick reply to this post, you don't even need to answer all points if you don't have the info)

This would really help us to see if the guide has any flaws and if we still need to make any adjustments for it to become as accurate as possible.


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Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (41-51) Revamped!

Jame's Horde Leveling Guide, Chapter III (41-51) has been revamped and adapted to patch v2.3 changes, as mentioned in this news post.

The guide is almost complete now, however I will add a few more images tomorrow.

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Jame's Horde Leveling Guide Chapter II Revamped!

Chapter II of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide has been revamped. A LOT of things have been changed/improved (this is not a full list):

  • Kill everything on your way rule has been lifted unless you lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide
  • Both big grinding sessions at the start and at the end of the original guide have been removed and replaced by quest circuits
  • Quests that aren't elite anymore have been integrated
  • New patch 2.3 content has been integrated
  • Maps have been remade and a lot of errors have been corrected
  • Detailed map for Shimmering Flats circuit has been added
  • Dustwallow Marsh circuits have been added
  • The guide now takes you to level 41.
  • Overall grinding has been decreased and leveling should be possible at a faster pace than before

This is now the second guide that has been revamped. Previously Chapter I of Jame's Horde Leveling Guide was revamped as well. For more information on when which guide is going to be revamped, please check this news post.

Revamping the guides, for us, isn't only about adapting to the changes that were introduced with patch v2.3. We take this as an opportunity to make changes and updates to the guides that were due since a long time. We really want those leveling guides to be perfect so all the members of the WoW-Pro community can fully enjoy them. Your comments and feedback have so far been a great help, please continue testing the guides and telling us your opinion.

Jame is currently finishing Chapter 5 of the Alliance leveling guide and although the release was scheduled for today, he'll probably need one more day to do the text formatting.

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Revamp of Jame's Leveling Guides: Release dates

As mentioned in this news post, all of Jame's Leveling Guides will be revamped, to adapt to the changes that were introduced with patch v2.3.

Since many have been asking, I'm going to list approximate release dates as I'm in charge of testing the guides and adapting them. I'm currently running through the horde guides with a Blood Elf character and making leveling guides for blood elves at the same time, because they were lacking.

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