Battle Pet World Quests

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Below you can find guides for the battle pet world quests, sorted by zone.

Battle Pet World Quests Guides


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Slight Revamp of Pet World Quests

I've changed the guides to work off the World Quest QID.

I've tinkered with the addon so that new world quests should trigger the correct guide switch.  It is not 100% reliable.

So for now you just have to switch to the right guide before/after the Quest pops up and then the guide automatically selects the right quest and pets and all.

Works nicely now, and if I could get the auto-guide select working, it will be better.

Uploading my edits now.

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There used to be a way to type in a qid  and the guide would go to that step. If the qid shows on the tool tip [via an addon, I presume ], that would be a much easier way than clicking off unnecessary quests.

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Hmm, let me think about it.  

Hmm, let me think about it.   The guide already knows the names and quids of the quests.  What if I let you click on the quest name in the "Current Gude" and it would prompt you to do only the needed PRE quests for that quest.


If you right click on the guide window, there is an option to set the guide to a QID and any pre-requisistes.



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Pre Steps

I would think it would be run steps that we need to find, as in per your map (or phone app) you see that Sunflower Sue (QID=12345) in Sunnydale is a WQ today.

The idea would be to have an easy way to get you to the R steps

F Sunnydale|QID|12345|M|x,y|

R Run to Jonas Farm|QID|12345|M|x,y|Z|Sunnydale|N|Find Sunny Sue behind the barn.|

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Yepppp, but I think that

Yepppp, but I think that would overcomplicate things a little bit, wouldn't it? In that case we'd need the user to have another addon, which tells the QID, which then needs to be told to the guide.

I agree though, that the current solution is not the most elegant, but this was the best I could think of. I tried to help though, the world quests in the guide are ordered by zone and then alphabetically, so if one starts from Dalaran, ideally he/she needs to click through the guide only once.