Glop and Pebble Achievements

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The Glop Family Line Source Code

WoWPro.Achievements:RegisterGuide("TwiGlop","Deepholm","The Glop Family Line","Quests", "Cataclysm", "Twists", "Neutral", function()
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N Achievement|QID|28390|ACH|5446;1|S|
A Glop, Son of Glop|QID|28390|M|59.60,14.05|N|From Ruberick.|
C Glop, Son of Glop|QID|28390|M|69.75,31.74|N|Head to the first fork in the tunnel. If the Earthmender isn't there, it means someone else is doing the event. Talk to the Earthmender to start, then chase down Glop and kill him. There is an achievement for doing this without taking damage from the exploding mushrooms.|
T Glop, Son of Glop|QID|28390|M|55.07,13.61|N|To Ruberick.|


Rock Lover Source Code

WoWPro.Achievements:RegisterGuide("TwiPebble","Deepholm","Rock Lover","Quests", "Cataclysm", "Twists", "Neutral", function()
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N Achievement|QID|26710|ACH|5449;1|S|
A Lost In the Deeps|QID|26710|M|55.4,14.0|N|From Pyrite Stonetender.|
C Lost In the Deeps|QID|26710|M|58.26,25.12;63.07,20.88|CS|N|Follow the big worm to the center section, then take the second right. Follow that around and in a full circle. Reverse direction to get back out of the cave.|
T Lost In the Deeps|QID|26710|M|55.4,14.0|N|To Pyrite Stonetender.|