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IMPORTANT: GUIDELINES FOR EDITING! Only links which leads to sites telling something about the following are allowed: The history of the races (both playable and non-playable). The history and lore of the dungeons and their interaction with the history of warcraft. The history and lore behind the different areas in and outside of Azeroth. Also description of the chapters of warcrafts history already listed are allowed. If something on the list are missing. Or if you think you know a good addition to the guide PM me or leave a comment!

Knowing your Lore is gonna be the final product of a little brainstorming about what I could do, to spread the knowledge of Warcraft's Lore and history.
My thoughts about Warcraft Lore/history is that many people don't know what its about. Practically its like running around your hometown without knowing the name of it.

This guide will provide you with direct links leading you to the more/less informational sites out on the big internet. In that way the guide is aiming for making it easy for everyone left behind to catch up with the storyline and understanding their place in the world.


Links: The History of Warcraft

Chapter I

???? - 7300 years before Warcraft

Chapter 1 in the Warcraft history covers the story from the Titans founding of the world and Sargeras founding of The Burning Legion, until the exile of the High Elves

Chapter II

6800 - 45 years before Warcraft

Chapter two is the chapter where we get our first knowledge about the humans. The main story in this chapter is The Troll Wars. The trolls of Zul' Aman fighting the High Elves to the north, and the High Elves seeking help at the humans.
Also the awakening of the dwarfs from within the ancient Titan city of Uldaman is found here.

Chapter II

Chapter III

The master of The Burning Legion, Sargeras, are planning the second invasion of Azeroth. Sargeras sends Kil' Jaeden to the planet Draenor within The Twisting Nether, where Orcs and Draeneis live. Kil' Jaeden forced the orcs to learn the dark warlock powers, and they became The Shadow Council.

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chaper IV

Chapter V

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Not written yet (Coming Soon)...

Chapter VI

Links: Playable Races and their history


Everything about Orcs.


Everything about the Darkspear Tribe. A.k.a. the Trolls of the Horde.


Everything about the Tauren.


Everything about the Forsaken. A.k.a. the Undead of the Horde.

Blood Elf




Night Elf


Links: Non-playable races and their history

Links: Instances/raids connection to the history/lore of Warcraft

Links: The Religions of World of Warcraft

Wowhead posted a magnificent article about religions in WoW


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