Shaman Restoring

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Resto Shaman Redefined

Hello fellow shamans.This is a testing page on how we can do this together in the wotlk especially when we have 2 added new skills which is totally awesome.

Cast Earth Shield, Cast Riptide and cast chain heal.. thats all u need when healing in this new patch. The most awesome thing bout all these is when you crit, almost 30 to 40% of the time in your heals, you will summon a spirit to heal the lowest health member in the party.

Throw in a lot of Lesser Healing Waves too as now mana is not a problem with the improved water shield both in the resto and enhance tree.


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Seriously speaking

Being serious is a question of WHY? Jawdropping! Im a big big fan of the shaman class in WOW and somehow i think shaman is underrated Eye which is why i started this guide to show the awesomeness of shamanism in wow. have fun reading when im done

Being serious is a question of WHY?

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Hey, I'm sure it will be

Hey, I'm sure it will be nice when it's done, but right not it's really so short that I can't let it be on the front page. We'll put it back there once it's in a more complete state Smiling