[Holidays] Love Is In The Air - wowhead comment collection

This is a very quickly put together guide for the holiday event "Love is in the air".
It is simply a collection of all the best bits of info from Wowhead.com
and 90% of it should be credited to Hunterios as if it wasn't for his hard work i would have had nothing to copy!
Hope its of some use, and like i say its a very rushed guide as we only have a little amount of time until the event is over!

EDIT - Much much Much more indept guide wowhead guide - Probably should have found that first!!

Hope its of some help



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We are recently working on

We are recently working on improving the quality of content here on WoW-Pro.com, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see the full news post detailing this process.

Your guide has been moved to the archive section for the following reasons:

  • High quality guide but no longer relevant (holiday has been very significantly changed in 2010)

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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A very useful way to get all

A very useful way to get all the information needed quickly Smiling

If you want to collaborate on something a little more polished for next year, I wrote myself a few pages of notes during the down time on the first day of the event, so it would be simply a matter of fromatting that =D

PM me, if you want Smiling

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For someone who doesn't pvp

For someone who doesn't pvp outside the occasional wintergrasp, what is the easiest way to get the Arathi Basin Blacksmith part of the I Pitied the Fool achievement?

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You don't have a choice,

You don't have a choice, you're going to have to run into Arathi Basin to get it!

Eh, come on, a lil PvP for some achievements can't hurt, can it?


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Besides, unlike the little

Besides, unlike the little helper achievement, you should definitely be able to get this one in one try for each battleground.

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Got any tips

Got any tips for a Marks hunter, and is someone who generally sucks at pvp?

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I haven't done it myself,

I haven't done it myself, but don't you just have to drop your "Love Fool" down at the Blacksmith, pity him, and you're done? All you have to do is run over to the Blacksmith right away at the beginning, there shouldn't be allies there yet. If you mean something else, forgive my comment Eye

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For Nation of Adoration its

For Nation of Adoration its worth noting that you must get the Gift of Adoration from a named NPC, it will not work if you get it from a Guard.

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Towards the top,

Towards the top, Hearthmender should be Heartmender (Heart not Hearth).

Also Shafted is not large to match the other achievement titles.

Haven't looked at it in detail yet, but seems useful and detailed enough overall, I'll try using it tomorrow when I go do the seasonal stuff Smiling