[Mage] Iceyterror's 3.2 Mage AOE Guide

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I recently started playing my level 72 mage after learning of some AOE grinding sites in Northend. I am not an expert on mages. I am just a casual player who loves to AOE when not following the WOW-PRO Leveling guides. Feel free to Armory me to see my current spec. Iceyterror's Armor Check out my movie Iceyterror's AOE Grinding movie









Your talents can make or break your AOE experience but some depend on your personal style and preference. This is the list of Talents in the order in which I would take them.


Ice Floes 3/3
Imp Frostbolt 2/2
Frostbite DO NOT TAKE! Some people like Frostbite but it NEVER worked for me with AOE.

Precision 3/3
Permafrost 1/1
Ice Shards 3/3

Imp Blizzard 3/3
Icy Veins 1/1
Shatter 3/3

Piercing Ice 3/3
Cold Snap 1/1

Frost Channeling 3/3
Winter's Chill 3/3
Cold as Ice 2/2

Ice Barrier 1/1
Shattered Barrier 2/2 Extra Frost Nova when IB breaks!
Arctic Winds 5/5

Fingers of Frost 2/2
Summon Water Element 1/1
Arctic Reach 1/1

Enduring Winter 3/3 (Only for Raids/Instances/Party Mana Regeneration if you want)

Chilled to the Bone 5/5

Deep Freeze Stun a frozen target /lol Do not take!

Level 60 Frost Talents

Talents now vary according to your preference. Fill in Frostbolt Talents or move to Arcane or Fire Tree.


There is not a not to say here but get your cloth, enchants, and gems with the following priority:


*This is my own preference. Enchant/gem any area that you feel is lacking.



1. Glyph of Evocation This one is Awesome! Regenerates your health as well!
2. Glyph of Ice Barrier
3. Your choice Glyph of Molten Armor for more crits or Glyph of Mana Gem if you need more mana


None will help you so pick whatever you like:
1. Glyph of Slowfall
2. Glyph of Arcane Intelligence
3. Glyph of the Penguin


It is not recommended that you exclusively AOE as you will out on a lot of gear, rewards, achievements, and faction...howver that doesnt mean that you can fly through a few levels here and there having fun!

1-58 Old World content - Just AOE your quest mobs
58-61 Hellfire Peninsula Bonestripper Buzzard
60-65 Hellfire Peninsula Bonestripper Vulture
61-64 Zangarmarsh Bog Lords & Withered Giants
67-68 Netherstorm Zaxxis Raiders
69-72 Howling Fjord Risen Vrykul Ancestor
70-75 Dragonblight Onslaught Infantry
78-80 Icecrown Skeletal Runesmith

+ many more great spots you will find leveling!


Armor Preference as you level:
1. Molten Armor Best for Crits
2. Mage Armor For more Mana Regeneration
3. Ice ArmorProtection

Buff yourself as needed with Arcane Intelligence, Molten Armor, Ice Barrier, and Mana Shield

Ride around the outside of a group of mobs just close enough to aggro them but try to avoid getting hit. Once you have them grouped up, head to a spot where you want to freeze them. I prefer to let my Ice Barrier break so that Shattered Barrier freezes mobs in place, saving my Frost Nova for emergencies.

A split second before Ice Barrier breaks, and you will learn with practice, Blink away. The result is that the mobs are frozen in place as you port to safety. (see video)

Turn around and cast 2 Blizzards. I use a macro to combine Icy Veins with it:

/cast Icy Veins (no global cool down)
/cast Blizzard

When mobs get too close or casts are over, you can then re-cast Ice Barrier or Frost Nova. Take a few steps away from mobs and Blizzard again. This will normally kill mobs about your level or below depending on gear, if not throw out another Blizzard or Arcane Explosion

Rinse & Repeat

6. Tips & Tricks

When pulling, if Ice Barrier breaks and mobs are not close or grouped up nice then Ice Block, wait till they are piled up on you, then Frost Nova and Blink.

When mobs resist your Ice Barrier and Frost Nova and some are till walking towrds you, summon your Water Elemental and use the Pets ability to Freeze. This will put an area target on your mouse to place on mobs.

When everything is on Cool Down and it is going bad, use Cold Snap to reset all frost timers, Frost Nova and Blink.

Be sure to check out my video Iceyterror's AOE Grinding Movie


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I think you use the wrong

I think you use the wrong tooltip for Glyph of molten Armour.