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Started a new char and thought i’d add some fun to the leveling. By making a Walkthrough.

Race: Undead

Class: Warrior

This Chapter uses every quest in Tirisfal. What order to do them for minimum time.
I tried using Jame’s way of writing walkthroughs because they are very easy to read and follow.
Just like I want mine to be.

The Walkthrough:

Dekaras Leveling Walkthrough.

A few headers I want to mention before starting the walkthrough:

Kill everything all the time while traveling between places. That way you are always grinding and won’t loose any time/exp while running backand forth while questing.

I started this right after a patch had been so the X,Y coordinates from CT Mod don’t work atm so I will have to explain where places are.

Level 1, Deathknell

Run up the stairs and talk to Undertaker Mordo. You will get the quest:

  • Rude Awakening

Follow the path to town and into the Chapel.

  • Rude Awakening

Accept the new quest:

  • The Mindless Ones

To the north-east of the chapel are the Mindless Zombies and Wretched Zombies.
I killed about 10 zombies too many. I leveled up once.
Level 2


  • The Mindless Ones

After completing the quest I leveled up again to level 3.

Level 3

  1. Accept these new quests inside the Chapel:
    • Simple Scroll
    • Rattling the Rattlecages
    • The Damned
  2. Run to the Inn and complete:
    • Simple Scroll
  3. Also take the moment to sell off loot and buy your skills (For Warriors: Get Battle Shout from the warrior trainer).
  4. Now start off from south-east of the city and work your way around the City while killing all Scavangers, Duskbats, Rattlecages. I leveled up to 4 while killing them.

Level 4

  1. Run back to the Chapel and complete:
    • Rattling the Rattlecages
    • The Damned
  2. Accept the follow up quest from Novice Elreth in the Chapel and the 2 quests just outside the Chapel:
    • Marla’s Last Wish
    • Scavenging Deathknell
    • Night Web’s Hollow
  3. Go to the inn and sell off loot and buy your new skills. (For warriors: Get the skills: Charge, Rend.)
  4. Now run through the town gathering the Scavenged Goods on your way to the ruined camp north-east of deathknell.
  5. After you have [Samuel’s Remains]. Open up the map and in the north-west of Deathknell you should see a cave.
    Go there and kill Spiders for the Night Web’s Hollow quest.

Once I was done with the spiders I had also gotten level 5.

Level 5

  1. Now go to the little graveyard right next to the chapel (north of it).
    Plant the [Samuel’s Remains] in Marla’s Grave, the grave will be highlighted when you hover the cursor over it.
    Now complete these quests:

    • Scavenging Deathknell
    • Marla’s Last Wish
    • Night Web’s Hollow
  2. Accept the follow up from Executor Arren:
    • The Scarlet Crusade
  3. Now go sell off all the loot in your containers.
    East of Deathknell is the Scarlet Camp. Just slay them until you got the 12 Scarlet Armbands.
    I leveled to 6 during this.

Level 6

  1. Head back to Deathknell and complete:
    • The Scarlet Crusade

    Grab the Follow up:

    • The Red Messenger
  2. The Red Messanger is in the same camp you were in before outside one tent, his name is Meven Korgal.
  3. Take the [Scarlet Crusade Documents] form his corpse.
  4. Go back to Deathknell and complete:
    • The Red Messenger

    Accept the Follow up:

    • Vital Intelligence
  5. Sell all the loot in the Inn and buy your new skills. (For Warriors, get the skills: Parry, Thunder clap)
  6. Follow the road leading north from Deathknell. When you reach the gate. Accept the Quest from Calvin Montague:
    • A Rogue’s Deal
  7. Keep on going and through the gate untill you come to a fork in the road.
    Deathguard Simmer should be standing there. Accept his quest:

    • Fields of Grief
  8. Once done. Go to Brill. Have a lookout on the way for big blue monster called Gordo. Accept his quest:
    • Gordo’s Task
  9. Continue to Brill.
    Complete the quests:

    • Fields of Grief
    • Vital Intelligence
    • A Rogue’s Deal
  10. There are a lot of Rare mobs called ‘Lost Soul’ Don’t bother chasing them for the loot cause they aint got anything different than a normal lvl 7 mob would.
  11. Inside the first house you will come across you will find Nissa Agamand.
    Thurman and Gregor Agamand patrol along the tower and roads, Just walk around here and kill everything until you find them.
    I was lucky and looted [A letter from Yvette] from a Cracked Skull Soldier.
    Accept the quest you get from reading it (if you find it)

    • A letter Undelivered
  12. Once you have all the Skulls for [Death in the Family] and Devlin’s Remains and 5 Notched ribs and 3 Blackened Skulls return to Brill.

Complete the quests:

  • The Mills Overrun
  • The Haunted Mills
  • Deaths in the Family
  • A letter Undelivered (inside Gallows end tavern) (480 exp from this quest for those that coul’nt find the letter)

I leveled up to 11 while completing the quests.

Level 11

  1. Accept the new quest:
    • Speak with Sevren
  2. Go to Sevren and complete:
    • Speak with Sevren

    Accept the new quest:

    • The Fam
  1. Sell Loot. I also bought two 6 slot containers from the npc now. I had found 2 earlier from mobs.
    Your choice if you want to sell uncommon items you loot on the AH or to a npc vendor.
    I choose to sell on AH.Now I traveled to Undercity to put my uncommons on AH and my slumber sand in my bank, do what you want with it but i will save it.
    At the mage quarter complete the quest:

    • The Prodigal Lich
  2. Leave Undercity and follow the roads leading to the Plaguelands. There’s a little camp on the road that splits where you choose to continue further into the Plaguelands or to the Monastary.

    • Forsaken Duties
  1. Continue on the road leading to Plaguelands until you get to Balnir Farmstead.
    Slay 8 Bleeding Horrors and 8 Wandering Spirits. Watch out for a rare mob, looks like a blue ghost. It shoots Arcane Missiles.
  2. Once done, Go north-east from the Balnir Farmstead and climb the mountain to the tower.
    Kill 5 Scarlet Friars and Captain Vachon.
  3. Once you’re done. Go east and kill all spiders until you have 4 Venoms.
  4. Take the western exit from Venomweb Vale and run down the hill to Brightwater Lake.
    Swim to the little island called Gunther’s Retreat. Take the book from his camp.
  5. Go back to Deathguard Linnea and complete:
    • Rearguard Patrol

    Continue to Undercity to the mage quarter to complete:

    • The Lich’s Identity

    Accept the follow-up:

    • Return the Book

Go to Brill and complete:

  • At War With The Scarlet Crusade
  • A New Plague
  • Return to the Magistrate

I leveled up to 12 From completing these quests.

Level 12

  1. Accept the new follow-up:
    • A New Plague

    Go to the cellar of Gallows end tavern and complete:

    • A New Plague
  2. Sell loot. Buy your new skills. (For warriors, get the skills: Overpower, Battle Shout, Shield Bash.)
  3. Travel forward to The Monastary.
    Once you get to choose between 2 direction where the road splits up, one leads to monastary and other is unkown. Troad which leads to a tower where Captain Melrache and his 2 bodyguards are. Slay them and go to Gunther’s Retreat.
  1. Complete:
    • Return the Book


    • g Allegiance
  2. Grab a candle from the crate infront of Gunther.
    Go to the little island south-west from Gunther’s Retreat.
    Summon Lillith Nefara. Kill her.
    Go back to Gunther and complete:
    • Proving Allegiance


    • The Prodigal Lich Returns
  3. Back to Brill and complete:
    • At war with the Scarlet Crusade
  4. Sell Loot.
  5. Go to Agamand Hills.
    In the north-east part of the Agamand Hills is a crypt. Enter it.
    First Level on the east side you will find a weapon rack. Loot it for the [Agamand].

Go down the stairs and you’ll find the second weapon rack. Loot it for the [Agamand Family Mace].
Right across the room is another Weapon rack. Loot it for the [Agamand Familt axe]
Go down again the stairs in the middle. In this room is Captain Dargol. Kill him.
Left side of the room is the last weapon rack. Loot it for the [Agamand Familt sword].
I Leveled to 13 here.

Level 13

Go back to Brill.

  • Agamand Heirlooms
  • The Family Crypt

Finally a decent weapon as a reward!

Sell Loot.
Go to Undercity mage quarter and complete:

  • The Prodigal Lich Returns

Take this moment now to put uncommons on ah, whatever is in bank etc and await my next chapter if you liked this one :].

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    May 20, 2008 @ 17:05 pm

    Nice just 1 ProblemNice just 1 problem I dont know how the hell you dinged lvl 6 while killing for those Scarlet Armbands when I had gotten 6/12 i only had 1600 xp maybe its coz I didnt kill everything between the travels coz im mage so I would loose alot of time if I had to do that because after 2 fights I need to drink:D


    Main Studmuffin,Hunter

    [i]Amin’s note: Changed “i” to “I”. Please use proper capitalization in the future.[/i]

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    Aug 31, 2007 @ 12:54 pm

    there is a needWell, low level area guides actually save you time if you don’t know the area yet and don’t know the circles to do the quests in.

    “Kill everything you come across within 2 levels of you, accept and complete every quest you can find.
    Following that will pretty much get you the same thing.”

    It will get you to the same thing, but it won’t in the same time if you don’t do the right circles. I can’t make out if there are good circles in here because there’s much time since I did my last Forsaken toon, but in general, Starting Area Guides ARE useful.

    Numbered maps and/or coords would have made it all easier though.

  • img
    May 27, 2007 @ 1:07 am

    Ok I guess.The guide was ok, in that it gave you some direction. However, in the time it took me to leave the WoW screen, read the guide, then to back to wow every time I finished/started, I could have just read the quest and gotten the same information.

    Really, there’s no need for questing guides for starting locations, and the next city over. If there was, it could look like this:

    Kill everything you come across within 2 levels of you, accept and complete every quest you can find.

    Following that will pretty much get you the same thing.

    If you were using this as sort of a warm up to writing further guides for yourself, I could understand that, great place to start. In which case, this one was well written, and following other guides put out like this would be easy. James sort of set the tone with his, lol.

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    Mar 24, 2007 @ 3:49 am

    NICE!Nice work but funny part i was always 1 lvl above ur guide even followed and was non rested…was lvl 14 and 5 bars when ended 🙂 thx and 13+ guide woulda be fine for ud to ye

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    Feb 25, 2007 @ 13:36 pm

    Guide is good, but theGuide is good, but the running around from place to place doesn’t seem well thought out.

  • img
    Feb 16, 2007 @ 23:24 pm

    Great guide! I was 13 in aGreat guide! I was 13 in a few hours

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