10-steps to fail on leveling!


Hi there!
Yes, you read it! This is my super-duper guide on how to FAIL leveling/playing World of Warcraft!
Follow these steps, and I can assure you; you’ll never(or atleast it will take you a loooong time to) hit level 60/70/80!

As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking: “Heh, this is just a load of bull. To hell with this” – BUT! This might actually be usefull!

So we start!

If you want to fail hardly, keep making those alts!
I mean, WHO doesn’t want to explore every, single class in the game?! or even every class on EVERY race? Sounds like fun! (..?)

Auction House
Who needs Gold to progress anyway? If you want that epic level 47-item on level 72, WHY THE HELL NOT?! BUUUUY!!!

Hah.. music just slows you down! I absolutely HATE listening to fast/aggressive metal music while PvP/PvE’ing! Just makes me bored, and I soon log off. Even slow, but still catchy, music like country is the last thing I want to hear while playing!

We’re gamers! Who needs food?! You’ll be MUCH more awake and consentrated if you just lay off the food’n’drinks.

Having an Out-Of-WoW-Life
World of Warcraft is our life! Who needs IRL friends when we can talk to other players – or even NPCs? I’ve even talked to Haris Pilton – Beat that!

For the love of God, do NOT use guides! They slow you down – bigtime! I assume you already know all the quests available, so there’s no need for any stupid, timeconsuming guide – especially not Jame’s Leveling Guide. It sucks! (Sorry, Jame. I hope you have your sense of humor intact. :o)

Comming soon..

Comming soon..

Comming soon..

Comming soon..

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