[35-45] Jame’s Uldaman Instance Guide


Jame’s Uldaman Instance Guide


Uldaman is one of the not so popular instances, mostly because it’s highly misunderstood. The dwarves at the entrance of Uldaman are level 36 Elites mostly, that’s the reason why everyone thinks it should be easy to go there at level 40 or so. It’s not. Well, you can do the first half of Uldaman with a group of 40s but not the other half (which is at the same time the most interesting one).

The quest line is also rather complicated so most people get confused and give up. Well with this guide, you will know all the secrets and will even be able to complete all the good Uldaman quests in one instance run. And these quests are a huge XP boost, namely 3 of them give more than 5000 XP each.

Level range:

  • Level 38 Minimum
  • Level 40 is Optimal
  • Level 45 Maximum or things will start to be grey to you

Try to have the average of your group around level 38-42. The healer of course can be the lowest one, it doesn’t matter.

Group composition:

  • Healer: Priest, Druid, Shaman or Paladin
  • Tank: Warrior, Paladin, Feral druid
  • Mage is really nice to have, there are some parts where AoE is useful.
  • Any DPS class (Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, etc) is of course always welcome.

Quest gathering:


  • [35] A sign of Hope (Dungeon) To get this quest you must first find a Crumpled Map in Badlands at Hammertoe’s Excavation site (53,34). It’s on the floor under the tent next to a big keg. Accept the quest and go talk to Prospector Ryedoll further south, he will give you the quest.
  • [38] Agmond’s Fate (Dungeon) To get that quest you first have to talk to Prospector Stormpike in the Hall of Explorer in Ironforge and get the quest [37] Ironband wants you! then go to Prospector Ironband (65,65) in Loch Modan and get the quest [38] Find Agmond where you need to click on a Battered Dwarven Skeleton (50,62) in Badlands. This will get you the quest [42] Murdaloc which you can complete directly next to the Dwarven Skeleton. Then go back to Prospector Ironband and finally get [38] Agmond’s Fate (Dungeon)
  • [40] The Lost Dwarves (Dungeon) from Prospector Stormpike in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge.
  • [42] Uldaman Reagent Run (Dungeon) I suggest to ignore this quest, it’s a waste of time. If you still want to do it, to get it you first need to complete [39] Badlands Reagent Run from Ghak Healtouch in Thelsamar (Loch Modan).
  • [43] Reclaimed Treasures (Dungeon) from Krom Stoutarm in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge. The target of this quest is outside the instanced part of Uldaman.


  • [41] Necklace Recovery (Dungeon) given by Dran Droffers in the drag in Orgrimmar.
  • [42] Uldaman Reagent Run (Dungeon) given by Jarkal Mossmeld in Kargath. I suggest to ignore this quest, it’s a waste of time. If you still want to do it, to get it you first need to complete [39] Badlands Reagent Run given by Jarkal Mossmeld also.
  • [43] Reclaimed Treasures (Dungeon) given by Patrick Garrett in the Undercity.


  • [36] Power Stones (Dungeon) From Rigglefuzz in Badlands (42,52). You can actually finish this quest by killing the elite dwarfs which are outside the instanced part of Uldaman. This may take a while though and the reward is only 2100 XP or so. So don’t bother finishing this quest unless you are very close after completing the other quests.
  • [40] Solution to Doom (Dungeon) given by Theldurin the Lost in Badlands (51,76)

Mage only:

  • [40] Power in Uldaman (Dungeon)



  1. Bind in Ironforge.
  2. Get all the quests listed above (you can skip Uldaman Reagent Run though, it’s not worth it) besides the ones referring to this section.
  3. Now here is the deal, two of the main quests in Uldaman require you to do stuff in Uldaman outside the instanced part and then back to Ironforge to get the follow ups which then send you back into Uldaman. Most groups won’t have the patience to let you go back in town to get your follow ups,
    so that means normally you’d have to go to Uldaman at least twice. If you want to do all the Uldaman quests in one run, here is what you must do:At level 42+ try to find yourself a partner to duo with (doing this solo is really hard) and go to Uldaman, go down the first tunnel and clear the way until Hammertoe Grez (check the map below). Talk to him and get the follow up.
    From Hammertoe go down and you will arrive at the area named “Dig one”. At the first Fork, take the tunnel to the left, then you’ll be facing another fork, clear towards the left until you find Magregan Deepshadow (38 Elite dwarf) and kill him. Loot “Hammertoe’s Amulet” from him. Go back to Hammertoe and get the follow up quest [40] Prospect of Faith. Then keep on killing Elite dwarves (can easily duo them at level 43+) outside the instanced part of Uldaman until one of them drops a Shattered Necklace. Right-click it to start the quest [41] The Shattered Necklace.Get out of Uldaman and go talk to Prospector Ryedoll (53,43), get the follow up quest then go to Ironforge and talk to Talvash del Kissel in the Mystic Ward. Get the follow up quest [41] Lore for a Price from him, then bring him 5 Silver Bars and get the follow up:

    [42] Back to Uldaman (Dungeon).

    Then go to the Hall of Explorers and talk to Historian Karnik, get the follow up, talk to Advisor Belgrum to the left of Historian Karnik. Get the follow up and talk to Historian Karnik again. Get the quest: [44] An Ambassador of Evil (Elite).

    Go back to Badlands with at least one person and go to the Angor Fortress, clear your way there to the main room and kill the Fire elemental named “Ambassador Infernus”. It’s a level 42 elite fire elemental and it has two non-elite lvl 38-39 golem guards. So that’s why you most likely can’t do it solo, and it will be hard even for two level 42+. Loot the bracers from the elemental and then go back to Ironforge and talk to Advisor Belgrum, get the quest:

    [45] The Lost Tablets of Will (Dungeon)

You are ready to go, get your group together and head to Uldaman!


  1. Get all the quests listed above in the ‘Horde’ and ‘Both’ sections.
  2. Bind in Kargath Outpost (Badlands)
  3. If you don’t want to have to run Uldaman three times, I suggest you first go kill the Elite Dwarves which are outside the instanced part of Uldaman until you get the Shattered Necklace (about 10% drop rate). You can probably solo them at level 42+, if not, find a partner to duo it. When you got the necklace go back to Dran droffers in Orgrimmar and get the follow up [42] Necklace recovery Take 3.

You are good to go!


1. The Non-Instanced Part of Uldaman


For the quest [38] Agmond’s Fate you need to find urns which look like this:

I found most of them in the non-instanced part of Uldaman.

Let’s get down to business:

I am assuming that the rest of your group didn’t do the preparation step so they will probably want to get the Hammertoe Amulet.

  1. Take your group to Hammertoe Grez, tell them to take the follow up in case they need it.
  2. Take your group to Magregan Deepshadow, kill him and loot the amulet.
  3. Go to the room where the Tablet of Ryun’eh is (it’s inside a big chest)
  4. Then go back to Hammertoe Grez to get the follow up.
  5. Zone in the instance


  1. Take your group to the area marked as “Garrett Family Treasure”, you will find a Footlocker at this spot, loot what’s inside of it to complete the quest [43] Reclaimed Treasures (Dungeon).
  2. Zone in the Instance.

2. The Dead Paladin

So you are inside the Instance now, from now on I’m not gonna say that things get serious, cause it’s still gonna be a cakewalk if your group is composed of 43+. But there is still one risk: Runners. Make sure stuff doesn’t run, work this out with your group.

Go to the area named “Remains of a Paladin” on the map, get the follow up quest.

Horde: You get a journal from the Paladin and you will have to go to Jarkal mossmeld in Kargath to get the follow up. If your group is ok with it, warp to Kargath, get the follow up [44] Find the Gems and Power Source (Dungeon) then suicide run back to Uldaman. If your group isn’t ok with it, it’s not a problem, you will do that on your next Uldaman run. Honestly, Uldaman is one of those instances you should do at least twice anyway.

3. Baelog and the Shattered Necklace Topaz

Go to the area named Baelog on the map.

Alliance: Talk to him and get the follow up quest [40] The Hidden Chamber, then look on the table next to him for Baelog’s Chest and get the Gni’Kiv medaillon inside. One person in your group must loot it, doesn’t matter who.

Horde: Kill Baelog and his buddies. With luck (10% chance) Baelog can drop the following weapon:

Then look on the table there and get the Gni’Kiv medaillon from Baelog’s Chest, one person in your group must loot it, doesn’t matter who.

Both: Further down in one of the corners of the room you will find the Shattered Necklace Topaz in a tall urn.

4. Revelosh and the Indiana Jones scene:

Go to the area marked “Revelosh” on the map, kill Revelosh and have someone loot the Shaft of Tsol from him. That person should give the Shaft to the person who looted the Gni’Kiv medaillon or the other way around. (Both are tradeable) Then that person should attach the Medaillon to the Shaft of Tsol (simply right click on it) to forge the Staff of Prehistoria. Now warn that person to NOT use the shaft on the pedestal that is inside the miniature town you will find in the next room.

Clear the WHOLE room before doing that, and check every corner, there are stealthers troggs. Once the room is clear, tell the staff holder to put it on the Pedestal and enjoy the cool scene.

Ironaya, a level 45 Elite named giant, will come out and play. Easy fight and she can drop one of 3 decent blue loots:

The 3rd one is a mail bracer with random stats.

Alliance: Go explore the room where Ironaya was before she charged you, and get the quest [40] The Hidden Chamber completed.

5. Optional: Annora r and Ancient Stone Keeper:

This is optional, you don’t have to go to this area unless:

  • someone in your group needs to talk to Annora to unlock his enchanting skills.
  • someone in your group is interested by the drops of the ancient keeper:

Note: the gauntlets have random stats besides the 300 Armor +7 Defense. Please also note that this area is good for Earthen Pack practice, more on that later.

If you do go to this area, then you will face a couple of swarms of scorpids, there is two ways to deal with them:

  1. AE (Area Effect) spells, cast powerword:shield on the mage / warlock and spam fast heals on him while he AEs the scorpions to death.
  2. You have no real AE power in this group? Well it’s gonna be slower, but just have everyone use their multi-hit attacks, cleave, blade furry, whirlwind, etc.

About the Ancient Stone Keeper:

  1. His room can be hard to clear, you will meet your first “Earthen Pulls”.
    Earthen Packs:
    They consist of 5 non-elite dwarves, all Immune to Polymorph, Sap or any kind of crowd control, but luckily they don’t run in fear. In each “normal” earthen pack there is 4 Earthen Rocksmashers and 1 Earthen Scupltor. The Earthen sculptor must killed first, he is easy to tell apart from the others because he is white, the Rocksmashers are black.
    Have the mage AE or just kill them one by one if no AE is available. (The mage should have Fire Ward up, it helps against the Fire damage of the Earthen Sculptor). If you proceed carefully you should be able to deal with the Earthen pulls without having a Stone Steward (lvl 43-45 Elite golem) adding. They patrol, just wait till they are away to pull. You can pull the Stone Stewards solo once you have cleared some space. But if a Stone Steward adds, the tank should get its attention and stay on it while the rest of the group kills the small dwarves quickly.
    The room of the Ancient Golem Sentry is called the “Temple Hall”. If you come from the Master Enchanter area, there will be 3 Earthen packs for you to clear. There is also 3 Stone Stewards roaming in that room, they are Elite Golems immune to any crowd control, they can be stunned though, you can get each of them solo if you first deal with the earthen packs. The first earthen pull should be no problem, after you got rid of it, wait for the 1st Stone Steward to roam up to you, kill it. Then the 2nd earthen pull will be harder, there is two Sculptors in it, kill them both first and fast. Then wait for the 2nd and 3rd Stone Steward and kill them, one by one. You will be left with the last earthen pack, which is tough one as well (4 Black 2 White) besides it is split in two, 2 black dwarves on each side of the Boss Golem and the 2 white ones hidden in the back room to the left, they are linked. Just shoot an arrow on one of the black dwarves and the whole pack will come, without the Golem boss of course) kill the 2 white ones first, as always.
  2. Once you have the Ancient Stone Keeper solo, inform your group about his special ability: He casts a little tornado which wanders around the room. Whoever is inside the tornade loses health, is snared and most importantly SILENCED. So your casters want to run away from this moving tornado.
    Another warning, there are a lot of pillars in this room, so be careful with line of sight for heals

6. Optional: Obsidian sentinel

Only go there if someone from your group is a mage and needs the quest [40] Power in Uldaman (Dungeon) done.

If you go there, you must know a couple of things about the Obsidian sentinel:

  1. First off, clear the room so you have him solo.
  2. The Obsidian Sentinel reflects spells sometimes, so casters be careful.
  3. When the Obsidian sentinel gets low on health he shrinks in size and summons adds. Ignore the adds and kill the sentinel as fast as possible, then deal with the adds.

Note: The door behind the Obsidian Sentinel is actually the back entrance to Uldaman. It’s quite handy if you wipe further inside Uldaman, you can come back through this backdoor, especially useful if your group kills slow and the entrance mobs already respawned.

7. Galgann Firehammer and the Shattered Necklace Ruby

Go to the area named Galgann Firehammer on the Map. You should notice that now the mobs are getting higher level and of course tougher, so be more carefull with the pulls, try to not get too many at the same time and of course, the real danger here is to have runners, so once again, make sure your group handles that well. Galgann Firehammer is with two other elite dwarves, which can be sapped / Polymorphed / etc.
He is a caster type npc, and has some point blank fire AE. I would suggest non melees to stand away from it. He also casts a fire debuff which increases the damage taken by fire spell, it can be dispelled by your priest or cleansed by the paladin, and I suggest doing so on your melees (which are taking the fire AE from Galgann). Kill him first and then deal with his adds. He’s not that that hard but he mostly drops crap, if you are lucky though (17% chance) he can drop this gun and make your hunter friend happy!

The real reason you killed him though is that there is two other things of importance in his room:

  1. Alliance only – The Tablet Will (if you did the preparation part of the guide)
  2. There is a big chest named “Shadowforge Cache” — BEFORE opening it, have a mana break, because when someone opens the chest, 4 level 44 Elite Dwarven Ambushers pop and attack you. Your group better be ready for it. After the 4 ambushers have been dealth with, loot the Shattered Necklace Ruby from the chest.

8. Grimlok and the Shattered Necklace Sapphire

Go to the area marked Grimlokk on the Map. Here is the deal about Grimlok:

He is a shaman NPC, he has one basilisk elite pet and two trogg elite guards. Sap a trogg / Polymorph the basilisk if you can and kill Grimlok first, he doesn’t have that much Hit points and he is the most annoying. Then his basilisk pet is the 2nd most annoying, so if you don’t have any way to keep it under control (Polymorph / Hibernate), kill it 2nd. Then deal with the troggs. Easy fight for a lvl 43+ group.

Don’t forget to loot the Shattered Necklace Sapphire from Grimlok. He also drops interesting stuff:

Too bad spirit isn’t so great anymore, but the weapon is very good for this level.

Alliance: Now that you have all the parts of the necklace, search your bags for Talvash’s Vial of Scrying, click it and summon it next to you on the floor. A bowl will appear, right click it and get the follow up quest: [44] Restoring the Necklace.

9. The Temple and Archaedas

Go to the area named Archaedas on the map, the pulls will get tough here. You will have to deal with Earthen Packs (to know more about Earthen packs, check the section 5. Ancient Stone Keeper) + A Stone Steward. These earthen packs are also higher level than the previous ones. But it’s still the same deal. 4 Black dwarves 1 White Dwarf. Kill the white one first. Here is how every earthen pull should go:

  1. Tank on the Golem while trying to get the least damage possible. Use 1H/Shield and defensive stance. The healer will need to focus on healing the mage/warlock mostly, so you want the tank to be as defensive as possible on those pulls.
  2. AEs if you have a mage and/or warlock. If you have both you’re lucky. Powerword Shield on the mage as he goes in then spam flash heals on him . If you have a 2nd healer in the group he should take care of healing everyone else, the one doing the AEs will take most damage anyway.
  3. Rest of the group focuses on the white dwarf first, then kill the other dwarves one by one, kill the golem last.

Now don’t get discouraged, these pulls might be tough but you are really close to the last boss and the best rewards. The healer(s) of your group really have to be quick.
There is 3 Earthen Packs to deal with in this room, once it is clear, get full mana/health and have 3 people click the Altar of the Keepers at the same time. The 4 big golem statues will start animating themselves one by one. Killing those level 46 golems shouldn’t be a problem, as soon as one dies it does 800 DMG to anyone close (stay away from them if you are no melee) and the next golem becomes animated.
When done with that the opposite door will open, go there and clear the corridor, there’s about 4 more of those painful Earthen pulls, the last one has an additional white dwarf, it’s the hardest. After those last pulls you will reach a big room where Archaedas is. Don’t worry though, he’s not animated yet.

When you are inside Archaedas, before click the Altar of the Keepers you should brief your group:

  1. When you activate the altar, Archaedas (Level 40 Elite Giant) becomes animated. Your tank should stand infront and get the first hits, and start building aggro on him, your healer heals the tank. (duh!) The tank will stay on Archaedas the WHOLE fight and ignore the adds. The healer will ONLY focus on healing the group, none of his mana should be spent doing anything but healing.
  2. Archaedas will animate the small dwarven statues one by one acroos the room, you will see a pink ray of light go from him to the statue he animates. You should assign two persons of your group to kill those dwarves. Preferably classes with high damage output. The 5th person of the group can stay on Archaedas for now.
  3. When archaedas is in between 50-70% health, he animates the 6 little golem statues all at the same time. Don’t panic, warrior stays on Archaedas, priest heals, the 3 other persons of the group focus on killing those 6 adds as fast as they can, they don’t have much HPs.
  4. Back to previous setup, 2 people take care of the little dwarves Archaedas animates. These white dwarves must always be killed quick or they heal Archaedas.
  5. At 20-30% there should be no white statue left and he will enrage and animate the last 2 statues, two elite Golems which really hurt but they will disappear as soon as Archaedas is defeated. So focus on Archaedas, go full damage on him, ignore the 2 Golems. Save your high damage abilities for this part of the fight, burn Archaedas down quickly and you’ll win.

It sounds complicated like that but when you will have done the fight once it will be very clear. Follow this strategy and you shouldn’t have any problem. It’s a fun fight.

Loot the Shattered Necklace Power Source from Archaedas. He can drop some really nice items. 60% of the time he will drop a good ring with random stats, for exemple:

And those great weapons, 20% chance to drop each:

Defeating Archaedas will open the last door, to the treasure room. Get inside there and click the Platinum Discs. Get the quest [47] The Platinum Discs, go talk to Lore Keeper of Norgannon to the left, go through his dialogue and then go get the follow up quest from the Platinum Discs which you will have to turn in Ironforge (Alliance) or Thunder Bluff (Horde).

There is also a chest named “Ancient Treasure”. Inside it are generally 3 green quality items, sometimes a 14 Slot backpack. What I usually do with my group is ask everyone to roll 1-100, the Highest roll gets first pick in the chest, the 2nd highest roll gets 2nd pick, etc.
Of course if someone *needs* one of the items as an upgrade, it goes to that person by default.

Congratulations on your successful Uldaman run! Don’t hesitate to go back there if you didn’t finish some of the important quests, Uldaman is really one of the Instances you can do 2 or 3 times without wasting your time.

I hope you enjoyed this guide!


© Copyrights All Rights Reserved

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    Oct 21, 2010 @ 2:46 am

    Needs an updateWe are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see [url=]the full news post detailing this process[/url].

    This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it still has enough useful information that it will be left in it’s proper section as-is.

    If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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    Dec 15, 2009 @ 12:52 pm

    Just to say how easyJust to say how easy Revolosh is, i soloed him and two adds as a lvl 44 ret pally. Aggro,run far away, “Repentance” one, beat on the other add till Revolosh get’s their(he is really slow it seams), then kill Revolosh. Use “Consecration” whenever it is up and you might even kill the other add. Didnt have to use “Lay on Hands”

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    Sep 23, 2008 @ 22:21 pm

    Aww I’m sorry I couldn’tAww I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, it must be too late now. Anyway, about Uldaman. Unless they’ve changed it, it’s possible to start from the back entrance, without any sort of key. It’s too bad though for your nephew, cause you’d be skipping a cool little event, the opening of the secret room with the staff, indiana jones style :p

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    Sep 23, 2008 @ 13:21 pm

    Sup jamesI really like all your guides, since ive been using theses, i find wow really not that complicated and even more fun (saving time on /played is great =D) im playing atm with my sibler n my nephew, we wanna do uldaman tommorow at night but im short on time, im wondering if we can actually enter by the back entrance? doubt u can get a key for it but heres my idea, get in uldaman, go suicide, enter by backdoor? right now i cant test it cuz wow is down but reply to me ASAP so i can =)

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    Mar 17, 2008 @ 4:43 am

    Thanks for the GuideThank you very much for making this guide, i used it today, when running uldaman with a group of friends, and I was able to get all the quest done in a single run. We do instances only to finish quests because we have very limited time to play together. I tried tracking down all the quests myself but i was rather confused on where some started. there steps, and when to do them. Well thanks again, now on to ZF.

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    Mar 4, 2008 @ 23:09 pm

    Angor Fortress no longer that toughIn your part about preparation you mention you might need help to kill Ambassador Infernus. I was able to clear most of the Fortress with my lvl41 Rogue (was doing it for the lockpicking skillups, actually, not for the Ulda quests). He only has one bodyguard now, and he can be pulled separately. I believe he is still elite, but I was able to solo him by using all my long cooldowns.

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    Jan 26, 2008 @ 13:22 pm

    So they’ve changed it, goodSo they’ve changed it, good decision. I’ll edit it, thanks 🙂

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    Jan 26, 2008 @ 8:47 am

    No, it’s not.Having gotten a group to get past the door and check it out, there is nothing in Uldaman over level 40. Even Archades is only level 40.

  • img
    Jan 26, 2008 @ 3:09 am

    Well actually, it’s pastWell actually, it’s past those doors where things start to be level 45 and higher. Unless they’ve changed that, it’s still not good to go with level 40s if you really want to do the whole instance.

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    Jan 25, 2008 @ 22:36 pm

    Not as high level since 2.3.Having just run through the instance on a 65 hunter, I can say it’s fairly easy to run with a good group of level 40s. I can’t speak on the parts past the door you need 3 people to open, but the only level 40s I encountered up until that point were Grimlok and Firehammer. All strategies are still more or less applicable, but the instance is now a uniform level.

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    Dec 14, 2007 @ 19:49 pm

    You’re very right aboutYou’re very right about that. A shaman could be the healer. Keep in mind I wrote this in 2004 😛 Back then things were quite different.

    Anyway, adding shaman to the healer list!

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    Dec 14, 2007 @ 1:16 am

    I think your guide is wrongI think your guide is wrong about the group composition. A shaman could be a decnt healer and as A shaman i’ve even tanked at lvel 45 (with a good shield of course, and a priest healing). I’ve also done this as DPS when dual wielding. And as a side note, due to the fact that adds are usually very close in some parts, hunters and warlocks shouldn’t use there pets to melee until the mobs have benn pulled back to the group. Charge shouldn’t be used here.

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    Nov 11, 2007 @ 17:03 pm

    Very Helpful for Us EnchantersI discovered this guide after going through all of Uldaman with a group and never finding the enchanter Annora, whom I desperately needed to see to up my enchanting skills. After reading the guide, I not only found Annora, but also was able to find a bunch of new quests that made the trip worthwhile. Clearly written, with very helpful maps. I’m not sure how long it took to put the guide together, but I owe its author a beer!

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    Jul 12, 2007 @ 15:34 pm

    Wonderful ;)Thanx a lot Jame! As your leveling guides, this one was very useful 🙂

    Soon 60-70 *love* 🙂

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