5 Reasons Why Hogwarts Legacy Is The Best Harry Potter Game


Hogwarts Legacy is the video game that Harry Potter fans have been waiting for years, and it is finally here. Fans will now be able to share life at Hogwarts as a learner of the magical arts. According to game experts from, the game is about much more than just sitting in a classroom.

Hogwarts Legacy positions players in their fifth year at Hogwarts and pits them against a Dark Wizard anointed Victor Rookwood. Hogwarts Legacy is an action RPG, which is a sort of role-playing game mixed with action, dungeons and open world areas, similar to The Witcher 3 or God of War Ragnarok (check our Platinum Guide for GoW Ragnarok). You will spend time at Hogwarts taking classes and researching spells that you may use to destroy foes in the castle’s surroundings.  Hogwarts Legacy is a smashing critical and commercial success, let’s discovery why. Here’s the top five reasons why Hogwarts Legacy might win Game of the Year.

Distinctive Battle System

The game’s unique approach to fighting provides players with an engaging and exciting experience. Fights become more attractive and unexpected when strong magic and close-quarters weaponry are used concurrently.

Players can contend in combat with adversaries, opponents, and other challenges. The concept also enables several strategies since players can focus on classical Spell casting or close a more stealthy approach, or even using weapons and surrounding objects to throw at your enemies for massive damage, depending on the scenario.

Players may participate in an entirely unique and exciting experience thanks to this innovative battle style. This strategy works well for uncovering the secrets of Hogwarts and the appeal of the Harry Potter universe. If you’re searching for something reenergized and engrossing in the wizarding world, you should try Hogwarts Legacy.

An Interesting Story

Because the game is role-playing, participants can create their own adventure, in a sense that there are many paths to take, even though there is a main plot you’ll end up following. The game is huge and there are many side quests you can tackle and complete in different ways. Each of these variables would have an impact on the end result.

Players begin the game as students in their last year, and as they move through it, they must learn new Spells and Skills. In line with the genre’s tropes, one might befriend traveling companions to join them on excursions. These “friends” come from diverse houses, a significant deviation from the commonly held belief that one should only mingle with one’s group members.

Specific hazards reach outside the school’s walls, and as the narrative progresses, the game adapts and prepares the players to meet such perils when they ultimately arise.

The Endless Possibilities for Change

Hogwarts Legacy not only provides a single-player story experience, but it also provides a lot of variation. You can specialize in whichever aspect of magical practice appeals to you, such as Herbology, Charms, or Beasts. As you progress through the various Skill Trees, you will be able to expand your magical tool bag and have additional options for things like:

  • Puzzles
  • Secrets
  • Classes
  • Potion-making
  • Combat
  • Duels
  • Side Quests

Because the game offers such a diverse range of experiences, there is never a risk that you will grow bored. However, only time will tell how in-depth this game becomes and whether it can be a Game of the Year contender, but it certainly has a lot of potential.

Tons of Modifications You Can Utilize

During the length of this game, you will put yourself in the shoes of an experimenter. You will also get access to the Forbidden Forest and the ability to participate in magical duels with other players. Also, the game allows you to choose your residence and develop relationships with the other players. You may influence how the story unfolds by enrolling in one of four magic schools:

  1. Hufflepuff
  2. Slytherin
  3. Gryffindor
  4. Ravenclaw

One of the most striking parts of this game is the ability to create your own character. You can play as your own character created from scratch in the game. You may choose from some preset settings and facial shapes. You may also customize the face by choosing from many choices, such as haircuts, complexions, and brows.

You may also modify your protagonist’s voice. A wide variety of customizing options. This is not the end of the story; another outstanding feature of this game is the ability to shape the narrative depending on your preferences, each of which has consequences. It has various conclusions, which adds to the intrigue of the issue.

You may also make your own spell combos to help you win any duel, combat, or conflict. Participants may examine the tremendous grounds enwrapping Hogwarts, including the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch Field, Hagrid’s Hut and Hogsmeade, but also a much wider open world area to explore outside of Hogwarts Grounds.

Cutomizable Magical Powers

Developing magical talents takes a long time, patience, and effort. To begin, learn the principles of magic and its history.

Discover a range of spells and curses and use them to advance your skill level. Learn to sense and manipulate energy while also learning to perform attacks with magical objects such as wands, staffs, and crystals.

There is a Talent Tree system which allows you to specialize in certain types of spells to fit your playstyle. You’ll have to choose carefully, because talent points are limited and there is no way to reset them at the time of writing this article.

Furthermore, by investigating magical artifacts, you can learn how to use these items to increase your power. You should improve your intuition and understanding of the spiritual realm to make your magical practice more successful.

Gameplay You’ll Like At Once

Portkey Games has revealed how to explore Hogwarts castle by answering riddles utilizing your abilities and spells to get access to hidden rooms and dungeons. You’ll also be able to fly through the air on your broomstick.

Over your time as a student, you will also be envisioned to observe classes in Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Potions. In addition, we got a first glimpse at the talent points system, which enables you to spend points in various categories, including the Room of Requirement, Stealth, and your “core” abilities.

Final Words

In nearly every manner, Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter role-playing game we’ve always dreamed we could play. With intriguing new characters, demanding and complex combat, and a superbly realized Hogwarts student fantasy that keeps people hooked to their controllers for hundreds of hours!

The open-world adventure exemplifies the thrill and magic of the Wizarding World. Character creation is extensive in Hogwarts Legacy, enabling you to choose parts of your character such as hairstyles and color, skin color, and scars. After you’ve decided on your character’s materialization, you can select the Hogwarts house that will accept your hero.

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