[56-61] Jame’s Scholomance Guide


Scholomance Guide


Scholomance is one of the most difficult high level instances, made for a Solid 5-man party. It is a masterpiece of instance design, the quests have solid lore, and progressing through them while you explore the zone is a real challenge, and can be very fun and rewarding (even though some of the items could use a buff). It can be as well extremely frustrating if you don’t know how to take on this dungeon, but with this guide in your hands, you will have no excuse. Read this guide completely, while taking a look at the map to get a general idea of the way to go. When you feel ready enough, gather the quests, form a group, and try your luck.


The entrance to Scholomance is in Western Plaguelands, on that big island in the Southeastern part of the zone. You can’t miss it.
If you hear invisible ghosts talking on the island, don’t think you are going insane, they are part of the serie of quests involving Scholomance, and you will hear more about this later in this guide.


There is two ways to get in Scholomance:

  • A Rogue with maxed picklock skill.
  • Do the following quests to get the key:
    Horde: Get the quests from High Executor Derrington, at the Bulwark, in Tirisfal Glades. Complete the Scourge Cauldron series of quest and also All Along the Watchtowers. He will eventually unlock the key quest then: Scholomance, and send you to Apothecary Dithers, who will give you the Skeletal Fragments quest. Follow this easy serie of quests and you will be sent to Gadgetzan, Ungoro Crater, where you will have to complete a few steps, and then back to Apothecary Dithers who will give you the quest [60]Araj’s Scarab (Elite). You will need a good full group for this one, you will have to spawn the Lich Araj in Andorhal, and to defeat him and loot his scarab. After this setp is completed, go back to dithers, you will be rewarded with your key to Scholomance.
    Alliance: The alliance quest is a mirror from the Horde one. The alliance got exactly the same set of NPCs in Alterac Mountains, at the border of Western Plaguelands, they got their equivalent of the Horde’s Bulwark. Finish the quests given by Commander Ashlam Valorfist until he gives the Scholomance quest.

Quest Gathering

During your first Scholomance runs, you will only need the three following quests, very quick and easy to get:

  • Barov Family Fortune
    Horde: Alexi Barov, at the Bulwark.
    Alliance: Weldon Barov, at the Chillwind Point.The goal of this quest is to gather Four Deeds, scattered within the instance. The Follow up is a PvP quest. More about this later.
  • Plagued Hatchlings
    Both Alliance and Horde can get this quest at the Light’s Hope chapel – Eastern Plaguelands, the npc who gives it is Betina Bigglezink.Self-Explanatory quest, will give location of those Hatchlings later on in the guide. Once you complete this quest, if you go back to Scholomance and kill Plagued Hatchlings, they might drop a ‘Healthy Dragon Scale’, which starts another quest. The only reward seems to be a faction hit, and it is repeatable.
  • Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher
    Both Alliance and Horde as well. This quest is given by Eva Sarkhoff, a NPC standing still right next to the entrance of Scholomance. She does not have an exclamation mark over the head, you need to talk to her and listen to her (creepy) story to get the quest.More informations on The Butcher’s location later on.

Group Composition

I’m not gonna lie to you, if you want to be able to clear Scholomance with a 5-man party, your group composition will have strict requirements. At times it will be nearly impossible to go further if you don’t have the right classes set with you.

  • 1: Warrior or Protection/Retribution Paladin
  • 2: Priest – As much as I am a firm believer that druids can perform the job of a healer as well as Priests when played with skill, in this instance you will need a Priest, for one simple reason: Shackle Undead (Makes an undead target unable to move or to act for 50 seconds, hitting the shackled target breaks it free)
    There will be a few cases in the instance where you will totally rely on that spell, or hell will break loose.
  • 3: Mage – Not as required as the priest here, but I highly recommend having one. Actually, if you don’t have a Druid in spot 4 or 5 of your group, mage becomes obligatory, or you won’t be able to kill a certain mob.. why? because of one spell: Remove Curse. On top of that, Polymorph and Counterspell will help greatly at times.
  • 4: You need a secondary tank (or ‘OFF-Tank’) for a few cases, your choices are : Warlock (Voidwalker), Shaman, Paladin, Hunter (pet tanking), and Druid (Bear form). Those choices are all very viable, it’s up to you.
  • 5: Take any class you want, preferably high DPS.

Entering Scholomance

The real guide starts here, be mindful that I am assuming you have a warrior, a priest, and either mage or druid with you. If you don’t, you will have to find your own way to deal with a few pulls and bosses.

The Entrance:

Marked on the map with an ‘E’, you face a bridge with railings on each side. You can jump down later on by the sides, when the room below has been cleared (and when you have the Key to the Viewing Room), it’s a nice shortcut to use if you wipe post-viewing room. For now, do not jump down or you are in for a corpse run.

Facing you are 4 Risen Guards – Undeads. Nothing special about them, you can pull them by Pairs, if you shoot the ones at the sides. Easy pull, shackle one, kill the other. Rinse and repeat.

1st room: The Reliquary

Now things get more serious, the party must remain on this bridge and the next room must be pulled to them. ”But, but… I like running around curiously and rushing into mob packs headlong, that’s my way of the ninja ” – I hear you cry. But there are a few things you must know about Scholomance:

  • Almost every single room has Patrols, on a fast (10min?) respawn timer.
  • Many mobs cast fear, and you end up very often running into adds and wiping your group.

The following room, named ”The Reliquary” isn’t easy, it has both: A lot of patrols, and lots of mobs able to cast fear. On top of that, you will need to clear a major part of it, because it has the first Deed you need: The Deed to Southshore.

How to do it: The Warrior goes through the door alone, and pulls very carefully, tries to get patrols first, and then pulls group of mobs one by one. Head left at the stairway, clear the gate down the stairs, this is where you will go after you got the deed. Check where the deed is exactly on the map, and pull towards it. Yes, Pull, back to the stairs and up toward the entrance bridge, where your group is. Do not hesitate to overclear the room to be sure nothing will aggro your team when they go for the Deed. Don’t get discouraged if Patrols respawn while you are still clearing towards the deed, be patient and kill the patrols again, don’t haste it or you will wipe. Most mobs in this room are Humanoid spellcasters, sap, polymorph, mind control, use them if you got them.
A few skeleton guards as well.

Note: The special feature of this room is that it has ‘reserve’ patrols. Sationed under the stairs in the Reliquary, when you kill the first patrols, those will walk and replace the patrols you just killed. So, do not get scared ”Omfg fast repop”, it’s a feature of this room. Be patient.

If you managed the above you should have the Deed to Southshore in your possession and the way clear to the door that is down the stairs to the left. Move your group there, into that little room. 2 risen guards are awaiting you infront of the gate of the next room. You know how to deal with those. The room beyond the gate you just cleared is the ”Chamber of Summoning”, yet another tricky room.

The Chamber of Summoning:

  • 6 camps of mobs in this room, each time 1 Summoner and 2 Necromancers.
  • 3 undead solo mob patrols. Can be all solo pulled if careful enough.

You must clear the whole right side of the next room, so this is only 3 camps of mobs and a few patrols.

You must NOT rush into the camps of mobs, even if patrols are cleared. If you do, there is a very high chance that you will aggro one of the other camps (because of fear, and mobs running away). Pull everything into this little room you just cleared. This is not as easy as it sounds though, because those Scholomance Dark Summoners are nasty, when pulled, they stand where they are and start chain summoning skeletons, you end up swarmed very quickly.

How to:

If you got a mage – Have him sheep one of the necromancer and then Counsterspell the summoner right after. it will come to your group, and he must be killed as fast as possible. If it still manages to summon skellies and you see their number rise above 4, it’s time to use AEs (Area of Effect attacks, such as Mage’s Arcane Explosion or Warlock’s Hellfire). They have low hit points.

If you don’t have a mage – Have the priest use mind control on the Summoner and walk him into the room safely. When Mind control breaks, switch immediatly to the Summoner and kill him.

Another working tactic is to send the warrior shield bash – silence the summoner and babysit him back to the room. This is not as good as the above two, but it still works.

Pull the first 2 camps on the right that way. As soon as the 2nd camp is cleared, call the move, tell everyone to HUG the right wall and to set camp into the little room to the side, this is the room marked as ”Kirtonos the Herald” on the map. It is safe, and you are not at the point int he quest line where you can summon Kirtonos. Why move there to pull the 3rd group? Two reasons – It would be a long pull, long enough for Counsterspell to fade before the summoner is in the room. The other reason is that you don’t want the Patrols of the reliquary to catch up on you. Because they do patrol very near the gate of that little room you set in.

Pull the last group of mobs from the right side to this new room, in the same fashion you pulled the previous 2. If patrols respawns, pull them first, and proceed. It is up to you to clear the last 3 camps of Summoner/Necros, but they can be skipped by walking close to the right wall.

Stay in this room for the first pulls of the next big room, which we will name ‘the Fork’ (it has access to Jandice Barov area, also to the Key dropper: Rattlegore, and most importantly to the room below the entrance bridge, which connects to the Viewing Room).

The Fork:

Send your warrior to peek inside the next room, very carefully, have him pull the first pack of mobs that is directly to the right when entering the Fork room. Once that is done, you may move everyone inside this next room, to the right, this is your new pull spot.

This room has a few patrols and various camps of mobs, but it’s not nearly as annoying as what you experienced so far. If you got there without wiping yet, you did a very good job.

How to: Proceed to clear methodically the next room, patrols can be solo pulled, nothing special about it besides a new type of Undead, frozen shade looking type of mob, Spectral Tutors, they are annoying because they split into illusions and take a bit long to kill. So, shackle them and kill them last if you can. Rest are humanoid casters, you know how to work on those.
At the opposite end of this room is the Deed to Tarren Mill. (check map for accurate loc)
And 3 different paths to choose, the one to the right is down to the basement, where Jandice Barov resides. You are not there yet in the quest line, don’t bother. The gate to the left is connected to the room that is below the entrance bridge, and is also the only way to get into the Viewing Room, (where the loot awaits!) but you need a key to get in there, picklock doesn’t work.
So your interest resides in the front gate, which opens the path to the Great Ossuary. –Warning- , do not even take a peek inside, dont get too close to that gate until the whole group is warned and ready about what’s coming up.

The Great Ossuary:

This room contains a bunch of those Plagued Drakelings that you are supposed to kill for a quest, the bad news is, you will get to kill more than 20 of those, and they are nasty

Each bunch of drakelings is connected to a creature handler (humanoid).
The drakelings aren’t elite, but got quite a lot of HP for non elite, and hit fairly hard. On top of that, they have some kind of knockback ability.

The best way to do them seem to be AE’ing, but the problem is, they are ranged attackers, and will just stand back spitting at you forever.

Solution: Set up your group in the corner of the room where the Deed of tarren mill was, and when pulling them, run back there and hide against the wall. If they don’t have a LoS (Line of Sight) on you, they will end up gathering infront of you, and this is when you unleash the AEs.

Be extremely cautious when pulling them though, look at the Creature Handlers precisely, and shoot them when they are as far as possible from the next creature handler. If you get two packs of those at the same time, I highly doubt you will survive it. Keep the Dragon handlers stunned and shield bashed as much as possible, they cast nasty AEs.

Anyway, if you manage to clear this room full of drakelings, you will have a path clear to Rattlegore, guardian of the Key to the viewing room (see map for path). You can breathe a few seconds in the great ossuary, as there is no patrols in this room, for a change.

Meet Rattlegore:

I didn’t draw the Room where Rattlegore resides because it’s simply useless, there’s only one way, you can’t miss it. On the way down to the Key Master’s chamber, you will meet a very friendly new type of mob – The Risen Construct.

Be warned – They hit super hard for common mobs. You kinda want to deal with one at a time. They can be shackled though, so pulling two is still manageable if you have a priest.

After killing 2 or 3 of those on your way down a couple flight of stairs, you will finally reach the room where Rattlegore is.

Bad news: Rattlegore is surrounded by 20 more of those Risen Constructs.
Good news: They can all be single pulled, with love and care. And You don’t need to clear all of them, because Rattlegore doesn’t call for help (Thank god). So just clear as many as needed to be sure you can get a clean pull on Rattlegore.
However, there is one of those Risen constructs who seems to never get away enough from Rattlegore, kinda acting like a guard. If have tried many times to split them, unsucessfully so far. Please let me know if you manage it –

This isn’t a big problem though, shackle the construct and kill rattlegore. The fight is a fair challenge, as rattlegore enjoys tossing the tank into the air and wiping his aggro list in the process. On the other hand, he is not immune to stuns, so use them as much as you can. Keep the add shackled and you should be fine.

Rattlegore drops nothing of value besides the ‘Key to the Viewing Room’. Which is a one time use key, so no need to fight over who gets it. It opens the door to the Viewing room (duh), and then the door remains opened, until you reset the instance.

You just accomplished the most annoying part of the instance, now is the time to get some reward for it, but do not start slacking off, you are still fighting against the clock. (You always are in this instance).
Go back to the great ossuary and from there pull your way towards the room on your right, in other words, the room below the entrance bridge. it has a mix of Undead mobs, elites and non elites, roaming aimlessly, most pull should be less than 2 elites 2 non elites. There is one real threat in this room, the Diseased Ghouls.

Diseased Ghouls:

The diseased ghouls, upon death, spread a disease cloud around their bodies. This cloud is the most harmful DOT type spell you have ever seen. Every tick is 600-700 damage, and it happens every seconds… as long as you stand in the disease cloud. So two things to keep in mind when you get those ghouls on a pull. Shackle them, keep them until they are the last mob you have to deal with. Before they die, have your warrior move them into a corner, and fight them at his max melee range, as soon as they drop dead, the warrior will have to back off as fast as possible. The warrior can also use concussion blow (5sec stun) when the ghoul is really low on Health, and back off before it dies while the casters / ranged attackers finish it off quickly. Without knowing beforehand, it can result in half your group (the ones meleeing) dying in 5 seconds and going ‘wtf?’, I say this from personal experience

Once the next room is cleared, move in. You are now much safer than you ever were so far, and you can even afford a full wipe and still get back on your feet. If wipe occurs, you can run back and jump off the bridge and land in this room, which is on a long respawn timer (2 hours I believe)

Two doors in this room: One is to the viewing room (marked as ‘ V ‘ ont he map). And one to the right: this gate you can’t open yet, it opens access to a special treasure chest (like Chest of the Seven in BRD). To open this chest, you must activate a switch in the basement, right next to where Jandice Barov is. Don’t bother with it now, you have much better to do. Open the Door to the Viewing Room and enter it, it is safe.

The Viewing Room:

The viewing room is filled with non-aggressive NPCs, two of them are nameds. Vectus and Marduk Blackpool. You can talk to every NPCs in this room, none of them will attack you. If you want to clear this room and kill the two nameds, you have to complete the Dawn’s Gambit quest, which takes you through a long serie of quest, starting in the Burning steppes with Tinkee Steamboil. The first quest of the serie is Broodling Essence, after a few steps (and a trip to winterspring), you will have to go to Upper BlackRock spire twice, at the dragon egg hatchery, and then after a few more steps, you will finally be rewarded with a Box, the Dawn’s Gambit. When opening that box in the Viewing room, the students are turned into skeletons and killable quickly with a few AEs, then you have to deal with the two nameds, Vectus and Marduk Blackpool, which can drop blue items. (very low drop rates though)


Marduk Blackpool:

However, the quest rewards for killing Vectus and Marduk are decent, even though they could in my opinion use a little boost, considering how long the quest is, and how hard it is already to get to the viewing room, anyway, here they are:

Anyway, that’s not what we are here for mainly, the best part of the instance is next door, so on to the good stuff, the Six Chambers and Darkmaster Gandling.

So there you are in the Viewing Room, with two choices – Go south and down to the Laboratory of Ras Frostwhisper, or go east, to the Six chambers.

If this is your first time here, I would suggest going south (opposite door when entering viewing room), to Ras Frostwhisper. Because he is easier, takes much less time than the 6 chambers, and also because this is where you get the Deed to brill.

Ras Frostwhisper

You should have no problem pulling his room. It contains a few Skeleton guard patrols, and a few camps of mobs, made of 1 undead and 2 humanoid casters mostly. Nothing special about them, just pull them carefully. Ras Frostwhisper is in the back of the room, next to a big desk (or alchemy lab?), and he walks all around it. There are two guards behind this desk, but you can pull Ras solo when he is infront of it. Pull him way back from those 2 guards though, because Ras Frostwhisper, has the whole spellcaster arsenal to his disposal, including Fear.
He nukes hard and does AE damage. You can drain his mana down if you can afford it, but it’s not even necessary, as he will probably die before you get him out of mana. He has an annoying knockback / Stun ability and he goes for a new target when he does that. That’s the biggest annoyance about him since a warrior will always have to run back and taunt him every time this happens.

Once he is defeated, don’t forget to go and loot the Deed to Brill (check map for location). One more Deed to go!

Ras Frostwhisper always drops a Blue item, as far as I know, from the following list:

And very rarely (~5% chance), he can drop the following Alchemy reciepe:

To craft this flask you need an Alchemy Lab nearby, so it seems the ”Desk” Ras Frostwhisper wanders about is actually the Alchemy Lab you need to produce flasks. I’m not 100% sure about this, since I have never seen the Reciepe drop myself, but it seems logical.

Anyway, go back to the viewing room and go through the other door, you are finally gonna get rewarded for your efforts.

The Six Chambers and Darkmaster Gangling:

Shortly put, there is 6 chambers: 3 on the Upper floor, 3 on the Lower Floor. In each of those chambers is a named and bunch of mobs guarding it. Each named randomly drops a piece of Armor Set, out of those four:

  • Necropile Raiments – 5 pieces (cloth)
  • Cadaverous Garb – 5 pieces (leather)
  • Bloodmail Regalia – 5 pieces (mail)
  • Deathbone Guardian – 5 pieces (plate)

The stats are too low on most pieces of this armor set, in my opinion, some green items you can buy at the Auction House have better stats. So, they could use a little boost. However, the full set bonuses are nice to have. And one cannot be picky when you have the opportunity to kill 5 nameds dropping those items in such a short span. On top of that, they aren’t that hard to kill. It’s the ‘getting to them’ part that is hard.

1 of those 6 nameds doesn’t share this loot table though, he drops nothing, his name is The Lorekeeper. But you still need to kill him if you want Darkmaster Gandling to appear.

So, let’s start killing them already?

It doesn’t matter which room you start with. But I will start with the lower rooms, just because it’s in my habits when I got with my team to Scholomance.

Warning: In some of the rooms, you can skip a few monsters and pull the named without aggroing them. But don’t do that, you must clear everything. You will see later why, when facing Darkmaster Gandling.

The Vault of Ravenian:

Down the stairs, this is the room to the right. The boss of this room is named The Ravenian. There is nothing special about that room, the pulls are pretty standard, so is the named. You shouldn’t have any problems if you managed to go this far. On to the next room, the middle one, facing the stairs.

The Barov Family Vault:

This room has only one type of mob, Risen Guard (undead). Most pulls will be single or pairs if you do it carefully. Then you will be left with 3 Mobs, in the back of the room. Lord Alexi Barov, and 2 Risen Guards.
This is yet another moment where the group composition pays off. How to deal with a named and two lvl 60ish elite skeletons?

1st skeleton: Shackled.
2nd skeleton: Offtanked (remember I said you would need one.)
Paladin, Druid, Shaman, VoidWalker, Hunter pet, they all can do the job, and they must try to keep themselves healed up without relying on the priest, who will be very busy shackling the other add and healing the warrior
Lord Alexi barov: Tanked in a corner by the warrior.

Why in a corner? Because Lord Alexi Barov has an aura, with quite a range, and this aura deals about 100+ dmg every tick to anyone close enough. So everybody besides the warrior (including the offtank), must be far away enough from Lord Alexi barov, or your whole group will take so much damage that mana will be an issue too soon. Of course, if you have a rogue in the group, he won’t have a choice and will have to take the Aura damage. Since Lord Alexi Barov is your primary target. He must die first, and as fast as possible.

The most dangerous thing with this encounter is that Lord Barov also casts a curse every now and then. This curse reduces healing effects by 70%… Needless to say a Warrior dies quickly if this isn’t cured fast.

So make sure you assign the job to the mage or the druid beforehand. (if the druid is already on offtanking duty, have the mage do it)

If everybody follows this plan and doesn’t do any major mistake, you will make it.

Here is an alternative way of fighting Alexi Barov, submitted by “Archimage”:


needed: 1 mage + any other 4 characters (including 1 healer though)

– the mage is “the rabbit” (R)
– the gang of 4 is “the strike team” (G4)

– considering you enter the room and killed the 2 first guards
– G4 goes before the right stair
– R goes before the left stair
– all G4 members target alexi barov
– G4 must never leave this room until Alexi Barov is dead
– R cast manashield
– R does a FlameStrike on Alexi Barov + his 2 guards
– doing this he gets the agro of all 3 mobs and does a DOT on them keeping good agro
– R starts running back to the previous room (the 2 floored one)
– G4 start hitting Alexi Barov on a 4vs1 basis in order to make sure Alexi Barov doesn’t follow R
– G4 objective is to kill Alexi Barov as fast as possible without worrying about either R or the 2 skelettons
– R climb the stairs making sure the 2 skeletons follow him
– R now runs around the upper floor always under manashield doing some nova from time to time to keep the skeleton agro and get some distance ahead them
– if needed, R can jump to lower floor, wait for skeletons, nova again, and climb back to upper floor
– R won’t suffer Alexi aura as he’s not in the same room

the good: no priest needed
the bad: mage needed (hell i think it’s good lol)

Use whichever strategy you prefer. What counts is that you end up killing this Barov dude!

You made it? Congratulations. Don’t forget to loot the Deed to Caer Darrow before moving on to the next room. (the one on the left when coming from the stairs.)

The Shadow Vault:

Not going into details on how to clear this room, nothing special about it. The boss is Lady Illucia Barov, she is a spellcaster, and can fear, silence, charm. But besides all that, she isn’t all that hard. Kill her and move back upstairs, you still have 3 rooms to clear, and let’s start with the one to the right (south on the map).

The Coven:

This room is a mix of humanoid spellcasters and skeletons. Everything is standard in matter of pulling / fighting. Just one little surprise is the curses they cast. One is a corpse explosion curse, which hurts badly, and one is a Timebomb curse, which does 2000 dmg to you if you don’t remove the curse before it expires.

You will then be left with the named, Instructor Malicia, and a Humanoid spellcaster who seems to be her guard. So sheep the guard, or sap it, or mind control it, or succubus seduce it. It’s up to you. Instructor Malicia is easy, just keep an eye on the curses though.

Let’s pick the middle room next, where you will complete the third quest.

The Hall of the Damned:

This is where Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher, resides. The denizens of this room are a mix of Diseased ghouls (you know how to deal with those), and some weird non-elite skeletons, who happen to be Immune to everything besides melee damage and Holy spells (such as smite).

You will fight The Butcher solo, and you shouldn’t have much troubles. He hits reasonably hard and doesn’t do anything special besides a stun/knockback ability that wipes the target from his aggro list.

Once he is dead, look to each sides of the room, you will see piles of flesh. These are the remains of Eva Sarkhoff and her husband. Get rid of them and you will complete the quest.

On to the last room…

The Hall of Secrets:

The Hall of secrets is filled by huge load of zombies, the Slow walking type of zombies. They are non elite but still have a fair amount of HPs. They don’t hit hard at all, but they often proc a disease which Hurts like hell. So be very quick on removing those.

There is several ways to do it:

1. You can simply do a simple AE style pull. Keep the mage/warlock alive, and be very quick to remove the diseases. However, sometimes the pulls can be very heavy in this room, we are talking about 10+ mobs. And there is a safer way…

2. Set up your group down the stairs, and have a warlock or mage pull. When the zombies get close to the doorway, have him cast an AE on them. Then he will walk those cute zombies all around the room of the Upper floor, while shooting AEs at them everytime he gets the chance. Your warrior goes upstairs and taunt the zombies one by one and brings them down to the group where they will be quickly dealt with. It takes a longer time than the first method, but it’s safer.

After a few of those ‘fun’ pulls, you will be left with the boss of this room – The Lorekeeper. He’s kinda weak and doesn’t drop anything of value. Go in his room and kill him.

Once he dies, you will hear Darkmaster Gandling shout. That means he just appeared down the stairs, in the middle of the 6 chambers.

Darkmaster Gandling:

Before you engage this fight, take a few minutes to explain your whole group what is gonna happen. Because believe me, it can be quite surprising the first time

Darkmaster Gandling is the caster type, he has abilities such as Shadowbolt Volleys and other annoying spells, curses namely. But this is nothing compared to his main ability: He banishes a target every now and then to one of the six rooms (the ones you just cleared entirely, right?).
When you appear in said room, the door is locked, and three lvl 60 Risen Guards block the way to you. Omgomg you are fucked!
Or not, they are level 60 and look like the usual risen guards, but they hit for 20-40 dmg and have low hit points. Kill them as fast as you can, it will open the door and allow you to jump back in the fight.

Now the key to defeat this encounter is only speed execution. You must be fast, everybody must do as fast as possible when it comes to getting out of the rooms and also getting Darkmaster Gandling’s health down to Zero. Manaburning him helps a lot when you finally get him out of mana, he doesn’t hurt much without his spells.

If you happen to wipe against him (or with anything past the viewing room actually), keep in mind that you can ghost run back to the instance and jump off the bridge at the entrance, you will be back into the viewing room immediatly. Be careful are there might be a patrol in the corridors between the viewing room and the other rooms.

If you manage to kill him, you will be pleased to find he has very decent loot, and that he drops more than one blue loot usually, namely, he drops the Head piece for each classes Blue Armor set (8 pieces to gather, scattered through Blackrock Spires, Stratholme and Scholomance):

and various other items:

Now would be a good time for you and your group to Hearthstone and to turn in your quests, you need the follow ups.

The Plagued Hatchlings has no follow up quest, sadly.
Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher has one on the other hand. Eva Sarkhoff sends you back into Scholomance, this time to the basements, where Jandice Barov awaits you.
Barov Family Fortune has a follow up quest as well, which is a PvP quest.

So get some rest before your next Scholomance run, you still have a lot to do.

The Second Run

So you are ready for the 2nd round?

Where to Start:

Get the follow up quest from your local Barov brother (Alexi Barov at the Bulwark for Horde // Weldon Barov at Chillwind point for Alliance).

The objective of the quest is to assassinate the brother of the opposite faction. Thos NPCs are PvP flagged, so you might encounter some problems when killing them, if any players of the opposing factions are near.

Alexi/Weldon Barov are lvl 60 Elite. They are standard melee mobs with a high dmg output and can take a decent beating as well. Go there with full, well balanced group at least. When you engage him he yells for help, the whole zone hears him, so you need to make a quick deal of him, before any enemy player joins up. Actually it would be best you go there with your full party, so everyone can loot the head. Mind you, the Barov brothers are on a very long respawn timer (few hours).

Bring the head to your local Barov brother and get this cool trinket reward:

You can summon those 3 level 60 servants, every 10 minute. They fight for you during 15 seconds. It can be quite usefull sometimes, they are a nice decoy

So now you are left with one quest, Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors, the follow up of The Butcher quest, given to you by Eva Sarkhoff. It’s time for you to gather a group again and to venture into Scholomance. This time your primary target will be a new creature: Jandice Barov.

You already know your way through Scholomance until that room we named ‘The Fork’. So go there, and this time, turn right at the end of the room, and then head down to the area where you will meet Jandice Barov (shown on map).

Jandice Barov:

Welcome to the Sunken catacombs, this room is one of the hardest to go through in Scholomance. So arm yourself with patience.
It is a big room, with 3 walls in the middle. It is up to you to choose to go left or right. But it has to be either, you better not try going there through the middle, or you will have to deal with much more mobs.
3 type of mobs roam aimlessly in this room:

  • Diseased Ghouls, remember those?
  • The slow walking zombies you fought in one of the 6 chambers. Non Elite, hit fairly low, but their disease hurts like hell. Cure it fast. Or even better, have your mage, shaman or warlock kite solo-kite them. So nobody gets hurt. They must just be careful to not aggro more mobs while kiting.
  • The non-elite skeletons that are Immune to all besides melee and holy. You fought those already, in the 6-chambers.

How to deal with this room:

1. Pull very carefully, this room is quite packed, if you do well you should have only 1 elite per pull + a few non-elites. Some of the mobs run around a high speed, so study the room well before you pull.
2. Shackle the ghouls, deal with the non-elites, have your melees kill the skeletons, let your casters kite the slow walking zombies.
3. The room is on a reasonably fast respawn, so you have to clear fast and move up along the wall (right or left, you decide) everytime you can. Right seems to work, I always cleared to the right and it worked. So go right if you aren’t sure!

Jandice Barov awaits you at the opposite side of the room, and if you manage to reach her, you did 90% of the job. She isn’t very hard, has a special ‘copy image’ ability, which basically summons a bunch of illusions of Jandice. They are on a 10-15 seconds timer and have 3100 HP. I wouldn’t bother killing them. Tab-target through them until you find the real Jandice (the only one which doesn’t have “illusion” written in its name) and just keep on attacking her.

She will drop the quest item, plus 1 or 2 green items, and sometimes one of the following blue items, including the Warlock’s Armor Set shoulder slot:

Before going anywhere, look around, right next to where you killed Jandice should be a torch. It is actually the Switch to the litttle gate in the room connecting to the Viewing room, clicking it will grant you access to the special chest. Which contains 2 green items. It’s no big deal, but it’s on your way to Viewing room, so it’s all extra.

Whenever you get the chance, zone out of the instance and turn in the quest to Eva Sarkhoff, get the follow up:

Kirtonos the Herald:

Fight your way to the Summoning room, and this time I recommend clearing it entirely. When that is done, go to the porch and use the Blood of Innocents on the brazier. It will summon Kirtonos the Herald, a gargoyle looking fiend who will come flying your way. Then land and change to his human form, punish him for the thousands of lives he has taken. He is totally doable for a group of your caliber.

He drops 1 or 2 blue item every time, and its mostly good stuff (including warrior armor set boots) :

Go back to Eva Sarkhoff when you can, and finish the quest.
Note: Before you ask, yes you can summon Kirtonos the Herald again even if you finish the quest. Blizzard patched this, and now if you want to summon Kirtonos again after completing the quest, you have to go get the Blood of Innocents from Doctor Theolen Krastinov (in the 6 chambers).

The reward for the quest Kirtonos the Herald is at first glance, well, weird:

But this turns out to be a valuable reward. When equipped, you can now see every ghost populating the island of Scholomance.

Most importantly two of them:

  • 1. Magnus Frostwake, sells various rare blacksmith and alchemy reciepes (major mana potion, transmute water to air)
  • 2. Magistrate Marduke, gives you the last serie of quest… with at the end the biggest quest reward of all Scholomance quests. It’s worth it, to say the least.

The Human Ras Frostwhisper (Elite):

Travel to Stromgarde Keep, in the Arathi Highlands, and search for an item that belonged to Ras Frostwhisper before he became a lich. The item you must find is Keepsake of rememberance.

The item you look for is a book, you ll find it on the floor in various places in Stromgarde keep. People have reported that they found it on top of the Tower in the ogre area, or in the chimney of a destroyed house in ogre area, or in a chimney of an inn in the syndicate area, there was reports of more books found at other places in stromgarde keep.
(I found my keepsake on top of the ogre tower, so I can confirm that one 100%.)

Back to Magistrake Marduke, who sends you to Leonid Barthalomew the Revered, at the Light’s hope chapel (eastern plaguelands). Leonid tells you that to turn the Keepsake into a Soulbound Keepsake, you need to go to the place where Ras Frostwhisper died.
This is where things get ugly. Ras Frostwhisper died in Stratholme, in the room where resides Baron Rivendare. You have to go there and place the Keepsake on a pentagram in the Baron’s chamber.

Note: I will write a 5-man Stratholme guide as soon as possible, which means, as soon as Blizzard fixes all the bugs in this zone. Until then, I suggest you try to organize or to join a Startholme raid. It’s not very hard with 2 groups or more.

If you get to Baron Rivendare’s room and place the keepsake on the pentagram on the floor, you will get a ”Soulbound Keepsake”. Go back to Leonid who will send you back to Magistrate Marduke, who will give you the last quest:

The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper (Elite)

Go back into Scholomance, to Ras Frostwhisper’s room. (you know the way). Use the Soulbound Keepsake on him, which will turn him in his human form.
Be careful though, the transformation takes 10 seconds to channel, so if your tank is the one with the Soulbound Keepsake, he won’t be able to tank Ras for the first 10 seconds of the fight, so have your backup tank (shaman, paladin, druid, voidwalker) tank Ras while the transformation is being done.
Kill him (he’s the same as in Lich form), and loot his head.
Bring his head back to Magistrate Marduke, and you will get this reward:

And to choose between one of those items:

That is all, now that you know all the secrets of Scholomance, I leave the rest up to you. This place is great, just a few items need to be upgraded and it will be a perfect instance for your party. Not to mention you raise your Argent Dawn faction there, and get a ton of Scourgestones. One more reason to go back there and to do this instance a dozen of times. So, have fun

I hope you enjoyed this guide, feel free to do any suggestions and to point out anything I might have missed, thanks.


Copyrights WoW-Pro

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    Oct 21, 2010 @ 3:07 am

    Needs an updateWe are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see [url=]the full news post detailing this process[/url].

    This guide needs an update to make sure it is current with patch 4.0. However it still has enough useful information that it will be left in it’s proper section as-is.

    If someone else would like to adopt the guide, or if you have any questions about this process, feel free to comment here.

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    Jan 2, 2009 @ 16:06 pm

    A third way in?It’s been a while since I’ve tried, but as a warlock there was another way in to Scholomance. You can lifetap down to barely any health and stand on the fire next to the entrance (on the side of the building), which will kill you. After you run back, you should be able to run through the locked door, huddle up against the wall and rez behind the door. Not the greatest way in, but still another.

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    Oct 23, 2008 @ 9:24 am

    That’s quite useful, thankThat’s quite useful, thank you 🙂

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    Oct 23, 2008 @ 5:57 am

    Since the release of 3.0.2 ISince the release of 3.0.2 I have been revisiting several pre-BC dungeons and raids. It was much to my surprise to find the mass illusions when fighting this boss. I had Mob info running at the time and each illusion has around 3100 hp and they are on a timer. You can tab-target until the “real” one is targeted. It will not say illusion infront of its name. They last around 10-15 seconds. Sorry I can’t be more exact with the information, I was in a bit of shock when it first happened.

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    Oct 9, 2008 @ 8:19 am

    I wish I could help you, butI wish I could help you, but I haven’t been to Scholomance in the past 2 years :p

    Try to target each illusion individually and to want it down, instead of AoE’ing.

    Or maybe the illusions just disappear on a timer, so all you have to do is wait and let your VW tank?

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    Oct 8, 2008 @ 23:56 pm

    About JandiceQuote:
    “She isn’t very hard, has a special ‘copy image’ ability. Just hit the Illusion once to make it go ‘poof’. One ae spell should be enough.”

    I wonder if something has been changed? It’s not “the illusion”, it’s illusionS. There’s a dozen or so.

    And one AoE isn’t enough to deal with these. I’m a lvl 70 warlock, and I can’t kill her because of her illusions. What I have been trying, is this:

    1. Send voidwalker in, dot Janice, keep up vw’s health, etc. The usual stuff.
    2. When the illusions appear, I’ve tried several metods, ie AoE’ing with Rain of Fire, Seed of Corruption. What happens is that the screen is filled with damage numbers, then the illusions comes for me. They do NOT disappear after one hit, even if that hit is ~1300 dmg to each. When they come for me, they are so many that everything I try is interrupted. So each attempt leads to my toon’s death.

    Unless I missed something and/or is doing something wrong, Janice is not anywhere as easy as most of the other bosses in Scholo. IF I’m doing something wrong, then please don’t hesitate to tell me what.

    Additional note:
    The trash mobs in the crypt before Jandice seems to respawn MUCH faster than any other mobs in the instance. So don’t waste too much time here.

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    Mar 8, 2007 @ 10:46 am

    The summoner roomIn fact, the summoner room is one of the very easiest rooms in the instance, if you got a mage that knows what to do, and the other groupmembers are not having any “omfg-wannarushinandaggroall” ideas 🙂

    Every1 stands in the small room, mage sheeps the summoner. As soon as it is sheeped, mage goes standing behind the small walls near the entrance to the room. This will immediately break the line of sight of the two remaining mobs, forcing em to run towards your group. Tank(s) take aggro (not hard, since the casters didn’t take any dmg yet whatsoever) and group wipes them.

    After that, mage wands the sheeped summoner one time, breaking the sheep. Immediately after that, mage silences, forcing the summoner to run to the group and getting himself ass-kicked. (Keep in mind, LOS breaking in this phase will only get your group swimming in summoned skeletons).

    A bad thing that could by any chance happen is that the sheeped summoner breaks too soon, just have the mage keep an eye on it at all times and you ‘ll be fine.

    A worse thing that could happen is having a hunter in your group that shoots the remaining casters before they can run to your group, thus him getting the aggro, instead of the mage. The usual scenario then is: “line of sight? never heard of”, as they seem to remain in place, lets just run into the room aggroing the lot, that’d be cool” 😛

    The mind controlling trick of the summoner ain’t that bad, but if the control breaks before the summoner is dead, priest is in trouble, since MC causes incredible aggro, and it’s useless to recast MC, since the other mobs changed targets.

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    Dec 1, 2006 @ 16:15 pm

    Great guide, BUT…One tactic that isn’t mentioned.. for the summoner room.

    The way I always do it.. I ask the Priest to mind control the summoner, then simply sit there until the mobs have killed the summoner for us. It’s much easier than constant kicking, silencing and stunning. Give it a try!

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    Nov 30, 2006 @ 23:29 pm

    Fantastic guide!Everything was perfect..minus one thing–i dont know if anyone else is going to have this problem, but i read the part about getting the scholomance key for alliance–and in the guide you say, “Finish the quests given by Commander Ashlam Valorfist until he gives the Scholomance quest.” in my mind there was only one quest involved with killing araj the summoner. I got a group together killed him, only to find out i had the wrong quest, the one with the mark of resolution as the quest reward. My only request would be to mention– for instance, add the line right after that “Make sure that you have both quests regarding killing summoner araj in anderhol, to save you the pain of getting your group of friends together and completing the wrong quest.”

    Long winded i know, but it just wasted an hour of my life.

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