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Karazhan is located in the Deadwind Pass of Eastern Kingdoms, it is a 10 man raid dungeon which contains new unique challenges for your guild.

To enter Karazhan you must do a chain of quests, eventually giving you the Master’s Key, which will allow you to enter.

If you want to know what and where you need to do/go please check out this wonderful guide by Limolia

Karazhan contains 12 different bosses.

Before engagin the trash infront of Midnight/Attumen you want every person in the raid informed of the tactic, so that you won´t have to waste time infront of Midnight, as what make Midnight hard is accually the trash. It is on a 25minutes timer so at most you will have 2 tries before trash spawns.
Attumen the Huntsman

* Basic Melee: 1.6k – 2.1k on tank, 8k on cloth. He can, and should, be disarmed. Immune to taunt.
* Shadow Cleave: Cleave attack for around 4k.
* AoE Curse: Casts every 30 seconds a wide-area curse that reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%. Can be removed by mages and druids.
* Mount Up: When he or Midnight is at 25% he will mount up.
* Charge: After Attumen is mounted, he periodically does a charge. This does over 6k on cloth, and causes a knockdown. Standing closer to him however, reduces the chance that you will be charged.

Midnight only hits for about 2k damage on a tank, and is very easy to heal through.

Attumen is the first boss fight you will encounter in Karazhan. At first only his steed is seen, but after bringing it down a few %, Attumen will rush in and join the fight.
The fight itself it pretty easy, and it requires you to have 2 tanks. The offtank engages Attumens steed, Midnight, brings it to the corner in the left and tanks it until Attumen spawns. The main tank has to be really quick to pick up Attumen, or he will probably quickly dispose of your healers. After Attumen has spawned the main tank brings him where Midnight stood in the beginning. The dps continues to attack Midnight until he´s down at about 25%, where Attumen will call for him and mount up. Now he will randomly charge someone in the raid, and if you are unlucky he will also hit the person, usually killing them. This won´t happen to often tho. At this point it´s quite simple, let the tank keep aggro and heal the charged people until he finally falls dead on the ground, giving your group some nice loots, for such an easy fight.

Loots can be found here

The trash befroe Moroes is quite simple, not so short spawn time allowing for a couple of wipes. Some pulls consist of pac of nonelites, others of solo or 2 elites.

Moroes will have different adds in every instance, much like Chromaggus’ breaths. Each add will be based off a class and spec.

Baron Rafe Dreuger
Retribution Paladin
Health: 68k
can dispel shackle, casts blessings

Baroness Dorothea Milstipe
Shadow Priest
Health: 66k
Casts mana burn

Lady Catriona Von’Indi Holy Priest
Health: 66k
can heal and dispel shackle

Lady Keira Berrybuck
Holy Paladin
Health: 68k
casts Holy Light, dispels shackles, casts blessings

Lord Crispin Ference
Protection Warrior
Health: 83.4k
very hard to kill

Lord Robin Daris
Mortal Strike Warrior
Health: 84k
hard to kill, can easily one-hit clothies, does melee-AE

You should crowd control as many adds as you can. It is recommended that you bring 2 priest, tho not nessesary.
Assign a shackle target to the priest(s), one for freezing trap if you got a hunter, while the hunter has one in frezzing trap he should aswell kite one of the adds. I also recommend you to shackle the warriors, as they are hard to kill. Also kill the priests first, and don´t shackle the retribution paladins, he tends to stun his shackler when he breaks free. The priests should reshackle every 15-20 seconds or so, to prevent them from going loose.

Kiting the adds with a mage and a rogue is very well working. The mage can shoot his spells from a distance while the rogue slows him down with crippling poison.

After crowd controlling and disposing of adds, you face Moroes himself. Moroes got a few nasty abilities who all can really annoy you. You will need 2 tanks for him as he will gouge the primary tank and then he should face the other one until it goes off. If you are really unlucky he wll gouge one tank and blind teh other, going a rampart though your group.


Meele: around 2000 on plate.
Vanish: Vanishing, does not drop aggro.
Garrote: After returning from a vanish he will garrote someone dealing 1000 damage every 3 sec for 5 minutes, meaning 100.000 damage.
Blind: A poison that causes the target to wonder around. This can be removed by poison removing effects.
Gouge: He will gouge his primary target and turning to the one with second most treath.
Enrage: At 30% health Moroes will enrage

Other then his adds this fight is very simple if you manage to live trough his adds. When you got the adds crowd controlled and some killed it´s simply just about healing the tank and the garrote targets.
Garrote can be removed by a dwarf using stoneform, a mage using iceblock or a paladin’s divine shield.

Loots can be found here

Maiden of Virtue

The trash infront of Maiden is not hard at all, some has aura taht reduces meele or spell damage done by 50%, they should be taken care of first. Have the tank pull all the trash except the 2 mobs gurading the entrance to Maidens chamber out of the room and kill them there. Stay to the right wall when entering or you may aggro mobs in the rooms.

About 3000 meele damage on a warrior.
Holy Fire: An annoying fire spell that damages about 3000 damage and then ticks for an additional 1750 damage every 2 sec for 12 sec.
Holy Ground: A consecration looking aura, damaging about 300 every 3 sec. Silences for 0.5 sec every sec. Breaks the stun from repentance.
Holy Wrath: Aoe chained damage, make sure you are position away from other people (see below).
Repentance: A 10sec incaptitate. Any damage caused will awake anyone affected by repentance. Maiden will cast this random, but it is on a 25 second cooldown. This is the killer move of this fight.

The fight with Maiden herself is quite easy once you got the hang of it. Shamans should keep grounding totem up as much as possible as it will soak up the damage from Holy Fire, reducing the amounts of dispell the dispellers have to do.
Paladins can aslo cast Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank everytime the repentance cooldown is over, making them get out of it and heal the tank through repentance. The tank should be topped att all costs throughout the fight, especially when repentance cooldown is over.
Druids will need to keep up HoTs on the tank all the time aswell as giving targets og Holy Fire a quick HoT.
Priests and Paladins will mainly dispell throughout this fight, unless you have 2 shamans, that will remove about 90% of her Holy Fires if grounding is kept up all the time.
The tank should tank her where she stands, and the rest of the raid position infront of everypillar to avoid chaining Holy Wrath. If you got more then 2 meeles they should position in a triangle to avoid chaing the Holy Wrath to the tank. Any health increasing consumables should be used by the tank, aswell as being ready to pop Last Stand, Shield Wall, potions, healthstones for those unlucky repentances. One of the healers could aswell run in the Holy Ground after repentance cooldown is over to get loose from it and then quickly run out and spam the tank.

If you get the hang of repentance, she´s dead.

Loots can be found here

Opera Event

The first trash towards the opera event after Maiden has gone down, was pre-patch the hardest trash in the whole instance, now they´re a cake. Simply have 2 tanks building aggro on one while they otehr is crowdcontrolled. Having 2 tanks mean that the other one get hit instead of the group when one is put in a iceblock.

After reaching the opera, you talk the the stagemen to start the accual opera event. Which one of the events you get in randomly, and it´s reset by a soft reset, meaning if you get one one day and fail you can get another the next day. The opera event consists of either one of 3 random encounters, The Big Bad Wolf, Wizard of Oz and Romulo and Julianne.

Ths Big Bad Wolf

This is probably the easiest one of the encounters, aslong the raid know what to do, this even you can take your time to explain tactics, trash respawn ain´t that fast, and you start it by talking to the grandmother, and you don´t have to do that in the start.

The Big Bad Wolf (I´ll call him The Wolf from now on) has 2 main abilities.

    • Little Red Riding Hood; This will turn you into Little Red Riding Hood, causing The Wolf to chase that person until the debuff is over. Turning into The Little Red Riding Hood will reduce all your armor and will silence you. This also increases your speed.


    Terryfing Howl; Instant, fears, can be countered by all usuall fear counters

What makes The Wolf an encounter that´s accually more then free loots is Little Red Riding Hood. You want The Wolf to be tanked in one of the corners while the rest of the raid stands on the other side. As soon one member of the raid beomce Red Riding Hood, he/she will wait until The Wolf comes closer and then start running around the wall, kiting him. While someone is running, healers want to spam lesser heals on the person, as he hits for about 4000 damage on everyone. It is recommended that heal over time spells and power word shield are used. Rogues can vanish to make him stop chase you, tho the debuff remains and if you leave stealth he will come after you again. Hunters can also feaign death but the debuff will still stay up, so do not jump up again until it´s gone. Druids do not want to be in tree of life form, as this will slow them. Paladins can aswell use blessing of protecting to prevent damage on the chased person but he will chase longer then the buff lasts, so be careful in timing it. Priests can also slow him with mind flay and as there is no magic damage mage’s can boost the healing by using amplify magic.

Loots can be found here

Romulo and Julianne

First off, you face Julianne alone, she has a couple of spells, including a heal (Eternal Affection),which needs to be interupted, and a selfbuff (Devotion), that decreases casting time and holy damage done by 50%, this needs to be dispelled. Here´s a list of all her spells.

    • * Eternal Affection: Holy. Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. Heal 46250-53750, Cast Time 2 seconds.


    • * Powerful Attraction: Shadow. Stun 6 seconds. Range 45 yards. Cast Time 1.5 seconds.


    • * Blinding Passion: Holy. 6000 Holy damage inflicted over 4 sec (1500 initially, then 4 ticks of 750 each). Range 45 yards, Cast Time 2 seconds.


    * Devotion: Holy. Holy damage dealt is increased by 50%. Spell casting speed is increased by 50%. for 10 sec.

After killing Julianne, you will face Romulo. He is a warrior type mob with high armor. Has four diffrent abilitys, namely Daring, which also has to be dispelled from him. Here´s a list.

    • * Backward Lunge: Physical. Strikes at an enemy behind the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Knock Back 35 yard).


    • * Deadly Swathe: Physical. Strikes at nearby enemies in front of the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Affects up to 3 targets).


    • * Poisoned Thrust: Physical. All statistics reduced by 10% (Stacks up to 8 times), the debuff can be depoisoned.


    * Daring: Holy. Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 50% and the caster’s attack speed by 50% for 8 sec.

When Romulo dies, they will both spawn and attack you, so make sure the tanks can pick them up fast, also it´s preferred to stop dots at 10% on Romulo, as they will continue to build aggro when he´s “dead”.
Some may want to split the dps into 2 groups, one for Julianne and one for Romeo, if you decide to do it this way, keep meele away from Romulo because of his abilitys.
Others however, might want to have everyone dps Julianne until she is 25%, and then everyone except a rogue or wahtever you would like to use as interupt stays on her along with the tank, autoattacking and interupting while the rest of the group dps Romulo until he goes 10%, at this point make sure they both are at 10%, or they might get enough time to res eachother.
Now, kill them both at the same time, or atleast quite close to, I think you will have about 10-15 seconds to finish the other once one dies.

Loots can be found here

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    Just a heads up, otherwise a good job.
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    The following is mostly tipsThe following is mostly tips to help the raid from wiping

    1) It might be good idea to mention the methods to get rid of Garrote, as I’ve found this to be the main reason behind most of my guilds Moroes wipes 😛 Some of those are Mages ice block, Dwarfs stoneform etc.
    One thing I’ve found, though not confirmed, is that Moroes’s garrote target is somewhat chosen between the players closest to him. I’ve been able to avoid Garrote numerous times by standing a bit away from the rest of the raid while dps’ing. I might just have been lucky, but who knows? This, of course, does only apply to ranged dps 🙂

    2) Priests should use shackle on their designated target every 20 sec just to be safe.

    3) A mage and rogue works wonders on the adds, as the mage gets the initial aggro, while the Rogue uses Crippling poison, that way slowing the add, leaving the mage with enough time to maintain the aggro. Though locks should be able to pull this off as well, i prefer a mage as they got a lot of escaping abilities (Blink, Cone of Cold, etc. Just be sure not to use frost nova as the add will attack the closest target within range, being the rogue).

    That is all I remember for now, though there might be more 😉

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    As for Attumens charge, it seems that if you move closer to him, he’ll be less likely to charge you, which can be quite useful for non-melee players.

    Not much else to say than: Keep up the good work 🙂


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