A Guide to Lvl Skinning to 350 in 4 hours on a lvl 70 and above



In this Guide i will tell you every where to go to lvl your skinning in the fastest way possible and this guide doesnt have to do with leatherworking sorry i will make that next but first the skinning guide and here is it.

1-50: In the 1 thru 50 you have a few places to go but i found out the easiest one was Elywen forest because it has the fastest respweens of bears. The place you go to in Elywen forest is the area right behind gold shire and we you kill the boars there till 20 then you go near the Jampsiode mine and the three camps of wolfs camp there and kill them. They respween fast so be ready to raise it fast . Stay there till you get to 75 on the dot then go back and get some training so you can go farther in gold shire right on the outside of town. once you get training you then go to Westfalls but before you go in westfalls raise you skill to 100 in westfalls there are boars everywhere so you can just walk around and kill them after you get your skinning to 150 there then you go to Wetlands and skin there till you make out your skinning again and when you do go back and train then head back there. When you get you skinning to 215 you can go to the Arithe highlands and they at the beginning of when you enter from wetlands is where a lot are and so that is where you want to go when you get it to 270 from there you will want to go to swamp of Sorrow and get it to 290 and then at 290 make sure you get all you train to go past 300 and when you do make sure you can solo or just get a friend or 2 to help you and go into sunken temple and kill everything there and when you get to 320 go to outlands in Hellfire and skin the boars.

That is all i got for now i am skill working on it and if you have any ideas tell me

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