Achievements – Include them in my leveling guides?

author image by Jame | Story | 2 Comments | 02 Oct 2008

If you want to take part in the dicussion, please check my Latest Blog Article. I could use some input from everyone about the possible inclusion of achievements in my leveling guides, you will find the details in the blog article.

Please read the article before you reply, don’t just jump to your “post comment” button and say “yes/no/dunno”. 😛
I’d appreciate if you could reply directly on my blog. If you can’t for a technical reason though, here is fine.

Thanks everyone!

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    Oct 3, 2008 @ 17:14 pm

    Thank you for your comment.Thank you for your comment. I’ve taken into account everyone’s opinion and come to a final decision regarding achievements. I’ve explained everything in my [url=]latest blog post[/url].

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    Oct 3, 2008 @ 0:06 am

    AchievementsI think it would be nice, but it depends on the style of the guide, speed, etc etc.
    If achievements can be easily gotten while following the steps you would normally take while leveling I think it would work, but I personally wouldn’t want to go out of my way to get them.

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