Addon – 12_20_Svens_Bloodmyst Revised


WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(“SveBlo1220”, “Bloodmyst Isle”, “Sven”, “12”, “20”, “###”, “Alliance”, function()
return [[

R Bloodmyst Isle |QID|9663| |N|Go to Bloodmyst Isle |
T Hero’s Call: Bloodmyst Isle!|QID|28559|M|63.1,87.9|
T Elekks Are Serious Business |QID|9625|N|If you have this quest, turn it in (requires having done Azuremyst previously).|
A A Favorite Treat |QID|9624|M|63.4,88.8|
A Alien Predators |QID|9634|M|63.0,87.9|
N Before accepting Kessel Run, read this. |QID|9663| |N|Your first epic mount! It’s just like a normal mount, except you can’t resummon it if you get dismounted. Stay out of caves, water, and buildings! You can do the quest without the elekk, but it takes a lot longer.|
A The Kessel Run |QID|9663|M|63.0,87.5|
N Warn Chief Stillpine |QID|9663| |QO|High Chief Stillpine Warned: 1/1|N|Warn Stillpine |Z|Azuremyst Isle|M|46.7,20.8|
N Warn Exarch Menelauos |QID|9663| |QO|Exarch Menelaous Warned: 1/1|N|Warn Menelaous |Z|Azuremyst Isle|M|47.2,50.6|
N Warn Admiral Odesyus |QID|9663| |QO|Admiral Odesyus Warned: 1/1|N|Warn Odyseus |Z|Azuremyst Isle|M|47.0,70.2|
T The Kessel Run |QID|9663|M|62.99,87.52|
A Declaration of Power |QID|9666|
R Blood Watch |QID|9634| |N|Run to Blood watch |M|55,55|
h Blood Watch |QID|9634| |N|Set hearthstone to Blood Watch |M|55.84,59.80|
A WANTED: Deathclaw|QID|9646|M|55.2,59.1|
A Catch and Release |QID|9629|M|53.2,57.7|
A Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie |QID|9648|M|56.4,56.8|
f Blood Watch|QID|9634|M|57.69,53.92|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|9634|M|53.86,56.87|
A What Argus Means to Me |QID|9693|
A Learning from the Crystals |QID|9581|M|52.6,53.2|
T What Argus Means to Me |QID|9693|
A Blood Watch|QID|9694|
C Blood Watch|QID|9694|N|Kill Sunhawk Spies around |M|49,47|
T Blood Watch|QID|9694|
N Blood Mushroom|QID|9648|N|Look for the mushroom around this point, it has a red glow.|M|66.68,74.67|L|24040|
N Aquatic Stinkhorn|QID|9648|N|Look for the stinkhorn around this point, it will be underwater.|M|63.90,64.41|L|24041|
C Declaration of Power|N|Kill Lord Xiz, don’t forget to plant the banner in his corpse.|QID|9666|U|24084|M|68,67|
N Ruinous Polyspore|QID|9648|QO|Ruinous Polyspore: 1/1|N|Pick up a Ruinous Polyspore in this area.|
A Saving Princess Stillpine |N|If you didn’t do Learning the Language in Azuremyst Isle, skip this step.|QID|9667|M|68.2,81.2|
N Saving Princess Stillpine |QID|9667| |N|You have to kill furbolgs until High Chief Bristlelimb yells, then kill him.| |L|24099|M|64,76|
C Saving Princess Stillpine |QID|9667|N|Go open the cage.|M|68.2,81.2|
C A Favorite Treat|QID|9624|N|Look for the “Sand Pears” next to the trees as you go.|S|
C Learning from the Crystals|QID|9581|N|Use your Crystal Mining Pick on the Impact Site Crystal.|U|23875|M|58.15,83.48|
C Alien Predators|QID|9634|N|Kill Bloodmyst Hatchlings.|
T Alien Predators |QID|9634|
T Declaration of Power |QID|9666|
A Report to Exarch Admetius|QID|9668|
T A Favorite Treat |QID|9624|US|
N Fel Cone Fungus|QID|9648|QO|Fel Cone Fungus: 1/1|N|Grab a Fel Cone Fungus from around here.|M|43.04,83.7|
C Catch and Release|QID|9629|NC|N|Use the Murloc Tagger on 6 Blacksilt Scouts.|U|23995|M|43.8,93.3|
K Cruelfin |QID|9576|N|Find and kill cruelfin, then loot the Red Crystal Pendant to accept Cruelfin’s Necklace. He pats East and West.|L|23870|M|42.0,94.9|
A Cruelfin’s Necklace|QID|9576|U|23870|
H Blood Watch |QID|9576| |N|Hearth to Blood Watch|U|6948|
T Cruelfin’s Necklace|QID|9576|
T Catch and Release |QID|9629|
A Victims of Corruption|QID|9574|
A Know Thine Enemy|QID|9567|M|55.1,58.0|
T Saving Princess Stillpine|QID|9667|
A Constrictor Vines|QID|9643|M|55.9,57.0|
A The Bear Necessities|QID|9580|
T Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie|QID|9648|
A Intercepting the Message|QID|9779|
A Irradiated Crystal Shards|QID|9641|O|N|If you already have 10 Irradiated Crystal Shards, then accept and turn in the quest|M|55.4,55.3|
T Irradiated Crystal Shards|QID|9641|O|
A Explorers’ League, Is That Something for Gnomes?|QID|10063|M|56.3,54.2|
T Learning from the Crystals|QID|9581|
A The Missing Survey Team|QID|9620|
T Report to Exarch Admetius |QID|9668|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|9620|M|53.43,56.74|
N Kill any…|QID|9620|N|Corrupted Treants you come across. Close this step.|
T The Missing Survey Team|QID|9620|
A Salvaging the Data|QID|9628|M|64.53,45.55|
C Salvaging the Data|QID|9628|N|Kill Nagas until the ‘Survey Data Crystal’ drops|
T Salvaging the Data|QID|9628|
A The Second Sample|QID|9584|
C Intercepting the Message|QID|9779|N|Kill Sunhawk Spies until the ‘Sunhawk Missive’ drops.|S|
C The Second Sample|QID|9584|N|Use the Crystal Mining Pick on the ‘Altered Crystal Sample’.|U|23876|M|45.75,47.62|
C Intercepting the Message|QID|9779|N|Kill Sunhawk Spies until the Sunhawk Missive drops.|US|
C Constrictor Vines|QID|9643|N|Kill Mutated Constrictors for 6 “Thorny Constrictor Vines”, as well as any Elder Brown Bears.|M|45.9,52.11;36.24,51.47|
C The Bear Necessities|QID|9580|N|Kill Elder Brown Bears until you have 8 flanks.|
C Victims of Corruption|QID|9574|N|Kill Corrupted Treants for the bark.|M|49,73|
K Tzerak |QID|9594| |L|23900|N|Kill Tzerak, he walks between the two waypoints, and loot “Tzerak’s Armor Plate”, he looks like a Felguard. If you don’t see him, grind on Satyrs until he yells as he spawns.|M|38.41,82.02;36.51,71.72|
A Signs of the Legion|QID|9594|U|23900|
C Know Thine Enemy|QID|9567|N|Loot the Nazzivus Monument Glyph|L|23859|M|36.49,71.36|
C Signs of the Legion|QID|9594|N|Kill Satyrs and Felsworns|
H Blood Watch|QID|9567| |N|Hearth to Blood Watch||U|6948|
T Know Thine Enemy|QID|9567|
T Signs of the Legion|QID|9594|
A Containing the Threat|QID|9569|
T Victims of Corruption|QID|9574|
A Searching for Galaen|QID|9578|M|53.3,57.7|
A The Missing Expedition|QID|9669|M|53.3,57.0|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|9584|M|53.3,57.0|
A Urgent Delivery|QID|9671|N|From Messenger Hermesius, who walks all over Blood Watch. Check off this step when complete.|
A Check your mailbox|QID|9672|N|Urgent delivery results in a mail sent to your mailbox, accept the quest the item gives.|U|24132|
T Constrictor Vines|QID|9643|
T The Bear Necessities|QID|9580|
A Culling the Flutterers|QID|9647|
A Ysera’s Tears|QID|9649|M|56.4,56.8|
N Irradiated Crystal Shards|QID|9584|N|If you have 10 or more, turn them in for the buff item. Close this step.|M|55.54,52.43|
T Intercepting the Message|QID|9779|
A Translations…|QID|9696|
T Translations…|QID|9696|M|54.4,54.4|
A Audience with the Prophet|QID|9698|
A Newfound Allies|QID|9632|M|54.7,54|
A Fouled Water Spirits|QID|10067|M|51.74,52.13|
A Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave|QID|10066|M|51.74,52.13|
T The Second Sample|QID|9584|
A The Final Sample|QID|9585|
A Talk to the Hand|QID|10064|M|52.6,53.4|
F The Exodar |QID|9698| |N|Fly to The Exodar|M|57.7,53.9|
T Audience with the Prophet|QID|9698|M|32.9,54.5|Z|The Exodar|
A Truth or Fiction|QID|9699|
H Blood Watch |QID|9699| |N|If your hearth is up, use it to get back to Blood Watch. Otherwise, fly back|Z|Bloodmyst Isle|U|6948|
T Truth or Fiction|QID|9699|
A I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness|QID|9700|
C I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness|QID|9700|N|Kill Void Anomalies, and approach the entrance to the warp piston to get the complete message|M|51.81,21.77|
T Explorers’ League, Is That Something for Gnomes?|QID|10063|N|Pass Axxarien to the East.|
A Pilfered Equipment|QID|9548|
A Artifacts of the Blacksilt|QID|9549|
C Artifacts of the Blacksilt|QID|9549|S|N|Kill murlocs for Idols and Knives.|
C Pilfered Equipment|QID|9548|S|N|Watch for Clopper’s Equipment.|
C Pilfered Equipment|QID|9548|US|
C WANTED: Deathclaw|QID|9646|N|Kill Deathclaw, and loot his Paw.|M|37,30|
C Artifacts of the Blacksilt|QID|9549|US|
T Artifacts of the Blacksilt|QID|9549|
T Pilfered Equipment|QID|9548|
A A Map to Where?|QID|9550|U|23837|N|Click the Weathered Treasure Map you just got to start the next quest.|
C Culling the Flutterers|QID|9647|N|Kill every Royal Blue Flutterer you see.|S|
C The Final Sample|QID|9585|U|23877|N|Use the pick on the Axxarien crystal|
C Containing the Threat|QID|9569|N|Head back to Axxarien. Collect 5 Corrupted Crystals while killing Hellcallers and Shadowstalkers, on the way to kill Zevrax |M|41.6,29.8|
C Culling the Flutterers|QID|9647|N|Kill the last flutterers you need. These tend to be spread out a bit so check north of Axxarien as well.|US|
T A Map to Where?|QID|9550|N|There’s a book you have to click in order to complete.|M|61.19,41.78|
A Deciphering the Book|QID|9557|
H Blood Watch |QID|9643| |N|Hearth back to Blood Watch||U|6948|
T Containing the Threat|QID|9569|
T Culling the Flutterers|QID|9647|
T I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness|QID|9700|
A The Cryo-Core|QID|9703|
T Deciphering the Book|QID|9557|N|Wait a moment for the quest to appear.|
A Nolkai’s Words|QID|9561|
T The Final Sample|QID|9585|
T WANTED: Deathclaw|QID|9646|M|52.64,53.26|
L You should be level 18 by now.|R|Draenei|QID|9753|N|If not, you should be close. I would suggest hitting 18 to unlock a new quest.|
A What we Know|R|Draenei|QID|9753|M|55.6,55.4|
T What we Know|R|Draenei|QID|9753|M|52.66,53.23|
A What we Don’t Know|R|Draenei|QID|9756|
C What we Don’t Know|R|Draenei|QID|9756|M|54.4,54.3|N|Talk to the prisoner|
T What we Don’t Know|R|Draenei|QID|9756|
A Vindicator’s Rest|R|Draenei|QID|9760|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|9578|M|53.3,57.0|
C The Cryo-Core|QID|9703|N|Loot Medical Supplies from the ground and from blood elves.|S|
T Searching for Galaen|QID|9578|M|38,60|N|Head into the building.|
A Galaen’s Fate|QID|9579|
A Galaen’s Journal – The Fate of Vindicator Saruan|QID|9706|N|From the book on the ground next to her|
C The Cryo-Core|QID|9703|N|Loot Medical Supplies from the ground and from blood elves.|US|
C Galaen’s Fate|QID|9579|N|The amulet drops off of blood elves outside the cryo core.|
T Galaen’s Journal – The Fate of Vindicator Saruan|QID|9706|M|55.6,55.2|
A Matis the Cruel|QID|9711|
T The Cryo-Core|QID|9703|
A Don’t Drink the Water|QID|9748|
T Galaen’s Fate|QID|9579|
r Sell junk, repair/restock.|QID|9578|M|53.3,57.0|
T Vindicator’s Rest|R|Draenei|QID|9760|N|If you happen to come across Matis the Cruel use the flaregun.|U|24278|
A Clearing the Way|QID|9761|R|Draenei|M|55.6,52.3|
N Note:|QID|10067|N|Do not take the quest from Demolitionist Legoso, unless you currently have help. It is an escort quest through elites. Close this step.|
T Talk to the Hand|QID|10064|
C Matis the Cruel|QID|9711|N|Use the flare gun! When you get into range, just use your flare gun, and the quest is easy. He pats along the road, you should see him somewhere near Vindicator’s Rest |U|24278|M|31.5,48|
A Cutting a Path|QID|10065|M|30.3,45.9|
A Critters of the Void|QID|9741|
C Fouled Water Spirits|QID|10067|N|Kill 6 Fouled Water Spirits |M|30,39|
C Don’t Drink the Water|QID|9748|N|Jump down the waterfall, and use your flask.|U|24318|
H Blood Watch |QID|9569| |N|Hearth back to Blood Watch||U|6948|
T Matis the Cruel|QID|9711|
T Don’t Drink the Water|QID|9748|
A Limits of Physical Exhaustion|QID|9746|
T Fouled Water Spirits|QID|10067|
C Cutting a Path|QID|10065|N|Kill 10 Enraged Ravagers|M|31.25,56.68|S|
C Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave|QID|10066|N|Kill 8 Mutated Tanglers|M|31.25,56.68|
C Cutting a Path|QID|10065|N|Kill 10 Enraged Ravagers|M|31.25,56.68|US|
C Limits of Physical Exhaustion|QID|9746|M|26,53|S|
C Critters of the Void|QID|9741|M|19,62|
C Limits of Physical Exhaustion|QID|9746|M|26,53|US|
A They’re Alive! Maybe…|QID|9670|M|24.9,34.3|
C They’re Alive! Maybe…|QID|9670|S|N|Smack the “Webbed Creatures” with an attack. It may be a researcher or an enemy.|
C The Missing Expedition |QID|9669|N|Kill spiders on the way, then kill Zarakh|M|22,36;18,37|
C They’re Alive! Maybe…|QID|9670|US|
T They’re Alive! Maybe…|QID|9670|
T Cutting a Path|QID|10065|
T Oh, the Tangled Webs they Weave|QID|10066|
H Blood Watch |QID|9711| |N|Hearth back to Blood Watch||U|6948|
T The Missing Expedition|QID|9669|
T Critters of the Void|QID|9741|
T Limits of Physical Exhaustion|QID|9746|
A The Sun Gate|QID|9740|
N Go train your skills if needed.|C|Hunter|QID|9671|N|Then sell junk, repair/restock.|M|55,60|
N Go train your skills if needed.|C|Shaman, Paladin, Priest|QID|9671|N|Then sell junk, repair/restock.|M|53.19,57.48|
N Go train your skills if needed.|C|Warrior, Mage|QID|9671|N|Then sell junk, repair/restock.|M|54.68,53.96|
N Note:|R|Draenei|QID|9759|N|If you are feeling confindant, you can try the next two quests. It is a lot easier than it used to be, but still can be hard depending on your class. If you don’t think you can do it, try to get help or skip it for now.|
A Ending Their World|QID|9759|R|Draenei|M|30.8,46.7|N|At Vindicator’s Rest|
C Clearing the Way|QID|9761|R|Draenei|S|
C Ending Their World|QID|9759|N|Let the elite do most of the work. Make sure you do 50%+ dmg to the quest mobs, so you get credit|R|Draenei|
C Clearing the Way|QID|9761|R|Draenei|US|
C The Sun Gate|QID|9740|N|Go to the Sun Gate. Right click the 4 portal controllers, then right click the Sun Gate|M|18,63|
T Clearing the Way|QID|9761|R|Draenei|
H Blood Watch |QID|9561|N|Hearth back to Blood Watch, or run if your hearth is on cooldown.|U|6948|
T The Sun Gate|QID|9740|
T Ending Their World|QID|9759|N|This is one of the best quest turnins in WoW. Get ready to enjoy a bit of a show|R|Draenei|
A The Unwritten Prophecy|QID|9762|N|If Prophet Velen despawned before you accepted the quest, go to The Exodar to get the quest. Close this step when done.|R|Draenei|M|54.02,55.47|
T Nolkai’s Words|QID|9561|N|It’s a pile of dirt|M|61.2,49.7|
A Restoring Sanctity|QID|9687|M|73.7,33.7|N|He pats around the area.|
T The Bloodcurse Legacy|QID|9672|
A The Bloodcursed Naga|QID|9674|
C The Bloodcursed Naga|QID|9674|N|Just east of Captain Hanes|
T The Bloodcursed Naga|QID|9674|
A The Hopeless Ones…|QID|9682|
C The Hopeless Ones…|QID|9682|N|Kill Bloodcursed Voyagers in the submerged ships|M|86.51,17.32|
C Ysera’s Tears|QID|9649|N|Don’t turn in “The Hopeless Ones…” just yet, the buff is useful for a bit longer. Look the glowing green mushrooms on the ground.|S|
C Restoring Sanctity|QID|9687|N|Loot the bones, there are at the Wildkin camps.|M|60,34|
T Restoring Sanctity|QID|9687|
A Into the Dream|QID|9688|
C Into the Dream|QID|9688|N|They are all over the island|
T Into the Dream|QID|9688|
A Razormaw|QID|9689|
C Razormaw|QID|9689|N|Move to the top of the hill. Clear the whelplings, and get ready for a fight.|U|24221|M|72,20|
T The Hopeless Ones…|QID|9682|N|Before turning in, refresh your buff again|
T Razormaw|QID|9689|
C Ysera’s Tears|QID|9649|N|Loot the mushrooms on the ground|US|
A Ending the Bloodcurse|QID|9683|
C Ending the Bloodcurse|QID|9683|N|Clear the top of the hill, then click the statue, and kill Atoph the Bloodcursed|M|85,54|
T Ending the Bloodcurse|QID|9683|
H Blood Watch|QID|9649|N|Hearth back to Blood Watch|U|6948|
T Ysera’s Tears|QID|9649|
F The Exodar|QID|9740|N|Fly to The Exodar and train your new skills|
A Hero’s Call: Ashenvale|QID|28492|M|55.31,47.34|Z|The Exodar|N|Pick up from the Hero’s Call Board. Will not be there if your level is too high.|
N Mount and Skills|N|Find your mount trainer and get one. You’ll need 4 gold for training and 1 gold for the mount. Also train your skills.|
T Newfound Allies|QID|9632|M|24.16,54.19|
R Run to the end of the dock.|QID|28492|CC|M|20.65,54.16|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Rut’theran Village|QID|28492|N|Hop on the boat and ride it to Rut’theran Village.|Z|Teldrassil|
f Rut’theran Village|QID|28492|N|At Vesprystus.|Z|Teldrassil|
R Rut’theran Village|QID|28492|N|Head through the pink portal.|CC|M|55.08,88.1|Z|Teldrassil|
f Darnassus|QID|28492|M|36.75,48.14|N|At Leora.|Z|Darnassus|
N Visit the AH, etc. while in Darnassus.|QID|28492|N|Close this step to continue.|
F Lor’danel|QID|28492|Z|Darhshore|N|Flap to Lor’danel, Darkshore.|
R Follow the waypoints.|QID|28492|Z|Darkshore|CC|M|43.6,37.27;43.14,41.48;42.1,65.67;42.29,67.17;42.99,69.31|N|At each waypoint, you will have to drop down to continue.|
f Grove of the Ancients|QID|28492|Z|Darkshore|M|44.39,75.44|N|At Delanea.|
R Ashenvale|QID|28492|Z|Darkshore|M|43.39,75.48;43.44,89.02;46.05,94.70|
T Hero’s Call: Ashenvale|QID|28492|M|26.95,22.05|Z|Ashenvale|N|To Sentinel Shyela.|


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