Addon – Alliance Uldum Guide



Attached is a Uldum Guide for Alliance. Actually I had not much to do, as after checking through every

single quest it turned out all of them are non-Alliance/Horde specific, so I just had to take the Header

and change it to Alliance. As there are no RANK/PRE Tags in the Horde version there are non in this Alliance version either, but I guess this would be the next step to add. At least we have SOMETHING already then which could be added into the next version of the Addon.

I will discuss the adding of Rank/PRE Tags with bitsem that one of us takes a look at it.

And thanks to Hezkezl who did the “real work” on this guidefile (in form of the Horde Guide).


WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘AriUld8384’, ‘Uldum’, ‘Hezkezl’, ’83’, ’84’, ‘AriDee8283’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[
A Easy Money|QID|27003|M|30.52,65.58|Z|Tanaris|N|From Adarrah.|
C Easy Money|QID|27003|M|59.70,71.82|
T Easy Money|QID|27003|M|59.70,71.82|
A Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.63,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
C Traitors!|QID|27922|M|61.69,71.11|
T Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.64,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.64,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.64,72.05|
A Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|59.71,72.03|N|From Budd.|
C Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|60.91,74.08|
C Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|U|63027|M|62.12,73.98|
C Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.96,73.92|
T Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
T Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
T Budd’s Plan|QID|27924|M|59.68,72.03|N|To Budd.|
A Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|59.69,72.02|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|54.90,32.84|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.90,32.84|
h Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|54.73,32.94|N|At Kazemde.|
f Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|56.18,33.66|N|At Kurzel.|
A Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.78|
A Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.78|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|
C Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|U|63086|M|46.64,20.64|
C Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|46.39,21.60|
T Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.75|
T Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.75|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
A The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.75|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|
C The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|45.72,16.20|
T The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.63|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
A Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|49.68,39.03|N|From Mack.|
C Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|60.21,38.33|
A Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.21,38.33|N|From Nomarch Teneth.|
C Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|U|63351|M|58.60,39.58|
T Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.25,38.32|N|To Nomarch Teneth.|
C Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|64.21,23.11|
T Take it to ‘Em!|QID|27993|M|64.38,22.39|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.38,22.39|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.67,28.60|
T Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.59,28.60|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.59,28.60|N|From Sand Pygmy Corpse.|
A Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.85,29.53|
A Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|68.09,31.26|
C Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|68.08,31.51|
C Field Work|QID|27179|M|63.50,31.33|
C Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|64.38,32.13|
T Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|64.38,32.13|
T Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.60,28.65|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.25,27.01|
T On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.55,27.97|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.55,27.97|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.48,30.27|
T The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.54,28.51|
A Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|65.16,33.71|
A Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.61|N|From Schnottz Scout.|
C Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.55|
C Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|61.81,30.15|
T Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.45,28.00|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|62.15,32.93|
T By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.48,28.05|
A Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.49,27.98|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.41,27.32|
T Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.50,27.99|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.50,27.99|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|62.48,31.91|
T After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.47,28.02|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|64.47,28.02|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Do the Honors|QID|27669|U|62054|M|64.48,31.04|
T Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|63.90,33.90|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.93,32.80|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Al’Akir’s Vengeance|QID|28135|M|54.93,32.80|N|From King Phaoris.|
A That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|54.29,35.23|N|From Adarrah.|
T Al’Akir’s Vengeance|QID|28135|M|45.23,37.92|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.92|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|
A The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|
T The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|40.03,40.57|N|To Prophet Hadassi.|
A The Prophet’s Dying Words|QID|27602|M|40.03,40.57|N|From Prophet Hadassi.|
T The Prophet’s Dying Words|QID|27602|M|39.66,45.38|
A Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.66,45.38|
C Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|40.63,39.15|
C Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|41.07,38.47|
C Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|41.19,37.73|
T Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.65,45.38|
A The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|
C The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|
T Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|
T The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|
A Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|45.23,37.95|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T Minions of Al’Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.95|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|45.25,37.79|N|From General Ammantep.|
T Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|54.79,32.72|N|To King Phaoris.|
A The High Priest’s Vote|QID|27630|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A The Vizier’s Vote|QID|27629|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A The High Commander’s Vote|QID|27631|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T The High Priest’s Vote|QID|27630|M|54.16,41.93|
A Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.16,41.93|
A Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|54.22,41.93|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|55.89,40.13|
C Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|56.36,40.16|
T Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
T Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
A The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|54.16,41.93|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|49.89,40.11|
T The Defilers’ Ritual|QID|28611|M|54.20,42.00|N|To High Priest Amet.|
A The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|54.20,42.00|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|58.92,14.13|
T The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
T The High Commander’s Vote|QID|27631|M|58.84,46.14|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
A The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
A Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
A The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.91,46.14|N|From Sergeant Mehat.|
T The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|59.56,47.27|N|To Salhet.|
A Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|59.56,47.27|N|From Salhet.|
T The Vizier’s Vote|QID|27629|M|56.61,53.45|N|To Vizier Tanotep.|
A Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|56.61,53.45|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|
C Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|54.13,51.38|
C Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|58.63,59.88|
T Tanotep’s Son|QID|27632|M|58.63,59.88|
A Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|58.63,59.88|
C The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|54.53,46.47|
C Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|
T Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|N|To Salhet.|
A Salhet’s Secret|QID|28276|M|53.23,56.50|N|From Salhet.|
T Salhet’s Secret|QID|28276|M|56.94,62.41|N|To Salhet.|
A Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.41|N|From Salhet.|
C Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.41,62.89|
T Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.45|N|To Salhet.|
A Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|56.94,62.45|N|From Salhet.|
C Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|
T Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|
A The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|71.26,73.71|
T The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|54.42,16.14|Z|The Vortex Pinnacle|N|To Itesh.|
C The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|58.72,82.76|
T The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.97,46.16|N|To Sergeant Mehat.|
T Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
A Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.94,46.10|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
T Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
T The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|56.70,54.65|N|To Vizier Tanotep.|
A The High Council’s Decision|QID|28533|M|56.70,54.65|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|
C Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|U|62534|M|60.43,58.56|
T Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.86,46.16|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
T The High Council’s Decision|QID|28533|M|55.03,32.76|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|54.93,32.75|N|From King Phaoris.|
T Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|67.25,42.88|N|To Salhet.|
A The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.88|N|From Salhet.|
A Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.30,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|
C Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|72.88,48.16|
C The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|71.72,46.35|
T The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.81|N|To Salhet.|
T Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.28,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|
A The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.26,42.79|N|From Salhet.|
C The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|78.23,45.77|
T The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.25,42.82|N|To Salhet.|
A The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.82|
C The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|NC|M|66.60,41.75|
T The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.84|N|To Salhet.|
A The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|67.25,42.84|N|From Salhet.|
A The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.27,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|
C The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|69.58,58.50|
T The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.32,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|
T The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|52.06,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
A Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
A Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.88,65.55|N|From Salhet.|
C Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|53.83,75.53|
C Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|50.55,87.04|
C Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.42,79.47|
T Salhet’s Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.92,65.55|N|To Salhet.|
T Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
T Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
A The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.07,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
C The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.04,82.29|
T The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|54.89,32.82|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|54.89,32.82|N|From King Phaoris.|
T That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|43.94,57.10|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|M|43.51,56.03|N|From Schnottz Air Officer.|
C They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.47,55.93|
C I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|45.63,54.43|
T I’ve Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|44.02,57.05|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T They Don’t Know What They’ve Got Here|QID|27901|M|44.02,57.05|
A Ignition|QID|27903|M|44.02,57.05|
C Ignition|QID|27903|U|62611|M|45.34,59.06|
T Ignition|QID|27903|M|45.57,57.76|
A Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|43.96,57.10|
C Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.54,42.07|
T Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.65,41.85|
T Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|31.78,16.78|N|To Captain Hadan.|
T Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|M|24.43,64.46|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.43,64.46|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
f Schnottz’s Landing|QID|27926|M|22.33,64.82|N|At Evax Oilspark.|
A Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|M|22.47,64.82|N|From Salvaged Goods.|
T Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|M|74.11,64.44|
A A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.11,64.44|
A Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.11,64.44|
C Core Access Codes|QID|27777|U|62542|M|73.33,72.69|
C A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|U|62398|M|78.85,62.04|
T A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.08,64.44|
T Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.08,64.44|
A Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|74.08,64.44|
C Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|76.94,62.96|
T Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|77.24,63.23|N|To Fusion Core.|
A Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.25,63.22|
C Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|81.56,57.75|
T Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.24,63.32|N|To Fusion Core.|
C Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|22.44,63.21|
T Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.42,64.53|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.53|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
A The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.45,64.33|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
A Dirty Birds|QID|27940|M|43.87,72.14|
T A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.55|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
T The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.47,64.28|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.47,64.28|
A Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.47,64.28|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Fashionism|QID|27941|M|34.47,66.97|
C Idolatry|QID|27942|M|32.98,60.99|
C Angered Spirits|QID|27943|U|62794|M|32.77,65.27|
T Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
T Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.45,64.11|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
T Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.45,64.11|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.45,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|
T Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.42,64.09|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|U|62813|M|22.78,60.27|
T Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.44,64.23|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.39,64.50|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
C Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|21.94,64.25|
T Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.40,64.51|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.44,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.23,64.03|
T Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.37,64.08|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|24.37,64.08|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|
T Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.51,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|21.90,64.13|
A The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.88,64.05|N|From Prolific Writer.|
T Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.49,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.49,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|26.05,68.71|
C The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|25.13,68.24|
T The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.87,64.05|
T Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.48,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|22.48,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|23.52,60.25|
T Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|23.52,60.25|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Meet Me In Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|23.52,60.25|
f Oasis of Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|26.63,8.39|N|At Jock Lindsey.|
T Meet Me In Vir’sar|QID|28269|M|27.02,7.63|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|27.02,7.63|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|26.67,8.06|N|To Sullah.|
A Two Tents|QID|28274|M|26.67,8.06|N|From Sullah.|
C Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.67,22.32|
T Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.57,21.90|N|To Sullah.|
A Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
A Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
A Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
C Camel Tow|QID|28352|U|67241|M|29.76,30.26|
C Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|U|67232|M|28.70,26.77|
C Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|28.50,23.29|
T Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
T Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
T Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
A Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|29.56,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
T Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|27.02,7.62|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|
h Oasis of Vir’sar|QID|28272|M|26.65,7.29|N|At Yasmin.|
C Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|39.30,25.55|
C Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|38.86,25.83|
T Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Stirred the Hornet’s Nest|QID|28363|M|27.02,7.61|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T Stirred the Hornet’s Nest|QID|28363|M|29.55,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
A Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|29.55,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
C Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|U|63699|M|40.57,24.16|
T Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|27.04,7.64|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|27.04,7.64|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|37.14,19.74|
T Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|36.21,20.31|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|36.21,20.31|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|35.97,23.27|
T Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|38.98,23.21|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|38.98,23.21|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.80,22.91|
T I’ll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.00,23.23|
A Sullah’s Gift|QID|28482|M|42.11,25.93|N|From Sullah.|
T Sullah’s Gift|QID|28482|M|41.35,5.57|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.35,5.57|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|40.36,9.78|
T Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.34,5.58|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|41.34,5.58|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|36.14,15.74|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|36.14,15.74|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|35.01,17.43|
T Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|33.37,19.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|33.37,19.65|
C Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.51,30.78|
T Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.54,30.89|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.54,30.89|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|
T Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.56,30.67|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|32.56,30.67|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Three if by Air|QID|28622|U|64668|M|32.04,31.66|
T Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|44.86,67.39|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.86,67.39|
C The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.97,67.36|
T The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.87,67.36|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A The Heart of the Matter|QID|28654|M|44.87,67.36|
Below this dotted line is my notes. Once again, I apologize for the crudity of it >.> I promise I’ll get better at this for Twilight Highlands.
Line 4: Click on the camel, Lady Humps.
Line 8: Need to click on plant.
Line 10 through Line 12: Set bales of hay on fire, kill enemies to get scraps or find scraps on ground.
Line 24: Speak to Sun Priest Asaris @ 52.98, 27.78 for Impending Retribution quest
Line 26 and Line 27: Kill various camel-riding mobs and drain scorpions of their blood.
Line 33: Talk to Asaq @ 49.66, 39.13 for Impending Retribution Quest.
Line 34: Talk to Nomarch Teneth @ 60.21, 38.33 for Impending Retribution.
Line 35: Thieving Little Pluckers to the south by the trees.
Line 45: Do the world a favor gained from killing any hyena, but preferably Skarf, ridden by Sultan Oogah
Line 58: Should accept Be Prepared when you go to the south hyroglyphics for The Thrill of Discovery,
instead of where I did it. Should be inserted after Line 55.
Line 65: Gather the balls of light floating around the room
Line 68: Talk to Harrison and click ‘Ask “What can I do to help?”‘
Line 71: Gather the heads of the 4 statues.
Line 74: Use the Orbs of the Stars. Watch the cinematic and be teleported outside.
“While doing” the next set of quests, kill Scions of Al’Akir and rescue survivors
Line 85: “Talk” to the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph to turnin.
Line 97: Talk to XX inside instance, OPTIONAL
Line 102 and Line 103: Turnin/Accept @ High Priest Amet.
Line 110: Entrance to cave @ 52.18, 40.18
Kill alligators for ‘Element of Supplies’ quest while doing quests
Line 121: Vizier Tanotep wanders around
Line 125: Popup quest box
Line 128: Salhet shows up while you attack Hyenas. Quest turnin @ him
Line 131: Up on the ridge
Line 139: Exit Vortex Pinnacle
Line 140: Hearth
NOTE: Rescuing the guy from the Pit of Scales could probably be pushed back a couple of quests, such as
after Ancient Weapons, as we go back down roughly towards that area anyways.
Line 172: 54.06 71.17 is where the path starts. At the top, the pack on the right does not engage unless you
get too close to them. The NPCs are far enough away to not trigger them.
Line 179: Hearth
Line 185: Kill Schnottz air Officers until you get Efficient Excavations item.
Line 191: Use meteors thrown at you to hit the Guardian.
Line 195: Turnin to Harrison Jones.
***Line 200 TO LINE :213 SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE / ACCEPTED BACK AT LINE 166. Quest item A.I.D.A. Communicator
drops from Crazed Diggers and Cursed Surveyors.
Budding artist @ 22.53, 64.58
Refined Gentleman @ 22.57, 64.65
Aspiring Starlet @ 21.95, 63.98
Ambassador Laurent @ 22.44, 63.21
Line 218: Kill a vulture to start Dirty Birds
NOTE: Screwed up and completed quests Favor for the Furrier, Desert Fox, and Dirty Birds. Turned in Dirty
Birds. All screwed up before I loaded up the guide and continued recording. Will need to be fixed. Dirty
Birds turnin automatically pops up when you kill all birds, and Desert Fox is a random friendly npc running
around the area where Favor for the Furrier is completed.
Line 222: FROM Commander Schnottz.
Line 236: Prolific Writer: 22.39, 63.85
Privileged Socialite: 22.28, 63.88
Pretentious Businessman: 22.30, 64.00
Line 318: Optional Dungeon Quest for the Halls of Origination

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