Addon File – Alliance Silithus – Ready for testing

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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘ucsilwk’, ‘Silithus’, ‘Renholm’, ’55’, ’60’, ‘generic’, ‘Alliance’, function()
return [[

H Marshal’s Stand|QID|99999|Z|Un’goro Crater|N|Hearth or Fly to Marshal’s Stand in Un’goro Crater|
A The Dunes of Silithus|QID|28859|M|55.69,60.68|Z|Un’Goro Crater|N|From Zen’Aliri.|
R Repair/Sell Junk|QID|99999|NC|CC|M|54.99,61.85|Z|Un’goro Crater|N|Go see Gibbert.|
F Mossy Pile|QID|99999|
R Silithus|QID|99999|NC|CC|M|25.56,09.97|Z|Un’goro Crater|N|Follow the path on your map North West.|
T The Dunes of Silithus|QID|28859|M|54.92,35.98|N|To Windcaller Proudhorn.|
A Securing the Supply Lines|QID|8280|M|54.92,35.98|N|From Windcaller Proudhorn.|
A Wanted – Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands|QID|8283|M|55.00,35.98|N|From Windcaller Proudhorn.|
h Cenarion Hold|QID|8283|M|55.59,36.88|N|At Calandrath.|
A Deadly Desert Venom|QID|8277|M|55.37,36.29|N|From Beetix Ficklespragg in the top floor of the inn.|
A The Twilight Mystery|QID|8284|M|53.54,35.19|N|From Geologist Larksbane.|
A Twilight Geolords|QID|8320|M|52.70,35.56|N|From Huum Wildmane.|
A Secret Communication|QID|8318|M|52.70,35.56|N|From Bor Wildmane.|
f Cenarion Hold|QID|8318|M|54.51,32.83|N|At Cloud Skydancer.|
A Report to Marshal Bluewall|QID|9415|M|54.51,32.83|N|From Rifleman Torrig.|
A Dearest Natalia|QID|8304|M|53.19,32.57|N|From Commander Mar’alith.|
C Deadly Desert Venom|QID|8277|S|M|47.02,34.96|
C Securing the Supply Lines|QID|8280|S|M|44.39,31.08|
C Twilight Geolords|QID|8320|M|45.47,40.84|
C Secret Communication|QID|8318|M|44.64,41.52|
T Report to Marshal Bluewall|QID|9415|M|39.56,47.07|N|To Marshal Bluewall.|
C The Twilight Mystery|QID|8284|M|29.84,16.85|N|Blue glowing goodness.|
C Deadly Desert Venom|QID|8277|M|48.32,35.60|
C Securing the Supply Lines|QID|8280|M|55.33,30.77|
T Securing the Supply Lines|QID|8280|M|54.85,35.92|N|To Windcaller Proudhorn.|
A Stepping Up Security|QID|8281|M|54.90,35.88|N|From Windcaller Proudhorn.|
T Deadly Desert Venom|QID|8277|M|55.37,36.30|N|To Beetix Ficklespragg.|
A Noggle’s Last Hope|QID|8278|M|55.37,36.30|N|From Beetix Ficklespragg.|
T The Twilight Mystery|QID|8284|M|53.57,35.19|N|To Geologist Larksbane.|
A The Deserter|QID|8285|M|53.57,35.19|N|From Geologist Larksbane.|
T Secret Communication|QID|8318|M|52.80,35.73|N|To Bor Wildmane.|
T Twilight Geolords|QID|8320|M|52.76,35.66|N|To Huum Wildmane.|
A Vyral the Vile|QID|8321|M|52.77,35.69|N|From Huum Wildmane.|
C Noggle’s Last Hope|QID|8278|S|QO|Stonelash Flayer Stinger: 0/3;Stonelash Pincer Stinger: 0/3;Rock Stalker Fang: 0/3|M|41.21,45.42|
C Stepping Up Security|QID|8281|S|M|43.92,52.92|
R Run and Fight|QID|99999|CC|M|69.89,16.32|N|Into this cave.|
R Run here|QID|99999|CC|M|72.97,13.82|N|Then turn right.|
C Vyral the Vile|QID|8321|M|73.65,15.95|
H Cenarion Hold|QID|99999|
T Vyral the Vile|QID|8321|M|52.76,35.64|N|To Huum Wildmane. Under a canopy next to the Tauren is a Reagent Vendor, I would recommend selling items after you complete this turn in.|
C Noggle’s Last Hope|QID|8278|M|67.12,66.64|
T The Deserter|QID|8285|M|68.64,62.95|N|To Hermit Ortell.|
A The Twilight Lexicon|QID|8279|M|68.64,62.95|N|From Hermit Ortell.|
C Dearest Natalia|QID|8304|M|46.01,79.26|N|Scroll through their dialogue.|
C Wanted – Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands|QID|8283|M|46.37,81.11|N|You will likely need to use cool downs, kiting techniques (if applicable) and a potion if you are a lower level. Focus on the elite, and outsun his minions.|
K Twilight Kepper Havunth|QID|8279|M|45.50,39.96|N|Dont forget to loot him. Click to complete|
C The Twilight Lexicon|QID|8279|M|34.49,33.33|
C Stepping Up Security|QID|8281|M|44.97,54.58|
T The Twilight Lexicon|QID|8279|M|68.68,63.02|N|To Hermit Ortell.|
A A Terrible Purpose|QID|8287|M|68.68,63.02|N|From Hermit Ortell.|
A True Believers|QID|8323|M|68.68,63.02|N|From Hermit Ortell.|
H Cenarion Hold|QID|99999|
T Stepping Up Security|QID|8281|M|54.96,36.11|N|To Windcaller Proudhorn.|
T Noggle’s Last Hope|QID|8278|M|55.33,36.36|N|To Beetix Ficklespragg.|
A Noggle’s Lost Satchel|QID|8282|M|55.29,36.22|N|From Noggle Ficklespragg.|
T A Terrible Purpose|QID|8287|M|53.23,32.57|N|To Commander Mar’alith.|
T Dearest Natalia|QID|8304|M|53.21,32.52|N|To Commander Mar’alith.|
A Into The Maw of Madness|QID|8306|M|53.22,32.55|N|From Commander Mar’alith.|
T Wanted – Deathclasp, Terror of the Sands|QID|8283|M|54.57,31.97|N|To Vish Kozus at the top of the tower.|
C True Believers|QID|8323|M|44.31,40.28|
A Glyph Chasing|QID|8309|M|46.38,79.08|N|From Rutgar Glyphshaper.|
A Breaking the Code|QID|8310|M|46.01,79.35|N|From Frankal Stonebridge.|
C Noggle’s Lost Satchel|QID|8282|M|49.21,81.54|N|Wait for the scorpion to pat away unless you want to go a secon round with her.|
C Glyph Chasing|QID|8309|S|M|43.01,56.80|
A Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter|QID|8308|O|M|56.83,75.51|N|This could drop of any of the Silithid Mobs|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|58.79,78.04|N|This tunnel.|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|57.33,78.88|N|Turn left here.|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|56.29,82.82|N|Turn left again.|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|57.20,84.87|N|Turn right.|
C Into The Maw of Madness|QID|8306|M|55.56,89.93|
N The rubbing…|QID|99999|N|Right click the crystal where the Night Elf lady was standing. Also, by now you should have looted Hive’Regal Silithid Brain. If not make sure you loot the bugs on the way out. You can loot it from the bugs outside also, make sure ou do this before you move on. (Click to continue)|
T True Believers|QID|8323|M|68.64,62.97|N|To Hermit Ortell.|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|34.55,59.59|N|This Tunnel.|
R Run to…|QID|99999|CC|M|35.47,60.69|N|Left turn here. And follow the same tunnel into the BIG “X” shaped room.|
N Important:|QID|99999|N|Go straight through the X shaped room killing as you go. Right click the white gem for the rubbing. As with the last hive MAKE SURE you have looted the Brain. Do not leave the general area until you have done so. (click to continue)|
R Run here.|QID|99999|CC|M|52.69,25.18|N|Bottom of the spiral. East facing tunnel.|
C Glyph Chasing|QID|8309|M|54.59,25.93|
C Breaking the Code|QID|8310|M|49.36,29.15|
T Noggle’s Lost Satchel|QID|8282|M|55.27,36.21|N|To Noggle Ficklespragg top floor.|
T Into The Maw of Madness|QID|8306|M|53.25,32.57|N|To Commander Mar’alith.|
T Glyph Chasing|QID|8309|M|46.43,79.02|N|To Rutgar Glyphshaper.|
T Brann Bronzebeard’s Lost Letter|QID|8308|M|46.43,79.02|N|To Rutgar Glyphshaper.|
T Breaking the Code|QID|8310|M|45.99,79.41|N|To Frankal Stonebridge.|
A Unraveling the Mystery|QID|8314|M|46.40,79.00|N|From Rutgar Glyphshaper.|
H Cenarion Hold|QID|99999|
T Unraveling the Mystery|QID|8314|M|53.63,35.30|N|To Geologist Larksbane.|
A The Calling|QID|8315|M|53.63,35.30|N|From Geologist Larksbane.|
C The Calling|QID|8315|U|20464|M|52.13,52.25|N|This quest can be a toughie! Have pots and cool downs ready. The Three bugs you slay when dropping the item is probably harder than the Elite himself.|
T The Calling|QID|8315|M|53.62,35.32|N|To Geologist Larksbane.|
L You should by now…|QID|99999|N|Be at very least level 58 and ready for outland! Thanks for spending time with me in Silithis. And Congratulations on your Loremaster Meta Achievement.|


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