[AddOn] Kezan (Goblin 1-5)


WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘1’, ‘Kezan’, ‘Malorajan’, ‘1’, ‘5’, ‘2’, ‘Horde’, function()
return [[

A Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|56.52,77.00|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Taking Care of Business|QID|14138|M|60.10,74.66|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
A Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
A Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.10,74.66|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
C Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|62.72,96.40|
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|70.29,82.50|
L Level 2|QID|14069|LVL|2|N|You should be around level 2 by this point.|
T Trouble in the Mines|QID|14075|M|60.35,74.64|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
T Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|14069|M|60.35,74.64|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
A Kaja’Cola|QID|25473|M|60.35,74.64|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
T Kaja’Cola|QID|25473|M|56.53,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
A Megs in Marketing|QID|28349|M|56.53,76.97|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Megs in Marketing|QID|28349|M|58.22,76.61|N|To Megs Dreadshredder.|
A Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|M|58.22,76.61|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|
C Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|U|46856|M|60.76,50.35|
T Rolling with my Homies|QID|14071|M|58.24,76.01|
A Report for Tryouts|QID|24567|M|58.24,76.01|
A Off to the Bank|QID|26712|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Candy Cane.|
A Do it Yourself|QID|14070|M|56.49,76.98|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Report for Tryouts|QID|24567|M|48.75,57.83|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|
A The Replacements|QID|24488|M|48.75,57.83|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|
C The Replacements|QID|24488|M|43.05,62.79|
T The Replacements|QID|24488|M|48.73,57.42|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|
A Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|48.73,57.42|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|
C Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|47.70,57.75|
L Level 3|QID|24502|LVL|3|N|You should be around level 3 by this point.|
T Necessary Roughness|QID|24502|M|47.70,57.75|
A Fourth and Goal|QID|24503|M|47.70,57.75|
C Fourth and Goal|QID|24503|M|47.70,57.75|
T Fourth and Goal|QID|24503|M|48.62,57.74|N|To Coach Crosscheck.|
A Give Sassy the News|QID|24520|M|48.62,57.74|N|From Coach Crosscheck.|
C Do it Yourself|QID|14070|M|36.67,72.32|
T Off to the Bank|QID|26712|M|30.09,71.67|N|To FBoK Bank Teller.|
A The New You|QID|14109|M|30.09,71.67|N|From FBoK Bank Teller.|
C The New You|QID|14109|M|34.96,45.58|
T The New You|QID|14109|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Candy Cane.|
T Give Sassy the News|QID|24520|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Do it Yourself|QID|14070|M|56.42,76.97|N|To Sassy Hardwrench.|
A Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.26,77.54|N|From Bamm Megabomb.|
C Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.31,77.53|
T Steady Shot|QID|14007|M|60.36,77.52|N|To Bamm Megabomb.|
A Life of the Party|QID|14113|M|56.37,77.02|N|From Candy Cane.|
C Life of the Party|QID|14113|M|60.21,85.76|
T Life of the Party|QID|14113|M|56.52,76.95|
A Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|56.52,76.95|
L Level 4|QID|14115|LVL|4|N|You should be around level 4 by this point.|
C Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|57.39,85.03|
T Pirate Party Crashers|QID|14115|M|56.46,76.97|
A The Uninvited Guest|QID|14116|M|56.46,76.97|
T The Uninvited Guest|QID|14116|M|56.72,76.93|N|To Trade Prince Gallywix.|
A A Bazillion Macaroons?!|QID|14120|M|56.72,76.93|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix.|
T A Bazillion Macaroons?!|QID|14120|M|59.84,77.04|
A The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|59.84,77.04|
A Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|58.60,73.70|N|From Slinky Sharpshiv.|
A Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|60.10,78.00|N|From Megs Dreadshredder.|
A Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|M|62.85,77.76|N|From Foreman Dampwick.|
C Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|U|48768|M|71.19,77.39|
T Liberate the Kaja’mite|QID|14124|M|62.92,77.54|N|To Foreman Dampwick.|
C Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|38.82,71.43|
C The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|30.10,71.41|
C Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|19.83,30.76|
T Waltz Right In|QID|14123|M|59.41,77.62|N|To Slinky Sharpshiv.|
L Level 5|QID|14124|LVL|5|N|You should be around level 5 by this point.|
T The Great Bank Heist|QID|14122|M|59.78,77.28|
T Robbing Hoods|QID|14121|M|60.12,78.09|
A 447|QID|14125|M|59.78,77.13|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
C 447|QID|14125|M|60.63,76.87|
T 447|QID|14125|M|59.87,76.72|N|To Claims Adjuster.|
A Life Savings|QID|14126|M|59.75,76.90|N|From Sassy Hardwrench.|
T Life Savings|QID|14126|M|21.09,13.58|N|To Trade Prince Gallywix.|
h Shipwreck Shore|QID|14126|M|21.09,13.58|N|At Trade Prince Gallywix.|


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