Addon Northern Barrens 12-20

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A Plainstrider Menace|QID|844|M|67.41,38.77|RANK|1|N|From Halga Bloodeye.|
A In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|RANK|1|N|From Kargal Battlescar.|
C In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|S|N|Kill Plainstriders while slaying Razormanes.|
A Through Fire and Flames|QID|13878|RANK|1|N|From Dorak.|
C Through Fire and Flame|QID|13878|N|Free wolves in the stable by clicking on the chain bases.

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘BitNor1220’, ‘Northern Barrens’, ‘Bitsem’, ’12’, ’20’, ‘BitAsh2025’, ‘Horde’, function()
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A Plainstrider Menace|QID|844|M|67.41,38.77|RANK|1|N|From Halga Bloodeye.|
A In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|RANK|1|N|From Kargal Battlescar.|
C In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|S|N|Kill Plainstriders while slaying Razormanes.|
A Through Fire and Flames|QID|13878|RANK|1|N|From Dorak.|
C Through Fire and Flame|QID|13878|N|Free wolves in the stable by clicking on the chain bases. They look like large horns stuck in the ground.|
T Through Fire and Flame|QID|13878|N|To Dorak.|
C Plainstrider Menace|QID|844|M|67.41,38.77|
C In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|US||N|Finish slay 8 Razormane Plunderer and 3 Razormane Hunter.|

T In Defense of Far Watch|QID|871|M|67.64,39.46|N|To Kargal Battlescar.|
A The Far Watch Offensive|QID|872|PRE|871|RANK|1|M|63.13,56.24|N|From Kargal Battlescar.|
T Plainstrider Menace|QID|844|M|67.57,38.85|N|To Halga Bloodeye.|
A Supplies for the Crossroads|QID|5041|RANK|1|M|67.57,38.85|N|From Halga Bloodeye.|

C Supplies for the Crossroads|QID|5041|S|M|66.32,51.89;63.03,56.47|N|Kill Razormanes in cave while looting supply crates.|
C The Far Watch Offensive|QID|872|M|63.13,56.24|N|Kill Razormanes needed.|
C Supplies for the Crossroads|QID|5041|US|M|63.03,56.47|N|Collect Supply Crates.|

T The Far Watch Offensive|QID|872|M|67.69,39.50|N|To Kargal Battlescar.|
T Supplies for the Crossroads|QID|5041|M|67.46,38.79|N|To Halga Bloodeye.|
A Crossroads Caravan Pickup|QID|13949|RANK|1|M|67.41,38.83|N|From Halga Bloodeye.|
C Crossroads Caravan Pickup|QID|13949|NC|M|56.38,42.02|N|Speak to Halga. Hop on Kodo that appears. Target Razormanes and spam gun ability.|

T Crossroads Caravan Pickup|QID|13949|M|56.38,40.41|N|To Kranal Fiss.|

h Grol’dom Farm|QID|13949|M|56.27,40.04|N|At Innkeeper Kerntis.|

A Drag it Out of Them|QID|13961|RANK|1|M|56.55,40.32|N|From Togrik.|
A Consumed by Hatred|QID|899|RANK|1|M|55.22,41.01|N|From Mankrik.|
C Consumed by Hatred|QID|899|S|M|58.41,49.49|N|From now on, kill Quillboar for their Tusks.|
A Crossroads Caravan Delivery|QID|13975|RANK|1|M|54.67,41.48|N|From Rocco Whipshank.|
A The Grol’dom Militia|QID|13973|RANK|1|M|53.95,40.94|N|From Una Wolfclaw.|
C Drag it Out of Them|QID|13961|NC|U|46722|M|56.55,40.41|N|Use the net on a Pillager, then speak to him and pound him. Drag him back to Togrik.|

T Drag it Out of Them|QID|13961|M|56.56,40.38|N|To Togrik.|
A By Hook Or By Crook|QID|13963|PRE|13961|RANK|1|M|56.56,40.38|N|From Togrik.|
C By Hook Or By Crook|QID|13963|M|56.62,39.90|N|Go into the pen to the North and question the prisoner.|
T By Hook Or By Crook|QID|13963|M|56.62,40.28|N|To Togrik.|
A The Tortusk Takedown|QID|13968|PRE|13963|RANK|1|M|56.62,40.28|N|From Togrik.|
A Grol’dom’s Missing Kodo|QID|13969|RANK|1|M|56.40,40.37|N|From Kranal Fiss.|

C The Grol’dom Militia|QID|13973|M|52.47,41.49|
T The Grol’dom Militia|QID|13973|M|53.98,41.15|N|To Una Wolfclaw.|

T Grol’dom’s Missing Kodo|QID|13969|M|58.06,49.18|N|To Grol’dom Kodo.|
A Animal Services|QID|13970|PRE|13969|M|58.06,49.18|N|From Grol’dom Kodo.|
C Animal Services|QID|13970|S|M|58.36,49.90|N|Gather sacks of Stolen Grain while questing on Thorn Hill.|

C The Tortusk Takedown|QID|13968|M|61.36,47.87|N|Kill the Razormane leader, Tortusk.|
C Consumed by Hatred|QID|899|US|M|58.41,49.49|N|Kill Quillboar until you collect 30 Quilboar Tusks.|
C Animal Services|QID|13970|US|M|58.36,49.90|N|Gather 5 sacks of Stolen Grain from the Razormane camps on Thorn Hill.|
T Animal Services|QID|13970|M|58.08,49.32|N|To Grol’dom Kodo.|

A The Kodo’s Return|QID|13971|PRE|13970|RANK|1|M|58.08,49.32|N|From Grol’dom Kodo.|

H Grol’dom Farm|QID|13971|N|Hearth to Grol’dom Farm.|

T The Tortusk Takedown|QID|13968|M|56.66,40.25|N|To Togrik.|
T The Kodo’s Return|QID|13971|M|56.78,40.28|N|To Kranal Fiss.|
T Consumed by Hatred|QID|899|M|55.18,41.03|N|To Mankrik.|

C Crossroads Caravan Delivery|QID|13975|NC|M|54.67,41.55;49.55,59.46|N|Talk to Rocco Whipshank and hop on kodo. Use first ability on wolf riders, second ability if they jump you.|
T Crossroads Caravan Delivery|QID|13975|M|48.74,59.58|N|To Thork.|
A To the Mor’shan Rampart|QID|28876|RANK|1|M|48.74,59.58|N|If you plan on going to Ashenvale next. From Thork.|

f The Crossroads|QID|28876|N|Get The Crossroads Flight Path.|

A Fungal Spores|QID|848|RANK|1|M|48.63,58.45|N|From Apothecary Helbrim.|
A The Forgotten Pools|QID|870|RANK|1|M|49.41,58.67|N|From Tonga Runetotem.|
A Disciples of Naralex|QID|26878|RANK|2|M|49.41,58.67|N|If you plan on doing the Wailing Caverns Instance. From Tonga Runetotem.|

h The Crossroads|QID|26878|M|49.60,57.95|N|At Innkeeper Boorand Plainswind.|

A The Zhevra|QID|845|RANK|1|M|50.01,59.78|N|From Sergra Darkthorn.|
A Hunting the Huntress|QID|903|RANK|1|M|50.01,59.78|N|From Sergra Darkthorn.|

r Train, Repair and Restock|QID|28876|

A Kolkar Leaders|QID|850|RANK|2|M|38.02,46.68|N|From Telar Highstrider.|
A A Little Diversion|QID|13992|RANK|2|M|37.49,45.85|N|From Ta’jari.|

C The Zhevra|QID|845|S|M|48.43,54.63|N|From now on, Kill Zhevra Runners and Savannah Huntress.|
C A Little Diversion|QID|13992|S|M|34.77,46.88|N|Loot Fungal Spores and kill Kolkar Centaur while doing the next few quests.|
C Fungal Spores|QID|848|M|36.49,46.65|N|Collect 5 Fungal Spores from mushrooms at the Forgotten Pools.|
C The Forgotten Pools|QID|870|NC|M|37.25,45.01|N|Search the bottom of the Forgotten Pools northwest of Crossroads.|
C Kolkar Leaders|QID|850|M|33.40,46.68|N|Slay Barak Kodobane and collect his head.|
C A Little Diversion|QID|13992|US|M|34.77,46.88|N|Kill 8 Kolkar Centaur.|

T A Little Diversion|QID|13992|M|37.53,45.90|N|To Ta’jari.|
T Kolkar Leaders|QID|850|M|38.06,46.32|N|To Telar Highstrider.|
C Hunting the Huntress|QID|903|M|40.44,50.89|N|Finish killing Huntresses for their claws.|
C The Zhevra|QID|845|US|M|48.43,54.63|N|Finish killing Zhevra for hooves.|

T Fungal Spores|QID|848|M|48.62,58.27|N|To Apothecary Helbrim.|
A In Fungus We Trust|QID|13998|PRE|848|RANK|1|M|48.62,58.27|N|From Apothecary Helbrim.|
T The Forgotten Pools|QID|870|M|49.43,58.64|N|To Tonga Runetotem.|

A A Growing Problem|QID|13988|PRE|870|RANK|1|M|49.43,58.64|N|From Tonga Runetotem.|
C A Growing Problem|QID|13988|U|46782|M|49.43,58.64|

T The Zhevra|QID|845|M|49.97,59.79|N|To Sergra Darkthorn.|
T Hunting the Huntress|QID|903|M|49.97,59.79|N|To Sergra Darkthorn.|

A Echeyakee|QID|881|M|49.97,59.79|N|From Sergra Darkthorn.|
C Echeyakee|QID|881|U|10327|M|44.86,47.71|N|Use the Horn of Echeyakee at his lair.|

T Echeyakee|QID|881|M|49.98,59.82|N|To Sergra Darkthorn.|
A Into the Raptor’s Den|QID|905|PRE|881|RANK|1|M|49.98,59.82|N|From Sergra Darkthorn.|
C Into the Raptor’s Den|QID|905|U|5165|S|M|48.57,74.81;49.64,75.15;47.80,74.67;48.01,76.08|N|From now on kill Raptors on sight until you have 3 feathers.|
A Flushing Out Verog|QID|14072|RANK|1|M|55.11,78.38|N|From Shoe.|
A King of Centaur Mountain|QID|13995|RANK|2|M|54.97,78.57|N|Escort quest. From Gorgal Angerscar.|
C Flushing Out Verog|QID|14072|S|M|52.94,80.85|Collect Centaur Intelligence from centaur camps while questing.|

C King of Centaur Mountain|QID|13995|NC|M|54.37,78.36|N|Escort quest. Follow Gorgal and protect him. Help him kill Kurak.|
T King of Centaur Mountain|QID|13995|M|55.15,78.43|N|To Shoe.|

C In Fungus We Trust|QID|13998|NC|U|46789|M|54.94,80.12|Use the Fungal Cultures near the Stagnant Oasis.|
T A Growing Problem|QID|13988|M|58.77,81.07;60.73,85.38|N|Go up the mountain path to Jerrik Highmountain.|

A The Stagnant Oasis|QID|877|PRE|13988|RANK|1|M|60.73,85.38|N|From Jerrik Highmountain.|
A Altered Beings|QID|880|RANK|1|M|60.60,85.34|N|From Jerrik Highmountain.|

C Altered Beings|QID|880|S|M|55.36,79.14|N|From now on kill Oasis Snapjaws for their shells.|
C Flushing Out Verog|QID|14072|US|M|52.94,80.85;51.11,83.65;58.11,82.14;52.94,80.85|N|Finish collecting Centaur Intelligence from huts.|
C Into the Raptor’s Den|QID|905|U|5165|US|M|48.57,74.81;49.64,75.15;47.80,74.67;48.01,76.08|N|Use feathers at the three different colored nests.|
C The Stagnant Oasis|QID|877|U|5068|M|55.91,80.76|N|Use the Dried Seeds underwater at the fissure.|
C Altered Beings|QID|880|US|M|55.36,79.14|N|Finish killing snapjaws.|

T Flushing Out Verog|QID|14072|M|55.16,78.39|N|To Shoe.|
A Verog the Dervish|QID|851|PRE|14072|RANK|1|M|55.16,78.39|N|From Shoe.|
C Verog the Dervish|QID|851|M|51.31,78.79|N|Kill Wyneth to lure Verog out. Kill him.|

T Verog the Dervish|QID|851|M|55.24,78.32|N|To Shoe.|
T Into the Raptor’s Den|QID|905|M|49.95,59.94|N|To Sergra Darkthorn.|
A The Purloined Payroll|QID|13991|PRE|905|RANK|1|M|49.95,59.94|N|From Sergra Darkthorn.|

T The Stagnant Oasis|QID|877|PRE|13988|M|49.48,58.73|N|To Tonga Runetotem.|
T Altered Beings|QID|880|M|49.48,58.73|N|To Tonga Runetotem.|
T In Fungus We Trust|QID|13998|M|48.65,58.38|N|To Apothecary Helbrim.|
A Who’s Shroomin’ Who?|QID|13999|PRE|13998|RANK|1|M|48.65,58.38|N|From Apothecary Helbrim.|
A Deathgate’s Reinforcements|QID|14073|RANK|1|M|48.68,59.54|N|From Thork.|

T Deathgate’s Reinforcements|QID|14073|M|37.79,55.33|N|To Regthar Deathgate.|
A Hezrul Bloodmark|QID|852|PRE|14073|RANK|1|M|37.79,55.33|N|From Regthar Deathgate.|
A Centaur Bracers|QID|855|RANK|1|M|37.79,55.33|N|From Regthar Deathgate.|

C Centaur Bracers|QID|855|S|M|39.71,70.36|N|Kill Kolkar Marauders and Stormseers and loot their Bracers.|.
C Hezrul Bloodmark|QID|852|M|40.14,72.17|N|Slay Hezrul Bloodmark and collect his head. He has two minions with him.|
C Centaur Bracers|QID|855|US|M|39.71,70.36|N|Finish collecting 10 Centaur Bracers from Kolkar Marauders and Stormseers.|

T Hezrul Bloodmark|QID|852|M|37.82,55.28|N|To Regthar Deathgate.|
T Centaur Bracers|QID|855|M|37.82,55.28|N|To Regthar Deathgate.|

A Counterattack!|QID|4021|RANK|1|M|37.82,55.28|N|From Regthar Deathgate.|
C Counterattack!|QID|4021|M|36.06,54.79|N|Kill Kolkar centaur until Krom’zar appears, then slay him. Don’t forget to take a Piece of Krom’zar’s Banner.|
T Counterattack!|QID|4021|M|37.88,55.23|N|To Regthar Deathgate.|

T The Purloined Payroll|QID|13991|M|66.90,72.72|N|To Gazrog.|
A Investigate the Wreckage|QID|14066|PRE|13991|RANK|1|M|66.90,72.72|N|From Gazrog.|
A A Captain’s Vengeance|QID|891|RANK|2|M|67.64,74.06|N|From Captain Thalo’thas Brightsun.|
T Who’s Shroomin’ Who?|QID|13999|M|67.07,74.78|N|To Sashya.|

h Ratchet|QID|891|M|67.29,74.68|N|At Innkeeper Wiley.|

A It’s Gotta be the Horn|QID|865|RANK|1|M|67.85,71.58|N|From Mebok Mizzyrix.|
A WANTED: Cap’n Garvey|QID|895|RANK|2|M|68.28,71.28|N|From Mebok Mizzyrix.|

f Ratchet|QID|895|M|69.11,70.67|N|Get the Ratchet Flight Point.|

A Southsea Freebooters|QID|887|RANK|2|M|69.53,72.88|N|From Wharfmaster Dizzywig.|
A Take it up with Tony|QID|14052|RANK|1|M|69.53,72.88|N|From Wharfmaster Dizzywig.|

A It’s Gotta be the Horn|QID|865|RANK|1|M|56.41,56.05|Z|
C Investigate the Wreckage|QID|14066|NC|M|58.86,67.19|
T Investigate the Wreckage|QID|14066|M|58.86,67.19|

A To Track a Thief|QID|869|PRE|14066|RANK|1|M|58.86,67.19|
A Waptor Twapping|QID|14068|RANK|1|M|62.37,63.88|N|From Kala’ma.|
C To Track a Thief|QID|869|NC|M|62.83,61.83|
T To Track a Thief|QID|869|M|62.36,61.43|

A The Stolen Silver|QID|14067|PRE|869|RANK|1|M|62.36,61.43|
C The Stolen Silver|QID|14067|S|QO|Sunscale Ravager slain: 0/8;Sunscale Scytheclaw slain: 0/4;Stolen Silver: 0/1|M|62.74,61.66|N|From now on, kill Sunscale Ravagers and Scytheclaws, loot Stolen Silver if you come across it.|
C Waptor Twapping|QID|14068|U|46853|M|63.13,59.18|N|Use the Waptor Twap near Raptors, then loot the trap.|

T Waptor Twapping|QID|14068|M|62.38,63.87|N|To Kala’ma.|
C It’s Gotta be the Horn|QID|865|M|65.08,58.80|N|Kill Reaperclaw and his minions. Loot his horn.|
C The Stolen Silver|QID|14067|US|M|63.72,58.87|N|Finish killing Raptors and loot the Stolen Silver.|

H Ratchet|QID|14067|NC|M|66.87,72.78|N|Hearth to Ratchet.|

T The Stolen Silver|QID|14067|M|66.94,72.84|N|To Gazrog.|
T It’s Gotta be the Horn|QID|865|M|67.85,71.52|N|To Mebok Mizzyrix.|

A Take it up with Tony|QID|14052|RANK|1|M|56.53,56.13|Z|
C A Captain’s Vengeance|QID|891|S|QO|Lieutenant Buckland slain: 1/1;Lieutenant Pyre slain: 0/1;Theramore Medal: 4/10|M|71.51,86.54|N|From now on, kill Theramore Marines and Island Pirates. Be sure to loot the Marine’s Medals.|
T Take it up with Tony|QID|14052|M|77.28,91.34|N|To Tony Two-Tusk.|

A Glomp is Sitting On It|QID|14056|PRE|14052|RANK|1|M|77.28,91.34|N|From Tony Two-Tusk.|
C Glomp is Sitting On It|QID|14056|M|76.92,90.80|N|Outside the cabin. Kill him and loot his Booty.|
T Glomp is Sitting On It|QID|14056|M|77.30,91.36|N|To Tony Two-Tusk.|

A Guns. We Need Guns.|QID|14057|PRE|14056|RANK|1|M|77.30,91.36|N|From Tony Two-Tusk.|
C Guns. We Need Guns.|QID|14057|M|77.86,89.29|N|Inside the other cabin, up the stairs, loot the rifles.|
C Southsea Freebooters|QID|887|M|77.61,89.48|N|Finish killing 8 Southsea Cutthroats or Privateers on Fray Island.|
C WANTED: Cap’n Garvey|QID|895|M|77.81,89.20|N|Kill Cap’n Garvey and loot his head.|

T Guns. We Need Guns.|QID|14057|US|M|77.25,91.34|N|To Tony Two-Tusk.|
A Mutiny, Mon!|QID|14063|RANK|1|M|77.25,91.34|N|From Tony Two-Tusk.|

C Mutiny, Mon!|QID|14063|US|U|46838|M|79.72,90.33|N|Use the Pirate Signal Horn once you’re on the deck.|
C A Captain’s Vengeance|QID|891|US|M|70.81,84.92|

H Ratchet|QID|891|NC|M|67.72,74.01|N|Hearth to Ratchet.|

T A Captain’s Vengeance|QID|891|M|67.67,74.03|N|To Captain Thalo’thas Brightsun.|
T Southsea Freebooters|QID|887|M|69.58,72.91|N|To Wharfmaster Dizzywig.|
T Mutiny, Mon!|QID|14063|M|69.58,72.91|N|To Wharfmaster Dizzywig.|
T WANTED: Cap’n Garvey|QID|895|M|68.42,69.12|N|To Gazlowe.|

A Club Foote|QID|14034|RANK|1|M|68.42,69.12|N|From Gazlowe.|
A Find Baron Longshore|QID|14045|RANK|1|M|68.42,69.12|N|From Gazlowe.|
C Club Foote|QID|14034|M|67.05,74.66|N|Go to the Inn. Find Chief Engineer Force. Club him and search his pockets.|
T Club Foote|QID|14034|M|68.37,69.12|N|To Gazlowe.|

A Love it or Limpet|QID|14038|PRE|14034|RANK|1|M|68.37,69.12|N|From Gazlowe.|
T Find Baron Longshore|QID|14045|M|69.85,85.27|N|To Baron Longshore.|

A The Baron’s Demands|QID|14046|PRE|14045|RANK|1|M|69.85,85.27|N|From Baron Longshore.|
C The Baron’s Demands|QID|14046|M|69.85,85.27|n|Free Baron Longshore.|
T The Baron’s Demands|QID|14046|M|69.86,85.17|N|To Baron Longshore.|

A A Most Unusual Map|QID|14049|PRE|14046|RANK|1|M|69.86,85.17|N|From Baron Longshore.|
C Love it or Limpet|QID|14038|U|46829|M|72.73,85.30|N|Swim to the paddlewheel. Your cursor will show you where the thinnest part is. Use the Limpet there.|
T Love it or Limpet|QID|14038|M|72.73,85.30|

A Ammo Kerblammo|QID|14042|PRE|14038|RANK|1|M|72.73,85.30|
C Ammo Kerblammo|QID|14042|M|71.47,83.67|N|Destroy the Ammo Stockpiles (they look like wagons full of fireworks) scattered along the beach. They respawn quickly.|
T Ammo Kerblammo|QID|14042|M|68.42,69.11|N|To Gazlowe.|

C A Most Unusual Map|QID|14049|M|69.37,81.57|N|Loot the head hanging from the tree.|
T A Most Unusual Map|QID|14049|M|68.42,69.11|

A Gazlowe’s Fortune|QID|14050|RANK|1|M|68.42,69.11|
C Gazlowe’s Fortune|QID|14050|M|63.45,73.88;61.97,75.80;63.53,77.44;66.20,77.70|
T Gazlowe’s Fortune|QID|14050|M|68.36,69.09|

A Raging River Ride|QID|26769|PRE|14050|RANK|1|M|68.36,69.09|
C Raging River Ride|QID|26769|M|72.96,65.53|N|Hop on the riverboat for a free ride.|
T Raging River Ride|QID|26769|M|62.55,16.86|N|To Nozzlepot.|
A Samophlange|QID|894|M|62.23,17.40|RANK|1|N|From Sputtervalve.|
A They Call Him Swiftdagger. He Kills Harpies.|QID|28877|RANK|1|M|62.55,16.86|

f Nozzlepot’s Outpost|QID|28877|M|62.35,17.18|
h Nozzlepot’s Outpost|QID|28877|M|62.52,16.65|N|At Innkeeper Kritzle.|

C Samophlange|QID|901|S|M|51.06,23.54|N|The mobs here respawn VERY quickly and flee at about 30% health. Makes these easy quests a bit more difficult.|
T Samophlange|QID|894|M|50.38,25.73|
A Samophlange|QID|900|PRE|894|RANK|1|M|50.38,25.73|

C Samophlange|QID|900|M|50.13,25.63|N|Turn off all three valves.|
T Samophlange|QID|900|M|50.22,25.78|
A Samophlange|QID|901|PRE|900|RANK|1|M|50.22,25.78|

C Samophlange|QID|901|M|51.06,23.54|N|In the tent.|
T Samophlange|QID|901|US|M|50.33,25.75|

A Samophlange|QID|902|PRE|901|RANK|1|M|50.33,25.75|
A Ignition|QID|858|RANK|1|M|57.57,18.36|

C Ignition|QID|858|M|56.95,20.38|N|Kill Supervisor Lugwizzle and loot the key. He patrols the ramp of the tower.|
T Ignition|QID|858|M|57.55,18.23|

A The Escape|QID|863|PRE|858|RANK|1|M|57.58,18.32|N|Escort quest from Wizzlecrank’s Shredder.|
C The Escape|QID|863|NC|M|60.97,17.71|N|Escort Wizzlecrank out of the Venture Co. drill site.|

T Samophlange|QID|902|M|62.29,17.43|N|To Sputtervalve.|
T The Escape|QID|863|M|62.29,17.43|N|To Sputtervalve.|

A Samophlange Repair|QID|14003|PRE|902|RANK|1|M|62.29,17.43|N|From Sputtervalve.|
T Samophlange Repair|QID|14003|M|62.62,17.00|N|To Brak Blusterpipe.|

A Wenikee Boltbucket|QID|3921|RANK|1|M|62.62,17.00|N|From Brak Blusterpipe.|
T Wenikee Boltbucket|QID|3921|M|62.62,17.00;44.37,24.94|N|Talk to Brak to teleport directly to her. To Wenikee Boltbucket.|
A Nugget Slugs|QID|3922|PRE|3921|RANK|1|M|44.37,24.94|N|From Wenikee Boltbucket.|

f The Mor’shan Rampart|QID|3922|M|42.03,15.88|N|At Gort Goreflight.|

T They Call Him Swiftdagger. He Kills Harpies.|QID|28877|M|30.59,45.95|N|To Darsok Swiftdagger.|
A Harpy Raiders|QID|867|RANK|2|M|30.59,45.95|N|From Darsok Swiftdagger.|

C Harpy Raiders|QID|867|M|27.40,28.55|N|Kill Witchwing Harpies and Roguefeathers for Witchwing Talons.|
T Harpy Raiders|QID|867|M|30.61,46.02|N|To Darsok Swiftdagger.|
A Harpy Lieutenants|QID|875|PRE|867|RANK|2|M|30.61,46.02|N|From Darsok Swiftdagger.|

C Harpy Lieutenants|QID|875|M|27.96,32.67|N|Kill Witchwing Slayers until you loot 6 Harpy Lieutenant Rings.|
T Harpy Lieutenants|QID|875|M|30.63,45.88|N|To Darsok Swiftdagger.|
A Serena Bloodfeather|QID|876|PRE|875|RANK|2|M|30.63,45.88|N|From Darsok Swiftdagger.|

C Serena Bloodfeather|QID|876|M|26.97,26.64|N|Slay Serena Bloodfeather and loot her head.|
T Serena Bloodfeather|QID|876|M|30.59,45.82|N|To Darsok Swiftdagger.|

C Nugget Slugs|QID|3922|M|55.98,20.66|N|Collect Slugs from the Tool Buckets all around the Sludge Fen.|
T Nugget Slugs|QID|3922|M|44.34,24.90|N|To Wenikee Boltbucket.|
A Return to Samophlanger|QID|14004|RANK|1|M|44.34,24.90|N|From Wenikee Boltbucket.|

H Nozzlepot’s Outpost|QID|14004|M|62.52,16.65|N|At Innkeeper Kritzle.|

T Return to Samophlanger|QID|14004|M|62.21,17.50|N|To Sputtervalve.|
A Read the Manual|QID|14006|PRE|14004|RANK|1|M|62.21,17.50|N|From Sputtervalve.|
A Miner’s Fortune|QID|896|RANK|1|M|62.61,17.01|N|From Brak Blusterpipe.|

C Read the Manual|QID|14006|M|63.71,10.81|N|When you have 5 Pages and the Manual Cover, use the Cover and complete the book.|
C Miner’s Fortune|QID|896|M|67.51,13.78|N|Continue killing Venture Co. mobs until you loot the Cats Eye Emerald.|

H Nozzlepot’s Outpost|QID|896|NC|QO|Cats Eye Emerald: 1/1|M|62.67,16.98|N|Hearth to Nozzlepot’s Outpost.|

T Miner’s Fortune|QID|896|M|62.63,16.98|N|To Brak Blusterpipe.|
T Read the Manual|QID|14006|M|62.25,17.41|N|To Sputtervalve.|

F Orgrimmar|NC|N|If you plan on going to Stranglethorn next. If you’re going to Ashenvale, fly to Mor’shan Rampart.|

A Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire|QID|26417|RANK|1|M|51.78,56.49|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Bort. If you plan on going to Stranglethorn next.|


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    Dec 1, 2010 @ 5:46 am

    Small revision for missingSmall revision for missing QID. Thanks Liavan!

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    Nov 22, 2010 @ 6:13 am

    Northern Barrens is finallyNorthern Barrens is finally complete! Whew. Needs testing. Off to Stranglethorn!

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    Added some more.Added some more.

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    Still not complete, butStill not complete, but through Ratchet now. Added all tags and notes.

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    NOT complete. Only done asNOT complete. Only done as far as Crossroads. Still needs Rank tags I believe. Had trouble logging on today. Hoped to have it finished. Sorry!

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