Addon Northern Stranglethorn 20-25

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This is what I have completed. Didn’t want to post as a guide yet. Not even close to complete.

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘BitNor2025’, ‘Northern Stranglethorn’, ‘Bitsem’, ’20’, ’25’, ‘JiySto2530’, ‘Horde’, function()
return [[

b Stranglethorn Vale|QID|26417|NC|Z|Orgrimmar|M|52.43,53.30|N|Take the Zepplin to Stranglethorn Vale.|
h Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26278|M|37.36,51.86|N|At Innkeeper Thulbek.|

T Northern Stranglethorn: The Fallen Empire|QID|26417|M|38.47,50.44|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|RANK|1|M|38.47,50.44|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|

f Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26278|NC|M|38.97,51.29|N|Get the Grom’gol flight path.|

C The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|M|36.22,43.40|N|Destroy Raptor Eggs.|
A A Lashtail Hatchling|QID|26317|RANK|1|M|36.22,43.40|

T The Defense of Grom’gol: Raptor Risk|QID|26278|M|36.22,43.40|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Opression|QID|26279|PRE|26278|RANK|1|M|38.47,50.44|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|PRE|26278|RANK|1|M|38.47,50.44|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|

T A Lashtail Hatchling|QID|26317|M|36.10,43.41|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|PRE|26317|RANK|1|M|36.10,43.41|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|

C The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|S|M|45.82,52.37|N|While killing Ogres, watch for Disfigured Mosh’Ogg Hand. Use it to start a quest.|
A Mosh’Ogg Handiwork|QID|26407|M|45.25,54.98|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|US|M|46.67,54.02|

C The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|S|QID|26280|M|40.23,36.89|N|Make sure your Hatchling is out. Kill Murlocs and he will feed off of them.|
C I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|U|58165|M|41.55,39.62|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|US|M|40.23,36.89|N|Finish killing Murlocs.|

T The Defense of Grom’gol: Ogre Oppression|QID|26279|M|38.39,50.29|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Murloc Menace|QID|26280|M|38.39,50.29|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|
A The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|M|38.39,50.29|N|From Commander Aggro’gosh.|

T I Think She’s Hungry|QID|26321|M|38.38,50.99|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Mosh’Ogg Handiwork|QID|26407|M|38.38,50.99|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|

A Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|M|38.09,50.10|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|M|38.41,48.79|N|From Nimboya.|

A Favored Skull|QID|26323|RANK|1|M|33.93,36.78|N|Kill Bloodscalp Trolls. Accept this quest from your Lashtail Hatchling when it brings the skull to you.|
C Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|M|34.33,35.96|N|Kill Bloodscalp Shaman until you loot a Bloodscalp Totem.|
C The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|M|34.31,35.21|N|Loot the crate.|
C Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|M|33.40,35.72|

H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26323|NC|U|58165|M|38.46,48.71|N|Hearth or run back to Camp.|

T Bloodscalp Insight|QID|9436|M|38.20,50.02|N|To Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|PRE|9436|RANK|1|M|38.20,50.02|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|T Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|M|38.36,48.70|N|To Nimboya.|
T The Defense of Grom’gol: Trollish Thievery|QID|26281|M|38.35,50.30|N|To Commander Aggro’gosh.|

T Favored Skull|QID|26323|M|38.36,48.70|N|To Nimboya.|
T Hunt for Yenniku|QID|26298|M|38.41,48.82|N|To Nimboya.|
A Headhunting|QID|26299|PRE|26298|RANK|1|M|38.36,48.70|N|From Nimboya.|
A A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|PRE|26323|RANK|1|M|38.43,48.55|N|From Nimboya.|

C An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|U|23680|M|19.30,40.69|N|Use the Gift of Naias to summon. Kill and loot.|
C A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|S|U|58165|M|19.39,24.61|N|Watch your Hatchling. Go near him when he’s digging to grab the fetishes.|
C Headhunting|QID|26299|M|19.07,22.36|N|Slay Bloodscalps for Shrunken Heads.|
C A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|US|U|58165|M|19.39,24.61|N|Watch your Hatchling. Go near him when he’s digging to grab the fetishes.|

H Grom’gol Base Camp|QID|26325|NC|U|58165|M|37.58,47.50|N|Hearth or run back to Camp.|

T An Unusual Patron|QID|9457|M|38.12,50.17|N|To Nemeth Hawkeye.|
A The Hunt|QID|26340|M|38.12,50.17|N|From Nemeth Hawkeye.|

T Headhunting|QID|26299|M|38.38,48.79|N|To Nimboya.|
T A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26325|M|38.42,48.63|N|To Nimboya.|
A Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|PRE|26325|RANK|1|M|38.42,48.63|N|From Nimboya.|
A Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|RANK|1|M|38.42,48.63|N|From Nimboya.|

A Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|RANK|1|M|38.36,51.03|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|

T The Hunt|QID|26340|M|44.22,22.20|N|To Barnil Stonepot.|
A Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|PRE|26340|RANK|1|M|44.22,22.20|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|

A Supply and Demand|QID|26343|RANK|1|M|43.63,23.33|N|From Drizzlik.|
T Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|M|44.20,23.03|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|

A Raptor Hunting|QID|194|RANK|1|M|44.20,23.03|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr.|
A Tiger Hunting|QID|185|RANK|1|M|44.42,22.69|N|From Ajeck Rouack.|
A The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|RANK|1|M|44.15,22.19|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|
A Panther Hunting|QID|190|RANK|1|M|43.80,22.28|N|From Sir S. J. Erlgadin.|

C The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|43.02,25.76|N|Don’t groan! You only need to find 1 page and it’s easy! :)|
C Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|38.96,19.57|N|Kill River Crocolisks until you loot two Large River Crocolisk Skins.|
C Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|39.96,23.53|N|Hunt 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers.|
T Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|40.32,24.12|

A Tiger Stalking|QID|186|PRE|185|RANK|1|M|40.32,24.12|
T Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|43.65,23.50|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|PRE|26343|RANK|1|M|43.65,23.50|N|From Drizzlik.|
T The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|44.25,22.22|N|To Barnil Stonepot.|

C Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|30.93,32.39|N|Kill 10 Stranglethorn Raptors.|
T Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|31.38,32.96|
A Raptor Stalking|QID|195|PRE|194|RANK|1|M|31.38,32.96|

C Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|S|M|26.60,23.32|N|From now on kill Bloodscalp mobs.|
C Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|M|26.73,19.64|N|Kill Nezzliok and loot his head.|
C Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|U|58165|M|24.84,18.25|N|Summon your Lashtail Raptor if necessary. Kill Gan’zulah and loot his body.|
C Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|US|M|28.27,21.48|N|Finish killing Bloodscalp Trolls for this quest.|

C Tiger Stalking|QID|186|S|M|60.36,27.41|N|From now on kill the following on sight: Young Panthers, Stranglethorn Tigers, Snapjaw Crocolisk and Lashtail Raptors.|
C Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|54.04,25.99|N|Hunt 10 Young Panthers.|
T Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|54.27,25.79|

A Panther Stalking|QID|191|PRE|190|RANK|1|M|54.27,25.79|
C Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|58.24,27.02|N|Hunt 10 Stranglethorn Tigers.|
T Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|58.14,26.84|
A Tiger Prowess|QID|187|PRE|186|RANK|1|M|58.14,26.84|

C Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|52.68,39.25|N|Kill Snapjaw Crocolisks until you loot 5 Snapjaw Crocolisks Skins.|
C Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|48.31,46.88|N|Hunt 10 Stranglethorn Raptors.|
T Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|48.00,47.87|
A Raptor Prowess|QID|196|PRE|195|RANK|1|M|48.00,47.87|

T Population Con-Troll|QID|26338|M|38.39,50.99|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Who’s a Big Troll?|QID|26330|M|38.48,48.71|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|

A Skullsplitter Mojo|QID|26332|PRE|26330|RANK|1|M|38.48,48.71|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
T Nezzliok Will Know|QID|26300|M|38.48,48.71|N|To Far Seer Mok’thardin.|
A Speaking with Nezzliok|QID|26301|RANK|1|M|38.48,48.71|N|From Far Seer Mok’thardin.|


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