[AddOn] Silverpine Forest (12-21)


WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide(‘3’, ‘Silverpine Forest’, ‘Malorajan’, ’12’, ‘Uknown’, ‘4’, ‘Horde’, function()
return [[

A Warchief’s Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|66.07,49.80|Z|Undercity|N|You can pick this quest up from the Warchief’s Command Board in Undercity.|
f Trade Quarter|QID|28568|M|63.37,48.64|Z|Undercity|N|At Michael Garrett.|
T Warchief’s Command: Silverpine Forest!|QID|28568|M|57.40,10.11|N|To Grand Executor Mortuus.|
A The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.40,10.11|N|From Grand Executor Mortuus.|
C The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.28,10.28|
T The Warchief Cometh|QID|26965|M|57.38,10.15|
A The Gilneas Liberation Front|QID|26989|M|57.38,10.15|N|From Grand Executor Mortuus.|
A Guts and Gore|QID|26995|M|56.34,8.39|N|From High Apothecary Shana T’veen.|
A Agony Abounds|QID|26992|M|56.73,9.18|N|From Apothecary Witherbloom.|
C Guts and Gore|QID|26995|M|64.16,7.37|
C Agony Abounds|QID|26992|M|61.55,9.91|
L Level 14|QID|26992|LVL|14|N|You should be around level 14 by this point.|
C The Gilneas Liberation Front|QID|26989|M|56.34,13.76|
T The Gilneas Liberation Front|QID|26989|M|57.42,10.14|N|To Grand Executor Mortuus.|
T Guts and Gore|QID|26995|M|56.29,8.41|N|To High Apothecary Shana T’veen.|
T Agony Abounds|QID|26992|M|56.74,9.12|N|To Apothecary Witherbloom.|
A Iterating Upon Success|QID|26998|M|56.28,8.45|N|From High Apothecary Shana T’veen.|
f Forsaken High Command|QID|26998|M|57.87,8.78|N|At Bat Handler Maggotbreath.|
C Iterating Upon Success|QID|26998|M|79.69,28.63|
T Iterating Upon Success|QID|26998|M|56.34,8.38|N|To High Apothecary Shana T’veen.|
A Dangerous Intentions|QID|27039|M|58.06,9.06|N|From Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
T Dangerous Intentions|QID|27039|M|53.94,12.96|N|To High Warlord Cromush.|
A Waiting to Exsanguinate|QID|27045|M|53.94,12.96|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|
C Waiting to Exsanguinate|QID|27045|M|53.40,12.67|
T Waiting to Exsanguinate|QID|27045|M|58.04,9.04|N|To Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
A Belmont’s Report|QID|27056|M|58.04,9.04|N|From Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
T Belmont’s Report|QID|27056|M|57.39,10.16|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A The Warchief’s Fleet|QID|27065|M|57.39,10.16|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
f Forsaken Rear Guard|QID|27065|M|45.96,21.79|N|At Franny Mertz.|
T The Warchief’s Fleet|QID|27065|M|44.11,21.35|N|To Admiral Hatchet.|
A Steel Thunder|QID|27069|M|44.11,21.35|N|From Admiral Hatchet.|
A Give ’em Hell!|QID|27073|M|44.11,21.35|N|From Warlord Torok.|
A Playing Dirty|QID|27082|M|44.71,20.94|N|From Apothecary Wormcrud.|
h Forsaken Rear Guard|QID|27082|M|44.36,20.45|N|At Commander Hickley.|
C Playing Dirty|QID|27082|M|40.45,23.09|
C Steel Thunder|QID|27069|M|37.46,28.68|
C Give ’em Hell!|QID|27073|M|37.61,27.76|
T Steel Thunder|QID|27069|M|44.01,21.32|N|To Admiral Hatchet.|
L Level 15|QID|27082|LVL|15|N|You should be around level 15 by this point.|
T Give ’em Hell!|QID|27073|M|44.01,21.32|N|To Warlord Torok.|
A Skitterweb Menace|QID|27095|M|44.06,21.30|N|From Warlord Torok.|
A Lost in the Darkness|QID|27093|M|44.07,21.29|N|From Admiral Hatchet.|
T Playing Dirty|QID|27082|M|44.74,20.91|N|To Apothecary Wormcrud.|
A It’s Only Poisonous if You Ingest It|QID|27088|M|44.73,20.94|N|From Apothecary Wormcrud.|
C It’s Only Poisonous if You Ingest It|QID|27088|U|60808|M|41.69,28.02|
C Skitterweb Menace|QID|27095|M|35.51,13.02|
T Skitterweb Menace|QID|27095|M|35.65,13.60|
A Deeper into Darkness|QID|27094|M|35.65,13.60|
C Lost in the Darkness|QID|27093|M|34.32,9.92|
C Deeper into Darkness|QID|27094|M|35.53,7.99|
T Deeper into Darkness|QID|27094|M|44.01,21.34|N|To Warlord Torok.|
T Lost in the Darkness|QID|27093|M|44.01,21.34|N|To Admiral Hatchet.|
T It’s Only Poisonous if You Ingest It|QID|27088|M|44.74,20.93|N|To Apothecary Wormcrud.|
A Orcs are in Order|QID|27096|M|44.02,21.36|N|From Admiral Hatchet.|
T Orcs are in Order|QID|27096|M|57.37,10.17|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Rise, Forsaken|QID|27097|M|57.37,10.17|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
C Rise, Forsaken|QID|27097|M|65.12,25.64|
L Level 16|QID|27097|LVL|16|N|You should be around level 16 by this point.|
T Rise, Forsaken|QID|27097|M|65.10,25.59|
A No Escape|QID|27099|M|65.10,25.59|
C No Escape|QID|27099|M|65.82,24.50|
T No Escape|QID|27099|M|57.35,10.25|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Lordaeron|QID|27098|M|57.35,10.25|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
C Lordaeron|QID|27098|M|45.02,41.75|
T Lordaeron|QID|27098|M|44.92,41.71|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Honor the Dead|QID|27180|M|44.92,41.69|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
f The Sepulcher|QID|27180|M|45.39,42.44|N|At Karos Razok.|
A Hair of the Dog|QID|27226|M|45.75,42.00|N|From Warlord Torok.|
A Reinforcements from Fenris|QID|27231|M|45.76,42.01|N|From Admiral Hatchet.|
h The Sepulcher|QID|27231|M|46.40,42.68|N|At Innkeeper Bates.|
A Excising the Taint|QID|27181|M|47.24,48.00|
C Excising the Taint|QID|27181|M|47.42,52.83|
T Excising the Taint|QID|27181|M|47.42,52.83|
A Seek and Destroy|QID|27193|M|47.42,52.83|
C Seek and Destroy|QID|27193|M|45.88,54.22|
T Seek and Destroy|QID|27193|M|46.26,54.32|
A Cornered and Crushed!|QID|27194|M|46.26,54.32|
C Honor the Dead|QID|27180|M|47.62,53.61|
T Cornered and Crushed!|QID|27194|M|55.88,46.42|N|To Master Forteski.|
A Nowhere to Run|QID|27195|M|55.88,46.42|N|From Master Forteski.|
C Nowhere to Run|QID|27195|NC|M|57.72,44.64|
T Honor the Dead|QID|27180|M|44.95,41.68|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
T Nowhere to Run|QID|27195|M|44.95,41.68|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
C Hair of the Dog|QID|27226|U|60870|M|55.76,33.60|
C Reinforcements from Fenris|QID|27231|M|55.95,33.73|
T Reinforcements from Fenris|QID|27231|M|59.21,34.24|N|To Horde Cannon.|
A The Waters Run Red…|QID|27232|M|59.21,34.24|N|From Horde Cannon.|
C The Waters Run Red…|QID|27232|M|59.79,33.78|
L Level 17|QID|27232|LVL|17|N|You should be around level 17 by this point.|
T The Waters Run Red…|QID|27232|M|45.78,41.92|N|To Admiral Hatchet.|
T Hair of the Dog|QID|27226|M|45.77,41.90|N|To Warlord Torok.|
A To Forsaken Forward Command|QID|27290|M|44.69,41.52|
T To Forsaken Forward Command|QID|27290|M|57.40,18.91|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
A In Time, All Will Be Revealed|QID|27342|M|57.40,18.91|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
A Losing Ground|QID|27333|M|57.48,18.28|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Forward Commander Onslaught.|
A The F.C.D.|QID|27345|M|57.48,18.28|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Forward Commander Onslaught.|
f Forsaken Forward Command|QID|27345|M|57.29,17.84|Zuins of Gilneas|N|At Bat Handler Doomair.|
C In Time, All Will Be Revealed|QID|27342|M|68.33,29.60|Zuins of Gilneas|
C Losing Ground|QID|27333|M|54.87,16.50|Zuins of Gilneas|
C The F.C.D.|QID|27345|M|45.81,21.95|Zuins of Gilneas|
T Losing Ground|QID|27333|M|57.57,18.21|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Forward Commander Onslaught.|
T The F.C.D.|QID|27345|M|57.57,18.21|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Forward Commander Onslaught.|
T In Time, All Will Be Revealed|QID|27342|M|57.44,18.68|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
A Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost|QID|27349|M|57.48,18.38|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Forward Commander Onslaught.|
C Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost|QID|27349|NC|M|51.77,32.08|Zuins of Gilneas|
T Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost|QID|27349|M|51.83,32.24|Zuins of Gilneas|
A Break in Communications: Rutsak’s Guard|QID|27350|M|51.83,32.24|Zuins of Gilneas|
T Break in Communications: Rutsak’s Guard|QID|27350|M|65.65,34.10|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Captain Rutsak.|
A Vengeance for Our Soldiers|QID|27360|M|65.65,34.17|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Captain Rutsak.|
A On Whose Orders?|QID|27364|M|65.67,34.31|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Captain Rutsak.|
C Vengeance for Our Soldiers|QID|27360|M|58.56,41.09|Zuins of Gilneas|
C On Whose Orders?|QID|27364|M|57.83,44.57|Zuins of Gilneas|
T On Whose Orders?|QID|27364|M|57.68,44.31|Zuins of Gilneas|
A What Tomorrow Brings|QID|27401|M|57.68,44.31|Zuins of Gilneas|
C What Tomorrow Brings|QID|27401|M|53.40,43.11|Zuins of Gilneas|
L Level 18|QID|27401|LVL|18|N|You should be around level 18 by this point.|
T What Tomorrow Brings|QID|27401|M|54.72,44.45|Zuins of Gilneas|
A Fall Back!|QID|27405|M|54.72,44.45|Zuins of Gilneas|
T Vengeance for Our Soldiers|QID|27360|M|65.65,34.21|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Captain Rutsak.|
T Fall Back!|QID|27405|M|72.89,30.17|Zuins of Gilneas|N|To Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
A A Man Named Godfrey|QID|27406|M|72.89,30.17|Zuins of Gilneas|
A Resistance is Futile|QID|27423|M|73.35,31.03|Zuins of Gilneas|
C Resistance is Futile|QID|27423|M|77.02,52.70|Zuins of Gilneas|
T Resistance is Futile|QID|27423|M|77.47,53.01|Zuins of Gilneas|
C A Man Named Godfrey|QID|27406|M|79.77,75.77|Zuins of Gilneas|
T A Man Named Godfrey|QID|27406|M|79.77,75.77|Zuins of Gilneas|
A The Great Escape|QID|27438|M|79.77,75.77|Zuins of Gilneas|N|From Deathstalker Commander Belmont.|
C The Great Escape|QID|27438|NC|M|51.82,66.59|
T The Great Escape|QID|27438|M|51.78,66.09|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Rise, Godfrey|QID|27472|M|51.78,66.09|
C Rise, Godfrey|QID|27472|M|51.90,64.92|
T Rise, Godfrey|QID|27472|M|51.90,65.02|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Breaking the Barrier|QID|27474|M|51.88,64.99|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Unyielding Servitors|QID|27475|M|51.89,64.71|N|From Agatha.|
f The Forsaken Front|QID|27475|M|50.91,63.66|N|At Steven Stutzka.|
C Unyielding Servitors|QID|27475|M|60.52,63.75|
L Level 19|QID|27475|LVL|19|N|You should be around level 19 by this point.|
C Breaking the Barrier|QID|27474|M|63.48,64.20|
T Unyielding Servitors|QID|27475|M|51.93,64.72|N|To Daschla.|
T Breaking the Barrier|QID|27474|M|51.92,64.97|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Dalar Dawnweaver|QID|27476|M|51.92,64.97|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Warchief’s Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!|QID|28089|M|51.36,66.80|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|
T Dalar Dawnweaver|QID|27476|M|47.04,43.20|N|To Dalar Dawnweaver.|
A Relios the Relic Keeper|QID|27478|M|47.04,43.20|N|From Dalar Dawnweaver.|
A Practical Vengeance|QID|27483|M|47.11,43.26|N|From Dalar Dawnweaver.|
A Ley Energies|QID|27480|M|31.29,38.74|Z|Hillsbrad Foothills|
C Ley Energies|QID|27480|M|30.65,40.46|Z|Hillsbrad Foothills|
C Practical Vengeance|QID|27483|M|34.41,38.63|Z|Hillsbrad Foothills|
C Relios the Relic Keeper|QID|27478|M|31.96,44.48|Z|Hillsbrad Foothills|
T Relios the Relic Keeper|QID|27478|M|47.08,43.20|N|To Dalar Dawnweaver.|
A Only One May Enter|QID|27484|M|47.08,43.20|N|From Dalar Dawnweaver.|
T Practical Vengeance|QID|27483|M|47.08,43.20|N|To Dalar Dawnweaver.|
T Ley Energies|QID|27480|M|47.08,43.20|N|To Dalar Dawnweaver.|
T Only One May Enter|QID|27484|M|51.87,65.00|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I|QID|27512|M|51.87,65.00|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A A Wolf in Bear’s Clothing|QID|27510|M|51.63,67.13|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|
L Level 20|QID|27510|LVL|20|N|You should be around level 20 by this point.|
C A Wolf in Bear’s Clothing|QID|27510|M|58.17,78.03|
T Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I|QID|27512|M|58.01,69.88|N|To Ambermill Dimensional Portal.|
A Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II|QID|27513|M|58.01,69.88|N|From Ambermill Dimensional Portal.|
C Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II|QID|27513|M|62.33,61.25|
T Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II|QID|27513|M|62.34,61.23|
A Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III|QID|27518|M|62.34,61.23|
C Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III|QID|27518|M|56.15,64.27|
T Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III|QID|27518|M|51.92,64.98|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Of No Consequence|QID|27547|M|52.00,65.79|N|From Baron Ashbury.|
A Pyrewood’s Fall|QID|27550|M|52.00,65.79|N|From Lord Godfrey.|
A Lessons in Fear|QID|27548|M|51.76,65.85|N|From Lord Walden.|
T A Wolf in Bear’s Clothing|QID|27510|M|51.36,66.69|N|To High Warlord Cromush.|
C Of No Consequence|QID|27547|M|43.89,74.43|
T Of No Consequence|QID|27547|M|44.05,74.32|N|To Baron Ashbury.|
C Lessons in Fear|QID|27548|M|45.17,72.75|
L Level 21|QID|27548|LVL|21|N|You should be around level 21 by this point.|
T Lessons in Fear|QID|27548|M|45.48,73.24|N|To Lord Walden.|
C Pyrewood’s Fall|QID|27550|U|61374|M|45.97,73.60|
T Pyrewood’s Fall|QID|27550|M|45.97,73.60|N|To Lord Godfrey.|
A Sowing Discord|QID|27580|M|45.97,73.60|N|From Lord Godfrey.|
A 7th Legion Battle Plans|QID|27577|M|45.97,73.60|N|From Lord Walden.|
C 7th Legion Battle Plans|QID|27577|M|44.67,81.01|
T 7th Legion Battle Plans|QID|27577|M|44.67,81.01|N|To Lord Walden.|
C Sowing Discord|QID|27580|M|41.77,77.67|
T Sowing Discord|QID|27580|M|41.87,78.04|N|To Lord Godfrey.|
A On Her Majesty’s Secret Service|QID|27594|M|41.87,78.04|N|From Lord Godfrey.|
C On Her Majesty’s Secret Service|QID|27594|M|50.55,88.95|
T On Her Majesty’s Secret Service|QID|27594|M|51.89,65.01|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Cities in Dust|QID|27601|M|51.89,65.03|
C Cities in Dust|QID|27601|M|45.43,84.40|
T Cities in Dust|QID|27601|M|45.37,84.43|N|To Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|
A Empire of Dirt|QID|27746|M|45.37,84.43|N|From Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.|N|If you wish to continue on to Hillsbrad Foothills, you should pick up this quest.


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    Nov 6, 2010 @ 8:50 am

    Okay Whatever that quest isOkay 🙂 Whatever that quest is (the one after the blue-rewarding one) I would have them accept, with a note saying it’s for the next zone, just like you did at the end of the Lost Isles guide.

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    Nov 6, 2010 @ 6:23 am

    All of SilverpineYes, this is all of the Silverpine I got. The quest “Cities in Dust” (link: awards a blue and is followed by a quest that leads you to Hillsbrad Foothills.

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    Nov 6, 2010 @ 5:06 am

    You can only get theYou can only get the Warchief’s command quests if you are level appropriate for them. I don’t really know how they work yet, though. I know you can get them from the command boards in major cities.

    I guess I’m confused by what you are asking/planning, though. Is this all of Silverpine? If not, you are welcome to complete it, or not, either way is fine. It’s probably okay if you are a little over level, if that’s the concern. But if you’d rather move on to Hillsbrad now that’s fine too! Just want to know one way or the other so I can mark it for needing completion at a later time.

    If the above code is for all of Silverpine then ignore me 😀

    And thanks for the hard work, as always! 🙂

    EDIT: Oh I see, was the question whether or not to include accepting Warchief’s Command in this guide? I wouldn’t – I usually include it as an optional turn-in in the beginning of a guide, so it shows up if the user happens to have it. Same for other non-required pull type quests.

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    Nov 6, 2010 @ 4:33 am

    Similar question to last guideAbout halfway through I got the quest “Warchief’s Command: Hillsbrad Foothills” (link: and I’m not sure what to do about that.
    Do you get a quest similar to these if you walk into a zone? Similar to how you get “Personal Summons” (link: as soon as you enter Orgrimmar?

    I’m ready to move on to Hillsbrad since it says needed, I don’t want to drop the quest and not have it pop-up when I enter the zone.

    Edit: I’m going to go into the zone on an 85 and see if it gives me the second version.

    Edit: Nope, it didn’t give me any version of “Warchief’s Command: Hillsbrad Foothills”.

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