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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(‘IronHordeInvasionA’, ‘WorldEvents’, ‘Blasted Lands’, ‘Fluclo’, ‘Alliance’)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,90, 90, 90.1)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, ‘EmmFluc_DarkPortal’)
WoWPro.WorldEvents:GuideHoliday(guide,”Iron Horde Invasion”)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Iron Horde Invasion|QID|36498|M|62.9,71.6|N|This quest should auto-accept in Stormwind City, if not, head to your nearest Hero’s Call Board.|Z|Stormwind City|
C The Dark Portal |QID|34398^36881|N|You have accepted quest [The Dark Portal] for the follow-on to this guide. Drop it or you will not be able to complete any quest after [Iron Horde Invasion].|
F Shattered Beachhead|QID|36498|N|Use the portal in the mage tower of Stormwind City.|M|49.0,87.2|Z|Stormwind City|ACTIVE|36498|
f Shattershore|QID|36498|ACTIVE|36498|M|67.64,27.97|N|With Araazi.|
T Iron Horde Invasion|QID|36498|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|

A Attack of the Iron Horde|QID|35460|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|
A Under Siege|QID|35462|NC|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|
A Peeking into the Portal|QID|36379|Z|Blasted Lands|N|From Bodrick Grey.|M|66.94,27.94|

C Attack of the Iron Horde|QID|35460|M|62.85,31.94|S|N|Kill the grunts in the area as you go about the other two tasks.|
C Under Siege|QID|35462|M|63.41,33.13|NC|N|Click on the Demolishers to destroy them.|S|
C Peeking into the Portal|QID|36379|M|61.71,36.67|N|Click on the large contraption on the top of the hill.|NC|
C Under Siege|QID|35462|M|63.41,33.13|NC|N|Click on the Demolishers to destroy them.|US|
C Attack of the Iron Horde|QID|35460|M|62.85,31.94|US|N|Finish up any grunts you still need.|

T Peeking into the Portal|QID|36379|N|To Bodrick Grey.|M|66.94,27.94|
T Attack of the Iron Horde|QID|35460|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|
T Under Siege|QID|35462|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|

A Subversive Scouts|QID|35463|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|
A Ending Executions|QID|35464|N|From Bodrick Grey.|M|66.94,27.94|
C Subversive Scouts|QID|35463|M|66.3,26.3|N|Kill the Ironmarch Scouts, they are in stealth around the perimeter of the beachhead.|
C Ending Executions|QID|35464|M|57.14,32.62|N|Kill the Ironmarch Executioners to release the Nethergarde Prisoners.|
T Ending Executions|QID|35464|N|To Bodrick Grey.|M|66.94,27.94|
T Subversive Scouts|QID|35463|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|

A Investigating the Invasion|QID|36307|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|66.58,28.26|
T Investigating the Invasion|QID|36307|N|To Vindicator Maraad, who has moved location.|M|51.94,28.64|

A Lunatic Lieutenants|QID|35486|M|51.94,28.64|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|
A For Nethergarde! |QID|35492|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
A Mementos of the Fallen |QID|35494|N|From Commander Vines|M|52.00,28.53|

C Lunatic Lieutenants|QID|35486|QO|2|N|Kill Rukah and loot the Battleplan|M|57.1,18.2|
C Mementos of the Fallen |QID|35494|QO|3|N|Loot Keri’s Mug|NC|M|59.3,18.0|
C Mementos of the Fallen |QID|35494|QO|2|N|Loot Krolan’s Shield|NC|M|60.6,20.0|
C For Nethergarde! |QID|35492|QO|1|N|Plant the flag at Nethegarde entrance|NC|M|62.9,22.5|
C For Nethergarde! |QID|35492|QO|2|N|Plant the flag in the center of Nethergarde|NC|M|61.6,18.6|
C Mementos of the Fallen |QID|35494|QO|1|N|Loot Strumner’s Sword (inside the hut)|NC|M|61.8,15.0|
C Lunatic Lieutenants|QID|35486|QO|1|N|Kill Mokrik Blackfingers and loot the Battleplan|M|62.9,13.1|
C For Nethergarde! |QID|35492|QO|3|N|Plant the flag outside of the main keep|NC|M|59.9,15.9|
C Lunatic Lieutenants|QID|35486|QO|3|N|Kill Gar Steelcrush and loot the Battleplan. He can be found inside the main keep upstairs in the command room.|

T Mementos of the Fallen |QID|35494|N|From Commander Vines|M|52.00,28.53|
T Lunatic Lieutenants|QID|35486|M|51.94,28.64|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|
T For Nethergarde! |QID|35492|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|

A Toothsmash the Annihilator|QID|35495|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
A Death to the Dreadmaul|QID|35488|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
A Enohar’s Revenge|QID|35496|N|From Enohar Thunderbrew|M|51.8,28.7|

C Enohar’s Revenge|QID|35496|M|43.84,31.20|S|NC|N|Click on the big cooking pots.|
C Death to the Dreadmaul|QID|35488|M|45.34,31.22|S|
C Toothsmash the Annihilator|QID|35495|M|44.10,36.62|T|Toothsmash the Annihilator|N|Kill Toothsmash the Annihilator.|
C Enohar’s Revenge|QID|35496|US|NC|N|Click on the big cooking pots.|M|43.4,37.0;44.3,35.6;43.9,31.0|CN|
C Death to the Dreadmaul|QID|35488|M|45.34,31.22|US|N|FInish up any ogres you need.|

T Enohar’s Revenge|QID|35496|N|To Enohar Thunderbrew|M|51.8,28.7|
T Toothsmash the Annihilator|QID|35495|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
T Death to the Dreadmaul|QID|35488|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|

A Gar’mak Bladetwist|QID|35500|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
C Gar’mak Bladetwist|QID|35500|M|40.45,11.45|T|Gar’mak Bladetwist|N|Kill Gar’mak Bladetwist. He is inside the building on the the top level of the building.|
T Gar’mak Bladetwist|QID|35500|N|To Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|

A Report to the King|QID|36941|N|From Vindicator Maraad.|M|51.94,28.64|
F Stormwind City|QID|36941|N|Head to the King in Stormwind City. You can use the portal in Shattered Beachhead, or your preferred route to Stormwind City.|ACTIVE|36941|M|66.4,28.0|
T Report to the King|QID|36941|N|To King Varian Wrynn in Stormwind Keep.|M|85.8,31.7|Z|Stormwind City|

U Iron Starlette|U|111660|N|Add your starlette to your collection.|



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    Oct 27, 2014 @ 1:24 am

    Skeleton IdentifiedAw, didn’t you like my honey pot? :p 

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    Oct 26, 2014 @ 21:39 pm

    I guess I remembered wrong :(I thought when I ran thru it on an alliance char it worked the other way.  No, I would never forget something 😉

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    Oct 26, 2014 @ 10:06 am

    Same for Alliance, we have toSame for Alliance, we have to go back to the first quest location as well to turn it in before being able to meet Maraad at the new place. Although I admit, the way to the Shattered beachhead is a bit shorter than the one to the Shattered Landing 😉

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    Oct 26, 2014 @ 0:32 am

    LOLGo Go Fluclo 🙂 I never would do that.. (/e hides all the flubs under her keyboard)New example of Alliance Favoritism on this quest btw.  Alliance gets the quest to kill 3 executioners then go to Muraad at the new location.Horde gets the quest to kill 3 executioners then has to fly all the way back to shattered landing to turn in, then get to see thrall at the new location :/

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    Oct 25, 2014 @ 21:59 pm

    Fluclo likes to kill Alliance ScumYou had the best death trap in a guide I have seen to date:

    -T Investigating the Invasion|QID|36307|M|48.73,31.77|N|To Vindicator Maraad, who has moved location.|M|51.9,28.6|
    +T Investigating the Invasion|QID|36307|N|To Vindicator Maraad, who has moved location.|M|51.94,28.64|

    Notice that there are [b]2[/b] M tags and first one brings you to the Horde quest hub…

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