Alliance Leveling Guidelines/Tips 20-30


After reading the very nice Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide and reading this thread on the WoW forums, I decided to post my guide. I did this with my warrior but you can ofcourse do it with other classes as well Smiling

Well Jame, here it is on your forum now:

If you follow this strategy you will be able to level quickly in Duskwood, a short recipe with the ingredient grinding and grinding, but with a small flavour of quests in it Smiling

Starting level: 20 (just a bit harder to start with, but still easy)
End level: 30

One quest comes in handy and since you are grinding you can pick up the requirements easy:
The Totem of Infliction, you can get this quest from Madame Eve
Quest obtained at level 18
– Gather 5 Vial of Spider Venom (dropped by the spiders you will be grinding at level 20-24)
– Gather 10 Skeleton Fingers (dropped by the skeletons you will be grinding at level 26-28)
– Gather 10 Ghoul Fangs (dropped by the Flesh Eaters and Brain Eater you will be grinding at level 28-30) Don’t attack the Rotted Ones because after you kill one, it will spawn 2 anoying attacking worms (or something like it).
Quest reward: 260-2550 XP


Grind these mobs until you are level 26:
– Pygmy Venom Web Spider
– Venom Web Spider
– Rabid Dire Wolf
– Starving Dire Wolf
– Green Recluse
– Skeleton Mages
– Skeleton Warriors

Good: They don’t run away (not wasting rage on hamstring)
Bad: They cast poison (DoT) and diseases (-7 str & -7 agi)

First: Go to Watcher Dodds and get the quest “Eight Legged Menaces”.
Objective: Kill 15 Pygmy Venom Web Spiders
Quest obtained at lvl 17
Quest reward: 130-1250 XP

Second: Go to Lars and get the quest “Wolves at Our Heels”.
Objective: Kill 8 Rabid Dire Wolfs and 12 Starving Dire Wolfs
Quest obtained at lvl 19
Quest reward: 130-1250 XP

Fight your way back from Lars to the east of Darkshire. Make sure you have completed the quests before you reach Darkshire. Now get the third quest: “The Night Watch”.

Third: Go to Commander Althea Ebonlocke and get the quest “The Nightwatch”.
Objective: Kill 6 Skeletal Mages and 8 Skeletal Warriors
Quest obtained at lvl 18
Quest reward: 150-1450 XP

Go to the Skeleton Warriors and Mages just outside Darkshire and grind there till you are level 26, just don’t forget to loot the Skeleton Fingers for the quest “The Totem of Infliction”. By now you also have finished the quest “The Nightwatch” (1st in the chain), turn this quest in and get the second “The Night Watch” quest in the chain (same npc as the first one).


Grind these mobs until you are level 29:
– Skeletal Horror (25 -> 27)
– Skeletal Fiends (26 -> 28)
– Flesh Eaters (26 -> 28)
– Carrion Recluse (26 -> 29)
– Skeletal Healers (27 -> 29)

Before you travel back to the north, get the quest The Nightwatch (2nd in the chain) as told above. Now travel back north and turn in the quest “Eight Legged Menaces”, it’s on your way. Now travel to Lars (north-west of Duskwood) and turn in the quest “Wolves at Our Heels”.

The second quest of “The Nightwatch” is:
Objective: Kill 15 Skeletal Horrors and 15 Skeletal Fiends
Quest obtained at lvl 18
Quest reward: 210-2100 XP

Now grind the skeletals, recluses and Flesh Eaters on the Ravenhill Graveyard untill you are level 29 and have gathered 10 Ghoul Fangs from the Flesh Eaters or Bone Chewers. When you are level 29 use your hearthstone to get back to Darkshire.


Grind these mobs until you are level 30:
– Nightbane Shadow Weaver (29 -> 30)
– Nightbane Dark Runner (30 -> 31)

Turn in the quest “The Totem of Infliction” and get the quest “Worgan in the Woods” from Calor.

Quest “Worgan in the Woods”
Quest obtained at level 23
Objective: Kill 6 Nightbane Shadow Weavers
Quest reward: 120-1150 XP

Kill these Nightbane Shadow Weavers, just north-west of Darkshire or south of Darkshire. Keep killing them until you are level 30 and turn in the quest.

Now go ahead and level to 41 with Jame’s Alliance leveling Guide !

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    Mar 22, 2007 @ 1:37 am

    AssumptionsYou ppl make alot of assumptions about this guide – im sure its not meant to appeal to everyone, however some points to consider that you’ve overlooked.

    Wool & Silk cloth – the drop rate makes this place ideal to grind & at the end you will have a crap load of both.

    Green & blue drops – maybe it’s me being lucky but I always get more drops grinding these guys than the places you suggest such as wetlands …

    So stop whining, accept the guide for what it is – a guide & move on.

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    Dec 30, 2006 @ 12:36 pm

    Time wasteHi

    I’d just like to point out grinding to 30 and doing like 4 quests before grinding 6 levels isn’t a fast way to level, also u get bored after like 3 kills with only 200 left to go maybe 400 if its higher llike lvl 26.

    if u did al the duskwood chains, quests and picked up quests like

    An old history book

    You night reach lvl 26,
    Then moving to another area like wetlands is still faster than grinding.
    My point to this is, this guide is slow and is ment for grinding lovers, i happen to be a quest lover and fast lvling lover.
    Now you can play casual, with a friend and enjoy urself maybe get from 13-16 on 1 day but at the end of the day its ur achievement u focus on not hw much u enoyed urself.
    if u can get to lvl 20 in 12 hours played time like me then u feel good but i certanly did it following quests.

    MY only intention is to say that this guide was ment for people who absolutly love grinding above anything else and not for the casual/fast lvling person


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    Dec 13, 2006 @ 8:34 am

    too localWhy should you lvl in Duskwood only? there are q’s in Redridge, Wetlands, Ashenvale, Stonetalon and Hillsbrad too. I too think that this guide isnt for having fun in the game.

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    Nov 22, 2006 @ 4:16 am

    Just a SuggestionUm for lvl 28-30 if u go to the Arathi Highlands, you can kill The raptors there for 400xp(rested) 200(unrested) and lvl faster as opposed to the 200xp(rested)undead, 100 (unrested)

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    Oct 30, 2006 @ 8:34 am

    Yeah, what he said… ThisYeah, what he said… This one is even more boring than NOT using a guide…
    This guide seems to be made for powergamers, who don’t care what they must do to get level 60, as long as it won’t take them long. This one is boring, and i tend to enjoy the game, rather than winning it…

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    Oct 30, 2006 @ 3:12 am

    Hardly a levelling guide imoI mean it’s all grind, with a few random quests added for flavor. From 20-26 you don’t even list any particular mobs to grind depending on your current level, instead you settle for mentioning a few mobs that are basically spread all over the zone (wolves in the northern areas, spiders somewhat in the middle around the Raven Hill cemetary and skeletal mages/warriors in the southeast of the zone.

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