Alliance Skinning Guide


To start you need to be level 34 so that you can get through all of the steps with no problems. It also helps if you have a ranged weapon (classes that can use ranged weapons: Hunter, Rogue, Priest, Warlock, Mage). Now to start this guide head to Stormwind (SW) and make it you home town. Now head south towards the Stonefield Farm.

Once you are at the farm start killing the boars until you reach level 100 skinning. If you bag fills up before this don’t worry there is a guy in front of the barn and just sell everything to him (all of your greys). Note that you will have to get journey man skinning at level 50+. Now you can do this until level 100 skinning, level 100 skinning will allow you to skin level 20’s so once you have level 100 skinning head to Redridge Mountians (RM).

In RM you will see some boars near the flight master kill these till level 105. Or if you don’t want to go to RM head to Westfall. Once in Westfall head west of the flight master and toward a little pond. Kill the boars around it till level 115 skinning. Hearthback to SW and fly to Menethill Harbor (MH).

Once in MH head west south-west until you see some raptors (level 23’s). Kill and skin these monsters until you reach 130 skinning. Once you reach this level head into the excavation site. In there you should see more raptors (level 26-27’s) kill ONLY the level 26’s until you have 135 skinning where you can now skin the level 27’s. Do this until you reach 175 skinning. Once you reach this level fly to Ironforge (IF) and get Expert Skinning. Then Hearthstone to SW and either sell all of the leather you havein the Auction House (AH) or use it if you have leatherworking. After this head to Stranglethorn Vale (STV)

. Once in STV fly to the rebel camp and follow the path south until you start seeing some level 34 raptros or level 34 tigers. These beasts are very close to each other so it shouldn’t be to hard to find both of them. You can skin these beasts until level 260

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