Any guide writer… help please


I am trying to figure out a way to make certain steps show or not show…

I am working on a guide for tillers rep/dailies.

As anyone who is doing/has done the tillers rep knows, There are certain quest givers who can be in the market sometimes and out on thier farm other times.  I think (from a limited observation) that the quest Andi gives (a gift for XXX) always cooresponds to which friend is at market that day.  I tried useing a pre tag with Andi’s quest to control which other steps showed up, but that didnt work.  Because Im not sure Im explaing this right, an example while hopefully illuminate.

you pick up A gift for Ella|QID|30474 from Andi (which means you couldnt pick up andi’s other quests since he only offers one of them a day QID”s 30470;30471;30472;30473;30475;30476;30477;30478;30479)

so, I want this line to also show up:

A Ella – Turn in food, treasure, pick up dailies|QID|30327|PRE|30474|M|53.05,51.67|N|She prefers a Jade Cat.|

and this one not to:

A Fish Fellreed – Turn in food, treasure, pick up dailies|PRE|30473|M|52.8,51.8|N|She prefers a Jade Cat.|

the idea being you have 30474 in your log so the first line shows, and that means you dont have 30473 so the 2nd one doesn’t? (the guide skips to the next applicable step)

This doesnt work … so is there a way to do what I want? or do I just have a note that tells the user to check this step off manually if XXX isn’t at market today.

related to that, I was trying to get the steps to show/not show at the various peoples farms based on the same idea except I dont want the first step to show if you have lead quest, but I do want the 2nd line to show if you have 30474.

A A Dish for Ella|QID|30386|LEAD|30474|M|31.5,58.1|N|To Ella – Shrimp Dumplings – Jade Cat|A A Dish for Fish|QID|30427|LEAD|30473|M|41.7,30.0|N|To Fish Fellreed – Twin Fish Platter – Jade Cat|

I suspect I’m trying to do something that can’t be done… ???  The differance between what the documentation says and what I want, is that pre and lead use completed quests, and im wanting to look for the quests being IN the log. After consideration, I guess what i’m looking for is the |O|tag back? (altho I think that would only solve the pre tag useage, not the lead tag usage)

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    Nov 24, 2012 @ 20:37 pm

    Re: solution?I will need to move the code for ACTIVE tag handing from the Dalies addon to all the others for this work right. PRE will not do the trick since it requires that the quest be completed and not just in your quest log. 

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    Nov 21, 2012 @ 20:52 pm

    solution?Found a new tag (well it was new to me 😛 ) called  |ACTIVE|.  I was mucking around in the dailies parser and found something I hadn’t seen mentioned before. What I was actually trying to find was if B is an acceptable step code.  It appears it is, but lines with B are not showing… maybe this active tag will help that too.

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