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Welcome to the wiki for arcane mages, feel free to add any knowledge that you possess about arcane mages in this wiki. Information may include but not limited too; potions, raid tips, raid tricks, enchants vs. other enchants, gemming, rotation if you fell yours is very different from the others, specs and preferably explain if you’ve specced into some things that most mages don’t, macros, etc.

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Raiding Tricks

  • When fighting Professor Putricide in ICC a trick you can use is that when he casts his aoe stun to go and change forms, if you use Invisibility and time it so that you enter the invisible phase just as he stuns you will not be stunned and you can use the extra time to get some more damage on him to try and help out your team, depending how long it takes you to get through the different phase you can use it both time or just on the last one.
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