Avast Ye, Admiral!


Ever seen one of those people with ‘The Bloodsail Admiral’ title? Searched your achievement section for it? Well, it’s not in there.

It’s actually a Feat of Strength, so it only appears once you’ve got it…

Avast Ye, Admiral!

…And who wouldn’t want an achievement that says THAT?

  1. Getting the Title
  2. Improving Bloodsail Reputation
  3. Things to know before you start
  4. Tips
  5. More Things to know before you start
  6. Bloodsail Quests
  7. Regaining Cartel Reputation

And how do I get it?

Well, first you have to get the Bloodsail Admiral Hat.

And how do you do that?

You complete the quest Avast Ye, Admiral! which is available at Friendly reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

Ring a bell? You may remember beating them senseless for a bit 40 or so levels ago.

Check out your reputations tab (U) and check your Bloodsail Buccaneers rep. Depending on how many quests you did for Booty Bay your Bloodsail reputation could be anywhere between Neutral and Hated: 10,000/21,000.

I followed Jame’s Horde guide and was at around 23,000.

So… How do I get my Bloodsail rep back up?

This is the fun bit. There are various mobs you can kill that will give you Bloodsail reputation, but the best (presuming you can kill them, and if you can’t, it’s really not worth doing this) are Booty Bay Bruisers.

To work out how long it will take you:

(Replace ‘x’ with your starting reputation, in points above zero. i.e 35,673/36,000 Hated is 35,673. 2,999/3,000 Hostile is 36,000+2,999=38,999.)



y/25=Number of Booty Bay mobs you’ll have to kill. Still interested?

More caveats:

Doing this will absolutely without a doubt bring all your Cartel reps to 0/36000 Hated.

This means there are various NPCs you cannot interact with, and you cannot use the Neutral Auction House.

Later on in the guide I will explain the various best methods of improving your rep.

Be very careful to think about what this entails. I had a friend who was unable to do the Master cooking quest in Gadgetzan because he did this with me, and he could not be bothered to get his reputation back, resulting in him not being able to complete the Winter Veil achievements (he was going for the Violet Proto-Drake).

Hilarity ensued.

This would also make the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza harder (but not impossible).

Does that still not deter you?

It gets worse.

The Bruisers have not been buffed up with WotLK (as of 3.0.2), so they are still 68, and will be grey to level 80s and give 5 rep per kill.

Level 80s may want to wait for them to be buffed up, or complain repeatedly on the forums.

As of 3.0.8, Bruiser’s have been buffed up to 77.

Okay, I still want to do this. Got any tips?

Yes. Bring a group, although with any group larger than 5 the rep gains become reduced.

Also, while KillCounter is not WoWMatrix supported, it is the best (and only) kill counting macro I can find, so you and your group can celebrate the 1000 kill marker. I also find it fun to see how many times I’ve killed Alliancenoob-Skullcrusher.

It is surpisingly easy to get a group together, just make sure people know what they are getting in for.

An ideal group composition would be a hunter (they can control their pets, which is a good way to make a safe pull).

A mage (excellent AoE, plus water.)

A Death Knight tank (their AoE comes in handy, since mobs get loose very easily, also Frost Walk is great).

A shaman (Chain Heal which is great with all the loose aggro, plus Water Walking allows eating and drinking while the lazy DK is rezzed, as well as useful versatile buffs from totems and the occasional large boost from Bloodlust. Visit Shamantopia today).

And another Off tank/DPS, just to make sure the mage gets no aggro.

The healing role is not too demanding, as I managed to do it as an instance-blue enhancement shaman (with a spec which allowed me plenty of +int gear). In total I did around 1 million points of heal.

The traditional solo strategy is to stand on the balcony by the tunnel exitting Booty Bay and abduct and murder the two patrolling Bruisers seperately.

Anything else to know?

Yeah. Past Unfriendly attacking something spawns more mobs (although this happens to a degree earlier) and entering buildings also spawns mobs.

A good group tactic is to either sit in the water in the centre of BB and get the hunter’s pet to pull and then die (so bring lots of meat)or to move around Booty Bay, starting at where the ship docks, and ending up in the Inn, having killed Revilgaz and Seahorn.

I would also advise stopping off to kill the Ally flight master.

It’s fun to be the victim of several /rudes, and he respawns in about 10 seconds flat. It’s also worth noting that by clearing the inn you are screwing up many people’s questing.

But ah well.

Oh, and about those Bruisers

They net you, so running is going to be hard, and you shouldn’t run because they also have the games best knockback, a gun attack which, if you get ‘chained’ causes you to be flung backwards.

If you’re in the right position, you can ‘fly’ a loooong way.

If you see a Bruiser with a gun out, tell everyone to kill them, and you may also want to make a macro saying that. If you’re only being attacked by one (say, if you’re the mage) get everyone to do a /a [your name].

Eventually, people will need to fly to Grom’Gol to get repairs/restock. Before you start your grind, and while your BB rep is still above Unfriendly, repair often.

As everyone will start with a different rep, you will reach different points at different times.

When you reach Neutral, you can do the quest Dressing the Part, which gives you a bit of generic pirate clothing.

This may be a good time when a few of you have Neutral for the others to nab a repair and pick up some meat for the hunter.

What’s this about quests?

There are three (although one is a reasonably pointless breadcrumb).

Neutral:Dressing the PartFleet Master Firallon

Friendly:Avast ye, Scallywag‘Pretty Boy’ Duncan which leads to:

Friendly:Avast ye, Admiral!Fleet Master Firallon.

Only the final one requires any completion, you have to kill Revilgaz and Seahorn and then you have your achievement, hat and bizarrely summonable parrot.

NB: The two have a small spawn time of ten or so minutes, so you may want to stop killing them a little while before you hit Friendly.

So how do I get rep back?

Well, first you have to ask yourself whether you want to keep your Bloodsail rep.

NOTE: In 3.1, Bloodsail and Cartel reps are all part of the most ‘Insane‘ achievement yet, so it’s time for some Gordok farming for the really, really, REALLY psychotic among you. Seriously. I play this game way too much, but if you’re going for this, get a life. SERIOUSLY.

Things get a lot easier if you don’t want to. You keep the achievement when you go back to Hated 0/36000.

Losing Bloodsail rep:

The fastest way to get everything back to Neutral is cloth turnins.

To steal WoWWiki’s figures (I can’t find my own) you will need:

Mending Old Wounds: Ratchet – 168 stacks of Linen, 336 Empty Vials.

Traitor to the Bloodsail: Booty Bay – 84 stacks of Silk, 168 Red Dye.

War at Sea: Gadgetzan – 42 Mageweave, 84 Strong Flux.

Making Amends: Everlook – 22 Runecloth, 42 Coal.

Keeping Bloodsail Rep:

The fastest way is to get everything to Neutral is farming Dire Maul North for Gordok Shackle Keys for Free Knot! and bringing along 4 Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leather, 2 Rune Thread and the Ogre Tannin found in the instance.

Turning in those mats creates the Ogre suit and gives you 75 rep to all the Cartel factions.

Freeing Knot with the key grants 350 rep to all factions. Getting your reputation back to Neutral from Hated will take (42000/425=98.7) 99 runs of Dire Maul.

Oh, and create the suit first.

Is that it?


Oh, and if you’re done and a group member isn’t, it’s up to you whether you stay and help. It’s nice if you do, and even if you don’t, try and get someone to replace you.

This is my first guide, so any text formatting tips would be welcome, and also any mentions of something that has somehow slipped my mind. Thanks =D

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    Apr 28, 2009 @ 5:35 am

    Insane in the Membrane…coooooolThanks for putting in the new information!
    I did not know about this achievement. Ok so I want to keep my Bloodsail honored, and raise the cartels. So its off to Dire Maul to become Insane….

    99 runs of Dire Maul to do,
    99 runs of Dire Maul.
    You turn one in and what do you have…?
    98 runs of Dire Maul to do!


    Thanks again,

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    Apr 16, 2009 @ 17:52 pm

    Yup. It’ll murder yourYup. It’ll murder your Bloodsail rep, but you can get 25 rep per bloodsail kill.

    I think I included this in my guide at some point, but clearly it got left out in an over-zealous shortening.

    This reminds me, though, to put in a little bit talking about ‘Insane in the Membrane’.

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    Apr 16, 2009 @ 3:36 am

    Is there another way to lose the Bloodsail rep?Good guide, I will rank it well.
    My question concerns the ending. I would like to get my Booty Bay/Everlook/ etc rep back. What other ways are available in addition to the cloth turnins? Can I just start killing Bloodsail?

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    Jan 22, 2009 @ 0:12 am

    ThanksThanks for the info, I haven’t been able to log into WoW for a little bit, so I wasn’t aware of that.

    That should allow me to cut another few hundred words off the guide 🙂

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    Jan 21, 2009 @ 13:11 pm

    3.0.8Undocumented change of patch 3.0.8: ”The guards in Booty Bay are now level 77 (up from 67).”
    Source: WoWwiki

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    Jan 20, 2009 @ 5:49 am

    Yeah Yeah I think it is pretty awsome to, especially those who are insane and want to get there vanilla wow dungeon rep factions to exalted. ([url=]Molten Core[/url]), ([url=]Zul’Gurub[/url]), ([url=]Ahn’Qiraj[/url]([url=]Thats so much fun to say[/url]).

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    Jan 20, 2009 @ 4:51 am

    That’s great news!Although unfortunately, I just finished grinding furby rep :jawdrop:

    I have heard about the [ hr ], and it’s very useful, thanks.

    But that news about rep is absolutely brilliant =D

    Made my day, thanks.

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    Jan 20, 2009 @ 3:24 am

    Never fear! wowinsider is here!In the next patch, you will gain full rep from mobs regardless of level. [url=]Source[/url] The bruisers will also probably be beefed up then as well, but whatever. PS. If you dont know [ hr ] will make a long line in the guide (Close the spaces between the [
    Like this

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    Jan 20, 2009 @ 1:12 am

    Hmm,I’m trying to work out how to even up the gaps between the section titles and the line breaks and the texts. I feel I need some form of break, but I’m knot entirely sure what.

    Anyone know?


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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 23:32 pm

    They are blinding

    TooThey are blinding :p

    Too bright :/

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 23:18 pm

    Oh,And what do you think of the reputation colours?

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 22:36 pm

    Actually,It’s entirely worthless, in fact, unless you count a bit of improved freedom to roam in STV during the extravaganza. East coast especially.

    The clothes can still be worn whatever the rep, but there’s not much point. I haven’t been able to locate an ingame wearable Fleet Master Firallon coat, either.

    Oh, or if you’re a nutter prepared to spend 6 months grinding on the only mob that gives rep (1 rep) revered through to 20999 exalted, then turn the quest in.

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 22:09 pm

    ThanksThanks for the advice, I was doing a poor imititation of your colours anyway, Jame 😛

    I’ll look at the table of contents, too since that is something I thought would be useful, considering the layout of the guide.

    Looking at it now, I would agree the text is too bulky. However, I think with header, a few more paragraph breaks and pics, I can fix that.

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 21:51 pm

    Good workThis is a very informative and detailed guide. However, there are too many long paragraphs and the structure is a little too compact to be easy to read and follow. I suggest you work on the structure by making the paragraphs smaller and work more with bolds, italics etc. Some space could be needed in the text so it looks less of a wall of text and more headlines to navigate yourself after. I will give you a 4 of 5 rating but I’m sure it’s worth a 5 after you have edited the structure.

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 14:40 pm

    Very useful guide for thoseVery useful guide for those interested in this achievement, definitely one of the rarest in the game! Jame is correct that some of the colors are too bright though. Also, you might want to tell us what advantage there is to keeping our Bloodsail rep – I am assuming we don’t get to wear the pirate clothes if we lose it?

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    Jan 19, 2009 @ 13:19 pm

    Avast, ye survy dog! Well,Avast, ye scurvy dog! 😛

    Well, the info is good, but the presentation could be improved a lot. Allow me a few suggestions:

    1. Some of the colors are too bright and hurt the eyes.

    Use this color code and you can’t go wrong:

    [*][color=#cc9933][b]Quests[/b][/color] | color=#cc9933 + bold
    [*][color=#993300]Items[/color] | color=#993300
    [*][color=#33cc00]Locations[/color] | color=#33cc00
    [*][b]Quest objectives to kill[/b] | bold
    [*][color=#4169e1]NPCs[/color] | color=#4169e1
    [*][i]Locs[/i] | italic

    2. Structure your guide better by adding a Table of Contents. Check Jiyambi’s guide on how to do that: [url=]here[/url].

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