Basics to raid healing v1.00


Healers are always in very high demand in a raid but they
have to be able to do the job right.Familerize yourself with f1 f2 f3 f4 and f5. Remember which on your tank is on and watch your tanks health at all i reapeat ALL times. I have had many raids fail because of a bad healer.:(
But i am confident that after you read this guide you will be a good healer! 🙂

Now to set u your healing bar hold shift and press 2 too open bar #2. Now put only your best healing abites on the bar in places were you will remember them. Just like bar number 1 hit 1 to use the first abilty 2 to use the seconed etc.

Remeber to keep an eye on your tanks health you are nothing without a LIVING tank a dead tank is a bad healer. 🙁
Try to get your healing up by specing holy or resto and choosing an alternate set of gear with high intellect (more mana NEVER EVER want to run out) and high spell power (more healing actually done)

2 healers are classicly in a 10man raid and 3 or 4 in a 25man raid
also you must be able to stay for the whole raid without afking because if they dont know that you had to go to the bathroom then they are dead absouloutly dead. 🙁

And stay out of the line of fire you dont have much health being a holy priest or resto shaman.

Well those are my tips for healing!
Please leave comment or suggestions ty.
Hope they help and now i am off to play wow see ya!


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    Aug 5, 2009 @ 15:14 pm

    abbandoned im so happy 🙂

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    Aug 4, 2009 @ 21:45 pm

    First of all, let me sayFirst of all, let me say welcome to WoW-Pro and thank you for posting your guide.

    That said, this guide needs serious work to be useful. In addition, we already have a [url=]beginner’s healing guide[/url] (though it could still use some work as well). I realize that the needed guide page hadn’t been updated though, and that is probably why you didn’t know we had that guide.

    Here are my critiques:

    [list][*]First of all, when writing a guide, use correct spelling and punctuation. People won’t take you seriously if you don’t.
    [*]Secondly, use some organization. This is just a big blurb of text in which you seem to ramble a bit about healing.
    [*]Try to include some more information. This is currently very short as far as guides go.
    [*]Finally, make sure your information is accurate:
    [list][*]10 man raids quite often have 3 healers, especially in Ulduar. I have never been in a 25-man raid with only 3: 5 or 6 healers is much more common.
    [*]Why do you mention resto shaman and holy priests only as healers? Resto druids and holy pallies are equally good. And they still need to stay out of the fire, even though they have some armor. All healers are squishy.
    [*]Familiarize with the F keys? Use bar 2 for all healing abilities? Hardly anyone heals that way anymore (yes I know some do but advising that to beginners is setting them up to fail). If you are designing this guide specifically for no addons, then say so, otherwise I would suggest that new healers use healbot or clique, it really helps, or teach them to make some good macros for fast healing.[/list]
    [*]There are a lot of other things that desperately need to be elaborated on, such as gearing, tank vs. raid healing, mana regen (which you don’t mention as a needed stat: unless you are a holy pally, spirit or mana regen are far more important to go for than intellect), conserving mana during fights, 5 man vs. 10 man vs. 25 man raid modes… I could go on.[/list]

    Like I said, I appreciate your first attempt at a guide, but it does need a lot of work. Check the highly rated guides on this site for ideas, and also check out the [url=]Guide Writing Guides[/url], in particular [url=]Jame’s Guide Writing Guide[/url], for great ways to improve your formatting and organization.

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