Battle for Azeroth Expansion


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Expected release date: August 14, 2018.

The expansion will raise the level cap from 110 to 120, introduce the Kul Tiras and Zandalar continents, add dungeons and raids,[3] add warfronts (20-player PvE mode against opposite faction NPCs), add uncharted islands, and introduce three allied races for each the Alliance and the Horde.

The zone level-scaling introduced in Legion 7.3.5 will also be applied to content from prior expansions, allowing larger level brackets for lower level zones. Some examples include a zone like Westfall having its level bracket (at 10-15 as of Legion) increased to 10-60.

New Allied races, Dark Iron dwarves and the Zandalari trolls, will be made available after Battle for Azeroth is released.

While the continent of Kul’Tiras is primarily for Alliance leveling and Zandalar is primarily for Horde leveling, both factions will be playing on both continents thru the War Campaigns. You are introduced to them during leveling and then it opens up fully at level 120.

The new zones and subzones will be:

Kul Tiras (Alliance):

  • Tiragarde Sound (with capital city Boralus)
  • Drustvar
  • Stormsong Valley

Zandalar (Horde):

  • Zuldazar (with capital city Zuldazar)
  • Nazmir
  • Vol’dun

All are encouraged to test and edit or suggest improvements for any guide.

Click on any guide’s button to be taken to the source code for that guide.

All source code pages are wikis. They all have a “Log Message” section which you should use to describe what changes you made.


Battle for Azeroth Leveling Guides

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Battle for Azeroth Other Guides
Pets (found in Achievements — but not all have a related achievement)


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    Dec 10, 2022 @ 7:06 am

    Never mind I’m blind. I found it. It was in the End Game Storylines section. But I think something needs to be fixed in that. It says I must be level 60, but I’m currently going through and I’m below that.

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    Dec 10, 2022 @ 6:58 am

    Do any of the BFA guides have the last bit of the A Nation United achievement to unlock the Kul Tiran race? Once you finish the Dristvar, Tirgarde Valley, and Stormsong quest lines, yoyu need to do the Pride of Kul Tiras questline that starts with the What You May Regret quest. I don’t see that in any of these.

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    May 14, 2018 @ 2:10 am

    From my limited testing, theFrom my limited testing, the second choice quest is only available after coming back from the first zone’s completion.  However, I cannot guarantee that for the third level since I finished the “coming back” before I was level 118.  However, I assume that it holds true for that as well.

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    May 13, 2018 @ 4:28 am

    zone opening scheduleIs it strictly level based? so 112, sent back to scouting map choose among 3115? sent back to scouting map choose between 2118 semt back to scouting map do last oneI assume you wouldnt get the 2nd choose a zone before you completed the first choose a zone, but you might before you complete the zone you choose?I have 5 char at  nearly 111 now… testing the hell out of the intro 🙂

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    May 11, 2018 @ 17:32 pm

    Note that the zones that openNote that the zones that open up to you depend on what you choose at the war table for your faction.  For example, an Alliance player at 112 might choose to go to Nazmir, but another might choose to go to Vol’dun.  The other areas open up when hitting higher levels, and when you hit 118 to do the last, you don’t even choose (Blizzard seems to have gotten smart and knows there is only one zone left, so no need to present you a choice).

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    May 9, 2018 @ 9:31 am

    Both faction will play all zonesWhile playoing beta, I found out that when you pass lvl 112 you can go to your capital an start the war campaing. In that canpain the 3 zones for the other faction opens up to do.So I think this means we will have to do a zone guide for both factions.Also I think it would be wise to have a guide (called it war campain maybe) that would function like orderhall guide in legion.

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    May 8, 2018 @ 16:52 pm

    BFA 8.0.0 Beta AddonFolks:    I’ve gotten the addon to the point where the new mapping system has been implemented and we are able to sense coordinates and zones correctly.   Things left to do are:Test the recorderAdd translation for the Legacy Legion zones/floors to the new MapID systemUpdate TomTom With any luck, we should be able to write and test guides this week.If you want to help write guides, we will coordinate assignments here, and hold our discussions on discord at in the authors channel.If you want to help test, you are welcome to join us on discord as well!  

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    May 8, 2018 @ 16:32 pm

    OK, so the quest acceptanceOK, so the quest acceptance is still working as expected.  Grail uses the following code for map things:if nil == GetMapNameByID then GetMapNameByID = function(mapId) local mapInfo = mapId and C_Map.GetMapInfo(mapId) or nil return mapInfo and or nil end endTHe following three are defined in Grail so users use e.g., Grail:GetCurrentMapAreaID() and it works in both 7.x and 8.x—— Returns the mapID where the player currently is.
    GetCurrentMapAreaID = function()
    return Grail.battleForAzeroth and C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit(‘player’) or GetCurrentMapAreaID()
    — Returns the mapID of where the map is showing.
    GetCurrentDisplayedMapAreaID = function()
    return Grail.battleForAzeroth and C_Map.GetCurrentMapID() or Grail.GetCurrentMapAreaID()
    end, GetPlayerMapPosition = function(unitName) if Grail.battleForAzeroth then if nil ~= C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition then local results = C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition(C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit(unitName), unitName) return results.x, results.y— elseif _G[“LibStub”] and nil ~= LibStub(“HereBeDragons-2.0”) then— return LibStub(“HereBeDragons-2.0”):GetPlayerZonePosition() else return UnitPosition(unitName) end else return GetPlayerMapPosition(unitName) end end, Hopefully this helps.

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    May 8, 2018 @ 7:59 am

    RE: What Info is Recordedqid, quest name, coordinates you are standing when you accept, complete and turn in a quest.  Also when you learn a flight path, and when you level up.  All other steps require some user intervention either thru the recorder UI or thru editing the LUA file with the text editor of your choice.The main challenge was the fact that Bliz totally redid the mapping system with this expansion.  Ludovicus has that worked out and just needs to give the Recorder a little more TLC and it should be good to go sometime this week he tells me 🙂

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    May 8, 2018 @ 5:15 am

    What information is recordedWhat information is recorded by the recorder?  I can tell you what changes I had to make for Grail for BfA beta, and perhaps that will get the recorder up and running faster.

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    May 7, 2018 @ 19:59 pm

    DrustvarPutting you down for it. Recorder not ready yet… but soon. I was able to use it a little Saturday, but something has changed again.

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    May 7, 2018 @ 9:00 am

    Drustvar guide by STrekI would like to do the Drustvar Guide. I have almost played thru it once in the beta and it is also a zone I love to play.For the moment I am waiting on new version off the recorder so I can get starting. If it is avaible, a link to it would be great 😉

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    May 6, 2018 @ 7:30 am

    will it be a officialwill it be a official realease (8.0.0A) or must I search somewere else and tread this as a beta realse to expriment with on the beta BFA.I am also searching for recorder (or something like that) to give as much (raw) data for new guides.

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    May 6, 2018 @ 3:28 am

    With the latest beta (26577),With the latest beta (26577), the following API now works:C_Map.GetPlayerMapPosition(C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit(unitName), unitName)

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    May 2, 2018 @ 0:41 am

    Re: The important thing is theYup!   I’ve been monitoring the updates and will have a new 8.0.0A release out for BFA experiments later this week.Been busy with updates for 7.3.5B release today.

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    May 1, 2018 @ 5:44 am

    The important thing is theThe important thing is the use of LibStub(“HereBeDragons-2.0”):GetPlayerZonePosition() for GetPlayerMapPosition().

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    Apr 30, 2018 @ 0:31 am

    Recorder for 8.0Blizzard made major changes to the mapping API, so many changes to the Recorder and WowPro in general.  HerebeDragons, a map library WoWPro depends on was updated today (Sun, 4.29.18)  and Ludovicus is hopeful to have a working version of the recorder out this week.  When the recorder is out, please use it and submit the output.  If you can also take the time to polish them up that would be great too, but even raw files help alot.

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    Apr 28, 2018 @ 22:34 pm

    What can we do to help prepare for BFAI have access to beta and want to help to get as much needed info to prepare wow-pro for the new expansion BFA.Can I use the recorder addon to record quests? Or is there something else that could help?

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    Apr 24, 2018 @ 6:30 am

    release dateyes, the goal will be to have the new version ready to go on opening day. Addons were enabled in the most recent build, now we have to get this one working properly.  Bliz has made some major changes to map functions, so any addon which depends on that will require more than the usual amount of new expansion work.

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    Apr 10, 2018 @ 23:03 pm

    Will you be moving up theWill you be moving up the date now that they’ve confirmed the actual release?

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    Apr 1, 2018 @ 17:22 pm

    Re: Here’s my questing Log…incomplete as it is.Glad to get the info!  

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    Mar 28, 2018 @ 8:47 am

    Here’s my questing Log…incomplete as it is.  Battle for Azeroth Alpha Log, version dated

    Toon: Taia, Highmountain Tauren female, Sylvanas server

    Area: Zuldalar

    Zone: The Great Seal

    Map of Zandalar: accepted quest Zuldazar.

    Zuldazar: Speak with Princess Talanji.
    Gave quest Trust of a King.

    Trust of a King: Speak with King
    Rastakhan at the Golden Throne…take the lift behind you.

    Tal’Gurub, from King Rastakhan. Meet Zul
    the Prophet in Tal’Gurub.

    The Port of Zandalar from Zulani, to the
    right of the King. Meet Zolani in the Grand Bazaar.

    The Zanchuli Council from Yazma, to the
    right of Zolani. Speak with Wardruid Loti in the Zocalo.

    Zone: Tal’Gurub

    Needs a Little Body from Zul. “Improve” 3
    concoctions prepared by the Atal’Jamba acolytes. Completed at Zul.

    The Urn of Voices from Zul. Collect 30
    ounces of soul from enemies within Tal’Gurub. Completed at Zul.

    Fuel for the Voodoo from Spirit of Loa
    Priestess Izita. Collect 8 voodoo totems. Completed at Spirit Urn.

    Killed elite mob, Gahz’ralka.

    Arrogance of Vol’Jamba from Zul.
    Completed at Zul.

    Zul’s Ethical Dilemma from Zul. Free 8
    mind slaves.

    Zuvembi Brew from Zul. Slay Zuvembi
    Brewer Zekal.

    Enforcing Fate from Zul. Sabotage
    Vol’Jamba’s precautions.

    Plot Twist from Zul. Slay Vol’jamba.
    Completed at Zul.

    False Prophesies from Zul. Meet the
    king’s envoy and return to Dazar’Alor. Behind the building behind Zul, by a
    path to the right.  Take the ride offered
    by Habutu. Arrive back at The Golden Throne. 
    Turn in to King. This completes the chapter Protents & Prophecies
    for the achievement The Throne of Zuldazar.

    Zone: The Slough

    Monstrous Matchmaker from Witchdoctor
    Jangalar. Place Witchdoctor Jangalar’s voodoo totem near both brutosaurs.
    Completed at Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    The Scent for a Brutosaur from Witchdoctor
    Jangalar. Find 7 Fragrant Rushes to make incense for Irritable Maka’fon.
    Complete at Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    They Say It’s a Delicasy from Witchdoctor
    Jangalar. Obtain 25 Partially Digested Pods from the bellies of nearby
    Dimetrodons.  Complete at Witchdoctor

    Aggressive Mating Strategy from Cala
    Cruzpot. Harvest 8 Bile Sacs from Invasive Razorwings. Complete at Cala

    The Orphaned Hatchling from Direhorn
    Hatchling. Find someone in Zeb’Saur who cares for young direhorn.

    Setting the Mood from Witchdoctor Jangalar.  Place and light the voodoo love incense near
    Irritable Maka’fon and offer her the Romantic Brutosaur Meal.  Completed at Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    Brutal Boost from Cala Cruzpot.
    Administer the Aggression Formula to Gentle Ben’jin. Completed at Cala Cruzpot.

    Mating Season Halftime from Witchdoctor
    Jangalar. Strategize with Witchdoctor Jangalar and Cala Cruzpot on how to use
    voodoo and science to get the endangered brutosaurs to mate. Turn in to Witchdoctor

    Give It a Little Juice from Cala Cruzpot.
    Put a little voodoo on Cala’s formula using Witchdoctor Jangalar’s cauldron.
    Turn in to Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    Size Matters from Cala Cruzpot. Give the
    Voodoo’ed Aggression Formula to Gentle Ben’jin. Complete at Gloomtail’s Cave.
    Complete at Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    The Head of Her Enemy. Place Gloomtail’s
    head in front of Maka’fon. Complete at Witchdoctor Jangalar.

    Zone: Warbeast Kraal

    The Orphaned Hatchling. Complete at
    Beastlord L’kala.

    Direhorn Daycare from Beastlord L’kala. Feed
    your Direhorn. Complete at Beastlord L’kala.

    Revenous Landsharks from Beastlord
    L’kala. Kill 8 Ravenous Diemetredon. Complete at Beastlord L’kala.

    Headbutting 101 from Beastlord L’kala.
    Command your hatchling to fight.

    Direhorn Growth Hormone from Alexxi
    Cruzpot. Collect ingredients for Direhorn Growth Hormone. Completed at Trader
    Alexxi Cruzpot.

    Growing Pains from Trader Alexxi Cruzpot.
    Complete at Direhorn Juvenile.

    How to Train Your Direhorn from Beastlord L’kala.
    Talk to Training Master B’khor. Complete at Kraal Master B’khor in Warbeast

    A Good Spanking from Kraal Master B’khor. Help
    the handlers subdue Pinky. Turn in to Beastlord L’kala.

    Naptime from Beastlord L’kala. Stable your
    Direhorn in the Beast Pen. Complete at Beastlord L’kala. No further quests in
    this area at present.

    Zone: Savagelands

    Eggstreme Collecting from Wingrider Nivek (on
    the road as you go north to leave town). Collect 8 hatching pterrordax eggs. Ended
    at Windrider Nivek in Savagelands, just north of Warbeast Kraal.

    Killed elite 110 Bramblewing in Savagelands.

    Zone: Dazar’Alor

    Nesingwary’s Trek from Huntmaster Kil’ja
    near the FP, Rokota. (Go down the elevator from the Throne area, and out the
    building on that level.) Speak with Hemet Nesingwary at Nesingwary’s Trek.


    Area: Nazmir

    Zone: Zo’bal Ruins (my hearthstone was mysteriously set
    here.  No FP out at present.)

    No quests available at present.

    Zone: The Dreadmire…

    Zone: Terrace of Sorrows

    2 small treasure chests here.

    Elite mob: Corpse Bringer Yal’kar. He killed me
    twice. Asked another player for help and we killed him.

    Elite mob: Urn of Agussu brought Corpse Bringer
    Yal’kar up and we killed him again.

    Bwonsombdi’s Deliverance from Shinga Deathwalker.  Burn 10 defiled troll corpses with the cremation
    torch. Turn in to Shinga Deathwalker.

    Respecting the Rites from Shinga Deathwalker.
    Light 5 Ritual Torches and recover Shinga Deathwalker’s Ritual Powder. Turn in
    to Shinga Deathwalker.

    Kel’vax’s Home from Shinga Deathwalker.Use Shinga
    Deathwalker’s Spirit Powder to take kel’vax’s Ancient, Repaired, and Pristine
    Phylacteries. Unable to complete the quest. 
    The stairs up to one of the phylacteries are bugged and unclimbable.

    Bones for Protection from Kol’jun Deathwalker.
    Recover 40 cursed bones.


    Zone: Primal Wetlands

    Killed Zanxib the Engorged.

    Zone: Zul’jan Ruins

    Collected FP at Zabar.

    Set hearthstone at innkeeper Crazy Vaza.

    Posted scouting report quest: A Dire Problem
    (3-man). Hunt down Tojek. 

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