Battle Pet World Quests – Dalaran

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Source Code


local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide(“LarePetWQDala”,”Dailies”,”Legion”,”Larenon”,”Neutral”)
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,110, 110, 110)
WoWPro.Dailies:GuideNameAndCategory(guide,”Battle Pet World Quests Dalaran”,”Pets”)
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

N Legion Pet Battle World Quests|N|To use this guide, look on your world map for an active battle pet world quest and go there. When the quest pops up, the guide will load pets for the strategy chosen by the addon automatically. If the strategy can accommodate a leveling pet, it will also be auto-selected. If you want to level specific pets, name them “Leveling” or favorite them and the addon will choose from them if possible.|

;Fight Night: Amalia, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
A Fight Night: Amalia|QID|42442|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Talk to Amalia to start the battle.|O|
C Amalia|QID|42442|PET1|Leveling;;;H>350|PET2|Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar;80329;2+2+1|PET3|Eternal Strider;61088;1+2+2|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|42442|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Use any moven2) Switch in your Frostboar|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|42442|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Decoy (use it on CD)n2) Spam Missilen3) Use Pig-out whenever you need some healing.n4) Switch in your Eternal Strider when your Frostboar dies|SELECT|2|SWITCH|3|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|42442|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Water Jet spam to finish off Stumpers if he’s still alive.n2) Pumpn3) Cleansing Rainn4) Pump (when Puppies of the Flame ends)n5) Spam Water Jet until all clear and nothing’s moving|SELECT|3|

;Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
A Fight Night: Bodhi Sunwayver|QID|40299|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Talk to Bodhi Sunwayver to start the battle.|O|
C Amalia|QID|40299|PET1|Bronze Whelpling;7546;1+1+1|PET2|Leveling;;;H>800|PET3|Fel Pup;91823;2+1+1|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40299|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Early Advantagen2) Arcane Slashn3) Lift-offn4) Spam Arcane Slashn5) Use Early Advantage on cooldown whenever your pet’s health is lower than the current enemy pet health.n6) When your Bronze Whelpling dies, switch in your leveling pet (be careful not to solo the fight with it, if you want to level a pet)|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40299|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Switch in your Fel Pup|SELECT|2|SWITCH|3|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40299|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Howln2) Diseased Bite|SELECT|3|

;Fight Night: Heliosus, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
;TESTED, working okay
A Fight Night: Heliosus|QID|41881|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Click on Heliosus to start the battle.|O|
C Heliosus|QID|41881|PET1|Shimmershell Snail;62246;2+2+1|PET2|Zandalari Kneebiter;69796;2+2+1|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|41881|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Shell Shield (keep it up constantly on yourself)n2) Dive (use it on CD)n3) Spam Absorb as fillern4) Switch to Zandalari Kneebiter when Heliosus goes into his egg phase|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|41881|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Black Clawn2) Hunting Partyn3) Leap|SELECT|2|DEAD|2,1|

;Fight Night: Rats!, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
;TESTED, working okay
A Fight Night: Rats!|QID|41886|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Click on Splints Jr. to start the battle.|O|
C Splints Jr.|QID|41886|PET1|River Calf;79730;1+2+2|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|41886|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Stoneskin (keep renewing it)n2) Headbutt on CDn3) Bite as filler until Splints Jr. is dead.|SELECT|1|

;Fight Night: Sir Galveston, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
;Xu-Fu strat UNTESTED, Hazel’s is a little bit random…ish…
A Fight Night: Sir Galveston|QID|40298|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Speak to Sir Galveston to start the battle.|O|
C Sir Galveston|QID|40298|PET1|Unborn Val’kyr;71163;2+2+1|PET2|Nexus Whelpling;68845;1+2+2|PET3|Leveling;;;L>20|STRATEGY|Xu-Fu@WoWPetGuide|
C Sir Galveston|QID|40298|PET1|Leveling;;;H>800|PET2|Hyjal Wisp;90208;2+1+1|PET3|Nightmare Bell;93483;1+1+1|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Use any moven2) Switch in your Hyjal Wisp.|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Evanescencen2) Arcane Blastn3) Arcane Blastn4) Wishn5) Spam Arcane Blast until Coach dies|SELECT|2|DEAD|2,1|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Evanescencen2) Spam Arcane Blast until your Hyjal Wisp dies.n3) Switch in your Nightmare Bell|SELECT|2|SWITCH|3|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1a) If Sir Murkeston is around 600 – 700 health, use Call Darknessn1b) If Sir Murkeston has more health than that, then first use Shadow Shock and then Call Darknessn2) Spam Shadow Shockn3) If you are down to around 400 health, use Dark Rebirth|SELECT|3|
C Strat by Xu-Fu@wow-petguide|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Xu-Fu@WoWPetGuide|N|1) Curse of Doomn2) Hauntn3) Switch in your Nexus Whelpling|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Xu-Fu@wow-petguide|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Xu-Fu@WoWPetGuide|N|1) Arcane Stormn2) Mana Surgen3) Arcane Storm and Tail Sweep until your Nexus Whelpling diesn4) Switch back to your Unborn Val’kyr|SELECT|2|SWITCH|1|
C Strat by Xu-Fu@wow-petguide|QID|40298|STRATEGY|Xu-Fu@WoWPetGuide|N|1) Shadow Shock until all clear and nothing’s moving.n(If your Unborn Val’kyr dies too early, bring in your leveling pet and use standard attacks to kill Sir Murkeston)|SELECT|1|SWITCH|3|

;Fight Night: Stitches Jr. Jr., nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
;TESTED once
A Fight Night: Stitches Jr. Jr.|QID|42062|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Click on Stitches Jr. Jr. to start the battle.|O|
C Stitches Jr. Jr.|QID|42062|PET1|Unborn Val’kyr;71163;2+2+2|PET2|Sea Pony;55386;1+2+2|PET3|Slithershock Elver;91407;1+1+2|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|42062|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Curse of Doomn2) Unholy Ascenscionn3) Switch in your Sea Pony|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|42062|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Cleansing Rainn2) Spam Pump until all clear and nothing’s moving|SELECT|2|

;Fight Night: Tiffany Nelson, nearest FP is Krasus’ Landing – Dalaran
;TESTED, working okay
A Fight Night: Tiffany Nelson|QID|40277|M|28.0, 23.6|Z|Dalaran@Dalaran70|N|Speak to Tiffany Nelson to start the battle.|O|
C Tiffany Nelson|QID|40277|PET1|Race MiniZep;90345;1+2+1|PET2|Nexus Whelpling;68845;1+2+2|PET3|Leveling;;;H>650|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40277|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Decoyn2) Darkmoon Cursen3) Spam Missile until Jinx dies.n4) Switch in your leveling pet.|SELECT|1|SWITCH|3|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40277|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Switch in your Nexus Whelpling.|SELECT|3|SWITCH|2|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40277|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Arcane Stormn2) Mana Surgen3) Tail Sweep Marshmallow until your Whelp diesn4) Switch in your MiniZep|SELECT|2|SWITCH|1|
C Strat by Hazelnuttygames@Youtube|QID|40277|STRATEGY|Hazel@YT|N|1) Decoyn2) Spam Missile|SELECT|1|
C Tiffany Nelson|QID|40277|PET1|Mechanical Axebeak;79410;1+2+1|PET2|Legs;53048;2+1+2;|PET3|Cannon;;209;|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|
C Jinx .vs. Axebeak|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) [ability=334/decoy]n2) [ability=916/haywire]n3) [ability=504/alpha-strike] till Jinx is dead|SELECT|1|DEAD|2,1|
C Switch to Legs|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) Switch to Legs|SELECT|1|SWITCH|2|
C Rocket .vs. Legs|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) [ability=297/pump]n2) [ability=513/whirlpool]n3) [ability=593/surge-of-power]n4) [ability=297/pump], if lucky|SELECT|2|DEAD|1,2|
C Switch back to Jinx|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) Switch to Jinx|SELECT|2|SWITCH|1|
C Jinx .vs. Marshmallow|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) [ability=334/decoy]n2) [ability=916/haywire]n3) [ability=504/alpha-strike] till Jinx is dead|SELECT|1|DEAD|1,1|
C Cannon|QID|40277|STRATEGY|albinoette@WH|N|1) Attack till [ability=209/ion-cannon] can finish off|SELECT|3|SWITCH|3|


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