Be the first to be informed with WoWBlues!


I’ve discovered a very interesting project today or actually I was informed about it and I’d like to share it with everyone because I think that it’s a brilliant idea.

Who hasn’t tried to browse the Blizzard forums for information, trying to skim through endless threads to find blue posts that contain a piece of cruicial information about upcoming game features or changes.

Unfortunately Blizzard often publishes very interesting details about upcoming changes burried in some discussions that aren’t even stickied. Tons of blue posts are made this way and a lot of information never reaches us.

Fortunately, a talented webmaster had the idea to make live updates of blue posts, collect them in one place and make them accessible through a clear navigation, easy to use for everyone. The site isn’t clustered with advertise and you can grab one of the RSS feeds to receive the blue posts directly, as soon as they are made (or as soon as they appear on the site). You can even choose to be notified by email as soon as a post is made in one of the categories that interests you.

The project is called WoWBlues, check if out for yourself:

You’ll see immediately what I mean and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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