[Blacksmithing] Imperial Plate Set


(First post, introduction will follow) So, the new armor set aye? The Imperial Plate Armor. Every tankers dream. Problem is just, it does take quite a large amount of Thorium, and Star Ruby’s aswell. I’ll add the list over total components, bonus’s, skill reg’s and level reg’s. And having a full set myself, i can say that just because its STR/STA based only, dosn’t mean it can’t look good. cause damn, you look like a Real Knight in shining Armor ((Metallic-grey/Blue shades)) Even on orcs *snickers* Total List of Thorium needed to get all the recipes: Bracers – 20 Thorium Bar’s (BS:270) Level Reg: 49 Belt – 20 Thorium Bar’s (BS:265) Level Reg: 47 Shoulders – 20 Thorium Bar’s (BS:265) Level Reg: 47 Boots – 40 Thorium Bar’s (BS:295) Level Reg: 54 Helm – 50 Thorium Bar’s (BS:295) Level Reg: 54 Chest – 60 Thorium Bar’s (BS:300) Level Reg: 55 Leggings – 60 Thorium Bar’s (BS:300) Level Reg: 56 Total component list for All recipe’s: 270 Thorium Bar’s —————————————- Total component list for manifacture: Thorium Bar’s – 218 Star Ruby’s – 8 Citrine’s – 2 Rugged Leather – 12 Aquamarine’s – 2 —————————————- Total Set Bonus: 2 pieces: +100 Armor. 4 pieces: +28 Attack Power. 6 pieces: +18 Stamina. Total Stats Bonus: Armor: 2809 Stamina: 94 Strength: 100 —————————————- So in conclution, if you want the full armor set (which not only looks great but will add a load of DPS/HP to your group tank) you’ll need: 488 Bar’s in total. Hope you have enjoyed the first of the “Blacksmithing 101” and I hope to write a couple more of ’em, and ofcause add my 2 cent’s of knowledge. – yours, Groktal

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    Nov 16, 2010 @ 4:29 am

    This gear is no longerThis gear is no longer relevant to gameplay. However, as collectors may still be interested in crafting it, I won’t be moving it to work-in-progress mode. BUT – this gear is usually not a highly sought after collector item. Because of this, I will be moving the guide to the archives section.

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