Blood Death Knight Tips for Spec and “Rotation”


When I heard the release of WotLK, the thing I was mostly excited about was the Death Knight. I heard of the mechanics about 2-handed weapon tanking and I said like many others “how’s that going to work?” However once I really started to look into all the cool little tricks the Death Knight had I had to face the reality that I need to level it to level 80 first. And like most people who didn’t play beta my planned talent tree looked like this 0/0/0. I had read many forums and watched many videos of people playing their Death Knights in beta. I came to the conclusion I wanted to choose the Blood talent tree. However this guide is not telling you to exclude Frost or Unholy as a leveling talent tree.

There were a few main selling points to my choice of Blood Death Knight.

1. The use of big fat 2-handed weapons (I’m a sucker for looking good!).

2. The way the Blood Death Knight can easily solo any mob, elite or not.

3. The way I never would have to take 30 seconds to eat and heal back up.

4. The sweet DPS talents included in the tree that help out the party also.

Now again when I chose the Blood talent tree I was still clueless as what to pick. Even after WotLK came out I couldn’t figure out what to choose. So I just kind of winged it. Now that I have a bit more experience in the area of Death Knights, my talent tree looks a little something like this. (Level 58 the level you should be when you leave the starting area.)

Level 58 Death Knight (49/0/0)

Blood (49 points)

I had to include the link because I fail and can’t figure out how to get a picture of it up there 😛

Now there are a few talents I must point out that are a need/unnecessary

1. The first is Rune Tap. You may read this and think “why wouldn’t he want that?” The answer is simple. You already do enough healing to yourself that it’s a waste of talent point/points (If you get the improved).

2. Mark of Blood and Vampiric Blood are good talents against elites that are a little tough. Pop those out and you have endless health basically.

3. Blood Worms are very important. They add about another 100 DPS and heal you for large numbers. Good against boss fights when they pop out and start kicking his butt.

4. Hysteria for leveling isn’t really a great move. Even though you can use it on yourself, I never found a good opportunity to use it. Maybe this is a good raiding talent/PvP but for leveling I left it alone. 😛

5. I only chose three points in Sudden Doom because at this level you already have so much Runic power Death Coil becomes simply a Runic Power DUMP

Now as you continue to level up and what not you start to fill out your Blood tree a lot more. Then you come to the point of, “what tree do I start in next?” I will update this soon.

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