Blood Elf Guide lvl. 1-6 Newbie zone


Level. 1

You will start in Sunstrider Isle, in front of a building.
Run to the women below and get her quest.

Now we have to do Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle
Run east and you will see alot of Mana Wyrms
Kill 8of them. This should make you ding level. 2

Level. 2

Go back to Magistrix Erona and turn in the quest.
Take the two followup quests: Training
Unfortunate Measures

Go inside the building and find your class trainer. It should be the one with a question mark over its head. Talk to her and complete the quest, take the followup. Also learn your level.1 skill. Go up the ramp inside the house. When at the top, go outside and talk to Well Watcher Solanian. Turn in the quest and get the two followups:

Solanian´s Belongings
The Shrine of Dath’Remar.

Jump down and get the quest A fistful of silvers
Go through the gazebo and get the quest Thirst Uending. Sell junk.

Go outside of the building and down the stairs. Stand close to any Mana Wyrm, then use arcane torrent. This will complete your quest.

Stay in this area and kill any Springpaw Lynx and Mana Wyrm
until you have: 8 Lynx Collars
6 Arcane Silvers

Turn in all finished quests. If you are not level 3 now, go and grind on Springpaw Cubs until you ding level 3. Take the followup Report to Lanthan Perilon from Magistrix Erona.

Level. 3
Go south to 37.7, 24,9. Pick up Solanians Journal

Go west until you find Lanthan Perilon. Turn in the quest and get the followup Aggression.
(On your way, kill every Tender and Feral Tender you find)

Go south 31,1 28,9. Pick up Scroll scource of magic.

Now go northwest to 31,4 22,8

Go west until you come to The Shrine of Dath’Remar. Read the thing on the Shrine.

Finish the quest Aggression, then turn in every quests. Sell your junk, repair, and train your class abilities. You should now be level 4.

Level 4.

Turn in Aggression at Lanthan Perilon. Dont take the followup iyet. Start grinding on tenders until you are 13 bars into level 4. Now take the quest Feledren the Banished.

Go southwest and up on the ramp. Start killing arcane wraiths until you are 10 bars into level 5.

Level. 5

You probably have killed an Tainted Arcane Wraith now, witch drops a Tainted Arcane Silver, right-click it to start a quest. Fight your way to the top of the tower. There Feledren the Banished should stand kneeling.
(picture under)

Start with killing both of the Tainted Arcane Wraths. Then kill Feledren. This should be an easy fight. I think this is hardest for rogues. Feledren has it easy to discover stealth. Try sneaking around the platform counter-clockwise. The go at him from behind. Loot his head. Grind on Arcane Wraiths until 5 bars to level. 6

Use the heartstone, and then turn in your quest at Arcanist Helion. Go to Lanthan Perilon and turn in your quest.

To continue, you should use Snowflake’s Guides. Just start where it the guide leaves Sunstrider Isle. I got a character to level. 14 in 2 hours from using this guide, and Snowflakes’s
guide. Or you can use any other guides. Feel free to choose.
(this is my first guide)

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